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What do you think if warriors named after previous warriors who have died? Example; crowfeather(feathertail), leafpool(leafstar/spottedleaf), hollytuft(hollyleaf)?

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Like most traditionalists, I’m against it. I’ve never liked the concept of naming children after a deceased loved one to begin with, especially in fiction (fucking Harry Potter). And in a culture like the Clans - where your name means quite literally everything - I hate it even more. A warrior’s name is supposed to represent what makes them unique, what makes them stand out from their peers. To take that away from them because you couldn’t let the memory of a dead cat go is cruel.

Now, in the case of Crowfeather, I can maybe understand. He specifically requested the suffix -feather to honor his friend (who was the only one he really got attached to). But the difference here is that he’s an adult who can make these decisions himself. I still don’t like the idea, but he knows exactly what he’s doing and he has the emotional maturity to bear that name with the history that it has. That’s okay.

But to do that to an innocent kitten who can’t give their consent? Absolutely not.


The show confirmed it

Several members of the Crewniverse confirmed it

I don’t care if you don’t ship Rosepearl because you don’t think it’s healthy

Just acknowledge that it fucking exists, that it isn’t one-sided, that they actually HAD a romantic relationship before Greg came along

i love the idea of alec continuing to be an impulsive kisser, even after the wedding. he’s spent so long denying that part of himself, not allowing himself to feel, and now he’s got this beautiful man in front of him who reciprocates those very feelings. 

magnus would be talking, recalling one of his many stories, when alec’s gaze drops to his lips and stays there, and before either of them realise what’s happened alec breaks from the trance and their lips are touching. 

the first few hasty kisses aren’t perfect, alec rushing forward and shocking magnus, but it doesn’t take long for magnus to get with the program and start leaning in to meet him half way, no matter how impulsive alec gets.

papa iwa hcs no one asked for

but that youre all gonna get anyways

  • Papa Iwa being the hot and mysterious dad all the moms talk about but really its just that none of them have talked to him and if they did he’d totes be all for a fucking bake sale lets go
  • Iwa having the best fucking muscles that all the kids like to hang off and they always go to him for airplanes and being lifted in the air. It’s spectacular
  • Papa Iwa w his hubby Oikawa and their kid looking like friggen models when they leave the house
  • him staying home when their kid is sick and making soup and just being the best fucking nurse dad
  • Iwa taking over helping w homework cause Oikawa gets it but its been like a thousand years since hes had to practice english okay
  • papa iwa being the dad that always caves and allows chocolate milk before bed
  • loser dad iwa that wears socks and sandals ouo
  • im just so gone for dad iwa just imagine him in everything pls talk to m e

Can we talk about Amethyst in this episode though? She usually clashes so often with Pearl, but in this case she literally defended her when Pearl admitted that she lied. And remember that part… where Amethyst looks down a bit sadly and says “No, I don’t think that’s it” when Steven asks if Pearl wanted to learn about the communication hub. And I think it’s because Amethyst relates to her. She really gets Pearl, because she feels the same way herself.

She basically says, “We both feel stronger with you” and I think it’s because fusing with Garnet makes them both feel like they’re loved, and Pearl wanted to keep doing that. Amethyst feels the same way. Both of them struggle with serious issues of inferiority and feeling unwanted, and fusing with Garnet seems to alleviate that, if even a little.