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Happy Birthday Hailey

It’s the wonderful @victuurificrec aka Hailey’s birthday today! She does an incredible amount for the fandom and if you don’t know her blog, I suggest you definitely check it out asap. She puts a huge amount of effort into everything that she does and she’s been an incredible supporter of my fic for a long time. So to say thank you and Happy Birthday to Hailey, here’s a little birthday themed Viktuuri ficlet to show my appreciation. 

Happy Birthday! xx

“So, you’re telling me that all this panic is just because you can’t decide what to get Viktor for his birthday?” Phichit asked disbelievingly.

Yuuri groaned, resting his head in his free hand as he clutched his phone with the other. It was stupid, he knew. Calling Phichit in a panic after almost a full week of constant worrying and doubt over something that Viktor probably wouldn’t even care much about but he couldn’t help himself.

“I’ve been living with him for a year Phichit. We’ve been together for even longer. Last year he told me he didn’t really celebrate much but this year it’s different. We’ve been together too long for me to not give him something, I just don’t know what.”

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#6 for Gaston?? ;)

HERE’S A LIL ONESHOT. srry if its not what you guys expected lol i was super tired while writing it! Thanks for reading, reblogs and likes are all appreciated! Have a good one.

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Title: The Night Before.
Pairing: Gaston x Reader.
Words: 1,368.
Rating: T.
Summary: After sharing a kiss the night before, Gaston meets with you and tries to explain what he’s feeling.

Pretending that nothing happened isn’t going to help either of us.” Hearing that voice in the morning was the last thing you expected. Hearing it as the first sound to awaken your senses after opening your front door was also to say the least, a big surprise. Stepping down from your front door, you pushed on his chest to get him to back away so you could walk. He did, but only half a step. Sighing in defeat, you stopped trying to maneuver your way around his broad body and cocked your hip to the side. You were all to aware of what he was referring to. You had been thinking about it ever since last night. You had gone to bed thinking about it and you had woken up thinking about it. 

You didn’t quite expect Gaston to be outside your house door though, ready to pester you about the mishap in the tavern the night before. You figured he’d have been too hungover to actually be awake this early, but here he was in all his post-war glory. Reckon, he did look a bit messier than his usual self, with a few stray hairs, bags under his eyes, and disheveled tan jacket that clung perfectly to his structured torso.

Looking at him in astonishment, it appeared as if he didn’t sleep at all and spent the night waiting to see you again. Clearing his throat, Gaston fixed his jacket, buttoning a few buttons in the middle before slicking back his hair. Rolling your eyes at the thought of Gaston performing such a romantic task specifically for you, you acknowledged his words. Swallowing softly, you grasped your skirt and tugged the fabric out of his hands swiftly. It left him a bit starstruck as you flattened the front of your dress and muttered to him, “It didn’t mean anything. It was just a kiss.”

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neil and any of the fox fam with #1? i live for angst

01: “I’m sorry.”

In retrospect, they really should’ve hired some sort of security for the court. It sits nestled into campus like Palmetto’s gaudy oversized jewel, bright bright white like glaring snow, impossible to pass by without some part of you wanting to deface it.

It’s also like a neat little box with Neil’s name on the label. Even though his biggest enemies are mercifully holding back with an open palm and a cocked gun, he has a host of new people to fight since he’s been in the news. A thousand more misguided fans trying to come calling.

A year ago he would’ve understood that staying at Palmetto is like a wanted man staying in a burning house, waiting for the smoke or the police to get him first. But Neil has a taste for smoke, now. It’s so easy to stay at the court, where he’s surrounded by family — most of whom have mile long protective streaks and criminal records like the markings on poisonous snakes.

He’s not worried. He has Andrew simmering at his side with the best right hook he’s ever seen and a clinical willingness to kill someone if the occasion should call for it. He’s wasn’t worried. He should’ve been worried.

It’s a former Raven who ends up coming for him; someone who took the tyranny of Riko’s regime and tried to shrug the crown on himself. Someone who got a taste for the sweet, dark paralysis of a life that’s never yours.

Neil never leaves a door to close without waiting for the click of the latch, so he can’t imagine how this bulky, wild-eyed person came to be facing him in the heart of the court, palming a gun from his pocket into a threat at half mast.

Neil’s head is a full suitcase. He can’t even see through the panic. There’s stuffing coming out of his eyes and all he wants to do is gather it up and run.

It’s stupid, really, that he hadn’t properly tried to see this coming. He’d discarded the possibility and settled into the flames.

The guy— Spencer?— is a raven dealer with an upper body that could incapacitate Neil with one well-placed collision. He watches the old raven line number shift on his chest as he shoulders the door to the court open. Neil considers the heft of a ball still in his racquet. His aim isn’t precise enough to take out the gun if Spencer still has the presence of mind to be a moving target. Kevin would know how to calculate his odds and find an angle that works, but all Neil has is his nerve and his speed.

“If rumour serves, you’ve changed a lot, Nathaniel.”

Neil shifts backwards, adjusting his grip and breathing through the familiarity of the gesture. Hunted, defended, retreating.

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Look at Me (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hii!! can i have a jughead x reader where the reader and jughead are dating and the reader feels like she comes second to jughead and his writing all the time and she confronts him about it ? thank you!! 

 A/N: I did a lot of thinking about this! I changed it a tiny bit but I hope I did it justice for you! It is a bit long but I didn’t have the heart to make it any smaller.


Look At Me (Jughead x Reader) 

 You knew what you were getting into when you and Jughead started dating. You were best friends for years before. With Jason’s death and all the dark secrets around Riverdale, Jughead wanted to capture everything. 

 You were okay with it at first. It was his way of coping. He was a writer at heart. He needed this project. He needed answers. 

 But then other secrets kept popping up. Which meant more writing on that novel of his. Of course you understood but you were jealous. 

 Your ‘dates’ were mainly at Pop’s and it usually ended with Jug typing away while you stared out the window. Silence. 

 That was another thing that bothered you. Jug used to at least try to keep conversation going between you two. 

But now? Nothing. If you tried, all you got was silence. Or even worse. The little “mhm” or “yeah”. You knew he wasn’t listening.

