i spend too much money on this stuff

Everyone gets on my ass about how “spoiled” my animals are. 

“They have so much stuff!!!!!” i.e., enrichment?

“They get so many nice treats!!!!!” a … proper fucking diet ????

“You spend way too much money on them! They’re just fish!!!!!” (in regards to the axolotls) uhhhhhhhhhhNNNNNNNNHHNNHNHHNHHGGGGGGG i want to scream into the night .

Like ok I DONT spend “way too much money”. It IS a significant amount, but no more than I have to. I want to provide a certain standard of care. Like ok my dad blows thousands every month on some collection of motorcycles but will throw a hissy fit when i come home with new toys for my dog and proper food. “They’re just animals!!!” really gets me. Like ok dad but your motorcycles aren’t even alive, thats just a hobby. It makes you happy. And my pets make me happy. To see something thrive because of my efforts really eases some of that #anxiety. So. Please. They’re not “just animals”////

(Also goes for anyone else who says that bc they aren’t just animals maybe you could raise your damn standards and treat your animals like living things with feelings idk just a suggestionnnnnn))))))

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can i request a ten, taeyong, and haechan neighbour au?? hehe i really love your writing a lot < 3

ten’s birthday is next week, so here’s a kind of early gift to all you ten stans!!
and of course, taeyong and haechan stans~(´・` )♡
find mark + jaehyun (here)


  • definitely,,,,,, loud
  • he throws parties on the weekends and practices guitar on the weekdays while also getting REALLY R E A L L Y into nba 2k17,,,,,,
  • especially if johnny comes over like the two of them cannot shuttup and neighbors always have to go over and be like “quiet down” and johnny apologizes while ten just sneers and is like “YEAH JOHNNY WHY ARE YOU SO LOUD” and johnny is like “i swear once this door is closed-”
  • but he’s FUN,,,,,like there is not denying that he’s an entertaining, amusing, and great person like why else would his apartment be basically filled to the brim with people who he probably doesn’t even know all that well
  • yeah the snacks,,,,,but also like?? ten makes great jokes, he’s good at making everyone feel comfortable, and his dancing: a+
  • he’s the whole package,,,,,,,,,even though his place is a mess monday morning and he has to practically beg taeyong and jaehyun to come over and help him clean
  • and he once tried to ask hansol and hansol was like “you brought this on yourself lolololol” and the proceeded to hang up on him whenever ten tried to call him back (real friends are like this tbh)
  • speaking of which ten has ,,,,, like no idea how to keep his things organized,,,,,,,,because he has so much stuff like every time he leaves his house he’s wearing a brand new outfit 
  • and everyone is like bro you spend way too much money on clothes,,,,,why do you need so much and ten is like Firstly: it’s fashion you Wouldn’t Get It,,,,,,,,secondly someone stole some of my pants from my last party ok leave it alone
  • but his apartment itself is pretty cool, like somehow he got mark to ask renjun to come over and paint on his wall and it turned out really cool and ten’s the type to have fancy stuff for no reason like did you really need to buy a lamp that looks like a chandelier and ten is like yeah i did bye
  • cute lil secret: he keeps letters from his parents back in thailand in a shoebox in his locked closet so it’s safe because it’s the one thing he refuses to lose,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you know ten if not because you have to listen to the music he blasts at each of his parties and him yell at his friends when they play games but also,,,,,,,,,on multiple occasions
  • ten has come to you for help
  • with many,,,,,,,,,,different,,,,,,,,thing
  • one of the most common is he always ends up needing a place to crash for the night because someone else fell asleep in his bed,,,,,,and his couch,,,,,,,,and on his floor. then there was the time he woke up with his head in a bowl of uneaten ramen and the noodles had gotten stuck in his ear piercings and you had to get them out while ten cried about how gross that was,,,,,and of course the most famous: ten gets tipsy and Emotional and you,,,,,,,well
  • you listen to him
  • mind you in the morning when he’s all better ten is just like “hEY thanks for letting me cry and ,,,,,,,,, stuff let’s never talk about this again!!!!”
  • and you feel bad because ,,,,,,,lmao you’re just his neighbor who also knows his deepest insecurities and fears and it’s like????? you never have the heart to get mad at him for knocking on your door at 2 am
  • but also,,,,,,you like then ten that is open with his feelings. the ten that cuddles into your arm face first and mumbles that you’re so sweet to him, so kind
  • but when ten,,,,,,is being his loud, fun self he’s not exactly that person
  • until you end up being the one in need of help,,,,,knocking on ten’s door at some odd hour and he opens it, shocked to see you and you’re like
  • “where is your alcohol stash,,,,,,,,give it it to me” and ten slows you down by catching you around the waist and he’s like “are you o-?” and you’re like NOPE IM NOT ,,,,,,give me,,,,,,,,,the,,,,,,,,drinks 
  • but ten isn’t letting you go and he’s like “sit down, tell me whats up” and you grumble that it doesn’t matter, trying to hide behind your hair a bit so he can’t see that you had been crying 
  • but ten just shakes his head and he’s like “c’mon,,,,,i know you listen to me when i come sobbing over to you,,,,,,tell me what it is”
  • and you’re like “ten,,,,,,,,,,,do you even see me as a friend? or am i just the closest person near you when you have to complain?” 
  • and it’s quiet and ten kind of looks at you, but then he gently pokes the center of your forehead and he’s like “of course you’re my friend,,,,,,to be honest,,,,,,,ive always thought of you as more than that. to me,,,,like i want,,,,,,,want you to be more than a friend but,,,,,,,i know you don’t feel that way so i just wanted to be close to you,,,,,,,,”
  • and for the first time you’re hearing ten stutter over his words (when he’s not drunk) and you’re like “wait wait wait stop”
  • and you put your finger to his lips and he’s like ??? and you’re like
  • “you want me to be more than your friend?” and ten is like ,,,,,,,, “how,,,,,,,,,well,,,,,,let me say it like this it’s hard not to fall for the person who pulled ramen out of my earrings for me.”
  • and you’re blinking a bit, completely forgetting the thing that made you upset because wait. is ten confessing??????
  • and you’re like “so you like me?” and he’s like “yes, i like you. i thought bothering you all the time made that obvious”
  • and you’re like aljfkddkskre it didnt,,,,,,and ten is like “huh, did you also not hear when johnny screamed ‘GO CONFESS TO THE PERSON NEXT DOOR THAT YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH THEM YOU IDIOT’???”
  • and you’re like holy shit no i missed that too
  • and ten is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how


