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1/5 days of studying: spring break | day one for me was primarily tidying up my workspace (because holy crap i did not realize how bad things had gotten, messiness wise), and also planning out how i’m gonna be spending the rest of my 4 days!! giving myself a relatively easy-ish first day, because it is technically just the second day of spring break for me, and i don’t want to force myself into studying super hard just when i finally have some time off from school! either way though, i always consider planning time to be very Valuable, because it serves as a guiding tool of some sorts for how i will spend my time~ ya ya ok let’s do this!! ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒


So i’m Jenna and i’m 15 years old girl. I currently live in Los Angeles California and i’m looking for a possible internet friend!

–A little bit about me–
music wise im super into twenty one pilots, mcr, panic!, the 1975, and jon bellion.

I play ukulele and guitar, which is what i spend most of my free time doing lol. I also watch a few youtubers such as dan and phil, kickthepj, and dodie clark.

I love deep conversation and i’m usually free at all times of the night/day lol so if you need me, i’m willing to be there ♡

Im willing to talk to anyone of any race/gender/sexual orientation, anyone is welcome:)) I love talking to new people and making new friends so please don’t hesitate to contact me! The best place to message me would be on tumblr so just shoot me a message!


Jax and Miles Vs Miles and Alya

The episode ‘in their shoes’ is the most important Jiles over Malya episode so far.

When he fainted, he called for Jax and some mayla shippers would claim he would call for Alya if Jax was the one there. But, he wouldn’t. He has no reason to call Alya cause he barely cares for her. Not saying he doesn’t at all, but he spends way more time with Jax and Jax knows a lot more about him. She doesn’t even know he’s sick (though, no one does except Jax) which is my point. 

While Miles didn’t tell Jax, he did get closer to him than he ever is to Alya. He allowed Jax into his life a little more, which made it easier for Jax to learn he is sick. And i’m not saying they’re 100% opposites. Nor do I want them to be 100% alike. Because, Alya and Miles are literally the same person (super shy and quiet) but they have nothing in common interests wise, which is literally every disney show. Male and female musicians with nothing in common except music bond over music and argue over music and fall in love. 

It’s just….boring and not very realistic. 

You won’t date someone just cause you both like music. Jax and Miles have an interesting dynamic. Despite both loving music and video games, they don’t really have a similar personality. So they have things in common and yet, they aren’t 100% the same. 

But, there are MANY TIMES they tried impressing the other. Because Jax craves attention, we all can see that, and Miles gives it to him. And Miles likes to impress Jax. 

  •  In class, Jax was playing his music and he nudged Miles to listen. 
  • Jax lied about being good at baseball to impress Miles. 
  • Jax lied to Miles and said that Kit’s music was his once Miles kept complimenting…Miles was the only one in the room. He had no reason to lie unless he wanted Miles to like /his/ music, so he said it’s his. 
  • Jax then got jealous when Miles liked Kit’s music and wanted Miles rooting for him. He didn’t seem that bothered when everyone else rooted for her, he focused on Miles. (then Miles said he liked his better, which was really cute)

 Now, Miles is more subtle but very interesting. Because, while all these girls (Alya and Bianca are after him, his storyline is mainly with Jax…) could give him attention, he only wants it from Jax. 

  •  Miles skipped class to impress Jax. 
  • Miles got detention to impress Jax. 
  • Miles stole cake to impress (and hang out with…) Jax.

No one else ever made fun of Miles except Jax and he continuously did bad things because he wanted Jax to think he’s cool. 

And why do we impress people? because we want them to like us. And why do people usually want people to like them? Because they have a crush on them :)

 And why in every show do guys usually tease girls? Because they like them. So why does Jax tease and make fun of Miles? Because he likes him. Because he’s not BULLYING Miles. He’s mainly teasing him subtly.  Calling him pretty boy and space cadet and so on. 

 So I mean, while Alya doesn’t really show much interesting in Miles aside from thinking he’s cute, Jax repeatedly kept showing so much interest in him and he literally couldn’t stop thinking about him and he even figured out that Jax was sick while Alya showed no interest in finding out. 

Jax was even the one to defend Miles and tell her to stop being so harsh on him. Alya didn’t even care why Miles was acting like that, all she cared about was he got offended over what she said. Sure, Jax was mean to snoop in his phone and assume, but…he actually wanted to know. He was curious. It started off as him being jealous that Miles got away with things, but after a while…he truly did care and it was pity to true concern. 

