i spend money on things i shouldn't

  • Me: No, I shouldn't buy the Morrowind ESO collector's edition just for the beautiful statue, I can't justify spending that money, I could never-
  • Me: *remembers how much I spent on the 'The Last of Us' statue*
  • Me: You know what that's really a bargain I should definitely get it

check this out, in trying to discover how much money i spent to be a diamond priceline member i found this section on their website that shows all of your purchases? and in the details section it shows exactly what you bought. this is so interesting and creepy to me thanks priceline (you can tell when the half price hair care sales were on)

and the membership thing works per quarter so @h0e-bl0g to answer your question i think i spent about $200 in three months to get it. an achievable aspiration maybe. also would you like a hello fresh box?

amaradonis  asked:

THERE'S A BAKUROKU MUSICAL?? WHAT????? i shouldn't be surprised, it's /bakuroku/, but holy SHIT

It’s… I…

There’s a tapdancer and their solution to clothes exploding off people is… literally ripping it off of them???

Hijikata is the running joke, Ie does a pop number, Souji’s goddamn pegasus, and… uh…

It’s a thing.

A thought process I have at least once a month
  • Me: Hey, I have regular income. I should buy myself something nice.
  • Me: Hm, if I spend $50 I get free shipping. So let's see how close I can get to that. I don't want to spend much more.
  • Me: Awesome! I'm at like $52, that's pretty good. Plus I've got a bunch of sale items. This is an amazing price for what I'm getting.
  • Me: Still though, it is a lot of money. It might be a good deal but it's still more expensive than nothing. Do I really need all of this? I'm going to think it over...
  • Me: This is all junk. I don't need junk! What am I even going to do with this? I'm perfectly happy without it. (OR) My old stuff is still perfectly usable! I shouldn't buy new things until I'm out of my old stuff!
  • Me: No, I should treat myself once in a while. I keep looking back here, that means I do actually want it. It's not like I'm going to just forget about it. Still....
  • Me: It's been days. If I waited this long it must mean I don't want it that bad. I'm just not going to buy anything.

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I'm really a little hurt and offended that you got a tattoo. So many people including myself have bought things (the t-shirt, teas) on your behalf for medical bills. I feel like you really shouldn't be asking for money or have a donate button on your page. I've given you money because I thought you were in a desperate situation, but everything you post (new clothes, new hair, new tattoo, fancy food) show you are spending money on luxury items. Not sure what else to say….

I know, and I’ve considered this when posting about making purchases. Trust me when I say that I’ve been budgeting my money carefully. I’ve been on the phone with the hospital and my CPA a lot to make sure I’m alright. Also keep in mind it’s Christmas right now. A lot of friends and relatives are being incredible and helping to treat me to nice things since I was basically in the hospital for my birthday this year. Christmas also means that people have also ordered a lot of stuff from Adagio and Redbubble from me, and so yes, I admit that I’ve used some of that unexpected income from sales to buy myself some stuff when I feel particularly depressed, since i have a bad habit of turning to retail therapy.

I hope… I dunno, I’m sorry if a lot of people feel like I’m squandering money? I WOULD have most definitely been fucked without everyones help. I wouldn’t have been able to pay rent or radiology bills or student loans. And now that I’m closer to recovered, I’m going to start the year working my ass off to produce more stuff for you guys. I hate hate HATE asking for handouts, because I KNOW afterwards all of my purchases will be scrutinized by some people, and you have every RIGHT to of course. I just…am going to feel incredibly guilty about getting nice things for Christmas now.

Edit: And you guys do know that my family flew me to my parents house in Texas so I wouldn’t spend the holidays alone, right? And my relatives are spoiling me like crazy now that I’m out of the hospital? It’s not like I’m the one financing crab leg dinners right now, trust me.

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I've learned not to believe anything on Yahoo after they baited Larries for ad revenue. But, not to be rude or anything, Harry has spurts of acne and things like normal people his age. If he were truly doing all those things on his skin and she claims it works shouldn't his skin be 100% clear 100% of the time? The lies people tell for their 15 minutes..

Hi Anon. While I agree that the “dermatologist” was full of it (or grossly violating Harry’s privacy), I disagree that his skin would be perfect if he spends a lot of time and money trying to make it so. Some people have more difficult skin problems than others and all the expensive treatments in the world won’t make it go away completely. And placenta is actually a very common ingredient in skin and hair care lines, the original source of this information was just sensationalizing it.

I’m definitely not a fan of Yahoo picking that particular story up, but that said, I disagree STRONGLY with you about YahooCelebUK as a whole. I’ve kept relatively quiet about this because everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions and I won’t stop them, but since you happened to mention it in my Ask, I’ll take this opportunity to rant (and please don’t take this personally, Anon, I’ve seen several comments along these lines and I’m just using this as a jumping off point).

Yahoo News, like every other media outlet ever, relies on advertising to make money and pay the people that work there.  For online articles, click rates are what determines the cost of advertising. Since celebrity news and gossip get the most cross-demographic hits, it is something that these outlets rely on to bring in readers. So yes, click bait is a real thing, and some outlets intentionally dupe or mislead people by their headlines to get a “click” and then the article bears little or no resemblance to what the headline implied. 

And while YahooCelebUK (mostly Stephanie Soteriou) certainly writes and publishes articles about “Larry” hoping to get a “click” because people are interested in what the article has to say, I have yet to come across anything they’ve done (since I started paying attention back in November) to mislead people into clicking on their articles (i.e. “clickbait”).

Stephanie is legit.  She is a real Larrie, she is not baiting anyone for ad revenue - not any more than hoping people will be interested in what she’s writing about. She is not lying, or playing one fandom side against the other like Sugarscape does, nor is she writing this stuff that gets a reaction only to laugh at us and make fun when we respond enthusiastically (like Sugarscape does). The “worst” she’s done is write an article about the “I’m gay” Vine and then later back off the original assertion. Which is kinda what you have to do when it sure SOUNDS like that’s what was said, but witnesses say it wasn’t.

Yes, they get a lot of clicks from those One Direction/Larry articles, and they write a lot of them knowing that they’ll get attention, but that’s the business of online media, not something to sneer at.

I’ve talked quite a bit with Stephanie off-line and yes, I’m very biased in her favor, but until she posts a positive “Larry” article one day and then gushes over Elouno the next (as opposed to mentioning that it exists, which it does), then I will continue to defend her.  


(and yes, I know Anon just mentioned “Yahoo” not Stephanie, but she’s the one that writes 95% of the articles, so it’s totally about her).