  • the model neighbor 
  • as in he looks like an actual model, and is also super clean and quiet and ??? just very overly polite like he just wants people to like him ya know?????
  • he’s barely home because he’s always over at his friends houses doing their chores because they never want to,,,,,,like when taeyong explained that you have to change your bedsheets at least every three weeks ten dam near had a heart attack because he was like “ive been sleeping on just my mattress for the past 7 months” and taeyong was like HOW ARE YOU A PERSON
  • taeyong loves cute stationary, and cute mugs, and owns an apron with little kitten embroidered on the side and those hanging plants that he decorated his bedroom with and idk he’s got like,,,,,,a clock that looks like a sunflower
  • like taeyong,,,,,,,,is just a boy who loves things that make his apartment more adorable and clean
  • owns every cleaning product imaginable and dedicated a whole closet to them
  • the type to have labels on all his cupboards and shelves and you open his refrigerator and everything is labeled it’s like,,,,,,how does he have the damn nerve to do this
  • also: uses coasters for his drink because he gets anxious about drinks spilling onto his rug
  • but yeah other than that,,,,he’s kinda awkward around most people,,,,but he does his best to smile and come off sweet
  • and you’ve seen him,,,,,,lugging home like three different brands of detergent and a new mop every week and you’re like huh so he’s super,,,,,,like,,,,,,,into cleaning
  • which you’re like is fine but you,,,,,after only recently moving in,,,,hasn’t even unpacked half your things yet and everytime your friends from your original hometown call you’re like (—: im an adult. my apartment is nice and sparkly and im doing fine
  • (this is a lie. you’ve been living off fast-food and half your stuff is still in boxes)
  • which is why when your best friend says she’ll be visiting tomorrow you’re like HOLD UP
  • and you know just the person to go a solicit help from. taeyong
  • and when you knock on his door he’s like surprised because you two have never held a solid conversation
  • and he is like “oh hello, i know we’ve never properly-”
  • and you’re like “you have 309458 mops right. you got a duster,,,,,,thing,,,,,,,,right”
  • and he’s like “feather duster?” and you’re like YEAH THAT,,,,,,,listen i need help now
  • and when you explain that you (being the lazy person we ALL are) didn’t unpack or clean or do anything and your friend is coming tomorrow and you don’t want to look like a Failure of an Adult in front of her,,,,,,,well taeyong kind of looks at you and is like 
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fine ill get the swivel sweeper”
  • and you guys spend like 7 hours getting your things unpacked and taeyong is really good at like????? decorating and he’s like “OH i have the peRFECT thing”
  • and he runs over to his place and comes back holding this cute like paper weight in the shape of like a giraffe and he puts it on your desk and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,what is that” and he’s like “are you really an adult?”
  • but he helps you a lot and it’s kind of fun, he has like,,,,,,,,a really nice laugh you made a pun about like cleaning and he almost fell over laughing it was really,,,,,,,,,,cute
  • and once you’re done you’re like how should i thank you
  • and he’s like “it’s fine, you don’t have to!!”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,but i should but he’s like really no it’s nothing
  • but even after he leaves,,,,,,you’re like this is mean he worked so hard for me
  • and it bugs you, even after you friend comes over and is like WOW this place is so clean im impressed
  • that you end up going out and buying one of those cute little home humidifiers and you’re like “this seems taeyong-ish”
  • and you knock on his door again and he’s like “oh!!! do you need to borrow my mo-” and you’re like “here!!!!!! it’s a small gift,,,,,,but i thought you might like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and he looks down at the bag and he gets super duper red and he’s like “i,,,,,,,,i can’t accept this,,,,,,,it’s too much,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like ashofvd you spent SIX HOURS cleaning my house for me pleASE 
  • and finally you manage to get taeyong to take the gift and you’re like “anyway,,,,,,,,,,seriously thank you”
  • and taeyong kind of hesitates but he’s like
  • “do you,,,,,,,,,,,,wanna come inside,,,,,,,,,i don’t usually let people over but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like huh oh sure!!! and ok his house looks like a palace there isn’t any dirt anywhere
  • and when he makes you a cup of tea there’s like little cute bears on the mug and you’re looking at the cup and at taeyong’s beautiful face and you
  • can’t help but giggle and he’s going red again like,,,,,,,am i funny?? are you laughing at me??
  • and you’re like “no no no you’re just so,,,,,,,,,,much cuter than i expected!!”
  • and taeyong damn near falls over,,,,,,,you called him CUTE?!?!?! and you’re like “i didn’t think someone so chic would be into little cute animals” and taeyong is like im not,,,,,,chic,,,,,,,,plus animals are so,,,,,adorable right
  • and you’re like omg taeyong you i should have gotten you a big stuffed bear and he’s like aGHDSd no,,,,,,i love what you got me don’t worry about it
  • and he’s so cute getting nervous and staring at his lap,,,,,,,you can’t help but wanna lean over and like kiss his face but you don’t 
  • even though tbh taeyong is like,,,,,,,,,i wouldn’t mind being kissed by them,,,,,,,,like in his head LOL


