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Not So Soft

Ive been having a bad night so I wanted to write some disgustingly sweet nurseydex fluff. So here this is

The first few weeks back at Samwell were always rough for Will. The weeks of working on the lobster boats left his already calloused hands cracked and red and rough. He spent a lot of time in the first few practices of the year wincing in pain from the feeling of his gloves rubbing against his hand. It was uncomfortable and painful but the worst was skin on skin contact.

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I saw this on one of those buzzfeed type lists that was titled something like “the most inappropriate Harry Potter fanart”. I’m not going to sit here and rant about why this was probably put on that list, but it’s bullshit. Secondly, there was no artist credit. This is an awesome family portrait, the artist clearly spent a lot of time lovingly creating this wonderful scene, and there’s no one for most of us to go to and see if they have more like this, to compliment them, to commission, nothing. Not giving artists credit makes you a huge fucking douche. So, if you know who’s art this is please reblog/ask/message/leave a comment and I’ll throw it up. Same if you know their primary media platform.

Last: this image absolutely makes my black little heart bubble with joy I mean look at them they’re all so happy oh my gods they deserve this


Well, it’s been about a year since Motion City played our last show. Stumbled upon this video my wife sent me of the last song (I believe Josh’s wife Jill was the one who shot this). It’s got me feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

I can’t believe that was a year ago. It feels like this last year just flew by. What happened? Let’s see… I got to spend a whole hell of a lot of time with my wife and daughter. That was, and continues to be, fantastic. Getting to watch a little human grow and encouraging her enthusiasm for life’s mysteries is quite a trip. Speaking of trips, I got to take my wife to London and Paris. She’d never been and I’d never really spent time in either city doing touristy things. We got to see David Tennent in the play: Don Juan in Soho. Spent time on a London tour bus (which was actually both hilarious and informative). Went to some museums in France. Turns out I don’t care much for old art. I dig the more modern stuff. 1900’s and on… Went on our own makeshift Amélie tour in Montmartre. Good times were had.

Oh, I also made (for lack of a better word) a solo record with Josh Cain producing. It only took us 8 months, but it’s now being mixed by Marc McClusky (he mixed Panic Stations). I played everything on it other than drums. That was performed by the incredibly talented Dave Jarnstrom (BNLX). Jacob Carlson (Ant Studios) engineered the drums for us. Yeah, it’s been quite an undertaking trying to do this with no safety net, but I set out to see how much I could write and perform on my own, and at the very least I did it. Now I just have to wait and see if anyone out there cares for the early to mid ‘90s sounding record I tried my best to emulate.

I now shift gears and begin working through the rest of those boxes from early 1995 that continue to haunt me. Hopefully, my office and basement (same thing really) will be up and running by the new year. Only took me two years of living in perfectly stacked piles of OCD garbage to get my shit together.

I’m down 25 lbs (gained 35 between the last show and January), but I still have a ways to go. I’ve gotten really into biking, but I look like Tobey Maguire in the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man before he gets his real suit, huffing away in sweatpants on a mountain bike while everyone zips around me in their tight as fuck nylon whateveryoucallthem on tiny bikes with rear view mirrors on their helmets, muscles rippling in the wind (I’m not bitter).

Anyway… it’s been great being able to be creative, writing songs in the basement, coming upstairs to mow the lawn or tar the driveway, dancing with my daughter while she sings “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, and watching tv at night with my wife while we eat Pizza Lucé. I’m lucky I get to do so many wonderful things. Thanks for listening. Hopefully we’ll cross paths again one day soon. 😘

“look, if i’ve ever been a bitch to you, i’m sorry.” “i never thought you were a bitch.” // “i spent a lot of time thinking about what an ass i was to you.” “we were children. ”

insp (x) — @jonsasnow@amymel86

bonus; “my mum told me to stay away from girls like you.” “your mum has never met a girl like me.” // “in my experience girls like her don’t live very long.” “i don’t think you know many girls like her.”

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Headcanon that Draco isn't a big fan of sweets, but if Harry gives him something he'll happily eat it because he knows that Harry spent a lot of time and effort to make him something. (after many failed attempts)

OH MY GOD YES. Even though I can see him having a sweet tooth, seeing as Narcissa would always owl him sweets, the idea of Draco eating the sweets Harry (messily) baked for him is SO cute.

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thank you standing up for sex worker rights and providing information on how the nordic model is harmful to us, not enough non sex workers do this, so yeah, thank you

You’re welcome.

