i spend too much time watching cartoons

i mean i love cartoons about how the Kids Today are spending too much time on the Netflix and the Binge TV in general

but this one straight up says that the lady in blue watched about 47 hours of TV last night and the lady in pink watched 211 hours

no wonder their eyes are spirals, this is some junji ito shit

The Right Decision

Pairings: Matt Murdock X Reader 
Steve Rogers X Reader (Mentioned)
Warnings: Cursing, I guess
Notes: Hey! Hope you all enjoy it. This is based off of a conversation I had last night with @full-of-sins-not-tragedies so enjoy!

The night was cold. I wore a long sleeved button up, my collar flipped down over my hoodie. I took my phone out of my pocket to check the time, but I was so nervous that I just glanced at my phone and clicked it off. I walked down the streets of Brooklyn to a small apartment complex alongside a small coffee shop that was closing up for the night. I took out my phone again to actually check the time, and it was 9:28. The shop closed up at 9:45. I walked over to the small establishment to order two hot chocolates. The cashier was nice, and I told her to keep the change off of my ten dollar bill. She was grateful.
I walked back down to the apartment complex and opened the door, to which I was welcomed by three flights of stairs. I walked up two of the flights of stairs after closing the door behind me and rang a buzzer when I was there. I was then greeted by a groggy looking Clint. His eyes were squinting due to the light in the hallway, and his hair was tossled.
“Falling asleep already, Barton?”
“Shut up. Was watchin’ cartoons.”
I extended my arm with the cocoa, and he gladly accepted.
“So, why do you come bearing gifts?” He asked as he waited for his drink to cool down. He clicked the mute button on his remote control and silence fell over the room.
“I need advice,” I replied, looking him in the eye. He looked at me expectantly.
“I- uhm… oh God, how do I put this? Uh, oh jeez…” I stammered.
“Spit it out, woman.” He said, and burned his tongue, as the impatient bastard he is.
“I, uh… I don’t think I love Steve anymore…” I said, and Clint choked on his hot chocolate. He was silent for a while. So was I.
“I think I’m in love with someone else…” I murmured.
“Well? Don’t leave me hanging!” He exlaimed, placing his coffee down on the table in front of him, his cartoons silently playing in front of us.
“Is it… is it Matt?”
“I-… I think I’m in love with Matt…”
Another silence fell across the room.
“I’ve been, like, daydreaming about him lately, and… and I’ve been thinking… that, I think I’d be happier with Matt than with Steve…” I babbled out. 
He inhaled sharply.
“You can have two people, right?”
I smiled a small smile and rolled my eyes half-heartedly at him.
“Like, choose one and secretly love the other?” He asked. I smiled softly at my feet, “Even if I do that, who do I choose?”
He sighed.
“I don’t love Steve as much as I did before…”
He looked at me.
“I think…” I said, my sentence half finished.
“I think?!” He repeated, waiting for my answer.
“I think Matt overthrew Steve like ancient Chinese dynasty rulers.”
Clint let out a hearty laugh and sipped his drink.
“I think you’ve been spending too much time with Matt. I think you need to pop in one of those old Captain America movies.”
My heart… did something, as I was about to say what I was going to say.
“I love Matt constantly. But every time I look at Steve and his smile and hear him talk and how nice he is I fall in love all over again.”
“THEN pop in a Captain America movie, sit your ass on my couch, and let’s watch it.” He said, went over to his TV, and browsed the bottom part of his TV stand, which held old movies, cartoons, and aparently, Captain America movies. I got up behind him.
“Clint, Clint stop, hold on, just… just wait. I don’t think watching a movie is going to… to do anything anymore… and why do you have Captain America movies?”
“Uhm…” He replied, searching for an excuse.
“You know what, nevermind.” I said, and plopped down on the couch.
“Figure your shit out, woman.” He said playfully.
“I think… I think I know what I’m gonna do.”
“Stop thinking!” He exclaimed.
“I’m gonna break up with Steve.” “No…” I hesitated, “I KNOW that’s what I’m gonna do.” I declared.
“I’m gonna make myself happy for once.” I finished, sipping my drink.
“Which means? Asked Clint. 
“Fuck them both and date Tony?” He suggested, and we both laughed.
“ ‘If you find yourself between two people,’ I used to say, ‘always choose the second one, because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen in love again.’ ” I quoted, and sighed. 
“Oh my god!” I shouted.
“What?” Clint asked, looking around, confused.
“I’m in a freakin’ love triangle! I fucking hate those!”
