i spent a long time on this idk why

some slayer x slayer ships for your consideration

from the post-series buffyverse comics!


when they appear: btvs s8, recurring + a couple issues of btvs s10
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. satsu is canonically in love with buffy. buffy thinks that satsu is wonderful. and also hot. they sleep together. twice.
  2. girls who slay together stay together (except they dont… but….)
  3. literally the main reason they didn’t date is because all of buffy’s friends got on her case about…. not being gay…. ok

BUFFY/MELAKA FRAY (future slayer)

when they appear: btvs 8x16-8x19 (fray also has her own comic, so she’s got a whole fleshed-out backstory)
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. similarities!! they both know what it’s like to be the One Girl In All the World. they’re both very impulsive and want to act as quickly as possible, but they’re not reckless. they both have strong personal morals and a strong desire to act for Good.
  2. they both have a scythe. how cool is that. (spoiler: it’s the same one)
  3. they steal a flying car together


when they appear: angel & faith s9-10, recurring
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. parallels!!! nadira is like faith when she was younger: livin’ it up & always looking for a fight. she’s seen tragedy and it’s made it hard & angry. she’s driven by revenge, and faith tries to guide her away from that. she sees herself in nadira. she sees it as a personal failure when nadira doesn’t give up her quest for revenge. it’s heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. they’re literally so excellent.
  2. they have a good amount of screentime (pagetime?) so it’s a well-developed relationship!!!
  3. faith lets nadira HUG HER


when they appear: angel & faith 10x02 (technically mai’s first appearance), 10x03 (here you learn her name), 10x06, 10x07, 10x08, 10x09, 10x10
 3  5 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. faith initially makes a bad first impression on mai, but they grow to be friends in the short time they get to spend together
  2. mai teaches faith how to shoot better!!! faith teaches mai how to fight better!!!
  3. they have an actual conversation about Feelings, like… faith trusts mai pretty quickly and actually opens up to her (before realizing she’s oversharing lmao (“okay, enough of the dear abby stuff”))
  4. when people question faith’s leadership, mai sticks up for her!!
  5. THEY WORK/FIGHT WELL TOGETHER. and then faith leaves to rejoin angel and they don’t even get a goodbye scene rip did the writers not realize how much potential these 2 had……


when they appear: btvs s8. 8x22 is Their issue, although the story is truly awful
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. lbr i ship them in part because they’re both canonically gay. satsu refers to kennedy as “the other lesbian slayer”
  2. THAT BEING SAID they work incredibly well together??


when they appear: earlier issues of angel & faith s10 (also the televised s7, of course)
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. kennedy believes in faith? she knows that faith isn’t a natural team player, but she gives her second chances when they’re working together. she knows that faith can do well if she tries. idk, i appreciate when people bother to give faith the time of day
  2. they’re both such strong personalities!!
  3. think of the Banter
Victor Hugo Facts and Legends

-His middle name was Marie

-It took him 20-30 years to write Les Mis

-He would write naked a lot bc he claimed it cured his writers block

-May have had a foot fetish?

-Some say he had sex with his wife so much on their wedding night that she got mad at him

-He spent some time in exile bc of Napoleon and the he got invited back but he stayed out until Napoleon III was gone bc he was not having the whole emperor thing

-During that time some Belgians got really mad at him and attacked him shouting “Down with Hugo! Down with Valjean!” (Maybe)

-Basically all of France celebrated his 80th birthday like this guy was a legend

-6 hour funeral procession

-Let me reiterate

-six hours.

-Legend says that when he died most of the brothels in Paris closed in mourning of the loss of their best customer


so uh…i have bnha ocs…so here’s some rushed designs (that actually took way too long)

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listen… i just really love fic where louis spends all his time when he’s on break at nick’s house. like when there’s that moment where louis starts calling it home and they both freak out a bit? that’s my shit right there

The other day I had a Skeleton Dance dream where Wander hadn’t had a birthday in a LONG time and kinda forgot what they were like? Hater was distraught about that. So Hater spent all morning before Wander woke up creating the perfect birthday party and then invited Sylvia and Peepers. While they were coming over Hater explained to Wander how birthdays work and what he was supposed to do. And then I woke up. Idk it was really cute!!! Like the Birthday boy reversed!

Stronger Than You ft. Malachite

We are Malachite.

Back together.

And we’ll never separate not even for you Steven,

(Lapis: Because I’m doing this for you.

Why won’t you let me just do this for you?)

The Crystal Gems could never bring us down,

We’re the biggest baddest fusion around.

Let’s go, just me and you.

Let’s go, and I will crush you.

Go ahead and try and split me if you’re able,

I’m together even though I am unstable.

Jasper really hates the way we intermingle,

Cause she really just wants to destroy you.

You’re not gonna stop what we’ve made together,

We are gonna stay like this forever,

If you break us apart Jasper will break you up,

So we’ll never go back to the gems that we were.

I am made of lo-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage.

Lo-o-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage.

(Lapis: This is what I’ll do,

To protect you.)

(Jasper: But if she thinks she can stop me

Then she needs to think again!)

(Lapis: Quiet! If I can stay focused,

We will never end.

And I won’t let you hurt his planet,

And I won’t let you hurt my friend!)

Go ahead and try and split me if you’re able,

I’m together even though I am unstable.

(Lapis: Jasper thinks that she knows what I’m made of,

But I’m stronger than she ever dreamed of!)

But I am even more than the two of them,

Everything they’re made of is what I am,

I’m Jasper’s fury,

Lapis’s patience;

I am a combination.

I am made of lo-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage,

(Lapis: And I’m stronger than her)

Lo-o-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage,

(Lapis: And I’m stronger than her)

Lo-o-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage,

Lo-o-ove and rage,

And we’re stronger than you.