i specialize in canines~

anonymous asked:

I enjoy the fact that you rejoice in Chalo's universality in appearance. It is much more fun than those who attempt to find/portray their pets as the most unique visual experience. Good stuff.

all things are Chalo, Chalo is all things

kataari  asked:

Do you have a process you like to go through when designing a character? Also, do you have a favorite species to draw?

I usually either get inspiration from real life, everyday people (like a cool haircut, fashion, glasses, or facial hair…) or i just start with shapes, for the head. Ill be like “ok, i wanna do a wolverine” so i do different wolverine like headshapes, but make it unique, then i wanna make him a trucker and give them
typical trucker hat n stuff. Then i do features like maybe a cut ear, or a nose bandage, then color and experiment with it. (i might of been making a wolverine character like this, haha)

sometimes a character just comes into my
head or ill be drawing and it just.. happens, but this is what i do when i actually plan it out.

Canines and mustelids are my favorite. Specially wolves and pine martens!