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BTS reaction to you having a baby and breeding a child :)

Anon requested: Hey can you do pregnancy scenarios, like when they find out you sre pregnant, birth, baby bumps, first steps and words ect. Thank you ~♡

Its gonna be full filled with cuteness, you’re warned!   



Let’s imagine you’re so close to your boyfriend or your husband that you never ide it a thing. Which means he knows you did not have your period last month, he knows you’re having nausea in the morning and you don’t feel that good. So he would have though you could have been pregnant even before you would announce your pregnancy to him. Let’s just say you would have told him right after doin gthe pregnancy test in the bathroom. Maybe something like “So what do you think ?” He would stare at you, hoping it was positive, because damn, he wants to start a family so bad. So he would go like “Tell me you are!”. You’ll show him the test with a wide smile spreading on your lips. Instantaneously he would jump on you , carry ou and make you spin in the air with a strong embrace.


Then for 9 months he would be cooking your favorites foods, whatever you would ask him to. When he was away because of his job, he would always text you and call you before going on stage, getting off stage. Before doing a photoshoot or something. He would always do his best to be there whenever you need.


Then when the baby will be born, he wouldn’t stop staring at it. I guess he would cry and thank you so much. If you’re having a little girl, he would use pink everywhere for sure. If it’s a boy, then he will calm down but yeah ahah.

I can piture him reading stories to his kid, making him food, giving them bath. He would play with him so cutely, and be so soft and gentle with you and the kid. He would force you to go to bed and he’ll do all the work. “Look at those widespread shoulders, they can now cary the weight of being a father you know.”

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This is how he would make his kid laugh whenever you wouldn’t be around. He’d do every type of show.

Originally posted by ultranicolet


Hm concerning this guy, the situation would be a lot more complex. When you would announce him you’re pregnant, maybe through the art you like the most (with a poem, with a drawing or idk). He would be very happy for sure, but I guess he would be more stressed, prepapring to all of the responsabilities he will get.

He would take care of you a lot but I think Yoongi would be more independent in his couple so he wouldn’t be as present as Jin. Though he will still be present everyday.

Then when the kid will be born, he would get so emotional, maybe he’ll focus on all the little things to write a song in the future. He’ll buy you flowers as a present. And take care of you so much more.

Then I think he’ll realize he could never have been ready to get a child in his life. It is completely different to what he had thought. He would be pretty lost, not knowing how to react, not knowing what to do to stop the baby from crying. He would have to learn all the things quickly and you’ll be his role mother. He’ll observe you H24/7. Falling in love with you again, loving all the scars this pregnancy left you. Seriously though, this guy would fall so deeply in love. I can’t even imagine how deep…

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

I think it would take time to him to get fully comfortable in his father’s role. So I think whenever you’re not around he would be pretty incsecure and would rather play with your child in simpel ways : making faces, making objects appear and disappear, tearing paper and such stuffs. But look how he would be genuinely happy:

Originally posted by yoongijae

Rap Monster

I think he would be exactly the same as Yoongi. He would react the same way, when you would announce him your pregnancy by buying some baby clothes and offering them to him. He would maybe be a little more present than Yoongi to support you. He would buy you food all the time, buy you massages and everything.

Then when the baby will be born, he would also be a little bit lost though he might be more experienced than Yoongi. He would still ask you advice.

I can picture him acting this way when the baby will be eating by himself on his highchair : “Oh my god babe, is it normal he is eating that?” he would ask being stressed out for no reason. (This situation makes me laugh, I admit ahah)

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AAAh Hobie will get so emotional. Especially the day you’ll give birth to your child. He would inform the rest of the group so they could come and see their little nice or nephew. And they will have to deal with their ray of sunshine shedding warm tears.

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

Hobie would be the type of father to make speeches out of nothing. Like the first steps of his child, his first real meal, his first day of school etc. Look how proud he would be :

Originally posted by comfyjimin

Then I guess he would be the father who clearly doesn’t care to look ridiculous. He would wear costumes, he would play H24/7 with his child. He would be a bit like Jin but a little more playfull I guess.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul


Jimin would be the kind of boyfriend to constantly call you “the future mother of my child” or such little nicknames. He would be taking care of you anytime, he wouldn’t mind if you would wake him up in the middle of the night.

Even though he has no experience at all with kids, he would make his best to catch up on your experience buy watching documentaries, reading articles and stuff. So he could learn some tips to know how to make the baby fall fast asleep, so he would also know which games to play with the baby to teach him things and everything.

He would be the type of father to be always glued to his baby, kissing him, tickling him, singing him songs. He would also be as sensitive as Hobi and as joyful as him whenever he wouldn’t be tired.

Originally posted by keepingupwithbts


Gosh Taehyung would be driven crazy because all the wait he will have to go through during the pregnancy. Not to mention how crazy he went when you let him know you were finally pregnent after all the times you’ve been trying to get. He jumped everywhere, kissed you a million times before calling  his familly and announcing them the news. Then during the wait, he would have bought everything to make the room of your child. He was so invested in this new role he will have to play in a few weeks. He has been dreaming about it since he was a teenage boy. He has been talking about this moment to come so many times. He has been dreaming about.

Not to mention that he knows how to supervise and breed childs. He would be the kind of father to take everything and nothing in pictures, he would save every drawing his child would do, take videos everyday… He would be the proudest dad in the world. He’ll also be so protecting and playfull.

“Jagiya, I’ll never thank you enough for giving me this wonderful kid. Let’s work hard and breed other childs when we’ll be ready”.


He would be as lost as Yoongi and Rapmon but I guess he would be as playful as V. He would be playing hide and seek with his child and some other famous games. He would also love to take photos of them eanytime of the day; for instance, when he would be eating a glass, when he would be doing a creativity activity or something. Actually I think he would be pretty much on the playing side whenever the kid would still be a baby, but then when he’ll be by 364 years old, he’ll start to have some educative activities such as discussionson innocent things, he’ll be there to help the child studying and progressing in sports or in music.