  • thought he was old enough to be totally fine living alone. and he is,,,,,,,except he goes over to everyones house for his meals and got mark’s netflix password so he didn’t have to pay for it himself
  • how many times has yuta lent him his nintendo ds? like 32424234
  • jaehyun is convinced haechan took his ricecooker,,,,,,,,,but he has no way to prove it except that haechan was like “nooo hyung i got this at the mall on sale i promise!!!!” and jaehyun is like “then where did mine disappear to?” and haechan is like thats your problem,,,,so,,,,,,
  • but it’s ok because everyone adores him because if he wants something all he has to do is be a cute kid and bam! he gets it
  • and although he’s a little trickster, and sometimes his hyungs fall into his traps. he shows that he cares for them too
  • and especially for his friends that are younger, like when chenle and jisung come over to hangout haechan will literally be like “if you stay past 10. you have to sleepover. im not letting you go out in the dark.”
  • and he knows how taeyong hates messes so he brought coasters just for him and he always has snacks that he knows mark likes 
  • like YES he can be a bit of ,,,,,,,,,,, a devil but he’s a sweetheart too
  • his apartment isn’t full of too many toys or anything he actually has a pretty mature taste
  • and if anything he just really likes having a space for him to write and think clearly because to me, haechan is really creative and so he’d like a big desk with post-its and books full of ideas,,,,he just comes off that way
  • but he’d have some like cute joke stuff like a really bad photo of johnny framed and on his bookshelf or something LOL
  • also idk why,,,,,,but haechan seems like he’d have a dog,,,,,like a corgi,,,,,or a beagle,,,,,,,,, 
  • anyway you’re really close with haechan because you love love love teasing doyoung and mark and jaehyun 
  • you guys kind of bonded over pulling harmless pranks together 
  • and so for ten’s upcoming birthday you and him decided to make cookies but to fill some up with hot sauce or wasabi just to see ten run around the room arms flailing 
  • but as you know,,,,,,doing anything with haechan can’t be a calm and clean process
  • halfway through you try to feed him some vanilla extract saying it’s melted white chocolate and he tries to get some icing on the side of your face
  • but it’s all fun and games like,,,,,,,you love being in each others company because you guys never get sick of being silly
  • until someone (probably haechan) ends up spilling some of the eggs on the floor and neither of you notice
  • until you slip on your way to the oven and go tumbling backwards
  • and you’re like haechan!!!!!! look out!!!!!
  • but he’s like throwing down the flour he’s holding to outstretch his arms and catch you
  • but it just ends up with both of you on the floor, covered in the eggs and sugar and flour
  • and you’re leaning against haechan whose hit his arm on the counter coming down
  • and you’re like “are you ok????” and haechan is like “no i think im bleeding”
  • and he puts his hand up and you see some red and you’re like HAECHAN oh my god im so sO SOrry let me get a bandage omg do you not have any here let me rip some off this tissue -
  • and then out of nowhere he starts to laugh and you’re like ??????? and he’s like “it’s just some red icing, im fine!!!”
  • and you sit there on the floor, and frown and you’re like “you scared me!!!!! i thought you were hurt,,,,if i had hurt you i don’t know what i-”
  • and haechan can see the sadness in your eyes and automatically his smile falls
  • and he’s like “im sorry, it was a dumb joke why are you so worried about me anyway, you know im indestructible!”
  • and you know he’s playing around but you still take his wrist and turn his arm to make sure he isn’t hiding that he might be really hurt
  • and you’re like “im glad you’re ok,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and haechan looks at you, still holding his arm and he’s like
  • “wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,did you get all worried about me like that because maybe,,,,,,,”
  • and you look up wide eyes and you’re like “UH”
  • and haechan is like snapping his fingers like “YOU LIKE ME?”
  • and you’re ike UHHHHHH WHAT SHUT UP NO WAY
  • but haechan is like mimicking your voice and he’s like “you scared me!!!” but then he reaches out and pulls you toward him into a hug
  • and he’s like “seriously, you could have just told me because i like you too!!!!!!”
  • and you’re like haECHAN don’t be playing some kind of joke on me-
  • and he’s like “this isn’t a joke, i promise, for real this time.”
  • and you can’t help but blush and be like “we’re covered in eggs let’s not hug-” but haechan just pushes you closer because like c’mon he totally would 
Wedding in Hawaii || Part 3

hi. part 3 is here which is also the last i think. although i may or may not will write the bit when they go home and stuff bc of the airport pictures of harry with the glasses on and stuff. i might just carry on a whole story line with them, give a girl name and then when i have ideas i just write it with them two bc i like how in love they are and i’m sad lolololol. whatcha think?? also i hope you’ll enjoy this like you did with the other 2, it was fun to be fed so good this week by the king lmao. and as well lemme know what you wanna read, if you have any ideas please send them to me so i can think about them and make it happen sometime. lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 1Part 2



Keep your shit together, girl.

He is only wearing a whiteish-creamish coloured suit with a baby blue shirt.

You’ll be fine, honestly.

But then his tanned skin and bright smile, his amazing emerald eyes and his mind spinning scent!

Holy cow.

I was one lucky gal as I saw Harry coming out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready to go. He washed his hair so his curls were all over the place but it was so sexy and adorable at the same time I honestly didn’t know how he managed it all.

“I swear I don’t know how I got so lucky,” he said as he walked over to me, sneaking his arms around me and kissing my neck right up to beneath my ear then across my jawline. “You look bloody stunning,” he complimented me which made my heart flutter and cheeks flush red.

I didn’t even realise I closed my eyes and my lips parted as he pressed open mouthed kisses on my skin and his hand was squeezing my bum here and there. Being so close to him just allowed me to inhale his typical Harry smell which yes indeed it included the minty flavour or scent or whatever of his chewing gum that never seemed to leave his mouth.

“I love your ass,” he whispered in my ear as he pressed a whole lot of new kisses onto my skin. “I also love you. Like crazy.”

“I feel like we’re on our honeymoon,” I chuckled then a sigh left my lips as he nibbled on my earlobe and dragged his tongue down the side of my neck. “You’ve gotta stop this, now.”

“Do I really?” he murmured into my skin as he held me closer to his body.

“Behave, mister,” I said weakly, not being able to control myself as he took over me just by kissing my neck and gripping my ass.

How was he doing this?

“Alright-alright,” he gave in as he pulled away. His usual side smirk was still on his face then he laughed which caused his eyes to crinkle and his dimples to deepen in his cheeks. “I’d love to come back here with you for, like, a month.”

“Are you crazy?” I looked at him with wide eyes as I took my phone out of my bag. “I don’t have the expenses to afford a whole month in Hawaii.”

“I’ll pay it,” he shrugged like it was no big deal. Which I understood. He was a multibillionaire. Of course he could afford it.

He could’ve bought the entire island if he wanted to with all the money he had.

“Alright, whatever,” I laughed it off as I walked past him. “You can’t just say stuff like this. I hate it when you pay for all my stuff. You didn’t let me pay for my own plane tickets because you wanted us to fly first class.”

