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HCs for RFA + Saeran's wedding day with MC. Like what sort of theme/colours? Is it fancy and planned down to the last detail or spur of the moment sort of thing? (Btw I loooove this blog~)


  • They want something modest, but not “little,” ya feel?
  • Something cute that everyone will remember forever, but nothing over the top.
  • Of course with their income, they’re a little scared of spending too much money, but they make it work.
  • They have their wedding in a big garden. Flowers, outdoors, sunshine, good stuff.
  • Just enough room for the RFA and some other close friends to move about and have fun and enjoy the scenery.
  • Colors are white and gold, and there’s lanterns everywhere.
  • Of course Zen is extra and wears a white tux w some sort of gold embroidery. If MC wears a suit, it’s white too, just toned down a bit. If MC wears a dress, it’s fluffy with some gold designs on the bodice and dripping a bit into the skirt.
  • They’d have the reception at sunset so that afterwards, the only light is coming from the sky, the fairy lights strung around the bush walls, and lanterns hung everywhere.
  • There’s a DJ and everyone’s having a good time,,,,, You just cant go wrong with the cha cha slide
  • Cake made out of cupcakes!


  • MC’s and Jaehee’s wedding is pretty small.
  • It’s them, the RFA, and a priest all gathered together in a church.
  • Although they were engaged for a few years and figured they’d just plan a wedding eventually, that didn’t happen.
  • They have nice wedding rings though.
  • Even though there’s not anything fancy, they both wear “proper” attire.
  • Jaehee’s dress barely reaches the floor and she has a pink ribbon around the waist. If MC wears a dress, it goes to just past her knees and has a yellow ribbon around the waist. MC’s suit is the same concept, except obviously, pants.
  • After the reception, they go out to a hella fancy lunch because Jumin everyone chipped in.
  • Because they spent so little money on the wedding itself, they had one hell of a honeymoon.


  • Their ideal wedding was something fun with both their close friends and family. 
  • Originally, there were like 50 people invited. At the actual wedding, there’s about 100 people.
  • Yoosung’s parents kept inviting family that Yoosung hadn’t seen in 20+ years and when there was the complaint that they’d have to switch to a bigger venue and buy more food, his parents offered to pay for the change in price. With that, they decided to just keep inviting more people.
  • It’s not the only choice available, but adults are offered chicken nuggets and french fries as their meal.
  • The wedding’s a good balance of traditional and fun. They may or may not have gotten the theme idea at the renaissance faire.
  • They never actually named the theme, but it’s a sort of medieval fantasy, knight and prince/ss thing.
  • The cake is white and “elegant,” but there’s some dragons scattered throughout, looking like they’re climbing up to the top of the cake. At the top, there’s a mini Yoosung with a sword and MC with a bow and arrows, ready to fight the dragons.
  • Yoosung’s tux is grey and white. If MC wears a suit, it’s grey and navy blue. If MC wears a dress, it’s very renaissance-princess-esque. 
  • Little fairies scattered around the venue are mostly there for shits and giggles, but since there’s so many kids there, its turned into a game. Whoever can collect the most by the end of the night gets a three foot stuffed dragon as a prize.


  • Honestly, neither of them know half of the guests. They were just names that were important for some reason and they got an invitation. 
  • This is like, one of those dream weddings you see on the covers of bridal magazines.
  • Jumin’s suit is grey/black and his tie is a really, really light pink color. If MC wears a dress, its long and white, with a significant amount of train + the bodice and sleeves are lace. If MC wears a tux, it’s a light grey/beige color with a pastel purple tie. Either way, its a yin/yang thing.
  • Color theme is mostly cream-ish colors.
  • Cake is obviously huge and fancy. They have left overs for a week.
  • “Jesus, Jumin, how much was all of this wine and why is everyone you know always drunk?”
    • Hell if he knows,,,,,, He’s gonna get drunk too and so is MC, nobody can stop him.
  • Indoor wedding, candles at every table, no actual lights, but lanterns are all over the place too.


