i spelled judgmental wrong

Ongoing list of things overheard at the office:

“We confiscated a pair of fluffy handcuffs at security this morning.”

“I think it was death by atomic wedgy”

“If you change that back to a m-dash I will kill you”

“I spelled judgment wrong for the first year of law school.”

“Is it rude to call the defense attorney a lying liar who lies to her face?”

“You can’t call the defense attorney a liar in your brief. She is, but save that bench conferences.”

“The nice thing about guys like this defendant procreating is job security.”

“Does he have the poop emoji tattooed on his hand? Yes? I don’t know if I want to make the plea offer lower or higher.”


|| The Numinous Tarot: Major Arcana ||

The Numinous Tarot is a deck based on my nearly 12 years experience of reading Tarot, and the many mystical experiences I have had as a witch and polytheist. Bright colors and diversity in race and gender were things I tried to put in, as well, as they are important to me.

One day I will be selling decks and prints, but first I have to do the Minor Arcana :). You can follow me or track #Numinous Tarot for updates! Estimated finish date: sometime in 2016. Please do not remove my credit or this caption!

ps. yes, I spelled judgment wrong, I will fix my original file but I don’t feel like redoing this particular web image.