“Ugh!” He groaned. I hated love triangles. They always seemed so pointless, and choice had always seemed so obvious in books and movies and fanfictions. But this wasn’t any of those. This was real life. Yet, the choice still seemed obvious.
“I’m gonna… fuck.” I cut myself off, mid sentence after I realised something.
“Yeah, me too.” Said Clint, and I rolled my eyes. 
“No,” I started, “ I… what if…”
“Oh my god stop thinking!” He repeated.
“What if… Matt doesn’t like me back?” I asked, looking at Clint.
“Nope, nope, noping the fuck out of this situation.” Said Clint, and took both of our empty cups to throw them away.
“Clint!” I called after him, twisting my neck to look back at him. He threw out the cups and rummaged through his cabinets. Same old Clint I’ve ever known.
“I don’t know, Clint. It’s just… whenever I was with Steve, something… didn’t feel right. Like something was missing. I don’t feel that with Matt. I don’t know, Clint. My feelings are conflicting. Is that love? Have I not been in love with Steve this whole time? Welp, guess it’s time to play some Foreigner.”
Clint laughed from the kitchen as I heard the microwave beep.
He came bac over to me with a cup of ramen noodles. He held out his fork, and I politely declined.
“Maybe I’ll have a chance with Matt…”
I said. Clint said nothing in reply. I looked over at him and he was trying to use his tongue to get the noodles out of the cup, a perfectly functional fork in his right hand.
“Shit. I have to break up with Steve first. That’s like, a thing I have to do.”
“Okay, think first,” Clint started. And I kind of blew up on him.
“You just told me to stop fucking thinking!” I shouted, playfully at first.
“I stopped thinking! I stopped fucking thinking! And my heart chose Matt over Steve!” I declared, more to myself than anyone else.
“Well start fucking thinking!” He yelled back.
He sighed.
“Leave me to pick up the pieces…” He said.
“Alright. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna go break up with Steve. Thank you, Clint. I appreciate this.”
“Appreciate what?” He asked.
“Appreciate letting me into your apartment to rant about my crisis problems.”
“It’s no problem.” He reassured. I went over to him and wrapped my arms around him. He did the same.
“I know you would do the same for me, (Y/N). Now go, go break up with your current boyfriend to get together with your future boyfriend.” He smiled, and so did I, “Thanks again, Barton.” 
“No problem, (Y/L/N)”
The breakup with Steve went pretty smooth, but felt worse than 50 lashes with a cat-o’-nines tail. He understood completely, and kissed my cheek before I left, which made me question if I was making the right decision or not. I’m not gonna lie, I shed a few tears on the way back home. As soon as I got back to my room in my apartment, I toppled onto my bed, shedding my shoes, socks, and pants to climb into the patched colors of grey, black, and off-white. I closed my eyes, hoping that I’ve made the right decision.
I opened my eyes the next morning and laid there for a while. I stared at the chipped paint on my off-white wall before pulling myself away in search of food. I pulled myself out of bed, and immediately remembered a whole bunch of things at once. 1) I broke up with Steve the night before, 2) I’m supposed to be going over to ask out Matt, And 3) It was fucking Valentine’s day today. Oh god. My muscles were sore for no reason, and I stretched to try and relieve some of the pain, which worked, but not completely. I walked over to my white dresser and pulled out a nice white button down and a pair of khakis. I reflected on my life for a moment while I asked myself, “Were these the best pair of clothes I own?” I rolled my eyes as I refused to answer my question and put on my clothes. I ran the only brush I owned through my hair a few times before deeming myself looking slightly decent. I dabbed some perfume on my wrists and neck before grabbing my keys, phone, and wallet, to walk out the door. I realized as my stomach growled that I hadn’t had breakfast, and figured I could just pick up something on the way there. I checked my watch which read 9:32, and made my way to Dunkin Dounuts and the supermarket.
I got to Matt’s apartment at around 10:11 AM. I had stopped by the drive through at DD’s to grab an egg, bacon, cheese croissant, before making my way down to the supermarket to grab something for him. I picked up a balloon with a tiny stuffed red and white monkey on it. I blushed furiously as I realized what I was doing. God, I’m such a fucking cheeseball, I thought to myself.
I pulled myself out of my car after staring at his apartment window, debating whether or not this was a good idea. No, I said to myself, this is the right idea, you broke up with Steve for this, I said to myself. I felt a pang of guilt and hurt at the reminder but went up to the door of his apartment building.