“So what’s wrong with that? I can afford it. I want to buy things, nice things, for you; I want to spend my money on you. I love you, of course I spoil you.”

“You spoil me too much, though. You don’t have to win me over with your money you have already won me over with your personality and I just want you to know that you are enough for me. You are an amazing man, I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend than you and I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.

You honestly make me go crazy, like, absolutely nuts. I cannot keep my hands off of you and I think you already know this but I can’t stop looking at you either. You are honestly the greatest, kindest, most humble guy I have ever met in my life and I’m so freaking grateful to have you. I’m so damn blessed.”

His eyes kept looking into mine as I rambled on about how much I loved him or something along those lines. I didn’t even know what I was saying because the words just left my mouth and I was hoping and praying that nothing silly was spoken by me.

“Right, this is final,” he said slowly as he nodded and swallowed. “I am for sure, like, 100% taking you to Hawaii for a whole month and I am paying it all. We are flying first class and you will not bring any money, not even your bank card. Like I am literally going to pay for everything for you.”

“Like hell you will! Calm your tits, pal. Just cause I tell you how much I love you and how amazing you are, which you should know anyway, doesn’t mean that you can just become my sugar daddy. I am not giving you sugar for money although it comes in handy sometimes…” I joked around which caused him to laugh with his head back and hand on his stomach.

It was the prettiest view and the most angelic sound I have heard that day. I loved making Harry laugh and smile and happy.

He deserved the best and I was determined to give him the best. Even if I couldn’t be considered as the best.


The dinner was on the beach, the sun was still up so it gave us enough light to see each other and be able to have food outside. It was lovely as we heard the tides of the sea crashing on the sandy shore and the slightly salty yet extremely fresh smell filled my lungs.

Harry was sitting on my right side while Lily was on his left side, talking his ear off which I found rather funny. Especially when he could barely control himself so his hand gripped my thigh a bit firmer as his it was resting there.

He leaned over to me when the little girl got up from the table and left with her mum to go somewhere, his nose slightly nuzzling against mine as a quiet sigh escaped his lips.

“If we ever have a daughter I do not know how I’ll cope,” he said chuckling and I joined him. He pressed his lips against mine in a soft kiss and pulled away just to do it again several times after the first one. “I love you.”

“I love you,” I smiled as my eyes fluttered open just to look right into his shining green ones.

Before I fully moved away from him I kissed his cheek which caused him to blush a little and I found that adorable. I didn’t know why he blushed whenever I kissed him but I loved it like I loved him.

“What would you like to name our daughter?” I asked him suddenly as we were both leaning back in our chairs, the people at the table were all in deep conversation about something.

“Hmmm,” he hummed, putting his elbow on the arm of the chair he was sitting on as he leaned his chin against the side of his index finger. “I don’t know, I think-, we are most probably going to change it right as she’ll be born. Y’know how random we are,” he laughed.

“Right I think we would and will probably end up doing that,” I agreed. At that point I didn’t realise we were talking like it is going to happen but to be honest we had a good relationships and I didn’t see anything that could possibly damage our bond in the near future.

Anything’s possible for us. We have the chance to create a family together in the future and that makes me excited.

“But, urm, something special I think,” I said finally, after he thought about it a bit. “I’d definitely want something for her that would suit her and a name that would be special and unique.”

“As special and unique as Bear Payne or…” I grinned at him which caused him to widen his eyes and it was the funniest thing ever. Then I clocked on. I just shaded his best mate’s son’s name and I didn’t even mean to do that. “I mean that’s not actually what I wanted to say.”

“Oh my god,” he continued to laugh as he covered his mouth with his hand. Then he put the other one over his hand that was already on his lips and his whole body was shaking as he made fun of me making fun of Liam’s son’s name.

But I didn’t really.

I thought it was cute and of course a bit unusual but definitely unique. I think it was mainly his girlfriend who decided on the name so I can’t really give all the credit to Liam for giving his son the name he got in the end.

“Stop it, Harry,” I punched his arm with my fist but I didn’t actually hurt him. This got him though because he stopped and put on a fake hurt face which made me laugh. He was honestly so goofy and playful, sometimes it just made me wanna have kids with him as I wanted to see him with them. “So, what about our daughter’s name then, huh?”

“Okay, let’s talk like adults then,” he said as he cleared his throat and a big sigh left his lips. “I would probably like to call her, um, Maya or something.”

“Maya or something?” I asked back as my eyebrow arched up higher than I could have drawn it as I was getting ready.

“I like Maya, it’s, well, I think it’s different. What do you think? Do you like it?”

“I mean it’s a pretty name but I’m not too keen on it,” I told him my honest opinion. “I’d rather call her something more-, I don’t know. Something more umpfh if you get me?”

Umpfh,” he repeated. His eyes slowly looked into mine and I already saw his smirk growing bigger and bigger. Then before I knew it his head was leaned back and he was laughing his ass off. “Right, describe this umpfh for me, please, pretty girl.”

“You’re just making fun of me, you deserve no explanation,” I told him with a serious face expression but deep down I was dying from the laughter I had to hold back.

God why were we such a goofy and childish couple? We didn’t take anything seriously, we laughed most of the time that we spent together and basically we were both just a mess as soon as we saw each other or started talking.

We could be texting and when I type out that “I’m crying I can’t cope I’m pissing myself” I’m actually like that. Some people just text that stuff, I actually feel it and do it. I mean yeah, Harry is funny…

But I’m hilarious.

I think I laugh at my own jokes more than Harry does. But then again he laughs at his own jokes too. And sometimes we laugh at each other’s – well, okay, we laugh all the fucking time I don’t even know what I’m trying to say anymore.

We’re funny and end of.

@alexairwin requested a Disney!Luke imagine!!

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this up.

Sorry I’m really bad at making imagines short so this will have two(if not more parts). Anyways, love you guys enjoy.


You hang up the towels that are all thrown around the room, making sure the bed was all made up. All while watching the clock that never seemed to move during your shift.

You hated complaining about your job because when you told people you worked at Disneyland almost everyone thought it was cool. But being a maid at one of the most popular parks in America was quite opposite.