Jax cares about Miles so much.

He made sure Miles ate, he was concerned over his health when he nearly fainted, he told him to slow down and relax while Alya just didn’t worry at all about why he got dizzy or why he was overworking himself even when Jax said it in front of her in the beginning of ‘in their shoes’. 

 Not that she doesn’t care, but…she doesn’t care like Jax does. 

 And tell me this…if Jax was a girl, don’t you think everyone would want them together? If the storyline was 100% the same…it would be considered very romantic if one was a girl. If Miles was a girl or Jax, it would be very, very romantic in everyone’s eyes and disney would have made it canon. 

It’s all romantic.

Miles calling Jax right before he fainted, Jax continuously trying to figure out what’s wrong with 'pretty boy’, them skipping class together– this is literally what some pairs do in shows that are opposite sex in episodes and then they would kiss at the end. But, because Disney doesn’t like it, they won’t do it. If it was a different channel, like abc (freeform), i guarantee they would be together. 

Alya and Miles don’t care for each other romantically, Jax and Miles do.

And I honestly think Ayla and Bianca are much more suited, but that’s another post.

anonymous asked:

May I have a match-up? I am a female with medium lenght brown hair with a weird lilac streak,and grey-blue eyes. I am fairly tall for my age (1,77 cm) .I love drawing,listening to music (usually death metal or anime OST),playing video games,reading and jogging. I have a pretty short temper,but love talking for hours. I am very protective over the ones I love,but I want my freedom at times. I'm very kind but frustrate over little things.

Your match is Alphys! Hey, your being tall is no problem for her. Height differences are super cute to her, & the fact that you like anime makes it even better. You two spend hours upon hours just talking about the things you love, & every moment spent in each other’s company is one well spent. She’s working on getting herself into shape, as well, though she’s still not all that confident, body-wise. What she needs is some TLC, that you’re very willing to provide! With your support, & her adoration of literally everything about you, you two are a regular Dream Team.

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Are heartbeats a sexual trigger for you or just an interest? And are you ijto other heart related things like ekgs and blood pressure cuffs, or just stethoscopes? Also what kind of steth do you own :O? Great blog, keep it up!

- First thank you! 😊 and I’m glad you are enjoying it!! ☺️ (also fiery for the really long answer)
- sexual trigger wise, It depends on the situation but in bed, yes! If I feel my boyfriends heart racing while we are messing around it makes me extremely horny lol 😂 but sometimes…well a lot of the time…if I spend enough time on here or hbp I get super horny 😅😅😅 lol but fast hearts or pleasuring files get me usually, sometimes ones that have a few small skips too. Also pictures where they are having sex or messing around but the heart is involved like listening and or feeling that gets me turned on too.
- I’m into more of the romantic side of it like cuddling and listening to your significant others heartbeat. Feeling their heart race while you’re having sex or just during foreplay. Also on another note, just listening in general and listening to fast heartbeats. And even when you’re listing while just chatting with the person online. I also enjoy files with a bit of skipping as long as it doesn’t sound like their heart is struggling.
- The darker side of this scares me though. I love horror movies but I can’t look at any resus, defibs, cpr, open heart surgery, heart removal, etc. posts, it scares the living daylights out of me. I can do the most mind fucky paranormal horror and such and I can’t even look at that stuff without being more terrified then watching 10 of those movies combined. Like I know people that have messaged me about it say it’s not that bad but…still… just the idea gives me the creeps, like I can’t even look at a picture or see it on tv or anything. Also I can’t do pushes it anything cause my heart skipping also scares the shit out of me 😓😅😓😅😓
- I do like stethoscopes though, normal and exercising ekg’s (heathy looking ones), listening, being listened to, the romantic loving side too and such. Blood pressure does nothing for me though and really just doesn’t hold my interest.
- I also only own a simple one sided (diaphragm/bell/head of a stethoscope) nurses steth. Nothing fancy but it works. Also so excited to be hopefully getting a littmann stethoscope soon so I can finally hear my heart through a good stethoscope for the first time in my life ☺️☺️☺️

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* I sigh contently, cuddling into his chest * Honestly this is exactly what I've needed, things in real life have been super stressful lately, so it's nice just to spend some quiet time with my sweet goofball. * I chuckle, playing with his hand *

*His fingers run through your hair and he grins* I KNOW THINGS HAVE BEEN HARD, BUT IT WILL GET BETTER, AND I WILL BE BY YOUR SIDE THE WHOLE TIME SO DO NOT BE SAD. *he feels you take his other hand and smiles* IT IS ODD THAT WE’RE SO SIMILAR HMM? STRUCTURE WISE, I MEAN.

