i spent a long time on this idk why


Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin

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Psssst--So a friend and I thought about a Steven Universe AU for Septiplier and it ended up with this really angsty bit where Mark (Morganite, for a gem reference) is cracked during a battle against homeworld, and Jack (Emerald) had to poof and bubble him to save him from suffering, not unbubbling him until he had a healer to save him. I was just wondering if you could maybe draw a bit of that? ^^

 I’m sorry it took so long to answer x3 It’s a nice idea, and tho I am the worst with character design, the concept is neat :) 
 (I’m proud of the second one, why) Thanks for giving me something to procrastinate with btw x3
 I love suggestions like these :) 

some slayer x slayer ships for your consideration

from the post-series buffyverse comics!


when they appear: btvs s8, recurring + a couple issues of btvs s10
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. satsu is canonically in love with buffy. buffy thinks that satsu is wonderful. and also hot. they sleep together. twice.
  2. girls who slay together stay together (except they dont… but….)
  3. literally the main reason they didn’t date is because all of buffy’s friends got on her case about…. not being gay…. ok

BUFFY/MELAKA FRAY (future slayer)

when they appear: btvs 8x16-8x19 (fray also has her own comic, so she’s got a whole fleshed-out backstory)
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. similarities!! they both know what it’s like to be the One Girl In All the World. they’re both very impulsive and want to act as quickly as possible, but they’re not reckless. they both have strong personal morals and a strong desire to act for Good.
  2. they both have a scythe. how cool is that. (spoiler: it’s the same one)
  3. they steal a flying car together


when they appear: angel & faith s9-10, recurring
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. parallels!!! nadira is like faith when she was younger: livin’ it up & always looking for a fight. she’s seen tragedy and it’s made it hard & angry. she’s driven by revenge, and faith tries to guide her away from that. she sees herself in nadira. she sees it as a personal failure when nadira doesn’t give up her quest for revenge. it’s heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. they’re literally so excellent.
  2. they have a good amount of screentime (pagetime?) so it’s a well-developed relationship!!!
  3. faith lets nadira HUG HER


when they appear: angel & faith 10x02 (technically mai’s first appearance), 10x03 (here you learn her name), 10x06, 10x07, 10x08, 10x09, 10x10
 3  5 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. faith initially makes a bad first impression on mai, but they grow to be friends in the short time they get to spend together
  2. mai teaches faith how to shoot better!!! faith teaches mai how to fight better!!!
  3. they have an actual conversation about Feelings, like… faith trusts mai pretty quickly and actually opens up to her (before realizing she’s oversharing lmao (“okay, enough of the dear abby stuff”))
  4. when people question faith’s leadership, mai sticks up for her!!
  5. THEY WORK/FIGHT WELL TOGETHER. and then faith leaves to rejoin angel and they don’t even get a goodbye scene rip did the writers not realize how much potential these 2 had……


when they appear: btvs s8. 8x22 is Their issue, although the story is truly awful
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. lbr i ship them in part because they’re both canonically gay. satsu refers to kennedy as “the other lesbian slayer”
  2. THAT BEING SAID they work incredibly well together??


when they appear: earlier issues of angel & faith s10 (also the televised s7, of course)
3 reasons why they’re ship-worthy:

  1. kennedy believes in faith? she knows that faith isn’t a natural team player, but she gives her second chances when they’re working together. she knows that faith can do well if she tries. idk, i appreciate when people bother to give faith the time of day
  2. they’re both such strong personalities!!
  3. think of the Banter

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hi there!! may i ask if you have any tips when it comes to making a color palette/picking colors? the colors of your finished pieces (and even your wips) are always amazing to look at!

ALRIGHT ANON BRACE YOURSELF. I spent a really long time on this sO HERE COMES A REALLY INTENSIVE COLOUR TUTORIAL AKA Houdi learns much in college painting classes.
As usual, we need sth to work with so we’re gonna use my OC Anna. Everyone, meets Anna.

Anyway, every drawing starts with a sketch. We have a sketch plus a crash course on warm and cool colour idk why I wrote “hot” and “cold” here but whatever it’s late.

ANYWYAY, what you’ll need to know is red = warm and blue = cool. Anything deprived from these two are gonna be either cool or warm based on the colours surrounding them, so there is no in between. And an important thing related to palette is the line colours. If you’re painting without lines then it doesn’t matter, obv. But choosing the line colours for your drawing is very important. I used to do dark red but HAHA no. Lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of greyish purples and blues, since they’re pretty dark and neutral.

While we’re at it, let’s talk grey. Below is a horrible chart of complementary colours –> greys.

