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Today is the day

So the day has arrived in which @uselesslegs and I will start our weekend of daddy and little girl time..

It’s been four months since we’ve actually done anything alone together, or spent more than a few hours together.

If you’ve been our followers since the beginning you know this a big step for both of us. When we broke up, we didn’t ever take into consideration that we’d actually be having this opportunity again. We are and have been taking things very slow ( well for the most part ).. Being friends first is something we probably should have done last summer when this whole thing started.. but we’re both in different mind sets.

So wish us lots of fun, and luck!

Pictures to come!!!

We spent a few hours at my uncle’s tiny apartment with his very excited, large Labrador x border collie mix.

Aska was very dog reactive in the past, but she couldn’t care less when Tara was jumping and being super loud. She even tried to play with Tara, but I wasn’t too excited about letting her play with a dog that’s 5 times her weight in a tiny apartment. 😂

She has been good with dogs for a while now but I’m always so proud of her. She’s the best.


@vivificus-zombiae GRRL.

she’s so cool, right? i thought about just making elvira but i have so much supernatural cc i never use <.<

tag you’re it 2

i am eternally in mourning. i stand by my former statement that sense8 had the best character development in television. i’ve seen very few shows where every character was endearing and unique (even the tertiary ones and love interests) and i’m going to miss it so much.

@tyrellsimsoficeandfire:  I love how you did that scene! It must be hard because there isn’t that much CC for Sims 4. But you always manage everything to look great nevertheless!

there’s a CRAP TON of cc for ts4, but there’s definitely not enough medieval/historical/fantasy stuff :( i wish i could learn how to convert stuff myself, but i spent like an hour staring at tutorials the other day and only succeeded in giving myself a headache. LMAO THANK YOU THOUGH! 

It is so great! Where do you get all those Details of maegor’s reign? World of ice and fire? Or Wiki of ice and fire?

i use everything i can get my hands on! if i see a name i don’t recognize i make sure i search it up to double check if there are interesting details i could be using. a lot of the time there are! i use world of ice and fire, wiki of ice and fire, and my own conjecture mostly.

ceryse at the high tower

So fantastic that it doesn’t look like sims anymore!!!! Wonderful realistic and cruel

i’m really glad you thought that! i was super self conscious about that post because fire/burning always looks so cartoony in ts4. i’m glad you didn’t think it was silly looking!

Someone lost her medieval outfit😊

tyanna is such a rebel. also i have like two athletic outfits in appropriate style so i am lazy and just never bother >.> you caught me

Tyana😂what who said that?😂

SHOTS FIRED. are you sure you want to come for tyanna like that? she is literally a homicidal maniac. (PS: TYANNA TOTALLY DID KILL CERYSE).

@nervous—subject:  😂

they’re such spoiled brats

tag you’re it

oddly enough, my numerous psychological issues are kind of the reason i want to be a psychologist! i feel like my personal experience in the field as a patient and counselor will come in useful :) what did you end up changing it to?

tag you’re it 2

i never wanted to leave. they’d make a fortune if they did reservations in diagon alley i’m js. i would love to see the one in hollywood though i’ve heard they’re basically identical!

@mockingjaybrandybuckWill we get to see Rhaena’s reaction to Aegon’s death?

you know the answer to this one now! don’t worry though. i love my little baby dragons too much to ever skimp on the details.

@musicalpixlsthis is so cute!! i like her too, she’s sassy for that comic sans

THANK YOU. LMAO i was in cas trying to purposely pick presets i didn’t like and give her cc i normally wouldn’t use in an attempt to make her look weird, and at the end i was like :| she’s the cutest one i’ve ever done. of course.

@simmering-pancakesShe really is super cute! And the hair makes me so happy. That was almost exactly my hair in 9th grade

parenthood gave us really cute hair options! you were an edgy ninth grader, eh?

@gerbitshi: same here, the trailer looks sooo good (and so does your edit)

thank you! i’ve always been a little obsessed with beric, so i was extra excited to see him in all his glory again. i cannot wait for the new season!

@slythersimGreat picture *thumbs up*

every time i see your name i smile. thank you!

