i spelled it right ok


happy birthday kiiboy!! i love u a lot even though most of the time i make fun of ur lack of parts!!!

KamiAso- Alternate Job AU!

@hades-no-daifuku asked me to post this because she thought it was good ;w; Here’s my take on their alternative jobs though, feel free to add your own!

Apollon: Lawyer

Hades: Writer

Dionysius: Model

Melissa: Baker

Takeru: Martial arts sensei

Tsukito: Café owner

Akira: Fashion Designer and Make up artist

Loki: Comedian

Balder: Florist

Thor: Bodyguard

Thoth: Librarian/Scholar

Anubis: Thoth’s assistant or a preschool teacher

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Since you're obviously not an Army I'm gonna ask you to stop using their pictures as your memes. It's disrespectful when you're obviously using them to make fun of them and it's rude? Like we get, oh you're an exp fan, get over yourself. Use their crusty memes insyead.



It’s a mighty long fall

When you thought love was the top

ONE OK ROCK // Opening for 5 Seconds of Summer // Sounds Live Feels Live // Atlanta, GA // 7.24.16

Drew the bug boi Kickback- yeah he’s got anxiety. He lost his MLP plush

((I keep drawing minor characters who don’t even belong in this blog- but like I said for Jazz, if I post more headhsots for bots like Glowstrike, or Saberhorn, or even Arcee don’t be suprised bc I honestly already have a few concept arts I need to show everyone too. Plus this is a good reference just in case someone like him needs to be a background character for a specific ask- like if someone mentions “Decepticon Island” y’know??))


so back in sept 2015 me and my mum went to japan aa!! so i went and took some photos (mOST OF THEM I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED KILL ME) for some background practice ;v; when i saw ppl do this i got interested so why not try it ;^)

i took some from disney and akihabara as well! i didnt get pictures from nakano broadway bc i got distracted by all the manga and owari no seraph stuff ;A; these were taken in Ueno! i forgot the exact place but yeah xD some sort of panda park?? nyeeh! anyways have charisk


the jpegs from chicon are finally here!!! there’s not much of a story behind this op but kim and briana are two of the kindest and most genuine women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. they both were so kind to me and my friends, specially at our autos!!! and they’re stunning in person. like - my heart stopped when they walked into the room. that’s why I look slightly panicked because I was very flustered omg

about the autographs: I bought them literally right after their panel because they were so great and fun. I didn’t have anything to get them to sign so I just had them sign the PDF of my weekend pass. when I got to the table kim asked “so where do I sign?” and I laughed and said “I only have you and briana autographs so you can sign the whole thing, or that corner, or half of it - wherever.” and kim, without prompting, did this and thanked me while I tried to breathe.

and I was literally the last person in line for briana autographs - bless her, she took the time to talk to everyone so her autographs were going until literally the last minute before karaoke. she read what kim wrote and laughed and said “kim’s pretty great, isn’t she?” and I said “yeah, of course” and she started to write my name and then looked at me and said “am I spelling this right?” I said no, but that’s ok because everybody else spells it that way and she pouted and was like “I don’t want to be like everybody else!” (the line in between ‘thx’ and my name is pointing to my name on the ticket lol) 

tl;dr if you are ever at a con and they’re there, meet them