  • Okay, so they couldn’t actually get married in the space station, so they have to settle.
  • Wedding in the observatory, hell y e.
  • It’s a small thing. Just the two of them, the RFA, Vanderwood, and the guy (who may or may not be a priest?????? Nobody checked oops) who makes it official.
  • Saeyoung’s suit is black, but has some little embroidery constellations. MC’s dress is white and goes to about mid calf, but there’s a layer of sparkly tulle on top. If MC wears a suit, they match with Saeyoung.
  • They get married on the night of a meteor shower so that they can go have a picnic outside and watch afterwards.
  • Apparently you can get super fancy food delivered to an observatory.
  • They borrow a huuuuuge trampoline and everyone brings blankets so they can lay out on it and watch the sky. Everyone ends up leaving at some point during the night, but Saeyoung and MC wake up cuddled together on the trampoline when the sun comes up.


  • Technically they get married in one of those drive-thru wedding things, in a spur of the moment situation, but one day Saeran wants a ceremony.
  • It’s simple and really small. Outdoors in the sun, surrounded by sky and nature.
  • It’s the two of them + someone to read from a book and make it feel official.
  • Saeran’s suit would be a creamy color with a pastel pink tie and MC’s would match, but they have a pastel yellow tie. MC’s dress barely reaches the floor and is very simple, but she has a yellow ribbon around the waist.
Why I own so much RWBY Stuff

Me: Yah I am a poor college student, I should totally save my money for food and rent. Maybe I should save my extra money for when I need to pay off my loans.



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The stuff I bought for myself and asked people to help me buy in the name of Christmas presents have arrived 8D Now I have a lot of reading to do, and thanks to overtime at work every single day I may have less time to go online ;v;

Thanks to Dazai and BSD I learnt how much money I can spend on a single character and I need to control my number of favourite characters more XD

At least I support the originals and actual manga books are much better than reading online~

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You will see Shinee in Dallas or LA?

Unfortunately, neither one.

I just don’t have the money to spend right now on a flight and hotel. We just paid my son’s last semester’s tuition. He’ll graduate from the VCU Engineering School in May, debt free, I am happy to say. It’s been a real struggle coming up with his tuition each semester. Sometimes, other bills have been late in order to get it paid. So we are a little behind on a few things right now, so I just couldn’t justify spending the money on this trip, even as much as I love SHINee. I will just have to live vicariously through all of you who are going. Make sure to take lots of pictures and videos everyone and post them to your blogs! 

And, i’m actually a bit too busy with stuff with my dad to go right now anyway, but I’ll fill y’all in on all that in another post.

Everyone who’s going, have fun for me and be sure to take lots of pics and video if you can!


I had a wonderful birthday guys! I went shopping at the mall with my wonderful man– and the carnival was in town so we rode some rides too! I got flowers sent to me by my dad, some spending money, and an Amazon gift card. At the mall I got some Victoria secret stuff, and some bath and body works scents. Josh ordered me a tablet case and I’m looking for a new purse to match a new wallet I purchased. Thank you all for the b day wishes! I took these lovely photos ;; I love him so much and I love all of you!

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I got a full scholarship to study abroad in Hanyang over the summer for a month and found out they're not paying meal fees. How much money do you think I should take in total? I'm very careful with money, so it's not like I'm going to spend it on a lot of souvenirs and stuff. My mom is worrying about it being too much money because I'll be paying for my plane ticket too. :/

Food in Korea is decently priced. Restaurants are pretty cheap. You can get a rice burger for 1800 won (+/- 1,5 euros), or korean bbq for 5000 won (+/- 4,2 euros). Fruit and veggies are very expensive tho. So my advise would be to go to a market, or the Emart at 9 at night; they’ve got sales on perishable goods then.