People left their rooms in horrible shape but if everyone cleaned up after themselves you’d be out of a job. You just wish not everyone’s room was so disgusting.

“Oh, um.” Someone says behind you.

You squeal slightly, being caught off guard.

You were so caught up in your thoughts you didn’t hear anyone came in. It’s pretty awkward when someone comes in and you’re cleaning their room.

You twirl around, “I’m so sorry. I’ll get out of your way.”

You cough slightly, still getting over a cold.

The boy who you came face to face with was quite attractive which made you even more embarrassed.

He stared at you, as most people do when they find someone in their room. His blue eyes watching you intensely as you pick up your cleaning supplies.

“So you’re the one who’s been coming in here while I’m gone and making my bed. I thought his place really was magic and was cleaning itself up.” He speaks.

His obvious accent making you curious to find out where he is from. You laugh at his attempt to pull a joke.

He smiles proudly, he thinks you are beautiful . Much too pretty to be a maid. He also wonders how old you are because you barely look old enough to have a job.

“That’s me.” You smile, tucking a piece of hair that had fallen from your braids.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Y/N.” You reply, sniffling a bit, this cold is very persistent.

You can’t afford to stay home even a day. You still live with your parents and work because they would lose their house otherwise.

You liked sticking around to make sure everyone was okay anyways.

“Well I’m Luke. It’s nice to meet you.” You wipe your nose with the cuff of your sleeve. “Are you sick?”

You nod, “Yeah, just the tail end of a cold. I’m okay though.”

Luke watches your mouth as you talk. Your full pink lips mesmerizing him.

“Well then you should be at home resting.” He smiles, still looking at your lips.

“Yeah.” You giggle, glancing down. “Well I’ll see you around.”

You smile at him once more before heading to the next room.

Your day changed after meeting Luke. You had more of a bounce in my step. The day passes quickly and you hoped you would see him again.
The next morning you wake up, still feeling under the weather. This cold is just clinging on.

“You’re needed in 402.” Your boss says without looking up as soon as you walk in.

You sigh, usually if you are needed this early in the morning it’s not pretty.

You grab some basic cleaning things, lots of disinfectant. The closer you get to the room you realize it’s where you had your encounter with Luke.

You really hope he didn’t completely trash the room because because that would completely change you view on him.

You knock on the door and it almost immediately swings open.

Luke’s smiles is bright and he is fully dressed.

“Ah, y/n I was hoping they would send you!” He says.

His blue eyes are soft as he glances at you.

You smile back at him, switching back and forth on your feet awkwardly. “So, did you need me to do something for you?”

He comes to realization that you are just standing in the hallway holding cleaning supplies. He stands to the side motioning for you to come in.

You walk in and the room is clean, cleaner that even you left it yesterday.

“I remember how you were saying- well you said you weren’t feeling well so…” He can’t seem to find the right words so he just motions.

You see a table with tea and a kettle of hot water.

“I didn’t know what kind you liked so I got you chamomile, and earl gray and even some berry kind. I don’t know.” He smiles and you laugh.

“Luke, this is so sweet.” You smile, setting down your cleaning supplies.

What did you do to get this boy to do something like this. You had guests leave nice gifts for you but never anything like this. This was so thoughtful and he was being so sweet.

“I also told them my toilet was acting up so it would probably take you awhile.” Luke scratches the back of his neck.

He pulls out a chair for you, “Please sit down.” He says.

You felt horrible, you didn’t want to leave your coworkers to do all the work while you had tea with a cute boy. Maybe if it were just a couple minutes.

You sit in the chair and he nicely pushes his chair in.

You decide minty tea sounds nice. The water is so warm it soothes your throat.

Luke pours himself a cup as well.

“So where are you from?” You make conversation.

Accents have always intrigued you, you loved knowing where people were from. Probably because you’ve always wanted to get out of California, even America.

“Australia. I’m here with some mates on a holiday.” He says.

You nod, a vacation sounds nice but out of everywhere they could have gone why here?

“Are you having fun? Why aren’t you out enjoying the rides while you can?” You ask him.

It is still early morning but the rides opened over an hour ago. Instead of going out on a nice day he is sitting with you instead.

“I just was thinking about how you weren’t feeling well and I hate working when I’m sick.” He shrugs.

You two talked yesterday afternoon. You would have thought he’d forgotten all about it.

He makes conversation by asking about your favorite rides and if you come here with your family much.

You don’t go into detail but your parents don’t have much money to spend on stuff like Disneyland. Sure you get a good discount working here but even that’s too much.

He seems to want to talk about you, asking you about your favorite animal and color. He wanted to know what you did for fun and other fun places to do around California.

You were having such a good conversation by the time you came to your senses and looked at the clock an hour had passed. You stumble to your feet.

“Oh my. I have to go.” You scramble to gather all of your cleaning supplies you arrived with. “Thank you so much, Luke. You are very thoughtful.”

He stands to his feet to see you off.

“Wait.” He says as you are halfway out the door.

He puts his hand on your arm and you look down at it. His warm hand tingling on your skin.

You glance up at his face and the electric blue of his eyes is just sunning, it almost takes your breath away.

“I-i want to see you again.” He stutters, looking down at the ground as he confesses.

It is then you realize how good looking he his. His long hair is curly and is pushed back out of his eyes. He has magnificent eyebrows and his lips are so full and pink.

A smile crosses your features, you are still in such amazement you’ve caught the attention of this beautiful boy.

“I get off at 5. I’ll meet you here.” You say before slipping from him grip and out the door.

<//❤️~Oo°*_( 桜さくや )_*°oO~❤️\<

Tadaaaa !
The other drawing for husbando Sakkuuuun (/❤️u❤️)/~~~~ <3
<*_~ SaKuRaSaKuYa ~_*> ! c:
wuh !
I always wanted to draw him like this since I know about the #桜さくや hype on Twitter :’D NOW - FINALLY.
pink suits him so well, he'sgoddamnhandsomeasalwaysjfc ///^///) I already smell the scent of cherryblossoms…. <3 spring feeeeliiingsss ~❤️~

haaahh..I’m so glad I managed to draw a digi drawing for him too  although I’m still super busy with final exams ._. BUT NO, I’d go through sleepless nights just to finish fanarts for his birthday *^* !!
alright, it's STILL his birthday, so we can still celebrate and talk about what a great person he is…. <3 ALL DAY LOONNGGGG

It’s actually the 4th time celebrating his birthday, which means I almost love him for 4 years, FOUUURRRRRR YEARS ;w;)9 !! <3 ma luv, ma baby <3
Thank you so much StrikeTanaka for making him EXISSSTTTTTT ( 9;////;)9 ! what would be life without Sakuya, seriously :’D! 