Originally posted by mayfifolle

I don’t know why I can picture Jungkook supporting his child at a contest just like this :

Originally posted by busa-n


Here it is, I really hope you liked this fluffy reaction. I spent a long time on it so yeah :) Please feel free to let me know what you though about it and whether you agree or not on these.

Love you all, take care xx

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My birthday is April 28th. I don't maintain a blog on Tumblr though. I created an account just to follow the fabulous fellow Everlarkers here. If you can, I will take anything I can get but if possible, some smut please. *bambi eyes*

Happy birthday! Here is a little something special cooked up just for you by @katnissdoesnotfollowback. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the read!

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Happiest of birthdays to you! I hope you enjoy what I’ve cooked up for you and it adds to to your celebration. Thanks to @peetabreadgirl for prereading this sucker.  <3 KDNFB


“I’m gonna be late. Please tell me you made some hot water for tea this morning,” Peeta says to his brother as he rushes into the kitchen and tosses his bag on the counter.

“Gotta move faster, old man,” Ryen teases, but lowers his newspaper enough to point to the kettle sitting on a silicone trivet.

“You’re two years older than me,” Peeta grumbles, not bothering to look at what he is sure is a self-satisfied smirk on his brother’s face, choosing instead to focus on pouring the water into his travel mug and dropping in a tea bag to steep.

“Yes, but nothing good happens after twenty-five. They expect you to be an adult after twenty-five. For real,” Ryen complains and Peeta curses as the hot liquid splashes over the edges onto his hand when he moves it a little too forcefully towards the spot where he left the lid.

“Graham would disagree,” he mutters sarcastically as he shakes the tea droplets off his hand and wipes the residue on a towel. His skin stings, but he doesn’t have time to deal with it.

“Graham is an idiot,” Ryen returns, but he doesn’t say the rest of what they’re both thinking.

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Early Morning Soup

Hi hi everyone, i am absolutely delighted to announce @jaggedarchetypes wrote a piece based on this comic and its?? so good??? and once again im absolutely at a loss for words & im so very touched oh my god?? please read it under the cut he captured the feeling so well!!!!

For one who felt so exhausted, actual rest sure seemed to allude Hanzo Shimada. Midnight had him tossing and turning, one AM had him pacing, two AM had him outside jogging and walking, and three AM had him resigned to the fate of another sleepless night. But at least, if not a relaxed mind, his exercise had worked up a sizable appetite.

By three fifteen, Hanzo was showered, and by three thirty he was glaring tiredly into a pot. He’d sampled his soup perhaps a dozen times, but the flavor stubbornly refused to be like the one of his childhood. So, Hanzo sent out a text. Then one more, just for good measure.

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Ed Sheeran: Up All Night With Pop's Hardcore Troubadour | Full Rolling Stone Interview

“Let’s go to my place for the finale!” Ed Sheeran shouts as he hops into an SUV. It’s just after midnight in London. Sheeran spent much of the evening in a bar, but even with his bright-red hair hidden under a ball cap, people started to recognize him. The DJ played one of his songs, and his friends had to create a wall around him so he could drink in peace. It all made him a little anxious, which is why we’re speeding to his West London home to keep the party going.

Sheeran is celebrating tonight because he knows he’s about to score his first Number One hit in America with “Shape of You,” a sleek, funky stomper from his new album, ÷ (pronounced Divide). We’re joined by his girlfriend, Cherry, and his old friends Zack, Nathan and Catherine, who have been watching him perform since he released his first album, The Spinning Man, when he was 13. “I went plywood,” Sheeran, now 25, jokes about that LP. “Not gold. I sold 100 copies.”

Sheeran has been going hard tonight: espresso martinis and rum-punch shots at dinner, gin and tonics at the bar. It’s my birthday, and at one point he grabs my phone, takes a selfie of us and posts to my Instagram, writing “It’s my birthday bitches #london #hashtag #believe #achieve #inspiration.” He encourages friends to knock back pints with a drinking song that ends “Na na na na/Hey hey hey/You’re a cunt!”

Soon, we arrive at his house, a five-floor, industrial-style space with brick walls, wood floors and several personal touches: a Charmander Pokémon stuffed animal in his bedroom and a bong shaped like Benny Blanco’s head in the living room. There’s also a recording studio, a gym and a full bar, where he recently entertained several young cast members of his favorite show, Game of Thrones. As we arrive, Sheeran offers bedrooms to anyone who wants to “get rowdy,” then goes to work mixing drinks.

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Oath [Draco x Reader]

Originally posted by dramione-feltson-forever

Request:  25 and 30 For Draco?

25: “You can have me, or you can have him/her/them”

30: “I-I promise”

Word count:948

A/N: hope you enjoy this because i had a lot of fun writing this!!! angst with draco is my favorite thing to write!

There was only one way to say it. Despite his brat like behavior and how cruel he was, you saw good in Draco and even, though you never would admit, are head-over-heels for the boy. He had never been particularly nasty to you either so you just let your little crush be. 

You snuck glances at him during classes both of you shared, in the halls, and also at dinner. The little sketch book you kept in your nightstand contained his name written in your prettiest handwriting, surrounded by a heart. Yes, it was a little cliche but it was a crush. Or at least it was until Draco caught you staring at him more than once and he would smile towards you. Other times you caught him staring at you! And how that made you heart so happy.

Soon, you and Draco started meeting up in the library when he actually asked for some help with Potions. You agreed immediately. That evening, you spent your time with him laughing, chairs side by side, him telling you stories he thought funny. He was a whole new person for you. 

And so you told him, about your little crush on him. He didn’t respond immediately or at all until you stood up to leave. But before you could, he grabbed your sleeve and pulled you back down to his level. Then he muttered something about think you were cute, and kissed your cheek, then escorted you back to your designated common room. 

Down in the great hall the next morning, you caught him snogging with Pansy Parkinson. And it hurt, it hurt watching him kiss her after you admit your feelings. 

So you made it your mission to ignore him for the rest of your years at Hogwarts.

You arrived a little earlier to your last class earlier than usual, at the end of a long week. Which also meant being the first one there and getting to choose your seat. Since the class was Astronomy and your grades were flawless, you took a seat more towards the back, at a table for two. You hoped your friend, Luna, would be your partner and fill the empty seat next to you.

