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Until Dawn Character Screen - Carmilla & Laura ver.


What is Sonic trying to imply?
Also, have I mentioned before that I am Hamilton trash???

I always imagine Amy being the only person Sonic actually talks to in Boom and the conversations get really deep, so this had to be done~ maybe expect more stuff like this????

The song is Satisfied from Hamilton the musical, and you can listen to the song here: https://youtu.be/y358ZtfZ4dQ

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Hogwarts AUs!

* “We’re practicing cheering charms for Flitwick’s class on each other and now we’re both giggling messes and wow your eyes are pretty” AU

* “I’m a pureblood and you’re a muggleborn and we have astronomy together and you always come up in a onesie and some kind of blanket-robe and where do I get a Snuggie I need it” AU

* “Your potion blew up in your face and the teacher put me in charge of taking you to the hospital wing but I can’t stop laughing at the fact that you don’t have eyebrows anymore” AU

* “We both got detention and we’re in the forbidden forest and would you stop laughing at me for getting scared of a rabbit and what the hell did you hear that” AU

* “You’re the cute chaser and your house played mine today and now my house is mad at me because I kept cheering for the wrong team” AU

* “You and I are bitter rivals and we’re always trying to out-do each other but I just saw you being absolutely adorable with one of those weird fluffy things from Care of Magical Creatures and what do I do with these feelings” AU

* “You’re the hot prefect and I keep getting in trouble to spend time with you and you’re beginning to suspect something” AU

* “You noticed I keep sneaking off sometimes so you followed me and turns out I’m not human whoops don’t freak out” AU

* “You got into a duel with someone and they threw a curse and I jumped in front of it to protect you and now we’re both in the hospital wing because you beat up the other person” AU

* “You’re my date to the Yule Ball and originally we were just going as friends but holy shit you dress up nice” AU

* “Someone snuck in a bottle of fire whiskey and we’re playing never have I ever/truth or dare with friends in the common room and WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOW DRUNK ARE YOU” AU

* “I signed up to tutor you but we keep getting distracted and now everyone knows because our grades are both going down” AU

* “I swear to Merlin if you do that spell wrong one more time I will TAKE YOUR WAND” AU

* “Hogsmeade weekend and you dared me to go into the shrieking shack and surprise there’s an actual ghost in there” AU

* “Caught outside the grounds after curfew and have to get back in somehow” AU

* “Your owl and my owl are having kids together and we’re stuck helping out” AU

* “You found out about my secret stash of pencils and pens and now you won’t stop stealing them write your own damn essays” AU

* “You’re a pureblood and I’m a muggleborn and you don’t understand any of my pop culture references” AU

* “I keep applying science to magic and you’re weirded out by it so we start a science club” AU



Honestly the only reason i bought both this one and the other one is ‘cause this one reminded me so much of Abyss!Sanss little watch made with Tk!Sans to see the time for when Obscuro(? Sorry if i spelled it wrong) Takes a humans soul

Tk~ @perfectshadow06

Abyss~ @metakazkz

obsidii  asked:

Do you have a picture of all the characters? Or at least the ones you don't talk about as often? Like Beau and Thomas and Candy? (I'm sorry if I spelled those wrong)

these are really old so take the information on them with a grain of salt. here are other characters though !!!! (sterling was born here he looks like a grandpa im sorry sterling he’s definitely not a flirt anymore try moody tsundere instead. and mr. k’s power is now, actually, to dull other powers for a short amount of time)

That word.. Toni Topaz x Fem!Reader

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A/n:This is really short and stupid but i hope you enjoy it anyways. As always like, comment, reblog and don’t be afraid to love questions or concerns. Sorry for the horrible grammar and spelling

She’s so hot. I wouldn’t mind getting with her.” I heard someone say from beside me causing the group of people around me to laugh. South Side High had shut down a week ago and the kids that originally went there now had to go to Riverdale High, so how did the serpents adjust to their new environment? Well, they had spent a better half of lunch looking at some of the girls and guys that attended the school and were trying to see who was who’s type.

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hey lads i’m finally doing regular style commissions and not just lying to both you and myself for the millionth time!

These will be flat color and in the style seen above! If you’d like the line art as a separate piece hmu

I’ll be doing payments through paypal only and will be sending invoices this time around

I’m taking orders through google form over Here! 

  • Last weekend I fell off the wagon a bit (what can I say—playoffs). But I did not stay there. 
  • Monday came and I hit the gym. Tuesday and Wednesday I did not, but my eating was kept in check. Stayed green in the MFP. 

  • Tonight was 30 in the gym on the treadmill. Intervals of jogging and walking (1 minute at 5 MPH, 2 minutes at 4.5 MPH, 2 minutes at 4.0 MPH X 6). 

  • They had free samples of “healthy chips” called Vea, so you know I got a bag. I haven’t cracked them yet, but when I do I will give you my verdict. 

  • Things at the college are still uncertain as far as budget and cuts. 

  • Also a student told me he/she didn’t agree with my syllabus and class policies and said I offended him/her by telling him/her that I would take points off if students spelled my name wrong on essay submissions. It was extremely hard to keep any semblance of cool. This person decided to stay in my class despite my syllabus being “unethical” and raising “red flags”. I love teaching, I love spending my days talking about writing and rhetoric, I really do. And I have some great students, but when I get people like this, morale gets low. 

handwritten fonts

Time for today’s lesson”

Teacher x Teacher au ??

Annapolis, Nov. 28th, 1783

My Dear Patsy,

After four days’ journey, I arrived here without any accident, and in as good health as when I left Philadelphia. The conviction that you would be more improved in the situation I have placed you than if still with me, has solaced me on my parting with you, which my love for you had rendered a difficult thing. The acquirements which I hope you will make under the tutors I have provided for you will render you more worthy of my love; and if they cannot increase it, they will prevent its diminution.

Consider the good lady who has taken you under her roof… as your mother, as the only person to whom, since the loss with which heaven has been pleased to afflict you, you can now look up.

With respect to the distribution of your time, the following is what I should approve:

From 8. to 10. o'clock practise music.
From 10. to 1. dance one day and draw another.
From 1. to 2. draw on the day you dance, and write a letter next day.
From 3. to 4. read French.
From 4. to 5. exercise yourself in music.
From 5. till bedtime, read English, write, &c.

..I expect you will write me by every post. Inform me what books you read, what tunes you learn, and inclose me your best copy of every lesson in drawing. Write also one letter a week either to your Aunt Eppes, your Aunt Skipworth, your Aunt Carr, or the little lady from whom I now enclose a letter… . Take care that you never spell a word wrong. Always before you write a word, consider how it is spelt, and, if you do not remember it, turn to a dictionary. It produces great praise to a lady to spell well…

If you love me, then strive to be good under every situation and to all living creatures, and to acquire those accomplishments which I have put in your power, and which will go far towards ensuring you the warmest love of your affectionate father,

Th. Jefferson

P. S. - keep my letters and read them at times, that you may always have present in your mind those things which will endear you to me.

—  Letter from Thomas Jefferson to his daughter Patsy.