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Sorry! That was weird, I meant like right, left, etc.

OHHHHHH! Gotcha!

I’m pretty moderate, middle-of-the-road. 

I support gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, better control of prescription meds, and I really really hope the US fixes treatment of immigrants and minorities. Like, if in my lifetime we can actually achieve equality and not disproportionate application of the law or other services, that would be AMAZING. Today at work I was shooting an interview with a doctor talking about how the infant mortality rate is actually way higher for black citizens than white, and that’s just flat-out disturbing. Like- that is how big the economic divide is (more money = better health services).

I don’t say I’m a democrat (left) because I disagree with a lot of their fiscal policies and I do think they put too many laws in place to regulate too much stuff (they spend millions/billions per year of taxpayer money in day-to-day work, polling, focus groups, etc. and hype up new regulations when there’s literally no way to enforce any of them (because of budget restrictions), what’s the G.D. point of new laws if you aren’t going to enforce them???). 

So yeah, I’m pretty solidly in the middle. I’m Pro-Sanity, lmao

Everyone gets on my ass about how “spoiled” my animals are. 

“They have so much stuff!!!!!” i.e., enrichment?

“They get so many nice treats!!!!!” a … proper fucking diet ????

“You spend way too much money on them! They’re just fish!!!!!” (in regards to the axolotls) uhhhhhhhhhhNNNNNNNNHHNNHNHHNHHGGGGGGG i want to scream into the night .

Like ok I DONT spend “way too much money”. It IS a significant amount, but no more than I have to. I want to provide a certain standard of care. Like ok my dad blows thousands every month on some collection of motorcycles but will throw a hissy fit when i come home with new toys for my dog and proper food. “They’re just animals!!!” really gets me. Like ok dad but your motorcycles aren’t even alive, thats just a hobby. It makes you happy. And my pets make me happy. To see something thrive because of my efforts really eases some of that #anxiety. So. Please. They’re not “just animals”////

(Also goes for anyone else who says that bc they aren’t just animals maybe you could raise your damn standards and treat your animals like living things with feelings idk just a suggestionnnnnn))))))

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can i request a ten, taeyong, and haechan neighbour au?? hehe i really love your writing a lot < 3

ten’s birthday is next week, so here’s a kind of early gift to all you ten stans!!
and of course, taeyong and haechan stans~(´・` )♡
find mark + jaehyun (here)


  • definitely,,,,,, loud
  • he throws parties on the weekends and practices guitar on the weekdays while also getting REALLY R E A L L Y into nba 2k17,,,,,,
  • especially if johnny comes over like the two of them cannot shuttup and neighbors always have to go over and be like “quiet down” and johnny apologizes while ten just sneers and is like “YEAH JOHNNY WHY ARE YOU SO LOUD” and johnny is like “i swear once this door is closed-”
  • but he’s FUN,,,,,like there is not denying that he’s an entertaining, amusing, and great person like why else would his apartment be basically filled to the brim with people who he probably doesn’t even know all that well
  • yeah the snacks,,,,,but also like?? ten makes great jokes, he’s good at making everyone feel comfortable, and his dancing: a+
  • he’s the whole package,,,,,,,,,even though his place is a mess monday morning and he has to practically beg taeyong and jaehyun to come over and help him clean
  • and he once tried to ask hansol and hansol was like “you brought this on yourself lolololol” and the proceeded to hang up on him whenever ten tried to call him back (real friends are like this tbh)
  • speaking of which ten has ,,,,, like no idea how to keep his things organized,,,,,,,,because he has so much stuff like every time he leaves his house he’s wearing a brand new outfit 
  • and everyone is like bro you spend way too much money on clothes,,,,,why do you need so much and ten is like Firstly: it’s fashion you Wouldn’t Get It,,,,,,,,secondly someone stole some of my pants from my last party ok leave it alone
  • but his apartment itself is pretty cool, like somehow he got mark to ask renjun to come over and paint on his wall and it turned out really cool and ten’s the type to have fancy stuff for no reason like did you really need to buy a lamp that looks like a chandelier and ten is like yeah i did bye
  • cute lil secret: he keeps letters from his parents back in thailand in a shoebox in his locked closet so it’s safe because it’s the one thing he refuses to lose,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you know ten if not because you have to listen to the music he blasts at each of his parties and him yell at his friends when they play games but also,,,,,,,,,on multiple occasions
  • ten has come to you for help
  • with many,,,,,,,,,,different,,,,,,,,thing
  • one of the most common is he always ends up needing a place to crash for the night because someone else fell asleep in his bed,,,,,,and his couch,,,,,,,,and on his floor. then there was the time he woke up with his head in a bowl of uneaten ramen and the noodles had gotten stuck in his ear piercings and you had to get them out while ten cried about how gross that was,,,,,and of course the most famous: ten gets tipsy and Emotional and you,,,,,,,well
  • you listen to him
  • mind you in the morning when he’s all better ten is just like “hEY thanks for letting me cry and ,,,,,,,,, stuff let’s never talk about this again!!!!”
  • and you feel bad because ,,,,,,,lmao you’re just his neighbor who also knows his deepest insecurities and fears and it’s like????? you never have the heart to get mad at him for knocking on your door at 2 am
  • but also,,,,,,you like then ten that is open with his feelings. the ten that cuddles into your arm face first and mumbles that you’re so sweet to him, so kind
  • but when ten,,,,,,is being his loud, fun self he’s not exactly that person
  • until you end up being the one in need of help,,,,,knocking on ten’s door at some odd hour and he opens it, shocked to see you and you’re like
  • “where is your alcohol stash,,,,,,,,give it it to me” and ten slows you down by catching you around the waist and he’s like “are you o-?” and you’re like NOPE IM NOT ,,,,,,give me,,,,,,,,,the,,,,,,,,drinks 
  • but ten isn’t letting you go and he’s like “sit down, tell me whats up” and you grumble that it doesn’t matter, trying to hide behind your hair a bit so he can’t see that you had been crying 
  • but ten just shakes his head and he’s like “c’mon,,,,,i know you listen to me when i come sobbing over to you,,,,,,tell me what it is”
  • and you’re like “ten,,,,,,,,,,,do you even see me as a friend? or am i just the closest person near you when you have to complain?” 
  • and it’s quiet and ten kind of looks at you, but then he gently pokes the center of your forehead and he’s like “of course you’re my friend,,,,,,to be honest,,,,,,,ive always thought of you as more than that. to me,,,,like i want,,,,,,,want you to be more than a friend but,,,,,,,i know you don’t feel that way so i just wanted to be close to you,,,,,,,,”
  • and for the first time you’re hearing ten stutter over his words (when he’s not drunk) and you’re like “wait wait wait stop”
  • and you put your finger to his lips and he’s like ??? and you’re like
  • “you want me to be more than your friend?” and ten is like ,,,,,,,, “how,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,let me say it like this it’s hard not to fall for the person who pulled ramen out of my earrings for me.”
  • and you’re blinking a bit, completely forgetting the thing that made you upset because wait. is ten confessing??????
  • and you’re like “so you like me?” and he’s like “yes, i like you. i thought bothering you all the time made that obvious”
  • and you’re like aljfkddkskre it didnt,,,,,,and ten is like “huh, did you also not hear when johnny screamed ‘GO CONFESS TO THE PERSON NEXT DOOR THAT YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH THEM YOU IDIOT’???”
  • and you’re like holy shit no i missed that too
  • and ten is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how