Idealy, they all should be cool machine grey. But alas, I’m not pulling out my oil paint for this and I can’t really blend digitally like I blend tradinationally sO WHATEVER. Anyway, greys are important in your piece. At least for me. It calms the colours down if it’s too vibrant, and lets the eyes travel throughout with ease. I’ll show you the differences later!

Now on to the actual colouring. Usually I start out with the lightest and then shade. Here I’ve blocked out the part where I want the shadow to be. What I do when I choose colours to shade is I use a warm and cool colour, not neccessairly complementary. It depends on which colours you like. I would advise to not use too saturated colours as of yet. I would blend those colours out, and choose the greyish/greenish colour they make. Sometimes you would get purple too, I usally just choose it from the colour wheel if I need it.

Now is the time to choose a darker slightly more saturated colours for the shadows. And just, blend everything until u die. More layers of shadows adds more depth, but it’s also can destroy all your colours altogther, so I suggest 3-4 shades + blush (is applicable) at most. (Althought 5 is when the fun really starts. It’s also kinda advanced and I suck at it lol)

Anyway, colouring lines makes the face lit up.

Hair. Same process.

For the clothes, I chose a really de-saturated blue, and a yellow that’s not too bright. You can see the most saturated thing right now on her is the hair, the eyes, and the buttons on her collar.

Below I have messed around with the saturation. And while to each their own (I kno, that really saturated one might look temtping but stay with me), if you’re just starting out with colours, try to use a more variety of saturation. Too saturated makes it very hard on the eyes, and the printing is gonna be hell on Earth. Too much de-saturation is just meh for me. Ofc, there are artists who utilizes these colours very well, but they know when to and not to abuse them. Just play around and see what you like. BUT TRY AND USE SOME GREYS THEY ARE MAGICAL. And no absolutely no black for shading. Just don’t. please.

Anyway, filters. I like overlaying. Just don’t abuse it cause when you’re doing traditional art after this you’ll cry.

Here’s some colour relationship charts I had to do in college lol it was really hard to mix them with oil paint.

I hope that was useful for you anon! There is another question for how I do BG and PLEASE BE PATIENCE WITH ME IT’S TAKING A VERY LONG TIME TO COMPILE THINGS TOGETHER ;;;;;

I’ve been wanting to write a long ass analytical piece about the mess that is the Rax-Adea-Sloane triangle thingy for a while… what I think was really going on and why the books probably should have spent more time with it.

But IDK who would be interested in reading all about that. Also I’m not sure if I shouldn’t write it simply as fanfiction instead (but that would take a lot longer to produce).

Sooooo… what do you guys think?

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Since you're such a fan of ATLA, what are your overall thoughts on the Legend of Korra and Korra herself? Also did you like where they went with the lives of the ATLA characters that showed up?

this ask is so old and I’m very very sorry. This is one of those asks that I could never come up with the words for and?? idk it just sat here but i’m determined to get it done.

I do like LOK, I don’t like it as much as ATLA and I’ve spent a long time wondering why. I think it’s because ATLA has a sense of cohesiveness, it feels like a real complete world with real complete characters. LOK at times felt like only certain parts were thought out and it didn’t quite feel genuine. Same with the characters, Mako never stopped being ‘boring Zuko knock-off’ from s1 to s4 and I never actually liked his character.

But there were elements I loved. I did love the worldbuilding, even if it did feel incomplete at times. I loved exploring how the world had changed a whole generation after the war’s end. The modernization bothered me at first but it really added a cool, unique dimension to the series. Korra I think was a great compelling character. Her growth from s1 to s4 was really wonderful and she did feel like very good well-rounded character.

Like most everyone, seeing the hints at the old gang were highlights of the series. Flashbacks to the gang were greedily gobbled up, a friend and I screamed and cried together when we first saw Iroh in the spirit world, and you bet I lost my shit when old Toph first addressed Korra as Twinkletoes. I’m super pissed we saw nothing of Suki and Sokka was mentioned one time and then never again like!!! We saw what happened to everyone else but the non-benders aren’t important I guess?? Really would have liked to have seen more of the Fire Nation and how they’ve changed over 70 years but I guess the fact that Korra didn’t have to deal with them says enough.

Season 3, IMO, is the best overall season followed by 4, 2, 1. Season 2 was overall lame but it had some really interesting moments and I am fascinated by the story of Avatar Wan and that two parter is like my fav in all of ATLA/LOK. S1 felt so rushed and forced (don’t EVEN ask me about the Korra/Mako/Bolin triangle they pushed in like episode 3) and underused. S4 was ok too even if a lot of the episode blended together.