If you want to keep it cheap tho, you can eat ramyen and bimbap. You can get ramyen packs for like 10 for 5000 won, or 1000 won for one at the convince store. Bimbap is about 1000-2000 won at the convince store.

I spent around 6000 won each day on food and drinks, but that’s because my housing comes with a small selection of free food. I do spend more when I go out to eat, on the weekends. That’s usually around 6k-10k won.

Since you have no food at your place, I would go for around 10k won (+/- 8,5 euros) per day for food and beverages.

Fan account by Periwinkle Ocean’s Moderator Syncyes (Rue)

My overarching emotion since the concert ended has been, I wish I had photographic memory so I could remember everything

unfortunately I don’t. but I’ll try my best! because if possible I’d like to express to you guys how this was basically the most amazing experience of my ENTIRE LIFE LMAO

where do I start. I guess at when I got to the venue…which was fucking 10:20 AM OTL. I slightly regret it because even by 10:20 AM the merch I really wanted was sold out. I ended up buying stuff I barely wanted as a type of hissy fit over not getting the FUCKING BLACK HOODIE, so I ended up spending too much money anyways lololol.

I also participated in the SuperstarSMTOWN event that was hosted near the venue haha. I unluckily drew Airplane and failed it since I was nervous because the image was being projected to a crowd ;; lmao

around 1 PM or so the fansites started rolling in. it was actually hilarious. people would just come carrying these huge boxes filled with merch and without anyone saying anything EVERY FAN would just run at them and create a line. then repeat this as more fansites come, panic when two arrive two close to each other, get banners, stress over people having banners from WHO KNOWS WHERE, try to figure it out, fail, cry a bit, have way too cold seoul air burn in your lungs. I wasn’t able to figure out where the “f(x) marry me!” banner from fx-oxygen was located lol :( tragic

then there’s the actual concert. I’m not gonna do a play-by-play description or anything cause I think that’s something anyone can get to a certain extent, from videos, from setlists, from other fanaccounts that are not mine haha. what I really want to try to convey is the atmosphere

there’s just something about being surrounded by periwinkle, being surrounded by fellow fans, feeling that sense of excitement that no language barrier can destroy. a feeling that started from before the concert, when a sm coex ad was shown, and as shinee and exo and rv and snsd members flashed on by, it was luna, our luna, f(x)’s vitamin luna, the eternal unpopular bridesmaid, who got the loudest cheers. because this was an f(x) concert

it was that same feeling that was conveyed when paper heart started playing (paper heart that hurt me, just a little, when sulli’s unedited voice started in on the first line). the lights dimmed. paper heart started playing. no one had come onto stage. yet the whole venue rose up in a scream.

oh, and the fanchants. they started a bit awkward. I myself fumbled with the fanchant guide provided by a fansite. I didn’t want to do it wrong, people were trying to do it right, the suddenly changed fanchants with sulli’s name excised were strange tonguetwisters. but as the night continued, that abated. we had so many songs without official fanchants. we had so many songs with official fanchants whose official ones were discarded in our excitement. we were spontaneous and screaming and overly-enthusiastic, we sang entire segments of the song (in step, for instance, we sang all the nananas in step, including the ones that went on for like 5 seconds straight lmao?)

this all came to a boil around rppp, when the entire venue was just SCREAMING the fanchant and it wasn’t awkward or fumbling anymore it was just natural and happy and excited??

and omg. airplane. fx-union arranged a thing where at the end of the song, we threw periwinkle paper airplanes at the stage, at the girls. and they would drop from the higher areas down to the lower, and those people would throw them farther onto the stage, it was beautiful, I was emotional.

amber was a godsend, she got us up on our feet and screaming SO OFTEN. jumping up and down, waving our lightsticks maniacally, screaming at the top of our lungs. the energy was so high, especially during the later parts of the show.

during the encore, it really felt like we were singing back to them. like, during all night, we shouted “all night” every time it came up, like we want to stay with you all night, and an almost call and response thing during ending page…I felt so connected. to f(x), to the crowd of fellow f(ans), to the periwinkle all around me……..