But as fate would have it, your wish didn’t come true. Instead, that beautiful, blonde-haired slytherin boy, Draco Malfoy, took the seat adjacent to you. You would have changed to another table if Madam Sinistra hadn’t slammed the door signalling classed had begun. You spotted Luna and her fellow Ravenclaw, Cho Chang, about three table away from you.

“Hello, (Y/L/N),” Draco said smugly, leaning back in his chair as he looked over to you.

“Draco,” you nodded and pulled out your book for class. From the corner of his eye, you could see the smirk at the corner of his lips, he was trying to work you up.

The period went by with nothing else conversation wise. But he did try to talk with you on multiple occasions, going as far to scoot his chair close to yours and place his hand on your upper thigh. So you did like any lady should, slap his hand away.

And silence remained until after class.

It wasn’t until after dinner till Draco approached you again.

He found you sketching the moon, swinging in a bench by the lake. Your hair waving slightly from the breeze the lake caused and from where he was walking, he could see the discomfort he had caused. 

“(Y/N),” he called. You looked up and began to put all of your drawing materials away quickly so that you could make a run for it.Sadly he caught you before you even left the bench.

“(Y/N), you’ve been ignoring me since our little session in the library. You haven’t snuck at me in days. What is wrong?”

“Draco, please, just leave me alone,” you stood up, trying to make haste to leave. 

“No,” he snagged your bag full of drawing materials away from you.

“Draco, please give that back and leave me be,” you attempted to argue.

“No,” he spoke again, “ tell what is going on.”

“What’s going on?!? Why do you care! Just go back to Crabbe and Goyle and- and Pansy!”

“Pansy? Why would I want to be around her?!?”

“I don’t know , maybe to go make out with her like you did earlier this week.”

“You saw that?”

“Of course I saw that! You can’ttel someone you like them and go snog on someone else.”

“(Y/N), it was a dare!”


“You’re over reacting it was just a kiss”

“Just a kiss?!? Draco, I wouldn’t be upset but I’ve seen you two kiss on multiple occasions and that’s not okay if anything was between us!”

“Well, your not my girlfriend. I don’t understand why you’re acting so jealous.”

“You don’t under- goddammit, Malofy!I’m jealous because I LOVE YOU and I admitted that to you! And you go kiss someone else, when you should have been kissing me! I’m the one you come to when you need to talk because no one else knows that actual you, not HER!” You huffed out and pulled your bag back, “You can haver me, or you can have her!”

With that, your shoulders dropped and you began to walk away.

“You,”you heard a small voice come from behind you.


“It’s you, I choose you.”

That’s all you need to here to turn around and drop your bag, embracing the blonde boy in a hug. Your nose nuzzling against his neck.

“Do you promise not to hook up with ever?” You pulled away, looking him in the eye. He just nodded at me, “take an oath.”

“I-I promise.”

Respect Your Leader - Mercy (POV) x the whole team - SFW

Mercy is sick of her team bickering, and decides to assume control of them. Crack humour, with implied F/F/F/F/F.

Speed prompt, written in 120 minutes.

[AO3] | [Fanfiction.net]

I’d hardly collected all my medical supplies and disembarked from the ship, and already I could hear that my ‘team’ were at it. Not this again, I thought, sighing at length. I’d just about had it with all their senseless bickering.

“Fancy seeing you here,” Tracer didn’t sound at all happy about discovering who else had been assigned to our mission. “I thought spiders preferred dark and damp environments. You know, like toilets.”

Widowmaker—who was actually keeping mostly to herself today, I thought—looked equally as unimpressed to be grouped up with Tracer. “I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about ‘damp’,” she fired right back, “You haven’t been near anything wet in your entire life.”

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All That I Am — Part 2

a/n: i’m so glad people have liked this so far! i wasn’t planning on posting this until i was halfway through with part three, but i’m super excited about this part and i really just wanted people to read. the other parts will probably take a while before they get written/posted because i have rehearsals coming up this week. comments welcome!

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,638

Part 1 / Part 3

Elain’s first day with Lucien in the gardens was nothing like she had expected it would be. He didn’t force her to say anything and he hadn’t spoken much either. Elain had scrounged up a more comfortable outfit, loose trousers and a top that flowed off her dainty form. She’d realized begrudgingly that she’d picked something more akin to what she had worn during her time in the Night Court and less like what she would have worn at home.

She didn’t work up the courage to ask him about anything of importance, and she didn’t think he trusted her enough to tell her anything yet, anyway. Mate or not, they still had no relationship at all.

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ARIES: eat frozen yogurt and take not-so-shitty Polaroids because these memories mean more than you’ll ever know. you are unique. go on adventures, and let yourself be taken with whatever these heated days have to offer.  you remind me of the good that will persevere no matter how bad it gets. i have so much love for you in my heart, and thank you for being the closest thing to home i know. you have saved so many people with those warm arms of yours. i am lucky enough to be one of them.

TAURUS: i hope you let your skin get painted over in gold from sunshine and your cheeks hurt with the weight of your smiles. see new things,  but be safe.  if it gets rough, just know there’s nothing you can’t get through. you are a smart and beautiful everywhere. embrace your humor, you’ve always had a knack for keeping me laughing.  

GEMINI: this is your time. the skies are blue with your name painted in every breeze. it’s all yours if you want it. i think you should spend as much time as you can outside, because there is something about summer that will always love you. eat your birthday cake on a picnic with the most loveliest person you know, and let all your stress fade into the chlorine smell of swimming pools and sticky sweet smell of skin and sunscreen. it’ll be good, i promise.

CANCER: you deserve to shine as bright as you possibly can, you deserve to see the stars, and taste galaxies, and love someone who knows what that word means. you deserve so much, much more than i’ll ever be able to give. but i will give it up anyway. no more regrets. dance a lot to loud music, and sleep with your entire body and soul, take care of yourself in the most gentle way you know how. i want you to have fun. go out and do something only mildly reckless. i want you to find stories, to tell, to write, to capture, to paint, to sing half badly at the top of your lungs. you are so lovely. none of these words will ever be enough to tell you how grateful i am that you are here.