I really did like Korra and I remember saying to a friend when I heard it announced that the only way it’d work is if it made a rapid departure from ATLA which, it did which is why it’s good but I still think a lot of the characters and stories were underdeveloped. ATLA was known for it’s scope and nuance and relationships and I never got as strong a feel for that in LOK. I still enjoy it and it’s still a landmark TV series, but nothing close to ATLA.

Depression and Anxiety are shitty. I have two family members on the decline, my Uncle has Cancer, and my Father in Law has had a heart attack (again, this is like his fourth in ten years? IDK) and I WANT to feel bad about it, but honestly I wasn’t/am not terribly close with either of them. I DO feel baad for the family and want to help though! That’s why i haven’t been terribly active lately.

My FIL just went back in to the hospital for the second time in two weeks and has spent the majority of is time there. He hasn’t long for this life. My poor kiddo is super worried about her grampa and is staring to ask, “Is Grampa going to die soon?” I just don’t know what to tell her. In my eyes, this is how it’s going to play out, the Drs told us he has a 60% chance of surviving the year if he changes up his lifestyle, meaning diet and exercise, meaning actually do those things, I am foreseeing he makes an effort for the first week or so, and then just gives up, he’s already told us he thinks it would be easier on us of he just died. So then he would be in and out of the hospital for the next half a year may be, and then die. I’m hoping thats not how it goes down, but he has already expressed that he thinks he’s lived too ling anyways :/

ANd on top of this, we have to move soon bc my in laws want to make it easier on them (I don’t blame them) by moving into a nursing home. Just send good vibes and prayers for our family. We could all use it rn. <3

If there was a word capable of describing your day, it would be weird. Not because something necessarily weird happened, but because people around you kept acting this way - like they knew something you had absolutely no clue about and they were trying to hide it. You noticed something was kinda strange, but once you actually managed to question your coworkers about it, everybody was quick to deny, saying that everything was normal and you were getting the wrong impression.

You simply shrugged at the response. I mean, sometimes it happens, right? Sometimes your mind goes a little crazy and you end up seeing things a little twisted - it was not a big deal, so you kept doing what you did best: your job.

A few hours passed by until it was finally lunch time and you were able to check your phone. After answering some texts and checking your emails, you tapped on the Twitter App icon and decided to scroll through your timeline. And although you barely had time to do this, whenever you took a few moments of your day to read all kinds of things from all kinds of people you followed, it was always a surprise. So it was no different when you saw a tweet and almost choked on your food. You just didn’t know if it was from the surprising news or from laughing at the fan’s reaction. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN CALUM WAS SPOTTED ON Y/N’S MOVIE SET A FEW MINUTES AGO DON’T YOU DARE PLAY WITH MY HEART LIKE THIS”, it read. Suddenly it all started making sense in your head, and you couldn’t contain yourself.

“I knew it! I knew you were hiding something from me!”, you yelled, earning a strange look from your make-up artist.

“What are you talking about?” she questioned, serious features slowly turning into smiling ones.

You rolled your eyes at her question, muttering a “I know Calum’s here, I saw on Twitter. Let me see him!” which only made her laugh and make her way towards your trailer door, putting her head out and murmuring something to someone outside.

“I’m sorry, social media spoiled everything.” Was all you heard coming out from her mouth before your eyes met the pair of brown ones that you loved most.

You couldn’t fight the urge of getting up from the chair and embracing him in the tightest hug you could give, and that’s exactly what you did. You wrapped yourself around him like a koala bear as he laughed softly, letting out a “Well, hello to you too, babe” while you cupped his face on your hands and started kissing every inch you could reach; from his chin to his forehead and from his nose to his jaw.

“Fuck, I missed you so much,” you sighed, the smile on your face never seeming to fade away. “Why didn’t you tell me you had plans to come here?”

The brunette boy simply chuckled at your question, the answer leaving his mouth smoothly as he placed you on the chair you were sitting once again. “Because I was trying to surprise you, babe”

Playfully, you retorted, “You should’ve tried a little harder then,” with a laugh leaving your lips right after, Calum’s fake offended expression making it even louder.

“Excuse me, it’s not like I didn’t try,” he pouted. “your fans just happen to see everything.”

And by seeing him, you made your bottom lip slightly roll over your top one, leaving you with a pouty expression too. “Awh,” You got up from the chair and walked towards him, putting your arms around his neck, “I’m sorry they kinda ruined your surprise.”

“It’s okay though,” his arms found their place around your waist as he happily spoke, “I’m just glad to be home.”

