i sparkle now


Now I’m just messing around ‘cause I like throwing  these sparkles and screen tones everywhere—-like I know what I’m doing ahahaha I really don’t.
Any who! Some Vanilla Promptis for your dashes today! 
I drew the smooching girls, so this time I drew the smooching boys, but in their high school days! Their kisses would totally be cute and vanilla until they get the hang of getting too know each other huehuehue~
njoy the cute squishing faces if these two losers lol 


my casual suga post just got a bunch of notes recently and people seemed to like it so i thought id draw another one in my own outfit from a couple of days ago bc im Gay And Edgy

yurio was so important in the latest ep and im still not over this child

The Riddler gets a bottle of maple syrup

(but can Gotham survive a Riddler hopped on sugar?)


The Riddler gets the body hidden early and goes out for a drink with the Penguin.

The Riddler starts a rock collection

The Riddler isn’t missing a left sock for his pair

The Riddler starts a new artistic hobby

The Riddler finds shoes that fit on the first try

The Riddler’s pie turns out perfect

The Riddler meets someone who likes his riddles


@typhoidmeri​ that was a complicated frock we chose to swoon over ;)

maybe she’s like reverse Cinderella or something? Like she’s actually the princess holding the ball, and Steve is the one who gets trussed up. Pierce is the wicked stepfather, I guess. Rumlow as the not-so-ugly stepbrother, and somebody else, that Gilmore Hodge guy from cafta? The fairy godmother is Sam (fairy godfather, falcon godfather, fairy godfalcon??)

”i need you to find me the biggest damn pumpkin you got, a bunch of critters, and a goose who can’t drive”

“a goose who CAN’T drive?”  

“what you telling me you got one who can??”  **

Lucky the dog gets turned into Clint, a raccoon gets turned into Bucky, some mice into horses yada yada, and instead of a goose the driver is a small black spider that Steve presents to his Fairy Godfalcon in an upturned glass with a piece of cardboard underneath. Which turns into Natasha, obvs. Beep beep! 

And whatever else because Darcy should wind up searching high and low, demanding of every young gentleman, “hey gimme your shoe!”

**i’m only slightly sorry about the goose thing, because it is a fantastic in-joke with my friends from when we watched the live action Cinderella and laughed at the bit when the goose gets turned into the driver and says “I can’t drive, I’m a goose.” That movie was way funnier than I think they intended it. 


sorry I cant do scenery. I also took some creative liberties with design but heres part of one of my fav. moments from Mark’s Subnautical videos so far. (Can you tell I’m really digging them)

Also drawing hair underwater f-ing sucks. and while we are on the subject of hair, i do have to add that I am really digging the color thing Marks got going on. I was a little iffy about the pink at first, but man to I love it now. Not that it matters, home boy can do whatever he likes, just wanted to let ya’ll know.