LEO: we’ve got a calendar of things to do but it’s gonna be alright, trust me. you’ve got an army of love ready to fight the stress any hour of the day. there is so much good waiting for you, so much greatness you deserve.  if there is a battle, you are the winning side. you’re the strongest person i know but please remember take care of yourself. travel far and i hope you find different places that feel like home.

VIRGO: i just want you to smile. a little, a lot. i want you to feel lighter than things have been recently, or in the past, just want you to relax. the world is always moving, turning, constantly, and it can be deafening the amount of noise. sometimes people act like they don’t hear you, but they do. they’re just too stupid to admit it. you’re so goddamn gorgeous. enjoy the sun, i hope you find something new to love.

LIBRA: you mean so much, you matter so fucking much, there will be never enough of my stupid poetic sayings to describe it. this is what this is, stupid. just another time i couldn’t keep my mouth shut. you’re a different aspect of life, one that i’ve neglected. my most sincere apologies.  you’ve always believed so much, i admire that about you. i hope you’re happy every possible moment you can be, and i hope you are loved. this summer should be good. you deserve it.

SCORPIO: calm down, breathe in, breathe out. you are always there, like a constant thrum in the background or the sound of screaming poetry, no matter the noise, i am nothing but appreciative of your love. i hope you live your days breathing in salty sweet air of the sea and that your skin is speckled gold with sand and that your soul is breathing and alive. things will work out, i like to believe the universe has a way of giving back to the good ones. you’re one of them. good. calm. pure. something sinful, yeah maybe, but i’m alright with going to hell as long as i see you there.

SAGITTARIUS: there is sunshine loving adventures waiting for you. i think you’ll hate and love airplanes a little bit more, and get a little pissed at the way time seems to run on it’s own agenda, but all in all, i know it’s going to be a good month. draw, paint, laugh, go on road trips with good music playing in the background and take a selfish amount of pictures. there are memories that will keep you warm longer than the sun ever has.

CAPRICORN: i don’t know what to expect out of you that’s anything less than greatness. don’t run forward but a walk in the park can do wonders sometimes. you’re life. don’t forget that. have fun, don’t sit idle. move around, go downtown and look at sculptures and art you have no idea what they mean. laugh. a lot. be a child, cause you know things are only getting harder. but you’re better. you’re good. things will work itself out. what is broken, will always rearrange.

AQUARIUS: summers are either chlorine stained hearts or the breath of fresh air in your lungs, and this time around might feel a little bit of both. work with what you have, i don’t know what else to say. but remember you are not poison. yes there is black ink spilling from your pen and sometimes your gushing veins, but it is not a part of hell you have to keep inside of yourself so you don’t infect and destroy and hurt hurt hurt. humans, we’re heaven and hell combined in one animal. and that’s it. you’re only human. nothing more, nothing less. and that’s okay. keep breathing. i know you can take care of yourself, but thing is, you don’t have to. you are not alone.

PISCES: i don’t see you around much, but your tenderness is always in my heart. i hope you pick flowers and decorate your hair with the aesthetic cause you’re a sunflower in a garden full of weeds. you told me that once. i’ll never forget. i hope you love yourself. if things are spiraling, i will do good on my promise to sink with you, no matter the distance, no matter the time spent apart, we’re always together. somewhere. i miss you yeah. there is no battle ship, there are no more gun shots and bullet wounds, and you’ll be okay. the sun will be sweet to you. listen to good music and visit a new cafe. you have so much love to give.

Wonderwall (1/4)

[AU: We were high school rivals. Now it’s our 20 year reunion and I think you’re absurdly good looking and very charming. Shoutout to @shefollowedfires for her beta skills.]

on Ao3

Abby looked around the room, her eyes scanning the crowd of late 30 somethings gathered at tables and crowded at the bar. The last few bars of a Gin Blossoms song faded out, quickly replaced by the opening notes of Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic.” The corners of her mouth tugged up slightly.

“See?” Callie said, smiling at Abby over the rim of her wine glass. “You’re having fun already.”

She raised her eyebrow.

“This song makes me feel nostalgic. I wouldn’t exactly call that having fun.”

“C’mon, Abby,” Callie said, nudging Abby with her shoulder, “there are cheap drinks, good music and you’re in great company.” She smiled widely before she took a long sip of her drink. “Plus, this is the easiest place for you to break your streak.”

Abby sighed.

“Not this again.”

Callie set down her drink.

“Abby, you’ve been in this self-imposed celibacy for three years. It’s time. Consider this your opportunity put yourself back out there.”

Abby shook her head as she gestured to the throng of people around the room.

“How is this the place to jump back in? Everyone was basically married at the ten year reunion.”

Callie huffed in disbelief.

“Yeah, and now it’s been ten more years. I can basically guarantee you that more than half of those people are divorced.” She picked up her glass and took a drink before continuing. “Actually, I can guarantee it because I Facebook stalked everyone who rsvp’d yes to the Facebook invite.”

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All the Letters You Wrote Me

* Laurens × shy!SchuylerSister!reader
* Hamiltime
* 179: I’ve never felt this way about anyone before…and it scares the shot out of me.
* Requested by @fangirlwithasweettooth

A/N: ok since it’s early morning for me, it’s probably not night for anyone else. And for that I apologize. I added more to it then I originally planned. Also the title is misleading as it has almost nothing to do with letters. Oops. But it’s done and it’s up! Enjoy!

Word Count: 3,049


“Come on Y/N!” You older sister Eliza urged. “You too Peggy!” She was currently dragging both of you through the town. Even though your dad specifically said not to go downtown.

“Daddy said to be home by sundown.” You tried.

“Daddy doesn’t need to know.” You older sister Angelica said from where she was leading the three of you.

“Daddy said not to go downtown.” Your little sister Peggy tried to say.

“Like I said, you’re free to go.” Eliza told her.

“But this will be much more fun.” Angelica said. You and Peggy weren’t very outgoing. Yes you loved spending time with your sisters but they were more personable. Peggy just didn’t want to do wrong. But you? You were very shy. When Angelica, Eliza, and eventually Peggy would be talking to people, you shut down and got quiet. They tried getting you to open up but it never worked. Though you could hold your own as well as your sisters.

