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a conversation ladybug and chat noir had probably idk
  • CN: ok we need a team name
  • LB: a team...name...
  • CN: yeah like you have The Sailor Scouts. The Justice League. The Avengers. The Power Rangers.
  • LB: i love that The Sailor Scouts was your first example.
  • CN: missing the point! the point being we should have a name.
  • LB: I thought we were The Bug and Cat Team.
  • CN: ugh no, ladybug, we need something way cooler. like, ah...CATBUG.
  • LB: Pretty sure that's taken.
  • CN: Alright, how about...The Miraculous Mates.
  • LB: no
  • CN: I Break It, She Makes It?
  • LB: that sounds like a sitcom
  • CN: The Spandex Kids
  • LB: for god's sake, i am not announcing myself to villains as being part of The Spandex Kids. i want people to take us seriously.
  • CN: The Onesie Twins!
  • LB: NO
  • CN: The Masked Lovebirds
  • LB: ...nice try
  • CN: eh, worth a shot
Have You Ever Heard The Sound Of More Headcanons Appearing On Your Dash?

wOuLD yOU LikE TO?

So I like the idea of Sport and Robbie being everybody’s metaphorical fathers

(Can also be found at: @sportarobbieincantation)

•Robbie will sometimes take the kids into his lair when it’s too hot outside and just let them play around

•So long as they don’t break anything, of course
•He makes snacks and everything
•The first time Robbie “reluctantly” did this, Sportacus lost his shit
•He thought something horrible had happened and it made it worse because his crystal wasn’t saying anything
•Eventually, his elven hearing picked up on music coming from underground and he had never run to the lair hatch quicker in his life
•He raced downed it and was immediately upset that he hadn’t brought a camera
•Robbie was dancing the Macarena with the kids and they were all ENJOYING themselves
•"I knew you’d be a great dad.“

•Another time, Sportacus had shown up and they were all cuddled up in the chair.
•All of them, Robbie and all the kids just snuggled up together asleep
•Bonus points because Robbie had Stephanie cradled in his arms rather protectively and she was hugging him back
•Sportacus had a camera that time
•Robbie’s favorite tool will always be mallets and hammers. He has some type of magical connection to them that not even he understands.

•He has kinds of all shapes and sizes when it comes to his hammer tools, some even bigger than himself
•Sportacus failed to lift one of the larger ones, but then Robbie picked it up and slung it over his shoulder no problem???
•"You can’t even lift me!”
•Anything made with these hammers is connected to Robbie in a magical sense, like his microwave or his disguise machine
•Sportacus has seen Robbie wield them as a weapon only once and he made a vow to never make him mad enough to see again
•"How can you lift those?“/“Magic or sumthin’, I dunno.”
•Robbie *still sleepy af*: “Pixel’s a close second.”
•Sportacus *over the screams of angry children*: “ROBBIE PLEASE.”
•Sportacus caught Robbie dry cereal out of a cup while upside down in his chair and Sportacus swore to the heavens he had died on the spot
•Both have been called “Uncle” and/or “Dad” by all the kids at the least once
•In return, they’ve called them “my son/daughter”
•Everybody kinda stopped noticing after a while
•The kids like watching Robbie do magic as much as they love watching Sport do acrobatics
•Sportacus doesn’t like admitting when he needs help

•This has ended him up in many a situation that it was Robbie or the kids that had the save him
•Sportacus will sometimes bottle up his frustration whenever he can’t figure something out on his own, even after the problem’s been solved
•This is becausehe’s the hero and he needs to protect them, not the other way around
•Eventually, the dam breaks and he’s left bawling in Robbie’s arms
•Robbie helps him understand that needing help is okay and admitting you need it is okay too
•Sportacus still has this problem from time to time, but it’s not as frustrating anymore
•"Robbie, is that a skirt?“
•"Yes. Why?”
•"…Does it come in blue? And do you have any shorts to go with it?“
•Sportacus is gonna be the big spoon even if he has to fight for it
•Robbie is Emotional Support Dad™ while Sportacus is Physical Support Dad™

