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Prop Hunt

Mark, Jack, Bob, and Wade

You watch with delight. You missed Prop Hunt. Everything is going as normal, laughter and jokes flying back and forth until something goes wrong with Jack and Mark’s facecams.

“Hey uh… guys, I think my camera’s dying.” 

“Same. Weird. I’ll be right…”


Another face appearing in Mark’s facecam, taunting smirk overlaying a clueless Mark, Jack disappearing in a cloud of static only to reappear in.. Wade’s? But no, that’s not Jack… Bob frozen, picture distorted, Wade is GONE.

The screen goes black. You sit in shock. 

The screen suddenly explodes with color and movement, voices through your headphones making you jump.

“TrUCe… R͕͉͎̬̭̰̞̓͝͞ẽ̞̥̹̼̟̾̒͊̀v̫̞̪̲̂ͬͤ͋ͪ̚͘ͅe̹̺̟͍͈̳̽ͨ̊̈́ͣ̍͐̂̒n̸̛̺̖̝͍̝̠ͭ̿̋͌ͣ̚g̢̳̠̘̠̦ͧͮ̕͜e͓̺̿̆̍̊̾̽̈́ͬ̉̀… L̓͊҉͓̼͎̻̖Et’s pl͈̰̯̪̠̖ͧͯ͠ͅaͬ҉͘҉̞̤̝̥̜ͅY.”

Based off a text submission by @markiplitessepticeyes to @markiplierswhatifs. Inspired by a few of @markired‘s wonderful gifs. 

Holy. Shit. This edit consumed my brain. I’ve spent the last 3 days working on it, at all hours, and even had multiple dreams about working on it long after I want to sleep. 

Also, excuse my questionable writing. I wanted this to be a gif but then I thought how cool it would be as a video edit. But after staring at Premiere Pro for about 5 hours, I fled back to the safety of Photoshop and made what you see now. A tiny bit of written narrative to make up for what’s missing with visual cues.

(Gifs take from: S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ,  HORROR. and THE MYSTERIOUS SCREAMING TRASH CAN ¦ Prop Hunt #41)


So guess who is an overachiever and spent the better part of the last four days slaving away to make this 3-D topographic map of Ferelden?


I’m so fucking proud of this though, like honestly? It’s taken forever and caused me three panic attacks (it’s due tomorrow at midnight and I still gotta glue it and paint it plus do a shit ton of other things) so far, but shit man it’s actually coming out really good!! This is a rough idea of the process over the past several days so ahhh enjoy? Yes? 🤗


So these are pretty popular in japan nowadays. They’re these sandwiches made with a sweet japanese milk bread that are filled with whipped cream and strawberries. 

When I first saw a picture, I assumed they were just using some cake as the “bread” and was like, oh man, it’s a cake shaped like a sandwich. 

But no. It’s a sandwich. 

I was a little weirded out at first, but then I was like, “fuck it lets make this shit”.

So I spent all day on the bread, and just whipped up the cream and cut the strawberries minutes ago and took my first bite of this simple but weird creation.

Lord all-fucking-mighty that was good.

10/10 would foodgasm over again. 

Try this recipe, you won’t regret it.

Ichigo Cream Sandwich
(serves: 3)





  • Make the Japanese Milk Bread by following this recipe
  • Once the bread is cooled off, start to cut about 3 slices.
  • Cut the crusts off of the bread slices and then cut them diagonally.
  • Now for the whipped cream. Make that shit by following this recipe.
  • Once that’s done, slice up your strawberries (slice more if you want) and prep them for placing onto the sandwiches.
  • Cover both triangle bread slices with whipped cream, then put strawberry slices on one of the creamed up triangles, then top it with the other whipped cream’d bread triangle and bam. Strawberry and Cream Sandwich.
  • You can like add other fruits if you want, or make it into a weird psuedo cake by covering it in chocolate sauce or something.


AND BAM. RECIPE DONE. Are you proud? You should be. Unless you didn’t make your own bread and you (GOD FUCKING FORBID) used canned/premade whipped cream.

I can accept not using home made bread, since it does take forever, but lord almighty if you don’t use your own home made whipped cream and you use that gross chemical stuff instead i will eND YOU.

ahem. now that we’re all calm, enjoy your weird but hella good sandwich, yo. Enjoy that shit.

To Love And To Cherish ( Thomas Jefferson x Reader )


Summary: (Y/N) is walking down the aisle, as she remembers her favourite memories with Thomas.