I pulled myself up the stairs of his complex before coming to his door. I sighed, and let my head fall on his door with a slam. With the balloon/sruffed animal thing in hand, I went to knock, but pulled away. It didn’t matter anyways, because Matt beat me to it and opened the door. His hair was ruffled and messy and it took everything in my power to not run my hands through it to fix it. 
“Hey, (Y/N). What’s up?” He said, smiling. As soon as he smiled, I knew I had made the right choice. I wanted to be with Matt. I wanted to be the cause of that smile. I wanted t wake up next to him. I wanted to run my hands through his messy hair. I wanted to-
“Hello? Earth to (Y/N)! Its the Mothership calling!” He inturrupted, and I smiled. 
“Hey Matt.” I said, and loved the way his name felt on my lips. I was tempted to say it again, but he invited me into his apartment. I walked in and he closed the door, following behind me. I sat down on his couch as I looked at him. He wore a simple black shirt and sweatpants, and here I was in the best clothes I owned. Jesus Christ…
He walked over to the fridge and pulled out some orange juice. His hands ran over the cabinet handles, counting them, before he reached one towards the middle, pulled it open, and reached for a cup. He poured some into one and offered me some silently. I shook my head no. He still looked at me.
“Oh! Right, sorry Matt, nah, I’m good.”
He smiled before putting away the juice and coming to sit down next to me. I looked at his eyes and the way the light bounced off of them, giving them a sunlight-through-whiskey color. I shook my head to remember what I was doing. Right. Asking him out. Right. 
I held out my balloon, “Happy Valentine’s day.” I said, and he looked surprised. 
“Oh yeah,” he said, “it is valentine’s day.” I grabbed his hand and he gave a puzzled look before I guided it to the string and the plush toy. He gave another gorgeous smile.
“Aw, thank you, (Y/N),” he looked disappointed. “I didn’t get anything for you, if I would’ve known you were coming over today I would’ve-” He said, but I cut him off.
“I know, Matt. It’s fine” I said sincerely, smiling at him. I watched as he fiddled with the plushie, running his hands over the ears and the soft fur.
“Made sure it wasn’t cotton.” I murmured. 
“ ‘know you don’t like cotton.” I said.
He smiled again, then frowned. 
“Thank you. But shouldn’t you be spending valentine’s day with Steve, and not me?” He asked. Welp, here goes nothing. I sighed. I let my head rest on the back of his couch.
“I broke up with Steve.” I said, and sighed again, before putting my hands behind my head. I felt a dip in the couch as Matt sat on the one I was sitting on.
“Oh, (Y/N), I’m sorry. What happened? If, you don’t mind, of course.” He said. God, he was so polite and cute.
“I dunno,” I started, “I guess it just, wasn’t working out. I didn’t feel right with him. I don’t know if I ever felt right with him. Steve is a great guy, but… I don’t know… not for me, I guess.” I explained, and I felt the plush of the toy on my shoulder. Matt made a funny voice and said, “Aw, well, Mr. Snuffles is gonna make it all better.” And I felt the plush nuzzle my skin. I laughed. Then he laughed. 
“Thanks, Matt,” I said, “but I didn’t come here for Mr. Snuggles or whatever-”
“Snuffles,” he corrected, smiling.
“Same thing,” I said, chuckling, “I uh, I broke up with Steve because I found someone else.” My tone became serious.
The look on his face dropped. “Oh.” He said.
“I uh, I came here because, uhm, I uh, I though I could be happier with you.” I felt my heart leap at he words. And then it dropped when Matt didn’t say anything for a bit. Oh no. Oh no oh no. Did I make the right decision? He doesn’t like me. Oh no, I fucked up. I fucked up our friendship and everything we had and fucking hell I’m an idiot. He smiled softly. Then chuckled.
“God, you have no idea how awesome you’ve just made my day.” He said.
I looked over at him expectantly.
“Hm?” I asked. He leaned over, and pressed a kiss to my lips. His lips were soft and warm and felt so fucking right. I knew then, well, I guess I had always known, that I made the right decision. The stuffed animal fell the the floor along with the balloon tied to it, and I pulled away from the kiss, burying my head into his warm shoulder. “I made the right decision, Matt. I knew it the moment you opened that door.” I said, my words muffled by his shirt.
“Well, you know what they say.” He said, resting his head on mine.
“What? What do they say?” I teased.
“Love is an open door.” He said, and I felt his smile grow wider.
“Oh my god, Matthew Murdock.” I rolled my eyes, and he laughed. I gave in to my urge and ran my fingers through his artfully messy hair. I had made the right decision. I knew it the moment I stepped through that door.