  • the model neighbor 
  • as in he looks like an actual model, and is also super clean and quiet and ??? just very overly polite like he just wants people to like him ya know?????
  • he’s barely home because he’s always over at his friends houses doing their chores because they never want to,,,,,,like when taeyong explained that you have to change your bedsheets at least every three weeks ten dam near had a heart attack because he was like “ive been sleeping on just my mattress for the past 7 months” and taeyong was like HOW ARE YOU A PERSON
  • taeyong loves cute stationary, and cute mugs, and owns an apron with little kitten embroidered on the side and those hanging plants that he decorated his bedroom with and idk he’s got like,,,,,,a clock that looks like a sunflower
  • like taeyong,,,,,,,,is just a boy who loves things that make his apartment more adorable and clean
  • owns every cleaning product imaginable and dedicated a whole closet to them
  • the type to have labels on all his cupboards and shelves and you open his refrigerator and everything is labeled it’s like,,,,,,how does he have the damn nerve to do this
  • also: uses coasters for his drink because he gets anxious about drinks spilling onto his rug
  • but yeah other than that,,,,he’s kinda awkward around most people,,,,but he does his best to smile and come off sweet
  • and you’ve seen him,,,,,,lugging home like three different brands of detergent and a new mop every week and you’re like huh so he’s super,,,,,,like,,,,,,,into cleaning
  • which you’re like is fine but you,,,,,after only recently moving in,,,,hasn’t even unpacked half your things yet and everytime your friends from your original hometown call you’re like (—: im an adult. my apartment is nice and sparkly and im doing fine
  • (this is a lie. you’ve been living off fast-food and half your stuff is still in boxes)
  • which is why when your best friend says she’ll be visiting tomorrow you’re like HOLD UP
  • and you know just the person to go a solicit help from. taeyong
  • and when you knock on his door he’s like surprised because you two have never held a solid conversation
  • and he is like “oh hello, i know we’ve never properly-”
  • and you’re like “you have 309458 mops right. you got a duster,,,,,,thing,,,,,,,,right”
  • and he’s like “feather duster?” and you’re like YEAH THAT,,,,,,,listen i need help now
  • and when you explain that you (being the lazy person we ALL are) didn’t unpack or clean or do anything and your friend is coming tomorrow and you don’t want to look like a Failure of an Adult in front of her,,,,,,,well taeyong kind of looks at you and is like 
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fine ill get the swivel sweeper”
  • and you guys spend like 7 hours getting your things unpacked and taeyong is really good at like????? decorating and he’s like “OH i have the peRFECT thing”
  • and he runs over to his place and comes back holding this cute like paper weight in the shape of like a giraffe and he puts it on your desk and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,what is that” and he’s like “are you really an adult?”
  • but he helps you a lot and it’s kind of fun, he has like,,,,,,,,a really nice laugh you made a pun about like cleaning and he almost fell over laughing it was really,,,,,,,,,,cute
  • and once you’re done you’re like how should i thank you
  • and he’s like “it’s fine, you don’t have to!!”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,but i should but he’s like really no it’s nothing
  • but even after he leaves,,,,,,you’re like this is mean he worked so hard for me
  • and it bugs you, even after you friend comes over and is like WOW this place is so clean im impressed
  • that you end up going out and buying one of those cute little home humidifiers and you’re like “this seems taeyong-ish”
  • and you knock on his door again and he’s like “oh!!! do you need to borrow my mo-” and you’re like “here!!!!!! it’s a small gift,,,,,,but i thought you might like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down at the bag and he gets super duper red and he’s like “i,,,,,,,,i can’t accept this,,,,,,,it’s too much,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like ashofvd you spent SIX HOURS cleaning my house for me pleASE 
  • and finally you manage to get taeyong to take the gift and you’re like “anyway,,,,,,,,,,seriously thank you”
  • and taeyong kind of hesitates but he’s like
  • “do you,,,,,,,,,,,,wanna come inside,,,,,,,,,i don’t usually let people over but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like huh oh sure!!! and ok his house looks like a palace there isn’t any dirt anywhere
  • and when he makes you a cup of tea there’s like little cute bears on the mug and you’re looking at the cup and at taeyong’s beautiful face and you
  • can’t help but giggle and he’s going red again like,,,,,,,am i funny?? are you laughing at me??
  • and you’re like “no no no you’re just so,,,,,,,,,,much cuter than i expected!!”
  • and taeyong damn near falls over,,,,,,,you called him CUTE?!?!?! and you’re like “i didn’t think someone so chic would be into little cute animals” and taeyong is like im not,,,,,,chic,,,,,,,,plus animals are so,,,,,adorable right
  • and you’re like omg taeyong you i should have gotten you a big stuffed bear and he’s like aGHDSd no,,,,,,i love what you got me don’t worry about it
  • and he’s so cute getting nervous and staring at his lap,,,,,,,you can’t help but wanna lean over and like kiss his face but you don’t 
  • even though tbh taeyong is like,,,,,,,,,i wouldn’t mind being kissed by them,,,,,,,,like in his head LOL