Moreover it’s sad I can’t show my love for him like japanese fans can do, like..LOOK AT THAT AMOUNT OF MERCHANDISE THEY HAVE. HOW MUCH MONEY HAS BEEN SPEND ON THIS. IT’S LIKE THEY’RE RICH AF. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;////;? Ok they do have the benefit that they don’t have to order that stuff overseas etc v.v)! ahahahah ~ what a great life :‘D at least that’s all I can do for Sakkun now ;//w//;) <3

anyways, hope u like this one too >w>)/ !! <3 <3 <3

Jumin’s Bad Ending Guide

So, because a lot of people are asking me about Jumin’s bad ending, I decided to write post about it.
First, I apologise for my bad English :( I know my grammar is poor :( Hope you guys can understand what I’m saying xd

In this post I’m going to tell you how to achieve bad endings (yes, there is more than one) for Jumin and also show you some screenshots, so it may contain spoilers!

I unlocked three endings but maybe there is more ??? Tell me if you know, please.

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OMG I laughed so hard with all the "chihoko's deal" stuff, I just can think in Victor spending ridiculous amounts of money gaining chihoko's stuff's favor again, Yuuri is impressed, yurio not too much.

Well, at least Yuri is impressed XD
He knows that it takes a lot to impress Yurio, and he’s not surprised that the moody teen is just VERY MOODY

Sheldon couldn’t believe that his mother was moving. How could she move? From his childhood home. And on top of that she was threatening to throw out all of his stuff. Apparently the new condo didn’t have space for all of his old toys and she was going to donate them to charity. To charity! This was unacceptable, and Sheldon found the first flight down to Texas to take care of this.

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can we get to know a little about Marinette's ex-girlfriend? ;)

I mean (most) of Adrien and Marinette’s exes were never meant to be big characters so I never really penciled anything in for her. 

But now that I’m pressed

  • Here name was Alyssa
  • She was from a small town in Georgia and Marinette thought her accent was cute
  • Likewise Alyssa thought Marinette’s accent was cute
  • They were roommates for the first year Marinette lived in NY
  • Alyssa was credited with teaching Marinette how to cook without destroying the kitchen
  • Date nights were mostly Netflix and takeout on the couch, peppered with going to farmer’s markets/parades/cheap stuff two students can do without spending too much money. 
  • They dated for about eight months before Alyssa took a job in San Francisco 
Easy way to save some money!

So guys recently I been able to save a lot more money than usual… and here’s HOW lol.
I take out 20-30 dollars from my account at the beginning of every week and I leave my debit card and credit card AT HOME. Therefore I make that 20-30 dollars last me all throughout the week. This stops me from buying stupid shit from target lol and stops me from buying NASTY ASS FAST FOOD during the week. The goal is to not spend more than what I have in cash. And whatever you have left over, carry that into the next week!
ALSO, everytime you get paid, transfer at LEAST 100-200 dollars into your savings account. I try to transfer atleast half my check into my savings (if All my bills are paid and stuff lol) but if you’re unable
to do that much, definitely at least try to do 100-200 dollars like I mentioned before!
Have movie night at home, buy some wine, get a bottle, cook yourself a meal, etc. this saves money too instead of going out paying 12 dollars for a watered down drink at the bar. Lol. Just an extra suggestion for my homebodies! Lol But yeah hope this helps!


I need help!! I’m stuck deciding between these two decks. I want them both so much, but the only way I can get my hands on them is to import them from the US, and…the postage…is….so much. Like, for real, getting them both would mean spending £100 of two tarot decks, which I absolutely can’t let myself do. 

I am split pretty much down the middle, I’ve been hashing it out with myself for a couple of days and have gotten nowhere. I need opinions please! 

Like, the obvious pros with the Cosmos deck is that you get both a tarot deck and oracle deck together. But, I already have the Light Grey Art Labs other deck, and also I feel there’s a bit of stylistic crossover with my recent Dixit Revelations purchase too and I don’t want all my decks to be so similar even though I really dig it. Whereas I have nothing like the Golden Thread deck, which is just unbelievably stylish. I’m a sucker for anything with gold foil, and this is an entire deck made with the stuff??? 😍But, that much money for a single deck. And no physical guidebook even (I guess the app is the guidebook, but still). 

Ughhh, if I spend anymore time undecided I just know I’m going to crack and order them both at 2am, which I really shouldn’t do 😓 


Nendoroid Collection: Haikyuu’s Kouzume Kenma 

My very first Nendoroid toy.

I purchased him on March 2017, kind of out of a whim when I saw him put on a clearance sale because the figurine store was closing down. He was on 40% off! Because they wanted to clear as many products as possible, many figurines were on sale.

Now, I definitely WAS NOT a toy collector before. Mainly because I’d been a student and spending my parents’ hard-earned money on toys isn’t exactly the right thing to do (besides, I was schooling out of the country, it will be a chore to move out with too much stuff). But once I graduated, got a job and actually have my own money to spend on whatever I want, I saw him. Before, I had no means to start this hobby.

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Atomi. It has come time for a convention once again and I'm kinda getting the nervous butterflies thing. Do you have any tips for that?-Abby

I don’t know if I go to enough conventions to really be asked advice on this, but if you’re asking about things about the artist alley, the I might be much help.

If you’re more asking for general advice, I guess this is what I usually do:

1. The 6-2-1 rule. If you’re staying at a con for multiple days, this is the bare minimum that needs to be done to make sure you’re taking proper care of yourself. Get 6 hours of sleep (at minimum), eat 2 meals a day (snacks are optional), and shower everyday.