@mediocrewoohooHe’s evil but hes so attractive. You and your beautiful sims!

he is offensively good looking and i despise him for it. it’s just because aegon and visenya were both so gorgeous :|


YES PLEASE I ACCEPT. you could walk into my inbox in a diaper and i’d be like @clairesims your smile is BEAAAAAUTIFUL

@trembling-hands Is it okay to say he lives up to his creepiness, because Maegor was a creep. I can’t wait for his death scene on the throne. lol

OH MY GOD IT IS BEYOND OKAY. he is the absolute worst and i’m so excited to almost be done with him. also, i’m glad someone thinks he’s creepy. i’m counting the days until your death, maegor.

30 day otp challenge | day 2: on a date

anonymous asked:

So I L O V E the mermaid bmc au and I wondering if you had any ref sheets of the boyfs as mermaids? May want to eventually do some fanarts but idk whuts their full design is,,,,,,,, sorry ;-;

dont b sorry amigo here u go 

Junkrat VA Highlights
Chris Parson
Junkrat VA Highlights

As you may or may not know, Chris Parson (Junkrat’s VA) just appeared on LoudAnnoying’s LAVAwatch stream and spent some time with the dudes as they played Overwatch. The stream was about an hour and ten minutes long, and I got about three minutes of useable content out of it, but hoo boy was it worth it!

The majority of what you will hear is Chris doing is Junkrat’s voice, but there are also a few amusing impressions of his that I will leave as a surprise. VOLUME WARNING THO.

If anyone knows what Chris is saying in Spanish, please reblog this with the translations!

using your time wisely on public transport

The bus ride to my university takes an hour there and back each day. Those hours spent on the bus tend to feel like a waste of time. However, that time doesn’t have to be useless. 

General tips:

  • Check out the transit schedule before you make your timetable. For me, there’s no bus at 3 pm so if a class ends at 2:30 I have to wait till 4 for the bus.
  • You can’t always be productive the entire time. When I’m on the 7 am bus on Mondays I make a deal with myself: Be productive for at least the first half of the bus ride. After that, listen to music and stare out the window all you want.
  • Pack your bag lightly. Your back is gonna hurt if you try to bring everything with you. If you and a classmate have a break together, make a deal that only one of you will bring the textbook each week. Or buy a binder-ready copy of your textbook (so you can bring individual chapters with you).
  • Bring snacks and a water bottle always! You’ll be thankful for that granola bar on your way back, especially on days when you’ve been on campus for 12+ hours!

Things you CAN do on public transport:

  • Study flashcards. Bring a stack of flashcards with you or use Quizlet. Quizlet is a good app because you might find that someone else has already made flashcards for the class you’re taking, you can star which terms you already know, and you can have the app read out the flashcards to you (I find I remember thing better if I hear them as well)
  • Do your readings and/or prelabs. I wouldn’t recommend bringing more than one textbook otherwise your backpack will be super heavy all day. Read through a few chapters. If you like to write down notes as you read, bring a pen and a pack of big sticky notes. If you have labs like me, finish up your prelabs for the following week when you’re heading home after a lab. I’ve managed to finish my physics and chemistry prelabs on the bus, every week so far this semester.
  • Catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been watching. Not so productive, but I see it as a way of unwinding. And if you’re going to watch an episode when you get home anyways, why not do it on your commute? So download those episodes and relax (I recommend The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you need a laugh)
  • Read over your lecture notes. You should be doing this anyways so why not do it on your commute? Looking over your lecture notes from classes you had that day will help reinforce the content in your mind. Look over notes from weeks or months ago too. Reviewing older content will help you so much when finals come along.
  • Watch some Khan Academy videos. Did you know that Khan Academy has an app!?? Download videos beforehand and watch them on the go. Since this requires a bit more focus I’d recommend not watching videos for stuff you just learned that day – go home, read your textbook, and then watch a video the next day to clarify things/learn the info in a new way.
  • Catch up with people you haven’t talked to for a while. Send a text to your mom or that friend who’s studying across the country. Trust me, they miss you and talking to people who support you is good for your mental health.
  • Get out your planner (or bullet journal) and plan your week. If you’re feeling overwhelmed making a to do list for each day of your week can help. This also ensures you won’t be forgetting about an essay due the next week.

