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Parsnips and Papers

The moment Thomas walked into the dorm he could tell something was wrong. There was this weird eerie chill that resonated in every single room. What’s more is that everyone was quiet. Like..really quiet. He noticed Herc and Burr looking into the kitchen. They were close to the wall so whoever was in the room couldn’t see them.

“Whats goin’ on?” Thomas asked.

“It’s Madison. Hes just been chopping things up for the past hour. He wont even talk to us.” Aaron explained quietly.

“He gave us a fucking death glare man.” Herc added, also quiet.

“Well shit..”

Thomas knew that when his Jemmy was angry, upset or stressed he would work on something until he calmed down. That tended to be baking, cooking, homework and papers or cleaning the whole dorm from top to bottom. Looks like this time he chose the cooking route. Thomas could hear the clacking noise of food being prepared on a cutting board. The very sound it made should have been in a horror film. One where the serial killer eats his victims. However this was not a horror film and James was not a serial killer (despite what people say about him). 

“Ill go talk to him.” Thomas said.

“Okay. Its your funeral. Not gonna come when he’s chopping you to bits.” Burr said with a shrug.

“Shut the fuck up Aaron.”

Thomas then did the thing no person should ever do with someone who’s mad and has a knife. He entered the kitchen.

“Hey Jems. Whats up?” he asked, trying to play it cool.

James just stopped chopping a carrot and glanced at Thomas. Thomas immediately felt shivers run down his spine. Even though he’s known James since childhood James’s glares still intimidated him. He leaned against the counter next to James and crossed his arms.

You got this. You got this.’

“You shouldn’t lean on counters like that Thomas.” James said while resuming chopping the poor carrot  into itty bitty pieces.

“Ill get off….eventually. You didn’t answer my question though.”

“I’m fine.”

“You dont seem fine hon.” Thomas said. His voice changed from the usual cocky asshole tone into something softer and more concerned.

James seemed to notice cause he seemed to ease up a bit.

“Its nothing. I guess I’m just being childish.” James said dismissively.

“Its not nothing. I mean something has to have made you upset for you to chop carrots for a straight hour.” Thomas said.

“Not just carrots. There’s onions, parsnips  and potatoes too.”

“That’s not the point hon.”

Now James sighed and put the large knife down.

“You can tell me Jem.” Thomas assured.

“You know that project I was assigned to do with Hamilton and Jay?” James said.

Thomas suddenly felt a small wave of anger pass through him. What did that asshole do to his James this time?

“Yeah I know. Something happen?”

“Yeah. We turned it in and Hamilton once again got all the credit. Heck some of the pages I wrote he took credit for. Whats worse is that Mr. Washington didn’t even acknowledge that I did anything. Just sat there praising Hamilton.”

The pieces of the puzzle began to fit. James had worked extremely hard on that project. Jay had gotten really sick and was put in the hospital, so James and the fucker named  Alex had double the work load on them. James spent many late nights over in Alex’s room working to get that project done. Heck he worked so hard he almost had to join Jay in the hospital.

“That’s not right. Mr. Washington didn’t even say anything to you?” Thomas asked.

“Not a word. No comments on improvements to be made or what I did that was good.”

Thomas got off of the counter and pulled the smaller male into a gentle embrace. He could feel how tired James was and how limp he became against Thomas.

“Im sorry that people are assholes. The world doesn’t deserve such a wonderful person like you James.”

“Thomas..” James complained.

“You’re so smart and amazing and-”

“Thomas please shut up.”

“no one will appreciate you like I do.”

“Thomas I know you’re doing this to embarrass me.”

Thomas grinned and looked down at James. His face was red.

“Did it work?”

James weakly kicked his shin.

“Shut up and hug me.”


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