“What you doing in the city in your fancy heels? You searching for an urchin you can give you ideals?” Burr asked your sister. You nose wrinkled up in annoyance.

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Headlines pt.II

part 1

length: 2069

genre: a mix; rapper jimin au

a/n: so I have an idea for where I want the story and like relationship between the reader and Jimin to go…not sure if it will like be an actual relationship or just a friendship, but that’s why there starts to be a slight change in Jimin, just an fyi

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Stray Dog 1/3

It’s always there in the back of Shuuhei’s mind, even as he’s promoted through the ranks, even as he rises and makes something of himself, the Rukongai brat who failed the entrance exam three times but became a model shinigami nevertheless.

Strange, he thinks, pausing in the doorway of the Ninth. Strange that such a man, a powerful and at peace with himself, would do such a thing.

He knows the story, of course, knows what officially happened that night, but can’t quite make himself accept it. He’s always had a problem with hero worship, after all, and this is simply an extension of it, a manifestation. It’s impossible to believe the worst of the man who saved his life, who looked at him and saw and tried to smile, no matter how unfamiliar the expression was.

Shuuhei admires Captain Tousen, respects him, but there’s this creeping sort of doubt in the most private of his thoughts. Now, in the doorway of his office, newly made a lieutenant, Shuuhei hesitates. Captain Tousen is good, wise, but…

But what about Captain Muguruma? What about the man who saved me?

But what about Captain Tousen, who was his fifth seat?

There is laughter in his head, sharp and biting, and Shuuhei stills. He’s heard that voice before, endured it since the first time he gained his zanpakuto. Kazeshini sets him on edge, twists his head and heart around because he’s not supposed to be a killer, and Kazeshini looks very much like a killer’s favorite weapon.

But while he’s scoffed at Shuuhei before, mocked him and belittled him and drawled sarcastic—if amusing, though Shuuhei will never admit it—observations about those they meet, he’s never openly laughed at Shuuhei before.

‘Kazeshini?’ Shuuhei asks tentatively.

There’s a tug, like someone pulling at a thread attached to his mind, and Shuuhei obeys the call, closing his eyes as he focuses inward.

Kazeshini is waiting for him in his inner world, standing in the middle of a flat plain covered in dead-gold grass, a grim-grey sky above them. The spirit himself is tense, every muscle strung taut, and Shuuhei can see the fury simmering just below the surface.

“The bastard’s rotten,” he snarls as Shuuhei steps closer, and a storm-wind shrieks across the prairie. “He was out with Muguruma when something happened, yeah? He talks about justice and then he talks about fear. You survived the Rukongai. You know what I mean. All those petty dictators and little lords—they thought fear led to justice, too.”

“He’s the captain,” Shuuhei counters, but it lacks the conviction it might once have had. Rather than justification, the words are a breath of disbelief, of weary resignation and sadness and a deeply buried edge of outrage, that Captain Tousen could so easily dismiss them—dismiss him—and walk away. Shuuhei has given the Ninth Division everything. He’s spent days, weeks, months trying his best to be a passable lieutenant, to balance a workload nearly triple his former one, to keep his head down and his eyes forward and his questions to himself. The Ninth has become his entire life, every waking moment spent in his office or in meetings or seeking answers about the man who gave Shuuhei a purpose, but then vanished into dishonor, along with so many—a suspiciously large number—of his fellow captains and lieutenants.

And Tousen Kaname is still capable of dismissing his careful questions as inanities, wastes of time that amount to nothing and are not worth answering.

Kazeshini scoffs, though, and perhaps they’ve both become blind to each other, because rather than understanding the tone behind Shuuhei’s words, the spirit spits, “Like that means anything at all. He looks at us like we’re weak. They’re hypocrites, all of them! They see us as weaklings, but we’re strong enough to terrify them if we used our full strength!”

The wind is razor-edged now, fierce and deadly as it slices through the grasses, but Shuuhei stands against it with the ease of much practice as he watches his zanpakuto spirit pace jerkily, angrily.

“If we get any stronger, they’re just going to fear us more,” he ventures after a moment, because he’s not the only one who fears his zanpakuto. He’ll never forget bringing it out in a zanjutsu class and seeing the trainer himself recoil from it.

But…as inspiring as Tousen’s words were, that day when Shuuhei was so very close to giving up completely, they are no longer enough. Not in light of the questions that are still hovering, unanswered, at the back of Shuuhei’s mind.

Not when, more than anything, Shuuhei is so utterly tired of being afraid of his sword. Being afraid of himself.

Kazeshini snarls, spinning to face him as the wind-shrieks turn to tearing screams, to howls. “SO WHAT?” he bellows. “They already fucking fear us! The Rukongai brat who can beat out the heirs of the noble houses—we’re terrifying. What difference will any of it make?” He takes a step forward, another, and maybe once Shuuhei would have backed away, but not now. Not here. Not after everything that’s changed and all the damned things that have stayed the same.

He’s so tired of being afraid. So very tired.

The spirit’s eyes suddenly narrow, as though he’s realizing something, and he stops. He goes entirely, eerily still for a long moment, then he chuckles. “Ah,” he says with an air of enlightenment. “I see.”

A step to the side and he starts to circle, ghosting around Shuuhei, whose heart is pounding just a little too hard to let him move. He’s used to being scared of Kazeshini, but this is something entirely different.

Then Kazeshini stops again, watching him with a gaze that’s far too sharp for comfort, and murmurs, “You know, there are shinigami who fight without their zanpakuto, Shuuhei. Shihoin, for one. Never draws her blade, just improves her speed and strength until she’s damned near unbeatable. You could do the same, couldn’t you? If you wanted, you could have ditched me a long time ago. Back in the Academy, even. You’re strong, that much is obvious. I’m here, after all. And if you really wanted me gone, if you hated me that much…”

He reaches out, hand empty of any weapon, and this is something new. They’ve never touched before, never even attempted it, and Shuuhei braces himself as though for a blow.

But it’s just a hand, just slender fingers as rough and calloused as his own, closing over his upper arm as Kazeshini moves even closer. He says nothing more, because it’s as good as a question, the way he left his statement hanging.