  • thought he was old enough to be totally fine living alone. and he is,,,,,,,except he goes over to everyones house for his meals and got mark’s netflix password so he didn’t have to pay for it himself
  • how many times has yuta lent him his nintendo ds? like 32424234
  • jaehyun is convinced haechan took his ricecooker,,,,,,,,,but he has no way to prove it except that haechan was like “nooo hyung i got this at the mall on sale i promise!!!!” and jaehyun is like “then where did mine disappear to?” and haechan is like thats your problem,,,,so,,,,,,
  • but it’s ok because everyone adores him because if he wants something all he has to do is be a cute kid and bam! he gets it
  • and although he’s a little trickster, and sometimes his hyungs fall into his traps. he shows that he cares for them too
  • and especially for his friends that are younger, like when chenle and jisung come over to hangout haechan will literally be like “if you stay past 10. you have to sleepover. im not letting you go out in the dark.”
  • and he knows how taeyong hates messes so he brought coasters just for him and he always has snacks that he knows mark likes 
  • like YES he can be a bit of ,,,,,,,,,,, a devil but he’s a sweetheart too
  • his apartment isn’t full of too many toys or anything he actually has a pretty mature taste
  • and if anything he just really likes having a space for him to write and think clearly because to me, haechan is really creative and so he’d like a big desk with post-its and books full of ideas,,,,he just comes off that way
  • but he’d have some like cute joke stuff like a really bad photo of johnny framed and on his bookshelf or something LOL
  • also idk why,,,,,,but haechan seems like he’d have a dog,,,,,like a corgi,,,,,or a beagle,,,,,,,,, 
  • anyway you’re really close with haechan because you love love love teasing doyoung and mark and jaehyun 
  • you guys kind of bonded over pulling harmless pranks together 
  • and so for ten’s upcoming birthday you and him decided to make cookies but to fill some up with hot sauce or wasabi just to see ten run around the room arms flailing 
  • but as you know,,,,,,doing anything with haechan can’t be a calm and clean process
  • halfway through you try to feed him some vanilla extract saying it’s melted white chocolate and he tries to get some icing on the side of your face
  • but it’s all fun and games like,,,,,,,you love being in each others company because you guys never get sick of being silly
  • until someone (probably haechan) ends up spilling some of the eggs on the floor and neither of you notice
  • until you slip on your way to the oven and go tumbling backwards
  • and you’re like haechan!!!!!! look out!!!!!
  • but he’s like throwing down the flour he’s holding to outstretch his arms and catch you
  • but it just ends up with both of you on the floor, covered in the eggs and sugar and flour
  • and you’re leaning against haechan whose hit his arm on the counter coming down
  • and you’re like “are you ok????” and haechan is like “no i think im bleeding”
  • and he puts his hand up and you see some red and you’re like HAECHAN oh my god im so sO SOrry let me get a bandage omg do you not have any here let me rip some off this tissue -
  • and then out of nowhere he starts to laugh and you’re like ??????? and he’s like “it’s just some red icing, im fine!!!”
  • and you sit there on the floor, and frown and you’re like “you scared me!!!!! i thought you were hurt,,,,if i had hurt you i don’t know what i-”
  • and haechan can see the sadness in your eyes and automatically his smile falls
  • and he’s like “im sorry, it was a dumb joke why are you so worried about me anyway, you know im indestructible!”
  • and you know he’s playing around but you still take his wrist and turn his arm to make sure he isn’t hiding that he might be really hurt
  • and you’re like “im glad you’re ok,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and haechan looks at you, still holding his arm and he’s like
  • “wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,did you get all worried about me like that because maybe,,,,,,,”
  • and you look up wide eyes and you’re like “UH”
  • and haechan is like snapping his fingers like “YOU LIKE ME?”
  • and you’re ike UHHHHHH WHAT SHUT UP NO WAY
  • but haechan is like mimicking your voice and he’s like “you scared me!!!” but then he reaches out and pulls you toward him into a hug
  • and he’s like “seriously, you could have just told me because i like you too!!!!!!”
  • and you’re like haECHAN don’t be playing some kind of joke on me-
  • and he’s like “this isn’t a joke, i promise, for real this time.”
  • and you can’t help but blush and be like “we’re covered in eggs let’s not hug-” but haechan just pushes you closer because like c’mon he totally would 

It’s happening again. Shawn is asking you to move in. You tell him no in the most loving way you can. It’s been just over a year since you became an item. You’ve stay the night several times for several days. Shawn doesn’t understand when you say it’s just not the right time. You think this is the last time he will ask. That if you keep declining, he is going to break up with you. The thing is, you just don’t want him to pay for everything. Like he always does. You know he loves you, wants the best for you, gives you everything because “Nothing is too good for my girl.”

You always tell him “I don’t need that” and “Oh my god, Shawn, put it back!” And inevitably anything you spared a passing glance at ends up being yours. He always paid for dates too. The two of you talked about it a few times.

“Stop spoiling me, Shawn. I can buy stuff too.”  

“I can’t babe. What am I supposed to spend this money on? More band shirts? I’d rather see you smile.”

In the end, you didn’t mind THAT much, because you didn’t let yourself get a big head about it. But when it came to living together…well…there were some things your pride just wouldn’t let him pay for. You knew if you moved in with Shawn, he would pay all the bills and it was just something that bothered you. It was the last thing you had, that he DIDN’T pay for. It was your last sense of independence, the last thing you actually had to spend your money on. If you didn’t have bills, what would be the point of working? You could just mooch off Shawn. You couldn’t let yourself do that.

“Babe, why don’t you move in with me?”

“It’s complicated.”

Shawn looks hurt. He steps forward, hands rubbing up and down your arms. “Talk to me. We agreed not to keep anything from each other, remember?”

You do remember. The late night talks. The pinky swear. Honesty was everything for the two of you. “Alright, I just don’t want you to pay for everything.”

“You just bought lunch last week.”

You laugh softly. “No, Shawn, not those things. I mean the bills. You’re amazing, loving, so giving and I love it. I love you. But as stupid as it sounds, paying my bills gives me a sense of purpose and pride.”

“Babe,” Shawn smiles softly.


He breaks out into a laugh. “If the only thing holding you back is paying bills? You can pay whatever bills you want, just not the rent, that’s all mine.” He pulls you into a hug and presses his face into your hair. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

You bring your arms up, fists clenched in the fabric of the back of his shirt. “Didn’t want to upset you.”

Shawn leans back and kisses your head. “Hey, no, I couldn’t be upset with you. Remember,” he brings his hand around between you and holds his pinky finger up. You hook it with yours and nod, “100% honesty.”

Wedding in Hawaii || Part 3

hi. part 3 is here which is also the last i think. although i may or may not will write the bit when they go home and stuff bc of the airport pictures of harry with the glasses on and stuff. i might just carry on a whole story line with them, give a girl name and then when i have ideas i just write it with them two bc i like how in love they are and i’m sad lolololol. whatcha think?? also i hope you’ll enjoy this like you did with the other 2, it was fun to be fed so good this week by the king lmao. and as well lemme know what you wanna read, if you have any ideas please send them to me so i can think about them and make it happen sometime. lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 1Part 2



Keep your shit together, girl.

He is only wearing a whiteish-creamish coloured suit with a baby blue shirt.

You’ll be fine, honestly.

But then his tanned skin and bright smile, his amazing emerald eyes and his mind spinning scent!

Holy cow.

I was one lucky gal as I saw Harry coming out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready to go. He washed his hair so his curls were all over the place but it was so sexy and adorable at the same time I honestly didn’t know how he managed it all.

“I swear I don’t know how I got so lucky,” he said as he walked over to me, sneaking his arms around me and kissing my neck right up to beneath my ear then across my jawline. “You look bloody stunning,” he complimented me which made my heart flutter and cheeks flush red.

I didn’t even realise I closed my eyes and my lips parted as he pressed open mouthed kisses on my skin and his hand was squeezing my bum here and there. Being so close to him just allowed me to inhale his typical Harry smell which yes indeed it included the minty flavour or scent or whatever of his chewing gum that never seemed to leave his mouth.

“I love your ass,” he whispered in my ear as he pressed a whole lot of new kisses onto my skin. “I also love you. Like crazy.”

“I feel like we’re on our honeymoon,” I chuckled then a sigh left my lips as he nibbled on my earlobe and dragged his tongue down the side of my neck. “You’ve gotta stop this, now.”

“Do I really?” he murmured into my skin as he held me closer to his body.

“Behave, mister,” I said weakly, not being able to control myself as he took over me just by kissing my neck and gripping my ass.

How was he doing this?

“Alright-alright,” he gave in as he pulled away. His usual side smirk was still on his face then he laughed which caused his eyes to crinkle and his dimples to deepen in his cheeks. “I’d love to come back here with you for, like, a month.”

“Are you crazy?” I looked at him with wide eyes as I took my phone out of my bag. “I don’t have the expenses to afford a whole month in Hawaii.”

“I’ll pay it,” he shrugged like it was no big deal. Which I understood. He was a multibillionaire. Of course he could afford it.

He could’ve bought the entire island if he wanted to with all the money he had.