Au: modern

Warnings: A few curse words, macaroni cheese ( if that’s even a warning? ), slight angst near the end

Word count: 1,387

a/n: It’s day 6? Of @hamwriters Write-A-Thonnnn! It’s nearly over, damn that was quick., I’m a quite late on posting. The prompt for day 6 was to write for someone you’ve never written for before. I actually wanted to write for Daveed, but I sort of already write for him in my ‘A Lovely Situation’ series. So, enjoy this Thomas Jefferson fic. :)


You just couldn’t believe it. After 4 years of dating, you were about to be married to Thomas Jefferson. Your best friend. Your soulmate. Your other half. The love of your life. You remembered the first time you met him.

Your teacher was pairing everybody up for a project.

“Hamilton and Laurens, Lafayette and Mulligan and lastly, (Y/L/N) and Jefferson.

There was a lot of muttering as everyone that had been paired up walked over to each other. You were about to get up and go over to Thomas Jefferson but before you knew it, he had already made his way to you.

"Hey. I’m Thomas. Thomas Jefferson.” He said as he raised out his hand to shake yours. You shook his hand and started to blush.

“(Y/N). (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

It was the best moment of your life. If your teacher had never pair you both together, you wouldn’t be here, walking down the aisle. You remembered the first time he asked you out.

“I just think it’s overrated!” Your roommate Alex shouted.

You were a college student studying for your exams that were very close and determined your life. 'You were’ is the key phrase. Now, you were having a silly feud with Alex about macaroni cheese. He started it as he pointed out that macaroni cheese tastes horrible.

“What! It’s underrated! It’s macaroni! It’s cheese!” You snapped back.

“It’s bullshit!” He told you. “Hey, have you seen my scarf? I’m late for a date with John.”

You picked up his green and black scarf that was laying on your bed and handed it to him before shouting “Macaroni Cheese is the BEST!” You didn’t really care that the door to your dorm was open. Oh well.

That was until a tall man appeared at the entrance of your room. Shit. You knew who this was. Curly hair that bounced his shoulders, a distinctive handsome face and his favourite magenta sweater. It was Thomas Jefferson. You had likes him as soon as you laid eyes on him. He was extremely clever and was in all of your classes. Thomas would normally sit behind you, and whenever you gazed back, you found him already looking at you.

“Eugh. Alexander Hamilton. Is it you that said you don’t like-oh hello.” Thomas turned to you with a sheepish smile on his face as his hands started to rub his neck, which you noticed was a huge habit of his.

“Hey.” You said quietly with a smile on your face.

“Okay. This is. Weird. I’m gonna go meet John. Have fun with the worst person on earth (Y/N)!” Alex ran out of the room to avoid getting a comeback from Thomas.

But Thomas wasn’t thinking about anything like that. He was thinking about how cute you looked in your comfortable F/C sweater and black leggings, with your hair loose, flowing around your shoulders.

“So….You like macaroni cheese?” Thomas asked.

“Yeah I love it! I just think that it’s insane that Alex doesn’t.” You replied as your hands fidgeted nervously.

“Well then, how bout you and me go eat some macaroni cheese at my favourite restaurant?” He said with a cocky smile.

“Very forward, Thomas, but I’m in. Just wait a sec.” You went into the bathroom looking for something to wear.

“Good. Oh you don’t need something else to wear. You already look cute.” he called out, as if he knew what you were doing.

What? Did. Did Thomas just call me cute? You thought. You went out of the bathroom smiling as he took your hand in his. Your grin widened at the small gesture. Although you thought he was quite forward, you liked it, as it was about time. You felt like it would be forever till Thomas asked you out.

You remembered the lazy nights in his college dorm, watching movies, eating popcorn and cuddling in his bed. There was one of those lazy nights you remembered in particular.

“You comfortable baby?” Thomas whispered as his grip around you tightened. You nodded and kissed his cheek gently.

You were both on his bed cuddling whilst watching a Disney movie marathon. It was one of your favourite things to do with Thomas, and eating macaroni cheese was the other favourite thing to do.

“Hey baby.” He sat up slowly. His eyebrows were furrowed. You could tell that he had been doing some thinking.

“Yes?” You replied as a confused look struck your face.

“Af-After we graduate. I..” He stopped mid sentence, rubbing his neck.

You pulled his arms down and held his hands tightly.

“You can tell me anything. I love you.” You told him.

A warm smile appeared on his face as he continued to speak. “I was thinking if we should. You know. Get an apartment together.”

You were speechless.

“I love you. And whenever I think of my future, I always see you in it. I don’t want you to go any where. Live with me.”

His speech brought tears of happiness to your eyes as he held you in a tight embrace.

After graduation, you and Thomas ended up moving to Virginia and settling down in your new apartment. He started working as a lawyer and you worked as a teacher in an elementary school.