2. Stay hydrated. Especially if it’s going to be a really hot day.Keep water with you at all times.

3. Know where your exits are. Maybe this is more just a habit that I do, but whenever I go to the exhibition hall, I like to map out where all the exits are. That way in case in the event that something happens and I need to get the hell out of there, I know where I can go to get out.

4. If you have to (and you’re probably going to have to) don’t be scared to shout “excuse me” or muscle your way through a crowd. It’s a con, so you’re going to be around a lot of people, many of which are probably not paying attention. Get their attention to get them to move. Last resort is going to be to push past them.

5. If being in a large crowd becomes too much, leave and find a place where you can chill for a bit. Me personally, large crowds make me anxious, so if I need to, I like to find a place away from the larger crowds and rest for a bit. If the crowds are causing anxiety or panic, there’s no need to keep yourself in that situation for long periods of time.

6. If you’re buying stuff, buy the things you really want the most, first. Resist the urge to impulse buy on the first day, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. If there’s something you want, but not that badly, wait till the last day. Sometimes vendors will do discounts in order to get rid of their stock as quickly as possible.

7. Are you going with friends? Good! If your friends are planning to go to different locations, make sure you keep each other posted on where you’re going to be, and where you can meet up. That way it’ll take less time to find one another, and make sure no is getting lost.

8. In the event that you are lost, ask one of the staff members for help.

9. Pack your own food. Again, this mostly applies if you’re going multiple days, but if your hotel room has a fridge, pack your own meals. It’ll help save money on food costs. And as a personal note, I tend to not trust the food they serve at conventions. Last time I got food at the convention cafeterias, I got mild food poisoning. If you must eat at the convention, go to a food truck, or a cafe like Starbucks, but don’t go to the cafeterias if you don’t have to. 

10. Don’t forget to have fun! I know conventions can be a little nerve-wracking, but they can be a lot of fun. And if you don’t get to so all the things you wanted to that day, that’s alright. It’s a day to have fun and hang out with people and be total geeks about it. Do what’s fun for you, and I hope you have a great time!

P.S be nice to cosplayers and con staff. Ask permission before taking photos or interacting with cosplayers (ex. high-five, hugging, etc.) and clean up after yourself.

Anyways, I think that’s all that comes to mind at the moment. I hope this helps a little. I hope you have a great time at the convention. ^^

ID #74626

Name: Lily
Age: 15
Country: England/France

I searched up “I am 15” to find someone my age and this page came up so I thought I should try it. anyway!!! I go to a boarding school near London and I live in Paris but I would love to be friends with ANYONE xoxo I swear quite a lot coz why not and I watch Grey’s Anatomy, love tumblr for the aesthetics ;) <<< also love Instagram for the same reason and spend too much money on shopping (especially vintage stuff). So yeh I am pretty cool hmu if u r too I’m friendly xoxox

Preferences: 14-16

I just hate rich people man. Honestly I don’t mean any disrespect but like ugh they make me so mad. There are good rich people who give back and are understanding and wonderful people. Not talking about those. I’m talking about privileged bitches who’ve had everything given to them their entire life, never worked hard and just are horrible people. We have an exchange student living in my house (cause my mom has a lot of money but she’d never help me out lmao are you kidding) and this guy is hella rich. His parents sent him here all the way from China, paid for his flight, paid for his rent for FOUR YEARS and sent him to university which is what like $50,000+??? They gave him a whole bunch of extra spending money. The dude bought a $1200 JACKET ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS. ALSO $600 BOOTS. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT EXISTED. HE BOUGHT A $1100 INSTRUMENT. WHAT. THE. FUCK. He has one at home, too. He just decided to get a new one. Y'know when u just casually spend $1100 arbitrarily out of the blue because like why not because CAN’T RELATE. Dude it would take me at least like 9 months to be able to save up $1100. And it’s even worse for a lot of people out there like I’m privileged compared to some people. At least I have a place to stay (mind you an abusive place) but at least I have a home and food and a car.

This dude came home the other day with a new car. A $40,000 CAR. LIKE JUST ALL NONCHALANTLY TOO. Like it was just a regular fuckin day to him. This kid had a job and stuff before I think but like his parents buy him everything. His parents bought him: a $40,000 vehicle, $50,000+ worth of schooling, paid his entire rent for 4 years and gave him enough extra spending money to be able to afford $1200 jackets. My mom won’t even let me live with her without paying rent. We pay $300 because we can’t afford much more than that at the moment and we still get bitched at every day and treated badly because we’re not paying $1000.

I just really needed to vent I’m not trying to be like “oh feel bad for me” because I know that I’m privileged compared to some people. I can afford my basic needs and that’s more than what some people can. I am in no way trying to invalidate people with less than me or be like “omg I’m so poor”. I have to put this disclaimer on stuff because if I don’t, people think I’m trying to disregard every poor person and come in my inbox with death threats so like idk

Yeah, so, first trip to Quatre Reves (the official Takarazuka merchandise store) and Takarazuka-An (the other major store, which also includes used stuff) unsurprisingly resulted in spending way too much money. Which I had planned for- and I didn’t buy things that I hadn’t planned for, so that was good. I have to say, there was one wall in Quatre Reves that had a set of photo posters (too large for bromides, I think? Like, large-sized photographs) of most of the main cast of “Rurouni Kenshin,” and I didn’t want the individual photos, I just wished that I had a picture of the set up on the wall, because it was kind of perfect, because you had a lineup consisting of: 1) Kenshin Himura, emoting Complex Emotional Backstory behind the disguise of a Clueless Wanderer. 2) Kaoru Kamiya, the Rose of Kenjutsu- she is beauty, she is grace, she will shinai you in the face. 3) Sano, who came out looking for a fight and is honestly having such a good time right now. 4) Konou, shady OC and merchant in swanky French goods, looking swanky. 5) Kanryuu, posing for the cover of Smarmy Merchants Illustrated. 6) Literal Trash Fire Aoshi Shinomori.

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Top 5 random/specific Hamilton headcanons?

This is really hard for me to answer because at what point does it stop being headcanon and start just being something I stick in fic? Does that change things? Are we talking just about the musical? Who knows. Here’s five random Revolutionary Fuckboys things that maybe meet the criteria. 