ID #84366

Name: Lindsey
Age: 16
Country: Australia

I’ve always been interested in penpals and this is what I happened to stumble upon :)
xD I’m sure I’m not too difficult to describe, let’s see.
I spend massive proportions of time procrastinating, which isn’t good but I’m a relaxed person so I suffer for it. I love watching tv shows, anime, movies, cartoons and various other dorky stuff, however I’m not nearly the nerd I wish to be.
I still have much to learn.

Honestly I have little life experience or smarts, however I love theorising and psychology. As much as I’m a moron with a crude or random/immature humour I can also surprisingly switch to more complex matters XD Which is always fun. I’d love to learn more about humanity and psychological aspects. I’m also increasingly interested in learning other languages and Auslan (Australian sign language) however like I said procrastination is kinda my thing. As the quote goes ‘there is no room for lazy people’ though, so I guess I gotta pick up my act.

I’m very open in a sense, and I look up the weirdest stuff online. If I get curious I will look it up, and a recent example of my curiosity was “does veggie tale porn exist?”. I can assure you it does, and oh what an art form it is. So yeah someone to send weird, sad, random and funny stuff to xD I’m not easily freaked out.

I’m a rather happy person but self confidence does happen to be an issue for me xD So it’s not giggles all the time~

Oh random thought as of late my love for accents have been stronger than ever. My current favs are American, Scottish and Irish xD I find it funny comparing accents and slang

I hope to travel for my gap year, tho I doubt the small amount of time we will have to explore will satisfy my adventurous cravings. But I guess in a sense having not travelled everywhere leaves mystery and magic in the world in a sense. 50-50.

Fair warning, academically math or logical thinking is my worst trait. I’m more interested in history, religion, writing, art and languages. Not that I’m good at any of it but I can still fangirl.

But yeah just in general I’m looking for someone to be weird with 🤗 I have a beautiful group of friends already but no harm in this.

So yeah see how that goes. Thanks for reading all that if you did and 'hmu’ as they say c:

Preferences: 16-19/20
xD I’m not particularly picky tho I imagine the closer to my age the better we’ll relate, but someone older can offer plenty of wisdom hmm. I’m perfectly fine with either gender, though I do fine girls rather intimating.Idk why~ I myself am female.
I’m also mainly available for online messaging.

bluesakurablossom  asked:

papa turts would do and reaction to coming home early and their little boy or girl squeals with excitement because.....ITS DADDY!!! He's home early! :)



It’s the best part of they day, coming home to see his little one run into his arms after a long day.  But when he gets home extra early and surprises the little squirt, hearing that extra loud “DADDY’S HOME!”, it melts his heart.  He gives them a warm smile and picks them up, proceeding to the couch to cuddle and have small talk with them.  It’s the best part of the day.


“Hey munchkin.”

Hearing that little voice immediately makes him all warm and fuzzy.  He bends down and gives them a big smooch on the forehead and takes their little hand to go find mommy.  He goes to watch cartoons with them, and eventually fall asleep with them in his arms.


The first thing that catches his attention is the strength wrapped around his thigh.  He looks down to see his little one wrapped tightly around his leg and Don chuckles softly.