“Alright, whatever,” I laughed it off as I walked past him. “You can’t just say stuff like this. I hate it when you pay for all my stuff. You didn’t let me pay for my own plane tickets because you wanted us to fly first class.”

“So what’s wrong with that? I can afford it. I want to buy things, nice things, for you; I want to spend my money on you. I love you, of course I spoil you.”

“You spoil me too much, though. You don’t have to win me over with your money you have already won me over with your personality and I just want you to know that you are enough for me. You are an amazing man, I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend than you and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.

You honestly make me go crazy, like, absolutely nuts. I cannot keep my hands off of you and I think you already know this but I can’t stop looking at you either. You are honestly the greatest, kindest, most humble guy I have ever met in my life and I’m so freaking grateful to have you. I’m so damn blessed.”

His eyes kept looking into mine as I rambled on about how much I loved him or something along those lines. I didn’t even know what I was saying because the words just left my mouth and I was hoping and praying that nothing silly was spoken by me.

“Right, this is final,” he said slowly as he nodded and swallowed. “I am for sure, like, 100% taking you to Hawaii for a whole month and I am paying it all. We are flying first class and you will not bring any money, not even your bank card. Like I am literally going to pay for everything for you.”

“Like hell you will! Calm your tits, pal. Just cause I tell you how much I love you and how amazing you are, which you should know anyway, doesn’t mean that you can just become my sugar daddy. I am not giving you sugar for money although it comes in handy sometimes…” I joked around which caused him to laugh with his head back and hand on his stomach.

It was the prettiest view and the most angelic sound I have heard that day. I loved making Harry laugh and smile and happy.

He deserved the best and I was determined to give him the best. Even if I couldn’t be considered as the best.


The dinner was on the beach, the sun was still up so it gave us enough light to see each other and be able to have food outside. It was lovely as we heard the tides of the sea crashing on the sandy shore and the slightly salty yet extremely fresh smell filled my lungs.

Harry was sitting on my right side while Lily was on his left side, talking his ear off which I found rather funny. Especially when he could barely control himself so his hand gripped my thigh a bit firmer as his it was resting there.

He leaned over to me when the little girl got up from the table and left with her mum to go somewhere, his nose slightly nuzzling against mine as a quiet sigh escaped his lips.

“If we ever have a daughter I do not know how I’ll cope,” he said chuckling and I joined him. He pressed his lips against mine in a soft kiss and pulled away just to do it again several times after the first one. “I love you.”

“I love you,” I smiled as my eyes fluttered open just to look right into his shining green ones.

Before I fully moved away from him I kissed his cheek which caused him to blush a little and I found that adorable. I didn’t know why he blushed whenever I kissed him but I loved it like I loved him.

“What would you like to name our daughter?” I asked him suddenly as we were both leaning back in our chairs, the people at the table were all in deep conversation about something.

“Hmmm,” he hummed, putting his elbow on the arm of the chair he was sitting on as he leaned his chin against the side of his index finger. “I don’t know, I think-, we are most probably going to change it right as she’ll be born. Y’know how random we are,” he laughed.

“Right I think we would and will probably end up doing that,” I agreed. At that point I didn’t realise we were talking like it is going to happen but to be honest we had a good relationships and I didn’t see anything that could possibly damage our bond in the near future.

Anything’s possible for us. We have the chance to create a family together in the future and that makes me excited.

“But, urm, something special I think,” I said finally, after he thought about it a bit. “I’d definitely want something for her that would suit her and a name that would be special and unique.”

“As special and unique as Bear Payne or…” I grinned at him which caused him to widen his eyes and it was the funniest thing ever. Then I clocked on. I just shaded his best mate’s son’s name and I didn’t even mean to do that. “I mean that’s not actually what I wanted to say.”

“Oh my god,” he continued to laugh as he covered his mouth with his hand. Then he put the other one over his hand that was already on his lips and his whole body was shaking as he made fun of me making fun of Liam’s son’s name.

But I didn’t really.

I thought it was cute and of course a bit unusual but definitely unique. I think it was mainly his girlfriend who decided on the name so I can’t really give all the credit to Liam for giving his son the name he got in the end.

“Stop it, Harry,” I punched his arm with my fist but I didn’t actually hurt him. This got him though because he stopped and put on a fake hurt face which made me laugh. He was honestly so goofy and playful, sometimes it just made me wanna have kids with him as I wanted to see him with them. “So, what about our daughter’s name then, huh?”

“Okay, let’s talk like adults then,” he said as he cleared his throat and a big sigh left his lips. “I would probably like to call her, um, Maya or something.”

“Maya or something?” I asked back as my eyebrow arched up higher than I could have drawn it as I was getting ready.

“I like Maya, it’s, well, I think it’s different. What do you think? Do you like it?”

“I mean it’s a pretty name but I’m not too keen on it,” I told him my honest opinion. “I’d rather call her something more-, I don’t know. Something more umpfh if you get me?”

Umpfh,” he repeated. His eyes slowly looked into mine and I already saw his smirk growing bigger and bigger. Then before I knew it his head was leaned back and he was laughing his ass off. “Right, describe this umpfh for me, please, pretty girl.”

“You’re just making fun of me, you deserve no explanation,” I told him with a serious face expression but deep down I was dying from the laughter I had to hold back.

God why were we such a goofy and childish couple? We didn’t take anything seriously, we laughed most of the time that we spent together and basically we were both just a mess as soon as we saw each other or started talking.

We could be texting and when I type out that “I’m crying I can’t cope I’m pissing myself” I’m actually like that. Some people just text that stuff, I actually feel it and do it. I mean yeah, Harry is funny…

But I’m hilarious.

I think I laugh at my own jokes more than Harry does. But then again he laughs at his own jokes too. And sometimes we laugh at each other’s – well, okay, we laugh all the fucking time I don’t even know what I’m trying to say anymore.

We’re funny and end of.

How to Fake a Marriage (Chapter 2)

Adrien Agreste is excited to go to London to get a degree in Physics- but he’s less excited about the ridiculous list of rules his father keeps giving him, especially since it’s clear that his father doesn’t trust his judgement at all. So what better way to rebel than to fake a wedding with one of his friends as soon as he gets to London?

(Chapter 1)

(AO3) (FF.net)

“Your father actually forbid you from dating?” Marinette asked in disbelief as she and Adrien finished putting away her groceries. Adrien had decided to put off his grocery shopping until the next day, since Marinette had invited him over for dinner on the condition he help her put away her groceries. He had been only too eager to help and spend some time with her. “That’s insane! He does realize that you’re an adult now, right?”

“I don’t think so,” Adrien admitted, folding up the cloth bag he had just emptied. “I mean, I sure it doesn’t help that I’m still doing the same stuff at Gabriel that I’ve been doing since collège. I might have a business degree, but I haven’t been helping with the administrative stuff for the company at all and that possibility hadn’t even been mentioned at all. It’s all photoshoots and commercials and fashion shows and ‘being the face of the brand’.” Adrien rolled his eyes. “Not that I want to be doing business or anything, but it seems like a waste after getting that degree and all.”

“And you didn’t apply to work anywhere else, or did your father forbid that as well?”