•Robbie lets the kids cry on his shoulder and even helps them through their problems
•Sportacus doesn’t let the kids out themselves down about how they look and always makes sure to bring their moods back up

Ok so I already head canon that Percy is sort of this enigma at school because he disappears for months on end, has been expelled from multiple previous schools, has weird scars and a tattoo, rarely talks in class, has a brooding resting face and looks like a trouble maker, and is just kinda known as this intimidating guy (but is super friendly if you actually talk to him) etc etc etc.

But I was rereading the Lightning Thief and it suddenly occurred to me that Percy could possibly have this huge rep as someone you definitely don’t want on your shit list and is seen as highly highly intimidating because now all I can imagine is some kid at his high school going “You know, Percy Jackson sounds really really familiar” and looking his name up on google or something and-

“Oh wow he was that kid that went missing with his mom a couple years ago”

“And there was nation wide man-hunt for them and he was all over the news”

“And… he fought a bus driver for control of a bus and… basically just caused this mile-long pile up to get away from his captor… who then exploded the bus”

“…And then this guy exploded the Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch.

“And holy shit this kid finally got away from this psycho after having a shotgun-to-rifle gun battle in Los Angelos which ended in this huge explosion that destroyed five police cars oh my god”



Reasons to stay alive

The sound of a baby’s laugh

The colors of Sunrises and Sunsets

Little kids excitingly wanting to show you something they made/can do

The sound of the rain pattering outside

A dog being happy to see you

People holding the door open for strangers

Old people telling stories from when they were your age

Stargazing in random places

People talking about something they have a passion for

The strum of a guitar by a campfire 

Music that connects with your soul

Cats rubbing up against your legs

Learning something new and interesting

Genially good people, just like you

These may be little things, but they are what make life beautiful.

I don’t want you to miss any of them. Stay alive, okay love? <3

I Needed You - Carl Grimes Smut

request: u should totally do a carl smut. in Alexandria after the eye incident. But like a cute smut. Do like a long one

a/n: wow i’ve never written smut before and i feel like i should bathe in holy water (just kidding i fucking loved it)

Your leg bounced up and down as you sat next to Carl in the infirmary. Denise had come in earlier to clean the wound and change out the gauze, so his bandage was fresh with only a little sweat from his forehead dampening the bottom strip. The room was silent, the only sound being the leaking faucet. “Someone’s gotta fix that,” you mumbled. You knew Carl wasn’t going to respond, but you needed to hear something else than the tedious dripping. Silence could be tiring.

“Love you,” you whispered. You stood up from your chair and kissed his forehead, leaving to shower for the first time in…two days? It felt like much longer. 

You felt much better after showering. After all, those two days had been pretty damn stressful. All you really wanted was for Carl to wake up. You needed to know he was okay. Once you got out, you finally glanced at yourself in the mirror. You looked like shit. The bags under your eyes were tinted with gray, and your hair was clean, but unbrushed. Scratches and bruises covered your body; some new, some old. 

“(Y/N)?” Tara asked through the bathroom door. You threw on your clean clothes as you spoke to her through the door. 


“Carl’s awake.” Happiness flowed through your veins. You were nervous to see him. Maybe he didn’t entirely remember what happened. That would be pretty shitty to have to explain him. 

Your feet naturally sped up as you got closer and closer to the infirmary. You began to jog, and then run as your excitement grew and grew. The door flung open, and you saw Denise sitting next to Carl, in the same seat you had been in previously. She was taking his pulse, but stopped when she heard the doors close. “Hey, hun,” she sighed, standing up and leaving you two alone. 

Carl smiled when he saw you, and you instantly leaned in to hug him. “Holy shit,” you let out. “I swear, I thought you were dead.”

