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Ignis was raised alongside Prince Noctis to be adviser to the heir apparent. An intensive education instilled in him the resourcefulness and composure required for the role, his tactical acumen proving invaluable over the course of the prince’s journey.

Happy Birthday, Cooking Mama Ignis! [2/7]

in honor of the end of teen wolf, i would just really like to shoutout to all of the twrarepair content creators who i’ve known throughout the years. i love so many ships in teen wolf, popular ships included, but the rarepair content creators constantly inspired me with their creativity - the ways that two characters who have very little screen time together could have a flourishing relationship in a fanfic or be manipulated together into the same image in a graphic or gifset. i’m just gonna take a second to thank everyone i can think of right now. i’m not even gonna make a read more you just have to witness my great love and appreciation for these people.

@clizzy​ / rogue: i haven’t talked to you in a million years but your ongoing creation of dallison and dallison+ content was a huge reason why i go into rarepairs in the first place. also you supported me and my love for dira and i really appreciate that <3

@torple​ / sarah: you’re the entire reason i learned how to make gifs?? your lyric gifsets are so beautiful and you were always down to fill my random rarepair lyric requests and you’re so cool and i love you

@killstiles​ / nicole: i don’t even know what to say you’re just the best and you love all the best ships and most importantly allison and scott and kira.

@derekslaura​ / ellis & @sleepy-skittles​ / kat : you are polya teen wolf royalty!! you’re always down to talk rarepairs and esp polyships and you have so many good headcanons any time someone has an idea for a rareship! thank you both for doing such important work xoxoxo

@jameskirk​: i’ve never spoken to you so i’m sorry if this is weird but i’ll always appreciate your dedication to creating beautiful dallison content. your use of color and of one of my favorite teen wolf ships has been so important and inspiring to me over the years!

@queerkira / liss & @dianameras / katie: you both have made so many creative au rarepair gifsets and graphics and i’ve gone back to your work countless times for inspiration and ways to rethink different tw relationships

@inell & @elfysparkles88: semi - i know you a little from the twrpnetwork and inell i haven’t spoken to you ever i think, but you guys are so great. i know that any time i search for a rarepair fic on ao3 and i’m worried that the ship might be too rare to have anything, probably one of you will have written something for them. so thank you both for filling the void of fanfiction for all of my fave rarepairs.

@letscottmccallbehappy2k17 / kim: thank you for your endless dediction to scott mccall and vernon boyd. also for inspiring me to create content for ships like deucalion/kira or boyd/brett or any number of pairings i may never have thought of without you

@lesbiancleophas / ella: you are a femslash rarepair fanfic mvp ur great never stop <3

also thanks to anyone who has ever been a part of @twrarepairnetwork that i might have missed. imogen, you’re not on tumblr any more but thanks for bringing us all together and giving us such a great gift. to any members, you’re the coolest and you made my time in the teen wolf fandom better. to anyone who participated in a rarepairweek, thanks for being one of us and for making the fandom richer and more diverse with your rarepair content.

anyhoo i know i’m forgetting a million people but i just had to say thank you to all of these wonderful people for the roles they’ve played in my life for the last five years. you’re all amazing and thank you so much.