It’s a secret, though. A secret that Shuuhei’s kept even from this innermost piece of himself, because admitting it is a betrayal of everything Tousen stands for, everything Shuuhei clung to after he was abandoned and betrayed by the memory of a hero who was never even remotely his to begin with.

“I don’t,” he says, whisper-quiet, and the wind falls away to nothing around them. He ducks his head, lets his spiky hair shield his face, and laughs a little at himself. “I don’t hate you, Kazeshini. I never have. Why do you think I practiced so much, can use you so easily? But you scare me. You’re made to take life when I’ve only ever wanted to preserve it, and sometimes I can’t see that there’s ever going to be an in-between for us to meet at.”

The silence stretches out like strands of hair-thin glass, brittle and breakable. There’s no sign of change, no movement in the land or clouds. The entire world is holding its breath.

Then Kazeshini says, softer and calmer than Shuuhei’s ever heard from him before, “You’re a moron. That’s respect, you asshole, not fear. Only a completely green idiot or a megalomaniac wouldn’t fear his own power to some degree. You’re a shinigami, Shuuhei, a guardian of the borders between life and death. Of course I look like something made to take lives; that’s part of your duty, isn’t it? We take souls and let them move on, send them forward to be reincarnated. Even the Hollows we kill end up back in the cycle. How is that a bad thing?”

It’s not, not in the least, and Shuuhei is a little horrified that he’s never thought of it that way before. He sighs, then huffs out a soft laugh and rakes a hand through his hair. Kazeshini is watching him when he lifts his head, somewhere between wary and relieved and pissed, but that’s mostly normal.

“Tousen isn’t everything,” Shuuhei offers softly. “He’s said a lot of good things, and he’s done a lot of good, but there’s more to who we are than his philosophies.”

Kazeshini favors him with a sharp-edged smile, and says, “We’ve always thought so. Probably time to show everyone else.”

They’ve been asking awkward questions, after all. Shuuhei survived the Rukongai for years, more than long enough to know that the people with those kinds of questions are always the first ones to disappear.

He’s not willing to believe that Muguruma Kensei became a Hollow, played with forbidden powers, and agreed to let Urahara Kisuke experiment on him so that he could grow stronger. Perhaps he’s being naïve, perhaps it’s that blind hero worship again, but Shuuhei knows his own mind, and nothing but solid proof will convince him otherwise.

Kisuke stares down at his friend’s son for a long moment, indecision tearing at him. He knows what has to be done, knows that he’s already laid his plans and set the first domino tumbling, but it’s hard. The boy is so obscenely young, would be even if Kisuke was merely the age he appeared rather than the centuries he actually is. What he’s planning is an actual crime—endangerment of a minor—and for all that he’s never cared overmuch about such things, this is…

There’s no trace of foreign reiatsu in the air. It’s more the feel of the night’s calm than anything that has Kisuke turning his head and saying with lightness he doesn’t feel, “I’m surprised, Stray Dog-kun. You didn’t step in and save the day.”

There’s a long pause, even though Kisuke knows he didn’t get it wrong. Then a dark shape drops from above, landing in a crouch on the wet pavement and pushing to its feet. It’s a man, tall and lean, dressed in dark jeans and a sleeveless coat that is equal parts black leather and deep green cloth, with a deep hood pulled over his face. There are bands around his biceps and silver rings around the fingers of one hand, and a sword strapped across his back. Kisuke studies him from under the brim of his hat, taking in the edgy posture, the tension in lean muscles, but says nothing.

Another pause, briefer than the last, and the man sighs softly, stepping forward and crouching down to look at the unconscious boy. “I thought you’d be happy,” he says, and the low voice is ever so slightly bitter. “No interference, right? Look where that’s gotten us.”

“Right on schedule, regardless of a few…improvisations,” Kisuke points out evenly, burying his doubts.

“You’re going to turn him into a Vizard,” the stranger growls. “Urahara-san, this whole thing is a disaster waiting to happen. You’re betting everything on being cleverer than Aizen, but I know he’ll have plans that you’ll never expect. What happened the first time—”

Kisuke carefully keeps his voice airy. “—is something I am far more familiar with than you, Stray Dog-kun. However, I have been considering your proposal carefully, and I think it is…acceptable.”

There’s a huffed sigh, and the man settles back on his heels. “Thank fuck. I thought you were going to be stubborn about this.”

For a moment, Kisuke considers sticking his tongue out at the younger man, but considering the boy bleeding out in front of them, perhaps now’s not the best time. Instead, he tilts his umbrella and makes a shooing motion with one hand. “Come, come, make yourself useful, Stray Dog-kun. You can carry the boy back to the shop if you’re so concerned about him.”

The man sighs at him again, but carefully gathers Kurosaki Ichigo into his arms and stands easily, despite the boy weighing just about as much as he does. “I’m not doing it for him,” he says flatly, regardless of his gentle grip. “It’s to get justice for what Aizen, Tousen, and Ichimaru did to the captains and lieutenants.”

Kisuke falls into step beside him as they head for the shop, and thoughtfully angles the umbrella to cover all three of them. “Of course, of course,” he says brightly, casting a sideways look at his companion. Between the gloom of the rain and the shadow of the hood he can just make out a few locks of black hair weighted down with water, the high arch of a cheekbone, and the shape of one slanted eye. “I take it the others are well?”

“Fine,” the man huffs. “Unobservant as hell, but fine. I managed to get all the way into their base while they were sleeping without triggering the alarms or the wards. If Aizen’s managed to make any Vizards on his own, they’ll be screwed.”

With a hum, Kisuke simultaneously acknowledges the point and changes the subject. He dwells on Aizen and his actions far too much as it is. “I take it you still haven’t—”

“No. Stop asking. The captain doesn’t need to know.”

“I just think—”


And the brat has the audacity to call him stubborn.

Something to Fuss Over

Request: Hey!!! Could you do a Draco x reader imagine where the reader is a muggle- born and Draco wants to hide his feelings for her but can’t? Btw I love your acc so much!! ;)))

Word Count: 1,256


At first, he pretended to be unaffected by her. He acted like she didn’t matter, didn’t exist.