“No,” Carl chuckled, “I’m not dead. I just feel like shit.” You smiled at him and pulled him closer. “When do you get to go home? It really sucks, not being able to just hang out in your room, you know.” 

“I know. I can leave. I was just waiting for you.” His smile widened as you picked up his hand and slowly helped him stand up. On the walk back to his house, he assured you over and over that he could walk on his own, but you kept a grip on his upper arm just in case he lost his footing. 

“Dad and Michonne came in earlier. They brought Judith. She was way less freaked out than I thought she was gonna be.”  He seemed so relieved. It always put him at ease whenever Judith was happy.

You two walked in through the front door and slowly up the stairs, into his bedroom. You both took off your shoes and left them at the door. He sat down on his bed, his head against the frame. You felt bad for him, but he seemed to be content with how everything played out. 

Before you could stop yourself, you crawled on the bed and placed your legs on each side of him, straddling his hips. You kissed him softly, but leaned into him as he slid his hands up and down your thighs. He hummed as you pressed your hips downward and glided your hands from his neck to his hair. His hands tugged at the bottom of your shirt, and you pulled away so he could easily lift the fabric off your body. 

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He threw your shirt to his side, and his hands flew to your waist. A smile spread on his face as you dropped your hands to the hem of his shirt. You tried to pull it off, yourself, but Carl stopped you and did it himself. “Don’t want it to get caught.” You were confused for a moment, but you quickly remembered the bandage tied around his head could get knotted in his shirt. You allowed him to take off his shirt, and helped him remove it without messing up the bandage. 

Carl reached for your belt, but you stopped him before he could unbuckle it. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing,” you said quietly. “You deserve this. You’ve gone through some rough shit recently. This is all about you.” 

You ran your hands down his bare chest, stopping at his belt buckle. Carl began to kiss your neck and jawline as your fingers speedily unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. You sat up on your knees and backed away from him to give him space. He lifted his hips off the bed, and you swiftly pulled his pants down his legs, tossing them on the floor. 

Carl’s breathing sped up, and you noticed the bulge forming in his boxers. “Babe, please,” he begged. You smirked and crawled back up to him. You kissed him, deeper this time, and slid one hand to the waist band of his boxers. “Please,” he repeated. His voice was desperate, willing you to give in. You pressed your balm against him, and he sucked in a sharp breath. 

“Relax,” you whispered, kissing him once again. He moaned into your mouth, and he wrapped his arms around you. This time, you let him undo your belt and remove your pants. 

“Mine,” he mumbled, kissing down your neck and around your bra. His hands fumbled with the clasp before he undid it and pulled the straps down your arms. His lips attached to your soft skin, and his tongue lead a pathway from your collarbone to the center of your breast. You breathed in quickly, and your heart beat quickened. His hand slid down your stomach and slipped into your underwear. 

He brushed his index finger against your clit, sending a cool wave of shivers up your spine. You moaned, but reattached your lips with his to silence yourself. Carl looped his fingers through the waistband of your underwear and pulled them down your thighs. You slid out of them and pulled down his boxers. 

“You okay?” you asked. He nodded, smiling at you. “Are you sure?”

“(Y/N), I lost an eye. I didn’t die.” You scoffed at his remark, smiling as you did so. He reached to the side of his bed and pulled out a condom package, skillfully rolling in onto himself. 

He aligned himself from underneath you and gently pushed in. Your breathing stopped for a moment, but you continued to move once Carl started squeezing your lower thigh. Your hips rocked back and forth as you tried to adjust to him, and soon the discomfort evolved into pleasure. 

“Just like that,” Carl moaned, throwing his head back and biting his bottom lip. His hands slid from above your knees to your waist, his fingertips squeezing your skin lightly. Your breathing quickened, and you could no longer keep your hips moving at the same pace. Carl flipped you over, still staying inside you, so he was on top now. 

“Sorry,” you mumbled. 