1) Von Steuben is a Dog Person and spends way too much money on his greyhound. Real leather collars and leashes, a very expensive vet who lets him call his personal line about all kinds of random stuff, a good walker for the day because this is NYC and he doesn’t want him stuck in the apartment until he gets back home in the evening. The walker also dog sits overnight on away games. He and Ben tip generously.

2) Tench wanted to be a DJ when he was in high school and still secretly thinks he’d be good at it. 

3) Tallmadge looks like Laurens would if he was all white. He joked before about how he looks more like Laurens than he does like his actual brother, except he meant Tench Tilghman who, while he is Indian and therefore does look more different, is also definitely not his biological brother.

4) Adelaide works in graphic design but doesn’t have a smart phone in part because $ and in part because she doesn’t want to be expected to be on the clock all the time. She’s eventually going to cave to the social and work pressure and upgrade and will secretly really like the convenience but won’t want to admit that to anyone.

5) Martha Manning moved to England for school and is now a little bit obnoxiously posh but only because she blends in so well and seems like she grew up in that environment. She definitely picked up the accent of her school peers and has Opinions about tea. 

Bad Habits (pt.2)

Genre: Fluff/Angst (Yeah I’ve been writing a lot of these idk)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung

Fandom: BTS

Summary: Secrets can only be kept for long, especially for cheaters. *If you didn’t read part one you’re cheating on your boyfriend TaeTae with Jimin*// Requested

Pt.1 (M) // Pt.3 // Pt.4

Originally posted by busanplayboy

It was Taehyung’s birthday and the other members invited you to come to their waiting room and surprise him. They just finished preforming and they rushed off stage. All of them drenched in sweat and exhaustion, came into the room except for Taehyung. Jungkook smiled at you.

“Y/N! You came.”

You smiled back. “Of course. I can’t miss my boyfriend’s birthday! Where is he?”

He sat down on the couch next to you.

“Our manager is supposed to distract him so Jimin can get the cake.” 

You nodded and leaned back on the couch. It wasn’t too long afterwards that Jimin came rushing in with the cake and they tried to hurry and light the candles and turn the lights off.

“Go get him!” Namjoon told Jungkook, who fled to get up and get his band mate.

Taehyung was giggling on the way in, already knowing what was behind the door. With a flick of the lightswitch and everyone starting to sing, a huge smile spread across his face. When the song was over he blew out the candles and got teased by the members. He spotted you afterwards and ran over. 

“You came! Did you see us preform too?”

“Of course and I wouldn’t miss your birthday for the world.” You kissed his cheek.

He gave you one of his adorable rectangle smiles that almost melted your heart. 

“Ah. I have such a cute girlfriend..” He giggled.

You smiled. “Wait here. I’m gonna go get you some cake okay?”

He nodded, finally being able to sit down and rest. You walked over to the table and starting cutting a piece for him. Jimin slowly came over to the table and stood next to you. 

“Hey babe.”

You looked over at him. “Hey. What’s up?”

He leaned closer. “You know…Tae usually falls asleep for a nap after shows…”

You instantly got the hint. “Jimin, I don’t know. It’s his birthday..”

“Yeah but it’s not like he’s gonna know and it’s just as bad as all those other times.”

You sighed. “…Fine but don’t make it obvious to the members who are still awake.”

He smirked. “No problem.”

You walked back over to Taehyung and handed the plate to him. “I hope it’s enough.”

He nodded, smiling. “Yeah this is fine. Thanks, Y/N”

He ate his cake and opened the few presents that he received from the members. Finally you placed your present on his lap. He looked up at you

“I thought I told you not to buy anything-”

“I can’t just not buy you anything. Go ahead, open it.”

He opened the box to see a sweater and a new phone to replace his cracked one. 

“How much were these?? You shouldn’t spend so much money on me I feel bad..”

You shrugged. “I wanted to spend my money on you, so I did. Ever since you guys became so popular last year, you kept buying me all this expensive stuff. So I saved my money.” 

He hugged you tightly. “Thank you, babe. I love you so much.” 

He kissed on your cheek and you giggled, happily. Jimin on the other side of the room, rolled his eyes. When Tae finally got around to falling asleep on the couch, you left the room. Jimin followed behind not too long afterwards, dragging you off to an empty waiting room. He set you up on the counter and smiled.

“Finally I get to have you to myself. I can be a little greedy when you make me wait almost a week…” He said, leaning his arms on the counter top next to both sides of you. 

You wrapped your arms around his neck. “What choice do I have when he’s always around me?”

Jimin kissed you. “Nice excuse but you aren’t getting out of this without a small punishment.”

You pretended to pout. “Poor me..” 

He smirked and pulled you down from the counter, guiding you over to the couch. He sat down and set you in his lap. He pulled your shirt off and over your head, throwing it to the side and continued to kiss you. His hands guided his way up your back, all the way to your bra strap. 

“….Y/N?” A different voice said.

You quickly looked over at the door to see Taehyung standing there. He didn’t even bother to move, in shock.

“T-tae…I-..um..” You got off Jimin and ran over to him.

He looked down at you in pure sadness and pain. “….With Jimin? Out of all people?”

You didn’t bother to say anything so he just left. This was bad. Really bad. Jimin came over to you and handed you, your shirt. 

“Don’t bother with him right now. He’ll get over it eventually..”

You looked back at him after putting your shirt back on. “How can you say that right now?! He literally just found out I was cheating on him with his best friend on his birthday!”

Jimin held your wrist. “But there’s no point in going after him. He won’t talk to you right now anyway!”

You searched his face for a clue on why he was so calm about hurting Taehyung unless-

“You wanted him to find out…”

Jimin didn’t respond, causing you to realize you were right.

“Why would you?-”

He let go of you. “Because you were never supposed to be with him, okay? I saw you first! I told him I liked you and instead of helping me out he flirted with you and took you away! I might be a bad best friend…but he is too..”

You looked down. “..I’m sorry.”

You ran out of the room, to go find Taehyung despite what Jimin told you. You had to apologize even if what Jimin said was true. You feelings towards Jimin were slightly complicated but you knew for a fact you were in love with Taehyung. You had to at least try to fix things.