Adrien winced. “I, uh. Hadn’t thought of that. I just sort of assumed that since Father had been talking about me taking over the business end of Gabriel once I got my degree, I would automatically get some sort of job there.” He should have looked into that, probably, but then Plagg had pointed out that Adrien didn’t particularly like business, so why not study what he actually liked? Maybe now that he was in London, he could get some sort of part-time job using that degree so it wouldn’t go completely to waste.

Or maybe he could just focus on getting his physics degree. Considering that his father was paying for his living expenses, that would probably be easier. Besides, his father would probably object if he weren’t focusing all of his energy on his schooling.

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@alexairwin requested a Disney!Luke imagine!!

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up.

Sorry I’m really bad at making imagines short so this will have two(if not more parts). Anyways, love you guys enjoy.


You hang up the towels that are all thrown around the room, making sure the bed was all made up. All while watching the clock that never seemed to move during your shift.

You hated complaining about your job because when you told people you worked at Disneyland almost everyone thought it was cool. But being a maid at one of the most popular parks in America was quite opposite.

People left their rooms in horrible shape but if everyone cleaned up after themselves you’d be out of a job. You just wish not everyone’s room was so disgusting.

“Oh, um.” Someone says behind you.

You squeal slightly, being caught off guard.

You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t hear anyone came in. It’s pretty awkward when someone comes in and you’re cleaning their room.

You twirl around, “I’m so sorry. I’ll get out of your way.”

You cough slightly, still getting over a cold.

The boy who you came face to face with was quite attractive which made you even more embarrassed.

He stared at you, as most people do when they find someone in their room. His blue eyes watching you intensely as you pick up your cleaning supplies.

“So you’re the one who’s been coming in here while I’m gone and making my bed. I thought his place really was magic and was cleaning itself up.” He speaks.

His obvious accent making you curious to find out where he is from. You laugh at his attempt to pull a joke.

He smiles proudly, he thinks you are beautiful . Much too pretty to be a maid. He also wonders how old you are because you barely look old enough to have a job.

“That’s me.” You smile, tucking a piece of hair that had fallen from your braids.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Y/N.” You reply, sniffling a bit, this cold is very persistent.

You can’t afford to stay home even a day. You still live with your parents and work because they would lose their house otherwise.

You liked sticking around to make sure everyone was okay anyways.

“Well I’m Luke. It’s nice to meet you.” You wipe your nose with the cuff of your sleeve. “Are you sick?”

You nod, “Yeah, just the tail end of a cold. I’m okay though.”

Luke watches your mouth as you talk. Your full pink lips mesmerizing him.

“Well then you should be at home resting.” He smiles, still looking at your lips.

“Yeah.” You giggle, glancing down. “Well I’ll see you around.”

You smile at him once more before heading to the next room.

Your day changed after meeting Luke. You had more of a bounce in my step. The day passes quickly and you hoped you would see him again.
The next morning you wake up, still feeling under the weather. This cold is just clinging on.

“You’re needed in 402.” Your boss says without looking up as soon as you walk in.

You sigh, usually if you are needed this early in the morning it’s not pretty.

You grab some basic cleaning things, lots of disinfectant. The closer you get to the room you realize it’s where you had your encounter with Luke.

You really hope he didn’t completely trash the room because because that would completely change you view on him.

You knock on the door and it almost immediately swings open.

Luke’s smiles is bright and he is fully dressed.

“Ah, y/n I was hoping they would send you!” He says.

His blue eyes are soft as he glances at you.

You smile back at him, switching back and forth on your feet awkwardly. “So, did you need me to do something for you?”

He comes to realization that you are just standing in the hallway holding cleaning supplies. He stands to the side motioning for you to come in.

You walk in and the room is clean, cleaner that even you left it yesterday.

“I remember how you were saying- well you said you weren’t feeling well so…” He can’t seem to find the right words so he just motions.

You see a table with tea and a kettle of hot water.

“I didn’t know what kind you liked so I got you chamomile, and earl gray and even some berry kind. I don’t know.” He smiles and you laugh.

“Luke, this is so sweet.” You smile, setting down your cleaning supplies.

What did you do to get this boy to do something like this. You had guests leave nice gifts for you but never anything like this. This was so thoughtful and he was being so sweet.

“I also told them my toilet was acting up so it would probably take you awhile.” Luke scratches the back of his neck.

He pulls out a chair for you, “Please sit down.” He says.

You felt horrible, you didn’t want to leave your coworkers to do all the work while you had tea with a cute boy. Maybe if it were just a couple minutes.

You sit in the chair and he nicely pushes his chair in.

You decide minty tea sounds nice. The water is so warm it soothes your throat.

Luke pours himself a cup as well.

“So where are you from?” You make conversation.

Accents have always intrigued you, you loved knowing where people were from. Probably because you’ve always wanted to get out of California, even America.

“Australia. I’m here with some mates on a holiday.” He says.

You nod, a vacation sounds nice but out of everywhere they could have gone why here?

“Are you having fun? Why aren’t you out enjoying the rides while you can?” You ask him.

It is still early morning but the rides opened over an hour ago. Instead of going out on a nice day he is sitting with you instead.

“I just was thinking about how you weren’t feeling well and I hate working when I’m sick.” He shrugs.

You two talked yesterday afternoon. You would have thought he’d forgotten all about it.

He makes conversation by asking about your favorite rides and if you come here with your family much.

You don’t go into detail but your parents don’t have much money to spend on stuff like Disneyland. Sure you get a good discount working here but even that’s too much.

He seems to want to talk about you, asking you about your favorite animal and color. He wanted to know what you did for fun and other fun places to do around California.

You were having such a good conversation by the time you came to your senses and looked at the clock an hour had passed. You stumble to your feet.

“Oh my. I have to go.” You scramble to gather all of your cleaning supplies you arrived with. “Thank you so much, Luke. You are very thoughtful.”

He stands to his feet to see you off.

“Wait.” He says as you are halfway out the door.

He puts his hand on your arm and you look down at it. His warm hand tingling on your skin.

You glance up at his face and the electric blue of his eyes is just sunning, it almost takes your breath away.

“I-i want to see you again.” He stutters, looking down at the ground as he confesses.

It is then you realize how good looking he his. His long hair is curly and is pushed back out of his eyes. He has magnificent eyebrows and his lips are so full and pink.

A smile crosses your features, you are still in such amazement you’ve caught the attention of this beautiful boy.

“I get off at 5. I’ll meet you here.” You say before slipping from him grip and out the door.

<//❤️~Oo°*_( 桜さくや )_*°oO~❤️\<

Tadaaaa !
The other drawing for husbando Sakkuuuun (/❤️u❤️)/~~~~ <3
<*_~ SaKuRaSaKuYa ~_*> ! c:
wuh !
I always wanted to draw him like this since I know about the #桜さくや hype on Twitter :’D NOW - FINALLY.
pink suits him so well, he'sgoddamnhandsomeasalwaysjfc ///^///) I already smell the scent of cherryblossoms…. <3 spring feeeeliiingsss ~❤️~

haaahh..I’m so glad I managed to draw a digi drawing for him too  although I’m still super busy with final exams ._. BUT NO, I’d go through sleepless nights just to finish fanarts for his birthday *^* !!
alright, it's STILL his birthday, so we can still celebrate and talk about what a great person he is…. <3 ALL DAY LOONNGGGG

It’s actually the 4th time celebrating his birthday, which means I almost love him for 4 years, FOUUURRRRRR YEARS ;w;)9 !! <3 ma luv, ma baby <3
Thank you so much StrikeTanaka for making him EXISSSTTTTTT ( 9;////;)9 ! what would be life without Sakuya, seriously :’D! 