My Other Posts:

things we found out about evak in todays clip:

  • they wear matching outfits,,,,,,,,who even-
  • even drew a drawing of his and isaks face “morphed together” and put it up on their wall,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gross(which is originally drawn by pernille eleonora dieckmann!!!)
  • some other things that one can find on their wall: the “alt er love” quote, memes, drawings that were probably drawn while even was high and/or drunk, nas quotes, one of the pieces of papers that even gave to isak before they got together for real, a picture of a hamburger with a piercing(?????), the iconic pictures of a woman wearing a chador etcetc
  • there are clothes(and hats) everywhere meaning they’re both really messy(or they just felt like throwing their clothes off the second isak got home, whatever works)
  • they still have the duvets that isak would not change in season three, and i’m guessing he didn’t get better at changing them so
  • their wifi name is “yellow curtains”???? who even are they????
  • even does everything for isak bc isak is his baby, which has resulted in isak not knowing how to make tea(so when his friend asks for tea, he solves this with putting a tea bag in warm tap water,,,like,,,,)
  • they have a balcony, where they sit at night and have deep conversations and passionate make out sessions don’t even argue with me on this one
  • they have a big tv right by their bed, so even probably stays up a bit too late at night watching “friday” or some documentary about penguins or something weird while he holds isak close and slowly strokes his head
  • their curtains, drawers and chairs all match i-
  • they opened the door together like an old married couple and i dont even know what to say about that
  • they have fifa and there is not a single trace of doubt in my body that they’ve spent long hours playing that game, but since even somehow is a lot better than isak, isak always ends up getting mad and telling even how he wants to go to bed early(although this all changes when even cuddles him and tells him what a great fifa player he is)
  • even finally got himself a watch which he actually uses!!!!!
  • they’ve been together for a good few months but isak still gets all blushy as soon as even calls him 
  • they have “the chair” and i have never related to skam more in my life
  • they sure have a lot of shoes for only being two people 
  • even is so tall and i cannot cope like did you see his neck when he kissed isak wow im-
  • isak loves and trust even enough to be okay with the fact that there are some major things about even that he does not know and i think that’s is beautiful
Tweeter and Skeeter.

This is long, be warned. I live in a lowish income neighborhood. My little section is pretty nice, but if you go a few blocks in any direction, it gets pretty shitty. That means I’ve had a few run ins with skeevy meth heads and small time thieves.

This started when I moved in to my house. I noticed that on trash pick-up days, people would go up and down the alley where the trash cans go and dig through looking for recyclables. One of them was a guy I called Old Bob.

Old Bob lived a few houses down. He said he collected to buy presents for his grandkids. I don’t think the kids liked pints of Dark Eyes vodka, but he was harmless. So I started bagging up my cans separately so Old Bob didn’t have to dig through my trash.

Then, there were Tweeter and Skeeter. They would roll up and down the alley in a junky old truck with no exhaust that belched blue smoke. They looked like the after pictures from Faces of Meth. After they saw in was bagging cans for Old Bob, they started grabbing them. This didn’t sit well with me.

The next time I saw Old Bob, I told him I would leave my stuff just inside my yard, up against my shed, where you couldn’t see the bag from the alley. This went on for a month. Then, I heard and smelled Tweeter and Skeeter rumbling down the alley. I didn’t think anything of it, then I heard the rattle of a bag of aluminum cans being thrown into the bed of a truck. Those fuckers had gone into my yard to grab Old Bob’s drinking money. That shit would not stand.

I went to the hardware store; I bought a cheap pair of locks and some latches. I put the latches on my trash cans, I would unlock them when I left for work, which was about 15 minutes before the trash truck came down the alley. I also gave Old Bob a key. By this time, we were becoming downright neighborly. I would chat with him and have him help me around the yard and throw any spare cash his way.

After a few weeks, I heard Tweeter and Skeeter again. I heard them stop, then rattle the can lids, then drive off. I came out the next morning and the fuckers had pried the latches off my cans, and stolen the locks, too.