When the issue became a big one during the Harper government’s bill, C-36, I spent a lot of time researching the issue (as at the time I didn’t know much about it). I spent a lot of time listening to the testimonies by sex workers of why legislation like this can be harmful even if it’s intentions might seem good.


Harry Y/N

Heading to the airport now H, can’t wait to see you xx

Can’t wait to see you either my love, it’s going to be a fun few months with you on the road with me

It’ll be nice to be with you for a while, it’s been too long since we’ve spent this much time together

Get ready for 2 months hotel hopping and lots of time on the road

I’ve packed the travel scrabble

“It’s light….It Rattles…. It’s Travel Scrabble”

Get ready to lose Styles

I’m offended that you think I can’t beat you, I’ve been at this for years now

I may lose, but at least I won’t cheat

I don’t cheat!

So you’re a liar and a cheat

Look, I may be prepared to put my body on the line to distract you, but I would never cheat

Two can play at that game

We both know you get distracted easily

I can’t help it if I drown in your eyes

But don’t underestimate the power of new lacy bras you’ve never seen before

Oh there’s new ones are there?

There might be, you’ll have to wait and see

You just gave away your game plan

Rookie error

Shut it Styles, I’ve got to get on the plane, I’ll see you when I land

Have a safe flight, I’ll be at the arrivals gate waiting to see you in one of those new lacy bras you mentioned earlier 😉

TFLN #1, TFLN #2 TFLN #3  TFLN #4

Okay so…. I was looking at all the discourse between people wanting to fuck the fish from Del Toro’s The Shape of Water VS people who wanna fuck Pennywise from Muschietti’s IT.  

Let me just clear something up. 

They spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to make the viewers attracted to the fish, to make the fish “sexy” (as they said) and how to make it actually plausible in having viewers see how this main character could do such a thing. 

When Muschietti wasn’t even remotely trying, nor even thinking about having Pennywise be a ‘sexy’ monster. He was just trying to make him a complex character, and horrifyingly so. But just because of the writing, how Bill played him, and overall everything about Pennywise, they got me even thirsting for the clown. And I have Coulrophobia.

( That just goes to show that sometimes, all you need is some neck ruffles, red lipstick and a sense of humor. )

alright. i don’t really talk much about learning disabilities on here (aside from the odd cryptic text post) but this has been troubling me a lot lately, so…yeah.

here’s the thing: i lean on my adhd a lot to explain why i am the way i am, and it’s a pretty cheap tactic, because having a learning disability or disorder isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card for being a twat. but i have spent my whole life being told the same things over, and over, and over again:

  • “keep your voice down.” 
  • “stick to the subject, please.” 
  • “don’t interrupt.”
  • “stop fidgeting, it’s distracting.” 
  • “why are you doing that?” (“that” being pulling at my skin, scratching at my wrist, chewing my nails, bouncing my leg, clicking my tongue, and various other compulsions that happen when i’m jittery. most of the time i don’t even notice i’m doing them until someone points it out.)
  • “slow down and speak clearly. i can’t understand what you’re saying.”
  • “can’t you just sit still for five minutes?” 
  • “remember to ask other people questions and not just talk about yourself the whole time.”
  • “try listening for once, and maybe i wouldn’t have to repeat everything.” (this when i tune out of a conversation halfway through, or have trouble understanding what someone is saying.)
  • “stop asking so many questions and just wait for me to explain.”
  • “focus on what’s being said, not what you want to say.” 
  • “if you can’t pay attention, then why are you even here? go and waste someone else’s time.” (multiple times, from multiple teachers.)
  • “please stop talking.” 

them’s the rules - and they’re fair, on the whole. no one likes somebody who goes on and on about themselves and doesn’t let anyone else get a word in edgeways. when that same someone acts like they aren’t listening to you, it’s annoying, even hurtful. a loud, fast-paced voice that stutters and repeats itself is grating. a live wire who’s constantly twitching and pacing is infuriating. if i want people to like me - or not even like me, but tolerate me - i have to maintain a convincing impression of someone who is able to interact with other human beings in a way that is considered normal, socially acceptable, and likeable. i’m constantly scared, constantly checking myself, constantly fighting a losing battle between how i am and how i know i should be.