“You missed me THAT much huh?  I missed you too sweetheart.  Wanna go play?”

He takes their little hand and gives mommy a quick-by-kiss and proceeds to spend some play time with his child, since he’s usually too tired to do anything when he gets home.  It’s like this until bed time.


He smiles happily and picks them up to spin them around, laughing heartedly as he plants many tiny kisses on their face.  Mikey is just as excited as they are, and they immediately go and have play time.

Thinking about doing some more Rick and Morty Fanart.

To be honest, I really disliked Rick and Morty when I first watched it since I’m such a sensitive baby. I didn’t like how far they took it, it seemed like it had too much shock factor in it and wasn’t much different from shows like South Park or Family Guy. But, I kept watching it since my boyfriend enjoyed it and I’m a sap for making him happy and spending time with him. 

I soon got to enjoy it. It presented REAL life emotions. Even if it was cheesy and sometimes made you cringe… it really made a complete 180 when it came to adult cartoons. They’re all such REAL characters that you can relate to via humor and crazy fucked up shit that happens. 

Anyway, I hesitantly admit that I really do enjoy it. It’s the first adult cartoon I actually liked and I look forward to more episodes and hope that they expound on the story and character development. 

I just have to thank @cartoonnetwork for allowing the making of such amazing shows that have really turned my life around!

Show’s over

I know it’s stupid and nobody cares but… it’s just that my entire life I’ve been told I can’t like things.  I’ve been told I’m different. I’ve been told that what I like and the things that I do is wrong.  "You can’t watch cartoons you’re too old"  "Ren and Stimpy is too gross. You can’t watch it.“  "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a boy show.”  "Bucky O Hare is stupid" “You spend too much time on the Sega and watching Sonic, go do something else.”

I never understood it.  Anytime I found something that made me happy, someone, somewhere tried to take it away or told me I was wrong.  

Throughout my life people told me it’d get easier.  "Yeah you’re in grade school now, but in high school people don’t care about that petty shit.  You’ll make friends.“  I didn’t… "College is better, everyone is an adult and you’ll be fine.”  I wasn’t.  "When you get into the workplace, things will get better.  You’ll be making money at least.“… true in some places, not so much in others.  Even when I found a place that I liked working, it was bad for me to work there.  "You don’t make enough money, you have to quit and find another job.”… yeah cause working at WalMart was such a joy.

I just don’t understand why the universe is so desperate to make me miserable.  If I like it, it’s wrong.  If I want it, I can’t have it.  If I have it and I like it, it’s taken away from me again and again and again.

I remember my friend telling me there was a new MLP cartoon out… I didn’t want to watch it at first but eventually I did when I heard Lauren Faust was behind it.  

and i loved it…

… and there was even a fandom.  Not just A fandom, but a fandom of mostly boys.  Just having fun, just enjoying the show.

I was curious about it… I even made a forum about it and the more I learned about bronies, the more I absolutely loved.  Imagine my delight when I finally found a place where I was accepted for who I was.  Where I didn’t have to pretend.  Where no one questioned me or told me that liking it was wrong.  Even my family didn’t care that I was into My Little Pony all over again.  

Bronycon 2012 was an amazing experience.  Usually in crowds, I’m shy.  I don’t talk to people.  I just kinda hide… but… for whatever reason I was able to talk to people.  I’m terribly camera shy, but even when approached by an online magazine with a camera for an interview about my Derpy cosplay, I agreed.  I didn’t even THINK about it.  I just agreed.  When I met up with some friends, i had no problems talking with them.  We just clicked.  It was wonderful.  

I didn’t even know exactly what I was feeling at the time… but I get it now.  I was happy.  For one of the first times in my life, I was actually happy.  

I remember I cried when it was over.  I didn’t want to wait a whole nother year to go to another con.  But then there was Canterlot Gardens… I decided to go to that one too and again, I had a great time.  I fit in.. nobody judged me.  Nobody told me no.  Nobody told me I couldn’t do that.  Nobody told me it was wrong.

I began going to more cons after this.  Overall every experience was very pleasing. Some weren’t as fun as others, but I had never felt this way in my entire life.  I made so many friends, I Hung out with so many people.  Friendship, truly was magic.