Moreover it’s sad I can’t show my love for him like japanese fans can do, like..LOOK AT THAT AMOUNT OF MERCHANDISE THEY HAVE. HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN SPEND ON THIS. IT’S LIKE THEY’RE RICH AF. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;////;? Ok they do have the benefit that they don’t have to order that stuff overseas etc v.v)! ahahahah ~ what a great life :‘D at least that’s all I can do for Sakkun now ;//w//;) <3

anyways, hope u like this one too >w>)/ !! <3 <3 <3

Jumin’s Bad Ending Guide

So, because a lot of people are asking me about Jumin’s bad ending, I decided to write post about it.
First, I apologise for my bad English :( I know my grammar is poor :( Hope you guys can understand what I’m saying xd

In this post I’m going to tell you how to achieve bad endings (yes, there is more than one) for Jumin and also show you some screenshots, so it may contain spoilers!

I unlocked three endings but maybe there is more ??? Tell me if you know, please.

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Thank you

Dean Ambrose x Reader

A/N: Hope I didn’t write Dean too much ooc. It’s my first time writing a loger fic with him. And if someone called Tatiana reads this… I’m sorry

Also this is my longest Oneshot so far… and a pretty cheesy one too… so not sorry^^

Originally posted by ambreignssmemories

Y/N ruffled through her hair, she couldn’t deny that she had been sleeping already. The onlyt hing she wanted to know now was: Who the hell was ringing at 2am in the morning at her door? That someone better had a good explanation for their intruding at such an early hour. Y/N didn’t even bother to look if she looked decent, this irritant pain in the neck should realise that they had woken her from her heavenly slumber. She didn’t know who to expect when she opened the door.

“Dean? What are you doing here? It’s almost 2 in the morning!” Y/N rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, her craving for revenge slowly fading when she looked into his baby blue eyes. Infront of her stood Dean, leaning from one foot to another. His dirty blonde hair in a mess as always, wearing his signature leather jacket, nervously chewing on the inside of his cheek. He took a deep breath as if he wanted to say something, but only to exhaled again and rub the back of his neck.

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First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making it here. It’s your senior year of high school, and you haven’t gone completely insane. Good start.

I’m making this post as a rising university freshman, recently graduated high school senior in the United States. I know I personally panicked and looked through Tumblr for hours trying to soothe my worries, and if I can help even one scared person out there, then my job is complete. 


Yeah, this is a big one.

  • First, breathe. I promise everything will be okay.
  • Apply to as many colleges as you see fit. The number is different for everyone. I applied to 3, my friend applied to 13. Don’t panic if your friends are applying for more than 10 and you’re applying to less than five, and try to not judge them if it’s reversed.
  • Pay attention to the deadlines. I know it’s obvious, but they can really slip by you. Don’t forget to check if the financial aid deadline is different from the application deadline.
  • Don’t hate yourself if you don’t get accepted into your top choice. I know I was in this position last year, so I’m going to say it for you if no one else will. If you applied to an Ivy League or the western equivalent, there is a small chance you will get in, but a larger chance you will not. Statistics are against you. Have a Plan B and a Plan C. Dream big, and don’t let anything stop you from pursuing your dream, but don’t let it completely crush you if you don’t manage to be the 4-6% of students across the world making it into one specific university.
  • Remember that most universities and colleges require financial aid to be done and turned in alongside the standard application!


Oh dear.

  • If you haven’t started doing scholarships yet, don’t panic.There are plenty of opportunities for scholarships still. There are some with deadlines in May/June!
  • Even if it’s only $100-$200, apply for it if you think you can. That can buy a book or two or chip away at a meal plan. Everything counts.
  • With that, don’t overload yourself. Don’t give yourself 9 essays to write in one night unless you can do your best work under that much pressure and stress.
  • If you have a military parent/guardian, USE IT. I cannot tell you how many scholarships I found for military dependents. This applies to retired military parents/guardians as well. Even if you’re not planning on doing anything remotely to do with the military, they want to help you.
  • FAFSA. If you can get money from them, great. If not, let me send my condolences, I know that sucks. Keep looking.


Here we go.

  • You don’t have to be perfect. Seriously. You don’t have to be trendy and tumblr and cute constantly. Sure, it’s nice for the pictures, but if it’s too much time and effort to keep it up and only stresses you out, drop it. I promise it’ll be okay.
  • Write stuff down wherever you’ll see it. Be it a sticky note on your mirror or in your planner, if you see it, you’ll remember it.
  • I know I might get some serious backlash for this, but you don’t need a planner. If that’s not how you work, don’t feel like you need to shell out money for one or spend time making one. Do what works for you.
  • Folders, binders, accordion folders, use whatever you have that’s in good working condition, or if you have the money, treat yourself (or have your parents treat you) to a new way to file things. Use what works for you. I cannot stress that enough!
  • There is such a thing as over color-coordinating. As pretty as it may be by the end, your brain likely can’t handle that overload. Stick to one or two different colors and it’ll be a lot easier to decipher.



  • IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER IN A COURSE AFTER A MONTH, SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND GO DOWN A LEVEL. Trust me, I know it sucks, I really really do, but I took a Calculus course too quick for me, and I suffered so much, as well as lost valedictorian. There’s a difference between challenging yourself and putting yourself through unnecessary stress. It’ll be okay.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Again, it’s time to swallow your pride and get whatever you need to succeed.
  • Your teachers may be exhausted, but most of them are most than happy to help you if you need it, or if you’re confused on the specifics of an assignment. Use office hours or e-mail them. They’re human too!
  • Always, ALWAYS study for your tests. Whether it’s AP, IB, Honors, or on-level courses, you can always solidify information more. There’s nothing worse than neglecting to study, being confident as you go into the exam, and then experiencing that heart-stopping, stomach-dropping moment when you have no f*cking clue what the questions are asking.
  • Not everything is about AP/IB. Sure they’re useful, but never NEVER feel like you’re less of a person or less deserving because you take on-level courses.


Oh jeez…

  • In case you haven’t thought about it before, some of your friends are moving away. Spend as much time with them as you can before you leave or they leave. You’ll regret it if you don’t.
  • With that said, if you have toxic friends, DITCH THEM. You are the number 1 priority in your own life. If you don’t feel happy around your friends, then they’re not good friends. It’s not too late to find great people, I promise. I did it in my second semester of senior year, and they’re some of my favorite people that I’ve ever known to exist. Find friends for life, not friends for now.
  • It is 100,000% normal and fine to not have had your first kiss, first significant other, or first relationship by this point. I promise you. Don’t let stories of people and their 5 boyfriends/girlfriends make you feel insecure. Don’t feel pressured into doing something you’re not ready for. (Also it makes going off to college a lot less stressful if you don’t feel like you’re supposed to tag along with your s/o or have an obligation to see them.)
  • Surprise! Not everyone is actually having sex! Even some people that say they are aren’t!
  • Please, learn to love yourself. You were placed on this earth just how you are. Don’t ever feel like you’re worthless, wrong, disgusting, or unloved. You are worth so much, I promise.
  • Don’t trash talk your younger counterparts. I know they’re annoying, walking into the school and being loud and acting like they own everything, but they’ll learn. Be patient, and try to not talk bad about them. You’ll be a freshman again next year, and you wouldn’t want seniors to be talking about you like that.
  • Join a club! It isn’t too late!