and it’s exhausting, because for me, all of this stuff is just my natural way of being. after twenty years, i still have to consciously fight to get myself back on track, to shut up, to let other people talk. and every time i slip up - every time i hear myself going off on a completely unrelated tangent that doesn’t make sense to anyone except me, or i interrupt in my eagerness to be heard - there’s a knee-jerk reaction of total mortification. because i broke the rules. i forgot to act like an Ordinary Person, and acted like me. 

i don’t use the adhd label for my own convenience, but for other people’s. once i explain, they see the light: my unhealthy behaviours are not personal failures, but symptoms! my irritating habits are not character flaws, but manifestations of a disorder! ah, it all makes sense now. it’s patronising, sure, but it’s better than being vilified for something that i have enormous difficulty in controlling. diagnosis doesn’t change who i am, but it can change how other people treat me - and for someone who’s spent their life being afraid of coming across as rude or self-centred, that’s invaluable. 

It’s Not Hedonism If It’s Not Sustainable And Dark Side Corruption Isn’t Sustainable.


You asked again. 

So my problem with calling the Sith Hedonists stems largely from having spent a lot of time with hedonists. 

So, the basic premise of Hedonism is that pleasure and happiness are the primary “goods” (moral, not commodity) and therefore are the aim of human life. We won’t get into ethical hedonism as the material doesn’t try to pretend there’s anything ethical about the Sith, but I recommend browsing the wiki. 

Most Sith don’t pursue happiness in the first place. They pursue power and rage and hate, and many of them don’t seem to do it out of personal desire but rather because otherwise they’ll die. That’s not fun! That’s stressful! 

Excess isn’t hedonism unless you enjoy excess. 

Similarly, it can be argued that if it’s long-term damaging to your wellbeing (however you define that) it’s not true hedonism, because it’s not pleasure able. Darkside corruption appears to be painful and not in a “ooh, I’m into that” way. 

Moreover, it’s killing them. 

A real hedonist doesn’t want the party to stop on account of eldritch fuckery, they want the party to stop because they would enjoy something else more. 

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How long does it take to you to draw one of the arts?

Hmmmmm like one of the simple two-people artworks, not the comics? I guess it ranges from 3-5 hours for a drawing of 2 characters + simple bg.

I spent a majority of the time to sketch and lineart. Coloring wise, depends on my remaining stamina, I’d render it more nicely if I have more energy left, but if I don’t, I’ll just use flat colors and do it comics style. Usually takes me 1-2 hrs to color.

If the backgrounds are extensive and there are a lot of characters… well, it took me about 3-4 days to finish the nekoma artwork with the entire nekoma team in it.

Hi, everyone!

I know I didn’t post for a long time. I have new projects right now (like my PhD studies) and I can’t dedicate much time to this page. I don’t know if I will come back here some day but I have decided not to delete this tumblr because I love it and because I spent a lot of years here sharing art and talking with you guys (and playing lol haha).

I would like to keep it so that people continue to see its content, even if I don’t publish anything new. I didn’t want to go without giving any explanation and I hope you understand :)

Thanks for all,



Sé que no he publicado nada desde hace tiempo. Ahora mismo tengo otros proyectos en mi vida (como estudios de doctorado) y no puedo dedicarle mucho tiempo a esta página. No sé si volveré algún día pero he decidido no borrar este tumblr porque me encanta y porque pasé aquí muchos años publicando y reblogueando arte y hablando con vosotros.

Me gustaría mantenerlo para que la gente siga viendo su contenido, aunque no publique nada nuevo. No quería ir sin dar ninguna explicación y espero que lo entendáis :)

Gracias por todo,


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I just drove back to school for 4 hours by myself so I had a lot of time to think. And honestly Fai like if Lucas wasn't a vet he would totally be a youth counselor. Like yas girl. I spent like an hour of that drive thinking about Lucas and Riley's future jobs. And honestly Fai you just nailed it. Also I love you and hope you're slaying life today

Mads, you are the sweetest person ever. If it wasn’t already clear, i totally love you too ❤

But now you’ve unleashed my thought monster. These are the jobs I consider for Rucas when I write my adult AUs of them.