And happiness was all you could feel when you came to realize that by “home” he didn’t mean an actual place, but you. Because even though your careers made things shitty and sometimes it drained your lives, putting even your relationship in risk, it was a good thing being aware that no matter where you were or what you were going through, the fact that you were able to find home in each other was something you could always count on at the end of the day. And as long as you had this, you knew everything was going to be fine.

for @thehalcyonclub and @featuringluke’s famous!y/n blurb night

listen… i just really love fic where louis spends all his time when he’s on break at nick’s house. like when there’s that moment where louis starts calling it home and they both freak out a bit? that’s my shit right there

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(1) I keep seeing the gifset "So that's the kid you can't stop talking about" and I have so many feelings about it like is Derek the new kid at school? Maybe he was homeschooled for a while because of his were-wolfitude (maybe werewolves are known but they're *weird* and *different* and *scary* and that's why he's sitting alone) And Stiles knows he shouldn't because he's finally made it to the popular table but somehow he can't stop looking? And Derek's a little socially awkward (he's never

been around kids his own age much) but he’s just so cute and a little cocky and he actually introduces himself like the whole school hasn’t been talking about the mysterious and beautiful Hale siblings that suddenly showed up at school (maybe it’s just a *rumor* that they’re werewolves, either way they’re kinda not normal somehow) and Stiles couldn’t tell you how but somehow they end up hanging out? Kind of a lot? And he likes it? But he’s also TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH LYDIA as far as anyone else is concerned because come on, like he needs a gay rumor right after he’s finally made it?

And so he’s a little flustered when Cora corners him and she’s also v scary and he doesn’t really know which is the right answer? Is she gonna beat him up if he says yes? Is she gonna hoist him up the flagpole underwear first if he says no? So he goes with no because at least it’s true and kind of ignores the way his own heart beats a little faster and the look Cora gives him which implies it was the wrong answer.

And then maybe something *goes down* at the school or maybe it’s just a lacrosse game or something idk but they’re close to each other in the dark hallways and breathing hard and then suddenly all of their parents show up (because Derek’s are the alphas and obviously the Sheriff is going to be around if there’s funny business) and it’s awkward introduction time and Derek’s parents are actually really nice and being weirdly friendly to him when they found him in such a mess and meanwhile the Sheriff is around looking all suspicious and Stiles is especially not telling HIM that he’s having not-so-straight-Derek-related feelings, but apparently they’re on different pages or the way they held hands when they ran down the halls gave the wrong impression because Derek almost introduces himself as his BOYFRIEND God what a disaster they only kissed that one time in secret so thank god his dad doesn’t seem to notice how weird Stiles is being, except he totally does but Stiles isn’t even paying attention to his dad anymore because Derek’s gone all hurt and offended and stiff and when his parents guide him away Stiles hears his mom go all excited “so that’s the kid you can’t stop talking about” and Derek just says glumly “Doesn’t matter. He doesn’t seem to like me very much.” And why does Stiles feel so bad and guilty about that? And Derek’s been talking about him at home and that’s why Cora was so weird that one time?

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H-helloooo~ M-may I request a soumako where sousuke starts to get jelous because makoto is an angel to everybody~ A-a-arigatou!! I-I REALLY LOVE YOUR WORKS!!!!

Of course you can sweetheart! Mako is the angel bae that no one can hate haha. I’m glad you like what I do! Sorry this isn’t really long! Enjoy!

I’m always accepting prompts, don’t be shy!

Title: Jealousy

Rating: T (from now on I’m just going to make it T. Idk man)

Pairing: Sousuke Yamazaki x Makoto Tachibana (Soumako)

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The other day I had a Skeleton Dance dream where Wander hadn’t had a birthday in a LONG time and kinda forgot what they were like? Hater was distraught about that. So Hater spent all morning before Wander woke up creating the perfect birthday party and then invited Sylvia and Peepers. While they were coming over Hater explained to Wander how birthdays work and what he was supposed to do. And then I woke up. Idk it was really cute!!! Like the Birthday boy reversed!

day 2: silence

I know I usually post only steven universe on here! but shikatema has been an otp of mine for like 7 years so here I am making my contribution to shikatema week. wont be doing the whole week, but rather, as the mood strikes

The Oversight

It would have been so much easier if she were harsh with him. He would rather she use bitter tones with him than the warm and understanding glances… 

Mistakes happened all the time. Life went on.

Shikamaru knew that because he had to live through it. After failing once about eight years ago, failing his friends whose lives depended upon him, he knew that he had to ignore the stinging in his heart derived from his missteps and use the new information for the future. One learns and one gets over it. To eliminate the mistakes, he wanted to live as simply as possibly. 

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chapter 262 aka, an uncertain rebirth from the ashes of failure

(you can find translations at chippokenabokura and nijimurashuuzo)

welcome to a super short screaming session by me and my conflicted psyche

(heavy kuroko bias and sarcasm and copypasted livetweets bc i like to keep some things dont like dont look!1! 1!!1)

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