Now I was pissed. They were stealing Old Bob’s drinking money, and they had fucked with my shit. I stopped keeping cans separate, and started dumping used cat litter over everything.

Tweeter and Skeeter would still roll up to my trash area, but they weren’t willing to dig through shit to get anything. Old Bob was still helping me around the yard, so I would hands him bags of cans when he was over, in addition to the extra cash.

Everything was quiet for a few months. Then, we had a bad storm and the gutters on the alley side of my shed got messed up. They were in OK shape, but the underlying board and gotten torn up. It was too late in the day to do anything, but I figured Old Bob and I could take care of it the next day.

That night, I was woken up by Tweeter and Skeeters damn truck. But before I could throw pants and shoes on and chase them off, they were gone. So were the gutters on my shed.

Needless to say, I was fucking livid. After I calmed down, I went to Home Depot to get a new gutter. As luck would have it, I heard the fucking meth-mobile start up in the parking lot as I was walking in.

I wasn’t about to confront them directly, since I like having all of my blood and internal organs on the inside. What in did do, though, was get a good look at their liscense plates.

They were expired (of course) but the layer of soot from burning oil had obscured the sticker. You wouldn’t notice it from more than 5 feet away.

Finally, I had a way to get back at them. I called a relative who knew a few of the local PD. They said the address on the last registration was a house that had since been burned down in a meth lab fire. They never caught the cooks, but they going to keep an eye out for the truck. If nothing else, they would get a ticket and have to put current plates with a real address on them.

I was OK with this, but I wanted blood. I got my wish when the city did heavy trash pick-up.

I put an old grill in my back yard and scratched “Not Trash”, on the underside, along with spraypainting the smokestack white. Sure enough, Tweeter and Skeeter saw it and couldn’t resist. Once they had done that, I spent a few hours on a Saturday driving around the shittier parts of my neighborhood until I spotted my grill sitting in a yard.

I called my buddy with the police contacts and told them where they could find Tweeter and Skeeter and their un-registered vehicle, along with a stolen grill.

A few hours later, Tweeter and Skeeter came home to a few cops waiting for them. Since scrapping from heavy trash pick-up had been good to them, they were caught with a not insignificant amount of Meth and a lot of precursors to make more.

Tweeter has to serve out a 5 year sentence in prison. He also pinned the lab fire on Skeeter, who will be serving 10 years along side him.

Old Bob still helps me out, too.

two rotten apples [m] | pt. 2

credit: x.

❛❛we’re next-door neighbors and have hated each other since middle school but now we’re going to the same university how can we avoid the other person like the plague so there isn’t a crime scene— what do you mean you promised my mom you would keep an eye on me???? you fucking planned this❜❜ AU

COUNT → 17.686

GENRE → smut | eventual angst

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | spanking mention | mild cum play | explicit language | male and female masturbation | penetration | erotica mention | public sex | restraints | dry humping | graphic dirty talk 


The second the timer on the drying machine went off to alert you of your shirt finally being dry enough to wear, the band from its neckline snapped against your shoulders when you slipped it back on. You pulled some of the cotton material to your nose, trying to see if it still even faintly smelled like beer.

Unlike your underwear which just smelled like cum and farts.

The farts courtesy of Jungkook. Well, you didn’t know if he actually farted, but he just naturally smelled like that to you—like old beans and moldy cheese.

You’d spent the past two hours in the laundry room in nothing but a bra and your loose-fitted skirt. It still hadn’t hit you yet—at least not entirely—that you had let your next-door neighbor spank and bone the living shit out of you. That was something you were going to put on your list of stupid-things-you’ve-done-but-did-anyway-for-some-reason. Maybe his mother could relate after giving birth to him. You were pretty sure she found him just as annoying as you.

But then everyone else thought rainbows shined out of his ass.

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My cat Totoro is missing :’( I have spent the last few hours wandering the streets trying to find her, but it is 1am and it’s very dark out. I can’t see her. I don’t know what to do :’( I must hand out posters tomorrow. I know it doesn’t help to put this on here, I am sorry for bothering you, I am just not coping very well right now :’( I must go back out and look some more.