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Interview with Robert Pattinson by KinoWetter (Cinema Weather in Switzerland) during Cannes 2017 for Good Time.

Rob talked about :
  • His character Connie’s background and psychological backstory
  • “The way Connie loves is very one-sinded and kind of broken in every single single relatioship. It’s JUST on his terms.” And how it is opposite for him in relation to growing up in a house full of women (with 2 sisters).
  • How Connie’s physical look developed based on some mugshots given by Josh and various experimentations they did. Everyone in the elevator looked straight at him in the face (in security uniform) and asked if he was Bradley Cooper’s bodyguard, he knew he managed to transform into his character in disguise.
  • When asked if he is still affected by his screaming fans : “I always tried to keep a psychological barrier. I’ve never expected that to happen, so if it comes and goes it doesn’t affect me one way or another. It’s always nice when people really like the stuff that you are doing, because that’s what it’s about. I prefer people to like the work I am doing rather than me as a person.”
  • About the Cannes Film Festival: “I never experienced the film festival as a film goer…That would be the best vacation for me. Spend all day on the beach and then just go watch movies at night. That would be amazing, that’s like my dream.”
  • Looking back on his career, made him realised that certain decisions he made 10 years ago are coming to fruition now. “The kind of actor I would be and the kind of people that I’m working with. And I look back at the people I’ve worked with. It’s crazy…i’ts mindblowing… so yeah this kind of collective experience or a compounded experience of everything I’ve done. It just makes me really happy looking back at it.”