Thomas loved taking care of you when you were sick or hurt. Spending time with you was the thing he loved to do most. So he decided to pop the question. That was one of the best memories.

You were in a fancy restaurant, you were wearing a long silver dress with a slit on the side, along with a pair of silver heels. Thomas on the other hand was wearing a magenta tuxedo. God. He looked so good in magenta. You admitted it was a silly colour yes, but no body can pull it of like Thomas. He loosened his tie a bit.

“What’s wrong? You do that when your nervous.” You asked him.

“Look behind you.” He replied.

You looked behind you. To your surprise there was nothing interesting there. Thomas had just tricked you. You turned your head back and realised the music stopped. Everyone in the restaurant stopped talking. Thomas was knelt down in front of you. Holding an open velvet box with a beautiful diamond ring on it.

You covered your mouth with your hands in shock as he started speaking.

“(Y/N). I love you. I truly do. Words can not describe how much I love you. It’s impossible. And I love you too much that it would be a crime if I didn’t do this right now. You have made me a better person, in fact, you continue to make me a better person. You make me feel complete. You make me feel that nothing in the world matters, because you’re here. (Y/N) (Y/L/N) will you make me the happiest man alive by marrying me?”

You squealed and pulled him up, cupped your hands on his face and kissed him. After a moment, you separated from him.

“A million times. YES!”

Sure, there were some bumps on the road.

It was your 3 years anniversary and you had prepared a lovely meal for you and Thomas. But the problem was that he didn’t bother showing up. You waited there for a few hours. Not daring to touch the food. Eventually, you sighed and put it all in the fridge before making your way to the bedroom.

You lied down as your heard the front door open. After a while, Thomas snuck into the bed and wrapped his arms around you. You flinched and pulled away from him.

“Baby? (Y/N) what’s wrong?” He asked.

“It’s our 3 years anniversary today. You didn’t come home and eat the meal I spent all day making.” You said in a monotone voice.

“What? Oh my god. I’m so sorry! I forgot. Shit. Baby. I’m so sorry what can I do for you to forgive me?”

“Sleep on the couch.” You said before closing your eyes and going to sleep.

But those bumps is what led you to this aisle. In the middle of your friends and family. Your dad walking you down this very aisle that will lead you to happiness and love, forever.

Sometimes I think about how stupid I was to stay with someone for 3 years because I wanted the title of being together. I haven’t seen or talked to you in over 3 years, but I sometimes wonder how you’re doing. Besides all the money I spent on gifts for you, my biggest regret was telling myself that a shit relationship with someone who just kept taking and taking from me was what I deserved, because heavier girls don’t get looked at twice. Till this day, you are still my biggest regret in life, but also my biggest blessing. You taught me that I needed to be independent and love myself. By tearing me apart, making me obsess over why it was so hard for you to say or do anything nice for me, I learned my worth. It’s sad to think how I literally had to beg you to send me a goodnight text or for you to spend time with me. But now I know how it feels to be as in love with someone as they are with me, have someone who doesn’t go one day without calling me on the phone, whose parents call me their own, who loves me wholeheartedly… anyways, I hope you’re doing well, and I hope you treat the next girl with the love any girl deserves.

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I'm sorry you're going through what you are. You don't deserve to have bad thoughts. I just really hope things get better. <3

genuinely feel like ive spent the last five years of my life telling myself shit will get better but it doesn’t, life just finds a new way to fuck me over and make me feel worse day after day

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Does Darren even realize that the SK reunion at his rented house (staged to look like he lives there), was CALCULATED and A PLOY to get him to come to LA, as he was deliberately avoiding the beard since Elsie, but for two events in LA? Darren has already outgrown SK and see them only for weddings etc. For a smart guy, he never sees their CONS and the TRAPS that beard & Ricky set for him. She got you to spend time with her (and got her private cozy pics), didn't she? The joke's on you, Darren!

The whole thing is getting exhausting.  I keep thinking we are turning a corner, and then its the same shit, different day. It makes me sad that Darren literally had 48 hours in LA and it was spent with SK and his fake girlfriend.  The party was one thing, I was kind of ok with that (not really, but I could rationalize it). But the video of him dancing, with her now very well known laugh in the background, was the breaking point for me. The man is not even allowed to have lunch (or whatever meal) without her present?  Its out of control.  And clearly he is paying for his nearly 3 weeks of freedom.

I understand that perhaps having to play straight and having a beard is something he may feel like he needs to continue. And honestly I think he is still under contract and this is held against him and I do think Fox will hold him to that contract until the bitter end for fear of the repercussions when he does come out to both the network as well as their golden boy, Ryan.  

