i speak everything

do u guys ever look back at a piece of half-done writing and think ‘this could be brilliant. this could be my mona lisa. my starry night. my idris elba’ but you have absolutely no drive to finish it despite an unfaltering desire to see it finished


   Please keep in mind that, however hard my muse may argue something or however confidently they make a statement, they can be wrong. It’s my muse’s opinion, and my muse talking, and their perception is skewed.
              Do not feel like everything out of my character’s mouth is the truth, or that I’m godmodding. 


If I wanted to fire a warning shot, how close would I have to aim for it to be effective? How close? I’m not interested in holing his ship, but need him to understand that I am committed to this.

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up


Inspired by these three wonderful posts

“I never signed up to be an activist but it kind of came with the territory. And I’m not complaining because I wholeheartedly believe in everything I speak out on. My motivation really comes from the hundreds of people that contact me online and confide in me and tell me how just seeing my image or reading one of my interviews has helped them. I’ve realized that I am somehow now in the position to use my voice to speak for millions who will never get the chance to and I don’t take that lightly…Knowledge truly is power and enlightening the ignorant creates a ripple effect that I believe would be a great start to a better existence.” - Jillian Mercado for @posturemag

Photography by @thekateowen

Thoughts Of The Signs
  • Aries: "I'm going to do this with or without you. I do not need you to show me how. I do not need you to watch me do it."
  • Taurus: "I can retract my kindness at any moment. I can make you sorry just as quickly as I can make you comfortable."
  • Gemini: "I just wish someone would believe me when I speak. Not everything I say is a joke. Not every game I play is in vain."
  • Cancer: "How about instead of complaining that I'm constantly moping, you give me a reason to stop moping?"
  • Leo: "There are times I feel like I should just stop speaking. I want to see who would honestly notice, or care."
  • Virgo: "I just wish someone would acknowledge my ideas. I want to feel important for more than two seconds. I want to be remembered."
  • Libra: "I want to show off those important to me. I want to tell everyone exactly what makes them special. I wish mere words could say it enough."
  • Scorpio: "People don't think I notice, but I do. I notice every slight change in behavior, right down to an odd blinking pattern."
  • Sagittarius: "You can either take me as I am or you can walk away. I'm not going to change my way of thinking to appease or align with your lifestyle."
  • Capricorn: "I will bulldoze anything that gets in my way. If it means I have to break a couple hearts on my way up, no problem. I'm not backing down."
  • Aquarius: "I don't have time to talk about it, I don't have energy to talk about it, and I don't have any seconds left to waste. Let's move on."
  • Pisces: "Just yesterday, it felt like everything was perfect. I know it's going to crumble to the ground. I know I destroy everything I touch. So I'm not expecting anything less."