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Don’t fall in love with the moment and think you’re in love with the girl.
—  She’s American-The 1975

Jungkook: *whistles*

Me: 💛 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 💓✨💞🌌💜💫💘💖😍💌💎💝 💞 🔥🌟 😍 🎆💋💛💐 

48 and looking great! (Do not be fooled, Junkrat is fawning head over heels— or er, heel– on the inside)

And thank you to my bro @darkwingsnark for the “I know your secret, secret baby man” line at the end. 


Hate doesn’t stand a chance, nothing is unachievable, those who say you can’t… Simply just never will

So many people are making fun of Jimin’s pronunciation in WDTA, so here’s a 101 on how to quit being ugly:

First, we all know english isn’t jimin’s first language nor is it one of his strengths and that’s an enough reason to why we should appreciate his hard work. y'all need to imagine how hard it’d be to go on with a language you’re too unfamiliar with having to sing and follow a rhythm that was produced by a native speaker of that language for a native singer of the same language????!!!!! oh and add this: you’re making a cover and people will compare your version to the original song constantly… y'all sound so ugly dragging his hard work down just because he sounded different you fucking wanna ignore how he managed to get all the words pronounced correctly and sounded heavenly sweet while following the rhythm all in a language that’s he’s not good at????

so yeah before you go on dragging his immensely lovely work, imagine how you’d sound singing in a language you’re not familiar with??? wait you might think you do sound good, imagine what a native speaker would actually say???

why stop at language

not only do i want more cultural differences in fic, i also want those classic asian home remedies being shoved down victor’s throat like u know in episode 2 when victor does The Sneeze?? where’s hiroko tutting pitifully and rushing forward with a bowl of hot honey radish soup?? where’s toshiya grabbing the pot of tiger balm from their medicine cabinet?? when victor stumbles into the onsen after a long night of drinking at minako’s where’s mari giving him a very unimpressed glance before going to the kitchen and putting together some hot tea with pickled plums and telling him, “just drink it, baka” ???!?!?!?

imagine yuuri and victor moving to st. petersburg and bringing these asian home remedies with them. imagine yuri p crashing their brunches and being greeted with green onion and ginger porridge lest he “catch a cold from the harsh winter” (+1 side of victor teasing his moscow-born-and-raised background, “AS IF i haven’t been able to handle your shitty питер weather,” yurio says, having indeed not been able to handle the st. petersburg weather all these months, if we are going to assume that lilia begrudgingly applying dry mustard packets on his body a few nights a week has been any indication of that. which we are. going to assume.)

and these things too, yuuri will find himself exposed to—russian treatments that everyone at the rink swears by, like applying lines of wet iodine on his back to soothe sore muscles and increase blood circulation

like all im sayin is that victor and yuuri learning about each other and developing their love doesnt have to stop at okaeri and tadaima and vitenka and solnyshko, u know??


Lost in skies of powdered gold
Caught in clouds of silver ropes

insp:  (੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