i spend a long time thinking about how terrified river must be half the time


Title: Safe
Chapter/One shot: Chapter 18
Original Imagine:
Imagine you’re running from a bunch of vampire hunters because they’re convinced you’re a vampire because you escaped a cell at the lab where you were being held. You wish with all your heart that you were somewhere safe with someone you can trust. Suddenly, you get shot with a tranquilizer dart which messes your running up and makes you trip and fall. You get back up, looking behind you, you see the hunters stop then you run into what feels like a brick wall. You almost fall but 2 strong arms catch you, seeing the odd clothing you look up to see it’s Loki. You say help please then you pass out as the tranquilizer takes effect.
Author: starrynight35
Rating: M
Notes/Warnings: Language

Chapter 18

April’s POV:

Fury thought it best not to tell the rest of the team about our deal. They trusted Loki even less than they trusted me, and that was really saying something. I hated the way they treated him. After all this time, I thought they should stop ostracizing him for something he had done years ago. After all, most everyone else had already forgiven him. Hell, he had his own online “army.” It was made up of mostly females who wanted to fuck him, but still…

We made our plans around the conference room table. Loki sat next to me, his hand squeezing my thigh periodically. I knew he wasn’t totally onboard with Fury’s idea, but I thought it was the only way to guarantee we got the proof we needed. And there was the added bonus of Loki’s freedom.

Loki had thought Fury would just let him go when we were done, but judging by the way Fury and the rest of them still treated him, I did not think that was the case. I had to make absolutely sure he could walk away from here with me. He deserved it. He had given plenty of his time to them.

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anonymous asked:

SouTori prompt- If you're familiar with greek mythology, then I was thinking of a Hades and Persephone thing, where Ai is Persephone and Sousuke is Hades!

casually slinks in with this fill 12348 years later

(seriously, though, this prompt is wonderful. mythology is such a great influence holy cow.)

(reference for what I’m talking about with Ai’s beauty mark, in the last paragraph of the intro X)

Aiichirou is a boy with no friends.

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