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Where,,, do you get that much money from,,,

My dude all of that stuff I have is from years and YEARS of gathering it all together;; every time I’d get an allowance or birthday money when I was a kid I’d go out and buy more manga or more movies, when I got a job and started getting paychecks I did the same thing. Also? A lot of that manga I actually got from a secondhand bookstore by my house that sells them REALLY cheap and brand new/used but in good condition. Those Tsubasa volumes? $4 a piece. And in great condition too, no ripped pages or anything! So instead of spending over $100 for the first ten volumes I spent around $45 instead. PRETTY SWEET RIGHT

But yeah it’s lots of saving and working and using coupons and buying that shit whenever I have the urge to; I remember spending all of my allowance money on the Warriors books as a kid, I would work so hard to get the next volume when it came out, or the super editions lol

Long story short!! It took me years to get a collection that massive and lots of patience!! But it’s totally worth it!

the signs introverted vs. extroverted

 introverted: shy but bubbly and really nice, likes to spend a lot of time with those they know and love, doesn’t like to leave the house too much, might be lazy
 extroverted: loud, might seem rude, but really they’re just honest, isn’t afraid to speak up for themselves ot those they love, alway doing something, loves adventures

 introverted: very reserved, will want to you to do the first step, generally just doesn’t like meeting new people and likes to spend time indoors, most likely a music lover
 extroverted: optimistic fluff balls, friends with EVERYONE, emotional but positive thinkers, love to go out a lot, especially near nature

 introverted: might seem kind of distant, doesn’t like to talk about their emotions even when they’re sad, emotional, but really good with children
 extroverted: very intelligent and quick thinking, comes up with the best ideas and solutions to problems, talks to many people and has a lot of friends, likes to be busy, work on something

 introverted: shy, but smiles quite a lot, still able to make friends easily, but uses earbuds a lot and likes to have someone they know around them most of the time
 extroverted: liked by everyone, makes people laugh, likes to spend time with children (and children love them), natural story teller

 introverted: resting bitch face, actually cares a lot though, might not have problems with going outside or anything but doesn’t talk to many people
 extroverted: talks to pretty much ANYONE, big and kind heart, buys gifts for friends, does the ebst sleepovers/ parties

 introverted: doesn’t like to go outside too often, probably looks like they don’t even want to talk to you, actually cares though, seems busy, always working on something, perfectionist
kind of weird, talks a lot, but often it’s also about some serious topics, curious person and likes to learn, judgemental, but can appreceate things as well

 introverted: thinks a lot, home oriented, sensitive, will be nice to you even if they don’t like you, super shy, usually good at playing musical instrument
 extroverted: fearless (except spiders), isn’t afraid to do pretty much anything, nothing can stop them, likes to flirt, probably really popular among their friends, kind to everyone

 introverted: talkative, uses sarcasm or has offensive sense of humour, really confident in themselves, isn’t afraid to speak up, actually very intelligent most of the time
 extroverted: v reserved, quiet, looks tough, actually cares a lot, might complain often, home anf family oriented, sometimes tends to overthink

 introverted: looks serious and professional, hardworking person, cares a lot about their appereance and the way they show themselves, nervous easily
 extroverted: very competitive, loud, they’re ‘everywhere’, looks confident, is confident, being in love with them is one huge adventure

 introverted: the very definition of socially awkward, really doesn’t talk much, usually passionate about something and they spend a lot of time doing it, the biggest ovethinkers you’ll ever meet
 extroverted: might look mean or selfish, but they’re literally the funniest people ever, pays for food, loves to go to parties, cares about their appereance a lot

 introverted: most likely good at math, really doesn’t talk much, doesn’t like to leave the house too much, has their own world, might tend to  be a bit naive, confused 25/8
 extroverted: one of the most talkative people you’ll ever meet, super curious, likes to go on adventures and hang out with their friends a lot, kind of nerds, but really sweet

 introverted: people still love them, looks tough but is very emotional and sensitive, hardworking, 98% of the time, they have something with themselves that reminds them of home
 extroverted: leader material, likes to be the centre of the attention, amazing acting skills, makes friends easily, smiles a lot

we always talk abt how slytherins aren’t all angry and evil, why don’t we talk about how hufflepuffs aren’t always happy and shallow? Just and loyal does not mean naïve and stupid, and the fact that everyone thinks it does shows how little kindness is valued. Hufflepuffs are the ones at rallies and marches, calling their representatives every day and night and running equality accounts-just. Hufflepuffs are the ones staying up all night to talk to their friends, jumping over tables to defend their squad and helping people through the worst parts of their lives-loyal. We are not all stupid and happy, we are angry and passionate. We aren’t all flowers and sunshine, we are huge signs and wiping away tears from our the faces of our loved ones. We aren’t put in our house because we aren’t smart, or brave, or cunning. We understand that kindness in the face of adversity encompasses all of those traits and more. We are not the children. We are not your leftovers.


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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