It pisses me off so bad because I don’t know how it all went wrong.  I don’t know when all these anti-sites started popping up.  Back in the day there was Fuck No MLP, which repeatedly had problems with tumblr shutting it down for being against their TOS.   Honestly though, that site was funny.  They’d call out specific individuals for their behavior and post shitty artwork.  It was something pretty much anyone could laugh at.  It didn’t make me feel ashamed for being who I was.  After all blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we will never cease to be amused.  

But it just got… bad after that. Maybe it was the DWM movement, I don’t know.  I think that’s around the time it all got started.  But soon I wasn’t able to look up bronies without things like, “Bronies are gross neckbeards” “Ew, bronies, are rapists” “Pedophiles” “Disgusting” “Porn addicts” “Man children” “Fat” “Ugly” “Stupid” “Untalented” “Wastes of skin” “Better off dead”

This saddened me deeply… I didn’t know what to do.  I kept thinking eventually they’d get bored and go away.  No matter what bronies did they’d just reblog it with “but what about when a brony did THIS?” or “They only did that good thing to overshadow the bad things!”

I didn’t want that, I couldn’t take it.  Again, the universe was trying to take away something I enjoyed and loved.  Rather than just take it this time, I decided to do something about it.  I created Equestria Faily because I wanted to fight.  I didn’t want to just give in…  I made this in hopes that I could reach some people.  I was hoping beyond hope, that maybe, just maybe if I could combat what these people were saying with actual facts and numbers, maybe they’d listen.  Above all, I didn’t know if anyone else was going through what I was going through… and I wanted them to know they weren’t alone.  

I put up a front.  I tried to act tough but I’m not.  I pretended to not care, but I do.  I’m nothing.. I’m just a pathetic 33 year old who’s going to die alone.  Who’s going to continue to have everything taken away from her.  Who’s going to have everything she loves torn apart by people who don’t understand how badly words can hurt.  Who have to feel superior by putting others down.  By bullies. Bullies I was told, would disappear after gradeschool.  Bullies that were supposed to grow up after high school.  That wouldn’t go to college or be in the workforce.  

All lies.  Everything I was ever told was a lie.  

And before I get all this “BUT BUT WHAT ABOUT THE RAPISTS?” and stupid shit like that… no the brony fandom is far from perfect.  It’s grown too big for its own good.  It  makes it really hard to find good people when assholes are so damn loud.  But if any of these bullies would think twice about maybe calling out specific individuals and not an entire fanbase, MAYBE that would help.  Maybe it’d shame these people into seeing they’re being dipshits… hell maybe I’d help out.  In fact, I know I would.  Yes, by all means shame people who say women owe them. Shame people who think rape is funny.  Please, do so.  But don’t lump every single person in the fanbase in a group with them… it hurts

it fucking hurts cause I don’t like that kind of shit either.  I don’t want it.  I don’t want to be associate with those people.  I know I’m not a bad person.  I can call out shitheads when I see it.  I’ve done so, many times.  But… it doesn’t matter, does it?  Never mind the majority of stories are lies… of COURSE bronies are suspect when they see horror stories.  Not because they’re bad people but because after all the lies and exaggerations that HAVE been disproved, no one knows what to take seriously anymore.  And I know I know, “But I was hurt by bronies.”  No, you were hurt by asshole bullies that just happened to be bronies.  Call them out on it.  Call out the INDIVIDUALS who did it to you.  Let the world know that they are horrible people and need to be delt with.  

But it’s not about that… it’s not about calling people out, or trying to make the internet safe.  It’s about people who want to bully some 7 million people because they want to feel superior about themselves.  They don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.  

Well,  you got to me okay?  You got me to be suicidal.  That’s what you want, right? For me to kill myself?  Right?  Brony tears and all that, right?   But hey, no worries, I’m too much of a pussy to try anything anyway.

You want to take it all away from me.  My happiness.  My friends.  Everything I love… fine take it.   I can’t do this anymore.  I can’t sit here and smile at people telling me and my friends that we’re gross and pathetic and blah blah.  Seriously if it’s 2015 and we still have to teach people that words fucking hurt, I don’t think I want to live in this world anymore anyway.  