I hope I never forget this night

Haha can we stop with the “I’m not like other studyblrs” movement now it was old before it started. No one cares about how different you are or about whether or not you have a messy desk.

Many popular studyblrs are"real" people believe it or not. If you would take a second to look at their posts and not just at their popular ones, you’ll usually find a post here and there about them being sick or not doing well on exams. Often they use sticky notes from the dollar section at target. It really doesn’t matter if they do anyway since it’s none of your business if someone wants to spend their money on pens that write smoother or highlighters with the colors they like.

This new trend also reminds me too much of the “I’m not like other girls” stuff that has been so popular recently. The “crusaders” that make these posts seem to have a sense of superiority based on the fact that they don’t have the nicest desks, stationery, etc. This sounds awfully familiar to “I don’t care about makeup so I’m better than sum girls who do” trend (that seems to be ending thank god). The studyblr community has been called a welcoming, caring community time after time, so why can’t we keep it this way?

The studyblr community is a diverse community mostly made up of young women who are trying to better themselves, and if they want to encourage themselves by having nice stationery or cute desks or Apple products them leave them the fuck alone. Stop acting like just because you are different from mainstream studyblrs you are any better than them.


… because I’m running out of clever transitions, let’s just cut to the chase: I also found the original vinyl release of the Star Wars (or A New Hope’s) soundtrack! Which hey is pretty cool and stuff. Because Star Wars. Fuckin’ Star Wars. Yeah. And that picture of Darth Vader on the back is pretty cool.

Also something weird about this is that while it’s on 2 LP’s, for some bizarre reason sides 1 & 4 are on the first record, while 2 & 3 are on the second. If you want to play it all in order, you have to play side A on the first record, swap it out and play side A on the second, play side B on the second, then swap discs and play side B on the first record. Which is just… fucking bizarre. And this isn’t a misprint or something, I checked on Discogs and apparently that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Oh well, still cool and stuff.

Why doesn’t Logo spend it’s money producing shitty Hallmark channel quality holiday movies, but with queer people.

I just want ridiculous meet cute stories with lesbians dealing with tangled holiday lights and missing dogs and stuff. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Parents Response to Cosplay: My mom thinks it’s kind of ridiculous, because we spend so much money on wigs and stuff, but overall she’s fine with it as long as the costumes aren’t too revealing! My dad is a big sci-fi fan, and I’ve been trying to get him to cosplay with my sister and I. He’s planning on doing Ganon while I do Link and my sister does Zelda! My family overall likes all my facebook posts about it, and my grandma thinks it’s really cool/cute.
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Everybody’s favorite This strange LaserDisc-loving husky managed to… well, actually find some for once today! Apparently the Roseville Half Price Books location sells LaserDiscs among the usual DVDs and stuff. Which was a very happy surprise for me to say the least. It’s nice to know there’s more than just one shop in the area that I could potentially find these things at.

I walked out with two as well. Specifically LaserDisc copies of Top Gun and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan! Because they’re both fantastic films. And now I have them on the superior format LaserDisc.

Emergency guys!!!
  • Katie lost her job and we don't want to get evicted : '). I'm going to start doing fic commissions because it's like, the only thing I can do right now to make money so I was thinking
  • 5-10 $ for ficlets
  • 15-25 $ for one shots
  • 25 $ for the first chapter and 5-10 $ for every chapter afterwards.
  • Prices depend on how difficult the fic is, how much time I'll spend on it and how long you want each individual chapter to be.
  • I'm best suited for Newt/Hermann stuff, but I can write for my other fandoms too. I've never done this before so please let me know if my pricing is completely off or something.
  • My PayPal and regular email address is Lillydunn91@yahoo.com. You can reach me there or in my inbox if you're interested.
  • Anything helps!