But we all know the primary reason she is still in his life is not the contract, is complete manipulation coupled with whatever power she has over him and Ricky.  

Because if the primary motive is to keep up the straight persona, he would  fire her (she certainly has committed more than her share of fireable offenses) and get a beard with with a little class. Someone he would be proud to take to events and to network with.  

Because at this point, she is absolutely bringing him down and is an embarrassment.  I know I have talked about this before but the Hamptons was the perfect example of exactly who she is and quite frankly, she is not a person I want him to be associated with, an entitled brat that has relied on mommy, daddy, and Darren for everything she has but acts like a elitist despite the fact that she not has earned it. 

I cannot tell you how many fans I have met, who could care less who he dates or whether he prefers to sleep with men or woman, but that absolutely cannot stand the woman he holds out to the world as his girlfriend. 

As for SK I used to think they were trying to help him.  But honestly at this point, I think many of them use him constantly.  They are sure to  post pictures and videos with either him or his beard whenever the opportunity arises, knowing that will get them attention to their IG or twitter. And this too is getting exhausting.

I am having a particularly bad morning. Overwhelmed with my own life and I’m sick on top of it.  So perhaps I am being a bit harsh, but honestly, everything here needs to be said.

Here is hoping that Darren has a plan and that there is an end in sight.  As I always say, he is too damn talented for this nonsense.   I honestly don’t know how much longer he will survive this charade or how much longer Chris will choose to remain if it continues. It is long past its expiration.


Words can’t express how grateful i am to have spent almost 3 years with you. Distance hasn’t been quite in our favour but we’re still making it work nonetheless.
I love you shit ton and I’m looking forward to spending more days and nights with you.
Thanks for everything.
Happy birthday!! Ayy d mo pala birthday hahahah kbye

Request: Glasses

Request: Hey, I was wondering if you could please write a readerxdean imagine where the reader always makes sure to wear contacts around the boys but then something happens on a hunt that causes the reader to not be able to wear them for like a day or something so she has to wear her glasses that she is really self conscious about however Dean like loves them and tries to show her how much he loves how she looks in them and tons of fluff and stuff. (maybe even some smut if ya want. sorry its a bit long!)

Word Count: 728

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<3

“Don’t worry about it,” The doctor assures you, “Just avoid contact lenses for a few days, you’ll be right in no time.”

You nod, nonetheless prodding at your tender eye, “Thanks, doc.”

“No problem. Have a nice day.”

You offer a wry smile, “You, too.”

You make your escape – never did like hospitals. The smell, the atmosphere… gives you shivers. Too many bad days spent in hospitals. The guys wait right outside, and as soon as you leave the room, they stand from their seats.

“Well?” Dean asks, looking concerned. You shrug.

“They injected some weird shit into it so now I can’t feel that whole cheek, but it should be fine.” You shrug, poking at the abrasions, “No biggie.”

You’d been hunting a ghost in an old house when it had tossed you down the stairs. You were mostly unharmed, but your eye had hit an old piece of wood on the way down. Three days later, while most of the swelling was gone, you were left with a nasty scratch and an unpleasant amount of scrapes over your cheekbone. Your vision was somewhat blurred, so the guys thought it would be a good idea to get you checked out – not much use in hunting while half blind in one eye.


“I like your glasses.” Dean remarks, and you groan.

“Don’t even bother. They’re awful.”

“How come I’ve never seen them?” He continues, “You always wear contacts, right?”

“Yeah. Because they’re easier and don’t make me look like a total moron.” You raise an eyebrow, and Dean shakes his head.

“What are you on about? You don’t look like a moron.” He insists, taking the seat beside you. You put your phone down, leaving it on the arm of the couch.

“It’s only for a few days, anyway. Then I can go back to looking normal.”

“Y/N, you look… fine. Good. Kinda cute, actually.” Dean tells you, sounding almost sheepish. You laugh.

“Thanks for trying. I just hate them. I hate how they look. That’s all.” You try to brush how insecure you feel off, like it’s nothing. He rolls his eyes, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look at him.

“Hey, Y/N. Listen up, okay? Yeah, sure, you look beautiful with contacts. Great. And if you feel good like that, then brilliant, carry on. But I hate the fact that you’re sat here, not liking how you look because of a piece of plastic on your face.” He insists, staring at you and demanding that you see it the way he does, “You always look beautiful. I’ve seen you come out of burning buildings with blood and ash all over you and you’re beautiful. There’s nothing a pair of glasses could do to change that.”

