i spent a really long time on this...... more than i should have.........

okay but do I call in tonight or not?

bc I think they have enough staff tonight that it wouldn’t murder them to lose me for the night.

but also I’m not quite as bad tonight as I was last night?

and I have tomorrow off

so would having two days off, rather than one, do me good?

probably, but enough of a good factor to excuse it?

and I’m taking next weekend off, so I’m going to have a long weekend then too

so does that mean that I really should just push through this weekend? I just have one more shift and then it’s done

but then, also, I spent the vast majority of last night barely holding it together (and as it was I was mean and borderline violent half of the time)

so like

what do I fucking do


Retired Massachusetts State Police Detective Bob Long spent more than a decade trying to bring Whitey Bulger to justice, and having put in hundreds of hours watching and listening to Bulger from hidden surveillance posts, he has an unusually detailed knowledge of both Bulger and John Connolly.

Long attended the film’s premiere in Boston earlier this week, and said it was like “stepping back in time.”

“I spent years on Bulger, so I know all his mannerisms and his habits,” said Long. “I swear to God, I don’t think anybody in the world except for Bulger himself could have done a better job than Johnny Depp did. He is one talented actor.“

Long had similar praise for Joel, "He was so freaking good, he should get an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  He really portrayed Connolly how he was. So both of them deserve Oscars.”

Living the Non Fitblr life

As much as I try to stay active and eat healthier, I haven’t been working on it like I should.

I feel like I am making up for lost time. After all the years spent waitressing, and just making it by money wise, I am finally treating myself. Although, the vacation has been going on longer than I want. 

At this point, I have woken up at 8:30am for the past four days. Eaten whatever I want. Not worked out. And I do not feel good. As happy as I am to be doing what I love and making more money, I want to physically feel good. I am tired of being easily winded when going for walks and runs. I miss being able to lift heavy and the soreness of my muscles after a good workout. 

I really must make a change because I am not happy with myself. I have been letting myself go for far to long.

I need to do this. I want to do this. I can do this.

his heart & mine

for dorianpavus-art. sorry it’s not more hurt/comfort, this was about all i could handle emotionally. i hope it’s okay? it wasn’t meant to be quite this long, it sort of got away from me. and i really hope people have stopped being assholes. 

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Cullen couldn’t focus.

The last week had been even busier than usual as they prepared for Empress Celene’s ball; packed full of meetings, planning sessions spent hunched over the War Table or his desk, the dreaded uniform fittings with the Dwarven tailor who Cullen swore stuck pins in him on purpose and one minor disaster after another, all of which had required his attention. Once he had a moment to breathe he would have to address that, his lieutenants should be more than capable of handling these smaller issues on their own but of late everything from minor disagreements in the ranks to near brawls between the mages and some of his greener ex-Templar recruits had forced him to personally intervene.

He’d barely had time to eat let alone sleep and he had become even more grateful than usual for Fern, the young Elvish scout assigned to him who always seemed to know when a tray of food he could eat one-handed while answering correspondence or a mug of bitter elfroot tea would be welcome, and a bed right above his desk he could collapse into for a few hours just before dawn.

It was a beautiful day at Skyhold, sunny and lacking the frigid winds that seeped deep into his bones which he’d become accustomed to and he couldn’t help but gaze wistfully out the window towards the snow-topped peaks of the Frostbacks rather than concentrating.

He half-stifled a loud yawn into a fist, looking up to find the stiflingly warm room suddenly silent, Josephine looking hurt and Leliana fixing him with a withering glare.

Thank the Maker looks couldn’t actually kill.

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