  • So here’s the thing. College and university costs way more than it should. Save money. I know it’s hard and it sucks and it’s annoying as hell, but you’ll thank yourself later. 
  • Consider getting a journal to document things you do during the year. Paste in movie stubs, concert tickets, pictures, and write a little bit about the experience! Remember to please breathe. You’ll get through it, I swear.
  • If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed or as if you can’t do it, please seek out someone to talk to. It’s scary and stressful, but it’ll most likely help.
  • Do things for you. Take a bath. Take a weekend off. Call your best friend. Read a book for fun! Do something that will relax you and make you feel better about your situation.

I promise you can do it. I believe in you, and I hope you believe in yourself.

If I missed anything or you want anything added on or answered, please let me know, and feel free to add on with your own experiences!

xx, Shelby

anonymous asked:

Fraaaaan, Sero so handsome. What about BakuSero ?

A good ship I might draw something for in the near future! :D if inspiration doesn’t leave me again, that is

Anon said: I don’t know if you said anything but is there a reason you haven’t drawn anything haikyuu related lately? Not complaining but just interested why?

Hmmmmm there’s a few reasons I’ve talked about on various occasions in the past, stuff that goes from “the manga isn’t all that inspiring atm” to “the fandom isn’t responding in a way that makes me want to share more” and also “reposters sure are a pain aren’t they”, but lately I’ve been thinking that I really wouldn’t mind drawing some hq’s again so! Don’t think about those too much, consider it just a temporary hiatus :D

Anon said: Rude quiestion i know and im sorry but, will you draw some haikyuu stuff again or…?

I will! Can’t promise my focus won’t shift on other characters once I’ll start again, or generally be more spread out through everyone instead of focusing on a couple like I was doing before, but I will!

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anonymous asked:

Indigo im about to start uni in the UK in sept HOW DO I SURVIVE COLLEGE i literally only trust ur opinion

that was ur first mistake

1. fucking GO TO CLASS it’s so easy not to but u gotta
2. turn your sHIT IN it’s so easy not to but u gotta
3. join something. anything. join the fucking circus for all i care but it’s fucking hard to make long term friends if you’re not a part of anything
4. part time job if u spend too much money it’s nice getting a paycheck but nbd if you can’t, not everyone has enough time
5. do stuff outside it’s good for you
6. eat a vegetable
7. eat a fruit
8. eat a girl
9. eat your pride
10. learn the difference between things that make you uncomfortable for a reason and things that make you uncomfortable just to hold you back
11. your major doesn’t matter, just pick anything interesting

that’ll be $20 kiddo


▪26 June▪

I started my day with overcoming my anxiety, after that I finished a few pages of maths & german. My new Washi Tape from Wish came in the mail today & the lists you see there are my study related pages in my BuJo.

I planned out my finances for the first time today & was kinda overwhelmed at how much money I spend. Well, the most stuff I bought was stuff I really needed. Some things were a treat (pens & a notepad), but I could have saved 60$ by not shopping at Lush, Wish & ebay. Lesson learned.

Watch your finances & eat your greens kids (grandma voice)

Gawd I feel too adult right now ._.

anonymous asked:

hi carol, the last few weeks I’ve been feeling a bit gloomy and grey. How do you become happy when you’re down?

hello angel!! i’m sorry to hear that ur not feeling ur best lately. here’s what i usually do when i’m down:

  • talk it out. i’m a v v private person so i usually try to avoid talking about personal issues, but in recent years i’ve started to let go, rely more on my friends + vent when needed. it’s surprising how much it helps to just have someone listen, even if they can’t give you any advice!! alternatively, if you feel uncomfortable talking about it, you can try writing it down in your journal!! it helps a lot to just express whatever it is you’re feeling somewhere. don’t think too much about it - just write. you’ll feel better afterwards, and it might even help to have your problems written down on paper. laying it all out might give you a sense of clarity re: how to solve it!
  • listen to your fave songs. whenever i feel down, i put on some upbeat songs (usually exo lmao), watch some mvs and i usually end up smiling, but that’s probably just bc i love exo a whole damn lot
  • watch your fave tv show/movie. parks and rec never fails to make me smile!! if you haven’t watched it already, i highly recommend it. it’s so witty + funny, you’ll definitely be a little perkier after watching it ✨
  • exercise (if you’re into that. can’t relate). i don’t usually exercise when i’m feeling down, but when i’m feeling frustrated or angry i find it rly helps to just let it out through some pilates, which is my chosen form of exercise. it’s grounding + it releases endorphines so you feel great afterwards!!
  • treat yourself. you don’t have to spend money (though if you’re into retail shopping, go for it!! just don’t impulse buy too much stuff you don’t need, bc you might feel worse afterwards), since you can just do any form of self care. get in a hot shower/bath, exfoliate, do a face mask, drink some tea, do whatever the hell you want that makes you happy. you deserve it!! 💖

also, make sure you eat well + sleep well!! what you eat can really affect your mood - if you eat junk food, it tends to make you feel sluggish which wont help you feel better, so make sure you’re looking after your body by eating nutritious meals + getting enough sleep!! i hope you feel better soon. sending good vibes your way 💞

Give me shelter, or show me heart

My contribution to our collective flailing over that deleted scene.


Jughead has a panic attack in Ikea.

(title from “Only Love” by Ben Howard)


Jughead’s hand is on Betty’s headrest as she drives, the modern day equivalent of having his arm around her shoulders on a bench seat. It’s not quite as good, but he can still twirl of piece of her hair in his fingers, so he’s pretty satisfied. He’d wanted to take FP’s truck, but Betty insisted her mom’s SUV would be better if they got any little decorative stuff. The furniture boxes would be fine in the truck bed, but linens and pillows and things? No way.

He isn’t quite sure what she meant by ‘little decorative stuff’ but he supposes he will need bedding at least. Though he doesn’t understand why that requires a trip to the blue and yellow monstrosity he can currently see from the interstate while they’re still three miles away from their exit.

When they finally reach it, and while Betty navigates the labyrinth of access roads, he says, “You know, I don’t think I ever realized you guys had a spare room.”

“We don’t, technically. But Mom and Dad are gonna clear out the office in the basement.”

“What? No, they don’t have to do that. I can just sleep on the couch or something.”

Betty gives him a look as she pulls into the parking lot. “Juggie. You’re getting a bedroom. They don’t need a home office. They already have an office. It’s at the Register. And if this means I get you 24/7 plus the added bonus of them maybe working from home a little bit less? We’re not questioning it. Now, come on. I have Mom’s credit card and we have shopping to do.”

And with that, the case is closed. He lets her tug him into the store. She’s using her determined walk and she has an iron grip on his hand that only relaxes when she pushes a cart toward him and whips out the mini pencil an employee had given her to begin writing down serial numbers and weird Swedish names. 