You both know Dean isn’t one for spouting useless nonsense for the sake of it. It’s just… he doesn’t feel like that about you, does he? He wouldn’t.

He shakes his head, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything. I just hate the idea that you think of yourself as less than perfect.”

“Dean, I-” When words totally fail you, instead, you take a risk. You lean forward and press your lips to his – just for a moment. When you pull away, you regret it instantly and you’re about to apologise when he grins so wide, grabbing your hand.

“Y/N, that was – you did mean that?”

“Of course I did.”

“I never knew you felt the same.”

“I figured you didn’t feel the same.” You laugh it off, willing yourself to stop blushing like an idiot. Dean grins, letting go of your hand and reaching over and cupping your cheek with his hand.

“You’re beautiful, smart, and badass. What’s not to love?” He offers a wry smile, and you laugh.

“I have to wear stupid glasses for a few days.” You suggest, and he rolls his eyes.

“You’re an idiot.” He says good-naturedly, “C'mere.”

He leans in and pulls you closer, capturing your lips with his once more. His thumb moves over your cheekbone gently, and you smile against his lips.

“Plus,” He whispers, pulling away slightly so his mouth just brushes yours, “I think you look insanely hot in glasses. Just saying.”

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holy shit i have not been on this blog for two seconds and i already fucking love it. ive spent months praying for someone to make a xcIusionist cringe blog and im so happy someone actually did it omg (though i dont know whether the fact that you have so much cringeworthy material to work with is a good thing or a bad thing). in any case god bless you and i hope you have a wonderful day <3

thank you very much im glad you enjoy the blog

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AAAAA? Affection from two cuties omg???? I'm dead (also I'm so sorry for calling him Jorah fbsncn my brain is stupid). I just want to hug both of you and give you (platonic) cheek smoochies and then Jonah (maybe a little less than platonic) cheek smoochies. But yeah I pretty much spent a large chunk of yesterday just in awe of your art tag and now I have push notes for your blog bc you seem amazing!

Holy shit tumblr didn’t tell me I got another ask, hello!


People like you are what make me want to draw after months of not doing it due to depression/stress/whatever. Thank you so much, this made my day!

When you’re not creative or artistic so your contribution to the fandom takes the form of a 3 and a half minute shitpost. 

((and yeah I couldn’t get rid of the subtitles oops))

Links to original audio in order of appearance 
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so it was prom night and you were in your bathroom getting ready while bestfriend michael was outside waiting for you. bless that boy. he wasn’t planning on going because a tux did not sound appealing to him. but he volunteered to accompany you because your dick of an ex decides to break up with you 3 days before prom after you spent way too much on a dress. 

you stepped back into your room causing mike to sit up. you were fixing your heels and didn’t notice mike taking in a sharp breath and checking you out. 

“holy shit y/n, when did you get so beautiful.” he said under his breath making you blush. 

“thanks mike but you don’t have to try and make me feel better.” your usual sulk returned to you face as you buried your face in his chest suddenly not feeling so good about showing up.

“you know i think you look gorgeous covered in mud y/n. but in that dress, i have to keep you under close watch.”  

he wrapped you in a tight hug gently kissing your forehead. “ i know i say this a lot but he really wasn’t good for you. no one is good enough for you.” 

he gripped your hand tightly and pulled you into prom with a fond smile, but not before you kissed his hand and whispered a soft ‘i love you’ into his chest.

other mediocre stuff                      please request stuff bc i’m out of inspo

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Dave, what's your craziest adventure with bro?

I wanted to use an actual true story but the only thing I could think was when we got married at a convention when we were 15, so after some discussion with bro-fucking-strider regarding what exactly was our biggest adventure i believe i have come to a conclusion:

This one time, Bro and I went to a convention called KawaiiCon, we wanted to do a cosplay together for shits and giggles so we spent maybe 3 days making some pretty shitty cosplays of Tulio and Miguel from The Road To El Dorado and surprisingly enough people really liked it despite the bad quality.

Anyway, as we walked around this one girl wanted to know if we were going to compete in the cosplay skit competition, due to the whole convention euphoria we thought “Sure why the fuck not” and we spent around 5 minutes writing a script for a sketch called “The road to KawaiiCon" 

It was the first time we ever went up to preform on a big stage like that and we were both shaking with nervousness, I even thought I was gonna drop the microphone at one point. Bro forgot one of his lines, luckily at a point in which he was supposed to figure out a plan so nobody really noticed.

We ended up wining the entire competition and got to go up on stage during the closing ceremony of the convention to get a bag of prizes.

And that’s the biggest adventure I’ve ever had together with bro.

The end.