I won’t be updating this blog anymore for obvious reasons.  But thanks to those who did support it.   You made my last year or so in this fandom at least somewhat tolerable.  

But whatever it’s over now.  Thanks for a good time.  Thanks for loving someone as worthless and pathetic as I am.  I know it didn’t always seem like it I was happy… I swear for the first time in my life… I was really truly happy.  

Spock and Uhura’s wedding, well the one on Earth, was a lovely affair with the whole of the Enterprise invited amongst the usual family and friends. Leonard refused to tarnish his reputation and denied the slight moisture in his eyes much to Jim’s glee. 

Sometime during the reception well after the cake and somewhere amidst the dancing, Leonard loses Jim. On the way back from open bar (thank you Uhura) he spots him half hiding behind a tall decorative plant. 

“Jim? What are you doing back there?” Leonard wandered over to stand in front of it, perplexed. Jim had already given his speech so there wasn’t a rational reason he should be, wait, never mind, it was Jim so anything was possible. 

“Shhh, Bones! I’m trying to avoid Gaila and Carol.” Jim then proceed to drag one of the leaves up over his face. Bones rolled his eyes.

“Why on earth would you do a stupid thing like that?” He knew that the pair was overly fond of the wedding but they weren’t that bad, if one knew when to nod and state the correct opinion on the matter. Jim opened his mouth to reply, but his eyes widened in horror and he scurried off with an uttering of, “Shit!" 

Bemused, Leonard turned around to see Gaila and Carol speeding after Jim. Christine followed slowly in the wake, a slight smile on her face as she came to stand next to Leonard. 

"Any idea what’s going on?” he asked, chuckling as he watched Jim’s progression of pitiful attempts at hiding around the perimeter of the hall. 

“I have a guess.” Christine’s smile turned into a smirk. Leonard looked at her expectantly, but she just patted his arm and headed back into the sea of tables. Leonard brushed it off and decided that he too should head back to his spot. He chuckled again at Jim’s progress, failing to blend in with an ice sculpture. 

About twenty minutes later a small crowd was gathering on the corner of the dance floor, Uhura standing above on the small platform. Leonard spotted Jim again; the perusers had caught him and were dragging him towards the cluster.  

Leonard looked on, snorting slightly when he realized it was time for the bouquet toss. Uhura turned around and tossed it back into the arms of human and alien alike. Loud laughter erupted and suddenly Jim was thrust out of the crowd with wide eyed, dumbstruck look on his face and bouquet in his hands. 

Leonard paused and when Jim met his eyes from across the tables, Jim turned deeper than beet red, spurring more laughter. Leonard blinked back, at a loss. 

“Oh come on, Leonard, it’s just a question, not that hard. You’ve done it before.” Christine had reappeared and was giving him on of her signature looks. Leonard sputtered at her. “Just don’t wait too long, alright?” Again, she patted his shoulder and wandered off.

Leonard was still staring in that direction when Jim, a bit pink, plopped down next to him. 

“I swear, this was a total set up. Once I got wind of what they were up to I fled. And well, you know.” Jim gestured wildly in the direction of the stage. Leonard noticed he was still clutching the bouquet. “And it’s not like I wanted to catch it, they kind manhandled me until I was under it and Gaila was telling me it’s bad luck if it hits the ground so I had no choice and I mean it’s not like I don’t want to marry you cause that would be awesome but I know the idea of marriage is still a bit of a touchy subject with you so I didn’t want to presume anything and we haven’t really talked about it so-” Jim’s rambling was stopped with Leonard’s lips. He pulled away to look back at Jim, who once again was wide eyed. 

“I never said I was adverse to it, darlin’. It’s just, I never really gave it much thought before.” Bones shrugged a little, not looking at Jim for too long. 

Slowly a grin spread across Jim’s face. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” He met it with a grin of his own.

Jim leaned in to kiss him deeper, much to the pleasure of the crowd if the cat calls were anything to go by. 

Leonard was sure he’d be spending much more time thinking about it. And if he started planning unaware of the two rings Jim had hidden in his sock drawer, well, it’d just make for a more interesting wedding speech.