The sea of shoppers carries them forward on its current, and in each new section of the store the pile in their cart climbs higher. There’s sheets, pillows, something called a duvet cover. Even curtains and a throw rug. He draws the line at the decorative pillows though. Still, she sneaks in art for the walls and a matching set of lamps.

Then, he sees Betty flip over to the back side of her little slip of paper because she’s run out of space on the front. What the hell more does he need besides a bed? They could just drop an air mattress on the floor like Fred had and be done with it.

Look, Jughead likes to consider himself a pretty chill guy. And he’s got great focus; he can tune anything out. A skill he honed over longs years of trying to sleep with only flimsy trailer walls between him and his parents. He can sit in a busy diner for hours and only see and hear the words on the page in front of him. But this place? Sensory overload. He fights the urge to hide in the “Market Hall,” which seems to be code for the tchotchkes surburban housewives use to one up each other.

He succumbs to it in the part with all the bedroom set displays. When Betty finds him, he’s standing between a wardrobe and a fake wall concentrating on the feeling of the air conditioning in his nostrils.

“Juggie, come see this one bed over here, I think you’ll really like it—” She stops and studies his face. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just needed a break, that’s all.”

“Nothing is why I can see the vein pulsing between your eyes and why you’ve got your hat pulled down over your ears?”

He sighs and slides it back into place. “I thought we were just getting bedding and stuff. Betty, your parents are already doing so much. They don’t have to spend all this money on me too.”

“Jug, they want to. It’s not that big a deal. My mom gave me a budget and told me what she thought we should buy. I’ve been keeping track of the costs of everything as we go.”

He doesn’t know how to tell her that it is a big deal. That’s he’s never picked out his own furniture before, and he didn’t know a person was expected to have an opinion on the number of drawers in a nightstand and whether the wood should coordinate with the textiles. Hell, before today he’d never been fully sure what people meant when they said ‘textiles.’

He doesn’t know how to tell her that after months of steering all by himself, he’s afraid to let someone else get back in the driver’s seat. Even someone as terrifyingly competent as Alice Cooper.

“But, Betts, do they know they also volunteered to feed me? For every meal? Do you know how much I eat? Do you know how much a kid costs? And I probably eat twice as much as you and Polly. Well, maybe not Polly right now, but Polly normally. And, oh God, when the babies come? That’s three extra mouths!”

“Jug, stop.” She unhooks his arms from where they’re clenched, folded across his chest. She wraps them around her and slips her own around his waist, resting her chin on his sternum so she can look up at him.

“They know. You know my mother. By the time they asked us last night, she’d already calculated and recalculated the family budget from here til we go to college. I know it’s scary. And I get if you maybe…weren’t ready for this kind of intimacy in our relationship. I mean, last night in the trailer was one thing, but seeing me every morning with no make up and un-brushed teeth? Being around for every crazy Cooper argument?”

He tilts his head down and kisses her forehead. “I can’t wait to see you with no makeup and kiss you with morning breath. And I have a damn good pair of headphones. But your mom said it last night, you’re the perfect family. I don’t fit in that picture. Not least because I don’t have blonde hair.”

“I’ll dye my hair brunette so you won’t stick out so much. And there’s a very good chance the babies will have Blossom red hair.” Betty gives an exaggerated shudder then squeezes him tighter. “Please let them help. It’s just stuff. It’s just some furniture. We don’t have to get it all if you don’t want it, but don’t freak out and convince yourself you’re being a burden. You keep me sane and grounded every day. This is pennies compared to that. Besides, I’m sure you can just dedicate your first book to my mom and she’ll consider you even.” He laughs.


They stay in the alcove between the wardrobe and the fake wall a few more minutes, and by the time they emerge, Jughead is no longer thinking about budgets and mouths to feed. Instead, he’s focusing on keeping an adequate supply of blood in the top half of his body.

In the end, they settle on a bed and nightstands, a dresser, a desk, and a roll-y chair with good lumbar support. For those late nights he spends writing, Betty says. There are a few tchotchkes, but not as many as before his freak out.

She smiles at him as they check out and it’s like winning the lottery and a lifetime supply of burgers all on the same day.

“Betts.” Jughead pulls on her hand and flicks his eyes toward the cafeteria. Betty rolls her eyes in response.

“Alright, I guess we can’t take your Ikea virginity and not have meatballs.” Jughead’s face splits into a shit-eating grin as he drags her over.

Good Things About “The Great Dime Chase”

- All of Gyro’s inventions turning evil, always

- “Ottoman Empire”

- Acknowledging that jumping into the money bin without proper training would literally kill you, it’s a hundred foot drop into an ocean of coins, what the heck were you thinking Louie??

- why does the money bin only have one elevator?

- Scrooge wasting money on the most ridiculous things, like a velvet pillow for a Number One Dime decoy

- Scrooge for once being smart enough to have a decoy, and keeping the original around his neck at all times, a bit like how he does in Life and Times

- All of Scrooge’s employees being dangerous whack jobs

- Scrooge spending money on magical protection because of all the “vengeance curses” he has on his head

- Gyro being the one to say “blathering blatherskite,” perhaps to later be picked up by Fenton

- Gyro planning on turning himself into a robot??

- Scrooge buying the post office and maybe killing a mailman?

- An entire secret room/shrine to Della Duck! Oh the intrigue

- The framed apology letter, like you’re killing me Frank

- Spear of Selene!! 👀👀👀

There was too much good stuff guys, I can’t post it all

ID #97808

Name: Nick
Age: 19
Country: USA


My names Nick. I’m a 19 year old guy living in New England. Currently I’m in my second year of college with a major in Environmental Studies.

I am looking for a pen pal mostly because I like making new friends and getting to know new people (especially internationally). I also have always wanted one but never had the means of getting the pen pal setup going with someone.

Some of my many interests include photography, anything international, history, the outdoors, science, coffee from local cafes (which I spend too much money on haha), and good food to name just a few. I am also super into music with a diverse taste. Music is definitely my thing as I’m always listening to something new. Maybe we could exchange playlists or suggestions? I know my interests I mentioned may seem few, but I am knowledgeable at least to a basic level about many things and always like to learn about new stuff!

I am looking for email and social media pen pals to start as I’m new to this, but once things pick up snail mail would be great :)

I look forward to hearing from you!

Preferences: Any gender identity/orientation is okay!
Ages 17-21 please



A pic of my healthy© lunch (hummus, carrot sticks and orange), of which I am incredibly proud, ft my bujo and some notes I took in biology class. I mean, it’s technically called biochemistry and molecular biology, but same difference…

I am also dead excited because a) I’m starting to get stuff together and actually study, eat healthy and do sport, all without spending too much money! I am starting to settle down, and while I’m worried about what next, I am also proud of my advance!

LISTENING TO: too good at goodbyes, by Sam Smith

Sheldon couldn’t believe that his mother was moving. How could she move? From his childhood home. And on top of that she was threatening to throw out all of his stuff. Apparently the new condo didn’t have space for all of his old toys and she was going to donate them to charity. To charity! This was unacceptable, and Sheldon found the first flight down to Texas to take care of this.

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