Draco was confident going into his third year. He was, after all, the Slytherin Prince. He got through one class that year before his world was flipped upside down. It was his second hour-Care of Magical Creatures- when he saw her glide into the forest, trailing her y/h/c hair behind her, looking like an actual angel with the sun shining down on her. “Who is THAT?” Draco leaned over and asked Theodore, not able to take his eyes off her. Why hadn’t he ever seen her before now? Where had she been all this time? “That’s Y/N Y/L/N. She’s a Y/H. And she’s in our year,” Theodore answered. “She’s amazing,” Draco breathed, watching her laugh in a group of people. “She’s a mudblood,” Theodore replied casually. A mudblood? She couldn’t be! Mudbloods didn’t look like that!  Mudbloods COULDN’T look like that, could they? He watched her all through the class. She had a way with the animals. Draco liked that. He didn’t say a word to her.

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Dan Howell - He Find Out You’re Pregnant

You had been dating your boyfriend Dan Howell for 2 years and you were very settled with him, there had been not big announcements in your relationship like an engagement but you had one that was sure to change everything. The week before you noticed that your stomach had gone extremely week in the past weeks, your period was late and you were even moodier than usual, you spent a couple of days telling yourself you couldn’t be pregnant - willing yourself not to be pregnant but in the end you had to bite the bullet and take a test, they were the tensest 3 minutes of your life but sure enough you were pregnant.

Having convinced yourself you couldn’t be pregnant you had decided not to tell Dan that you were going to take a test and he was too oblivious to notice the changes you were experiencing so after the original shock had passed you had wanted to surprise him rather than just coming out and telling him.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want children with Dan, you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him and you had been together a good amount of time but you were still young, Dan was at the height of his career and you did know if you were ready - Not to mention on the topic of kids Dan always said he could never dress a baby never mind care for one - but now it was happening you had no choice but to face it and deal with it.

You had been trying to find a good way to tell Dan without being soppy, it was much harder than you first imagined it would be but then you found the perfect thing to tell him with was a romper that you found online that had labels of where each part of the body should go so that there was no confusion when he would need to ultimately change the baby. You knew he would find this funny so he would spend the first minute of shock with a mix of amusement so that he didn’t pass out.

Recently Dan had, had some sort of plan of when he was going to film, he never was one for planning so you didn’t expect him to stay with it for very long so now was your chance if you wanted to catch his reaction on camera because soon enough you would be showing and for all you knew Dan wouldn’t film for weeks at a time so knowing that he was filming in the next couple of days you prepared the box with the romper and the 3 pregnancy tests you took and left it in the draw on your side of the bed where you knew Dan didn’t go so it was safe, you also made sure that when Dan was at home you stuck close by him so you knew when he would be filming so you could give him the box.

A week later the day finally came when Dan said he would be filming, you told him that you wanted to watch and although he was suspicious he just agreed to it because it meant spending more time with you even though you couldn’t really talk when he was filming.

Filming went on without a hitch but just before Dan was about to film his outro you intervened, once the outro was filmed Dan would turn his camera straight off and then the moment would be lost so now was the perfect opportunity because he had filmed most of his video - if you told him before he filmed he would’ve been way too jumpy and excitable to film.

“Wait Dan, I have a present for you” you grin running back to your room to get the box as Dan had been filming in the living room.

Dan eyes you cautiously as he took the box from you, he looked at it from all angles as if it was a bomb about to go off.

“What is it?” Dan asked looking from the camera to you and then back again

“Bloody Hell Dan just open the box!” you laugh unable to keep the secret any longer

Holding up one hand in defence Dan slowly opens the box, at first he only sees the white of the romper which he pulls up and opens with one hand not even paying attention to the three tests left in the box. Dan’s eyes at first fill with confusion, he really doesn’t understand why you would give it too him even though it does say Dad on It.

“Look in the box” you laugh shaking your head, for someone so smart, Dan sure could be slow.

As soon as he does, Dan’s jaw drops and his eyes widen slightly, he turns slowly towards you not even able to force any words out of his mouth and all you can do is nod with a big grin on your face.

You stand up and walk over to Dan but before you can reach him, he runs towards you and scoops you up in his arms catching you off guard.

“Dan!” you giggle slapping his arm lightly but you quickly cuddle him back

“I’m going to be a dad?” he mutter with shock but you can hear happiness in his voice which helps relax you a little

When you pull away from Dan you notice his eyes full of tears and tear stained cheeks, Dan wasn’t a robot but he also didn’t show too much emotion - he certainly was not someone who cried a lot so you knew this was a good sign.

“I was worried you wouldn’t be happy” you admit biting your lip

“Why wouldn’t I be? I’m going to be a dad…. I’m going to be a dad!” Dan yells carrying you back towards the camera but continually muttering it, giving you a kiss every now and again.

Shared Sounds

Genre: Oneshot, Soulmate AU, fluff, getting together

Summary: Fiction. Dan Howell is excited for his eighteenth birthday, excited to hear the sounds of his soulmate, though his journey is not destined to be an easy one. He hears the sounds as soon as he turns eighteen, but they don’t become clear until you hear your soulmate’s voice. And, well, Dan wasn’t exactly expecting his sounds to become clear when he heard an interview given by a member of his favourite band: Phil Lester.

Warnings: Just heaps of fluff and slight awkwardness (I mean, this is Dan)

Word Count: 12,185

A/N: I had this idea for a soulmate AU where you can hear the sounds that your soulmate hears after your eighteenth birthday, but the sounds are fuzzy and only become clear when you hear your soulmate’s voice. Then I just ran with it. All credit to anyone who might have come up with this before, it’s cliche but I wanted some fluff to get me through some uni stress ^_^ enjoy!

AO3 Link

This fic now has a sequel! Read it here

Finding your soulmate is the key moment in anyone’s life: this was common knowledge. So it hardly came as a surprise that Dan Howell’s eighteenth birthday was his most eagerly anticipated date in the year. He just couldn’t help but feel a mix of anticipation and happiness the more time span on, throwing him through the universe up to the one moment where he’d meet the person who would change his life forever. Hopefully.

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