Reaching Through the Mirror

So, I was inspired by reading Mirror’s Gaze for the Nth time and reading a whole bunch of other stories by others (namely @charliessketchesandshit and @kirbychan234 ) that @phantoms-lair let play in her sandbox. I have no idea what I’m doing or even if I’m doing this right so here goes.

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Imagine Your OTP

“I work at in Office Max and it is near closing time. So I do what any good employee of Office Max does and start twirling scissors while laughing maniacally because I know how to spend my time wisely. You are an innocent costumer and you see me doing this but instead of calling the police, you grab a pair of scissors and you are doing it. We have to stop because we can’t breath because we are laughing so hard. I look over and you are super super hot, would it be werid to ask for your number now?” AU    

Time to clarify something.

No. Minx, Krism, Ziegs, Etc and I are not fighting.

Yes we are still friends we have all just been busy lately. (Mostly me) (no really I’m the main issue) just because we aren’t always on top of eachother doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

Kinda getting tired of the “they left you behind” and “you’re old news” messages I’ve been getting lol

Just because we haven’t been in each others’ videos lately does not mean we are not friends anymore, nor does it mean anyone has found ‘better people to hang out with’.

See the beauty of friendship doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time with someone, nor does it mean that you have to do much with them as far as videos go. It means that they are always there when you need them most. So far all of them are doing an amazing job when I need it most. :)

Not to mention the fact that I haven’t done much video-wise in a while.

At the moment nothing is wrong I’m just super busy and my long time subscribers know this happens with me as I do YouTube/twitch for fun and not as a job.

So yeah. We good yo. Izik be busy sucka.


Okay so I know I’m super late to the party but exams have honestly taken over my entire life. Anyway, melodrama aside, hi!

I am Swen!

External image

I’m Emily, I’m 17 and I live in England. I’ve been in this fandom for a very long time so chances are you may have seen me around (though we probably haven’t spoken cos I’m rubbish at balancing socialising and school–and starting conversations oops) I love all the typical tv series and femslash pairings but Swan Queen is very, very special to me. I don’t really know where my life’s headed but I’m really interested in History so it’s looking like my subject of choice for University, we’ll see!

I love Swan Queen!

I started watching Once Upon A Time when the pilot first aired in 2011 and Swan Queen has been everything to me since then! (No, but really, how do I break free? haha) When I first started watching I was 13 ew and I was pretty new to shipping and femslash and all of this crazy fandom stuff and it was a period of time where I was struggling a bit because I was figuring out my sexuality. Despite the fact Swan Queen isn’t canon, it helped me sooo much in feeling comfortable with being a lesbian because everyone was just so normal about it all and I didn’t feel like the only gay person around. I don’t know if this is sounding really cliché or pretty lame but I spend most of my time cackling over the irony of Swan Queen making me comfortable in myself when the writers haven’t gone there..yet. So, I guess I have my own special lil reason for appreciating Swan Queen, like a lot of us do! And I’ll always be super grateful for their characters even if things seem kinda sucky plot-wise. At the end of the day, I don’t really mind that I’ve spent 4 years of my life obsessing over them because it makes me realise how much I’ve changed myself!

I love Swen!

I’m in so many various fandoms because I watch everything, but I’ll never be as involved with them as I am with Swen. Swen has such a wonderful community feeling and everyone is so skilled I am constantly in awe! Sometimes I feel a bit guilty because I don’t contribute artistically but if you follow me on twitter you’ll know every other tweet of mine is just SQ or JMO/Lana centric (and I can definitely see Athritis in my future with the amount of voting/trending/liking I’ve done with this fandom, haha) There is absolutely nothing that has the power to cheer me up more than Swan Queen fanvids or fanfics, literally nothing. I appreciate everyone’s talent in this fandom so much bc it’s such a wonderful escape from school and stress so thank you Swen!!!! Love ya!