He nuzzled his face into your neck, sucking a mark onto your skin. “Don’t be.”

His hips moved quickly as he ground in and out of you. “Babe, I-I’m gonna, I’m-”

“Come on, finish,” you encouraged him. He stilled inside you before releasing inside the condom. His teeth grazed your collarbone, and he hummed against your warm skin. 

He kissed your lips sweetly. “You didn’t finish.”

“I know, babe. It’s okay,” you said sweetly. 

“No, no, come on.” He pulled out of you and crawled down your body, his face inches from where you needed him most. 

He kissed your cllit and dragged his finger up and down your folds. His tongue followed his finger, spreading wetness all around. Your legs shook as he continued to work his tongue and lips, sucking and pulling to give you exactly what you needed. You hummed and sucked in, releasing all the built up pleasure onto his tongue. Your hand flew down to the back of his head and pulled at a fistful of his hair. 

Once you had finished, he kissed up your stomach. “I needed that,” he murmured. 

“I needed you.”

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Danny: Hey, love I was just… wait, is something wrong?

Silvia: No nothing. 

Danny: Silvia, you don’t sound like everything’s okay.

Silvia: It’s fine. You have a guest. An investor. I didn’t know you gave that person our personal address. 

Danny: Wait, who? No one has my address. 

Silvia: Your semi-bitchy investor, Lisanne. She’s in the study waiting on you.

Danny: I didn’t-

Silvia: It’s okay, Dan. You should go meet her. I’ll take care of the kids. 

Imagine trying to find Lucifer’s daughter, only to find out it is actually you.

“I heard more say it”

“You heard or took it out of them?” Dean raised an eyebrow at Castiel who sighed.

“No, Dean. I heard them say it. But point is it verifies our thoughts. Lucifer has a kid and its here, on Earth.”

“Great, then we could start searching about him right away” Sam suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” you grabbed your own laptop “Did you hear them say anything more about where he might be, or some sort of name. Hell even nickname”

“Uhm no, no they didn’t say something like that. And it’s a ‘she'”

“She huh? So the devil has a daughter? Even better! Who knew what kind of trouble we’d have if it was a dude”

“Are you saying that a girl can’t give you the ind of a trouble a man can?” you raised an eyebrow at Dean.

“I’m saying-”

“Listen here you sexist jerk, unless you want me to prove you wrong in every possible way sit down and start searching” you slammed a book in front of him and he sat down. Mind the almost scared expression he had on.

Sam tried to keep himself from laughing but Cas did chuckle a little. Dean shot him a glare that made him shut up.

“Alright research. So we find the chick and who knows, maybe you two will get along. How are we sure you’re not Lucifer’s daughter by the way?” Dean joked but both you and Sam shot him a glare.

“Ha ha very funny Winchester. But mind that we need the girl to make Lucifer give up on Sam so unless you got a better plan-” you raised your arms in the air and he shook his head, looking down.

“Very well. Back to research.”

“We only got the time that her soul was created, so we better start with that” Sam sighed, typing on his laptop.


You fell on your bed with a huff. Research had gotten you nowhere, except for a few names of relatives and angels thatCastiel was going to check out. It luckily left you time to relax and having your own room this time meant you wouldn’t have to put up with the boys for a few hours. Sure you loved both of them, they were practically family, but there was a limit to how much time a girl could spend with a Wnchester- let alone two, and keep her sanity.

“They drive you insane sometimes huh?” a voice in the room made your eyes snap open,

Your hand flew under your pillow and grabbed the gun that you kept there pointing at the direction the voice came from, without even thinking who it could have been.

“Lucifer?” you breathed out, a frown setting on your face.

“Missed me?” he smiled at you and you growled under your breath.

“What do you want here?!” you hissed the words.

“Sheesh I was expecting more of a 'Welcome back daddy’ hug but no those Winchesters gotta turn you into one of them!” he rambled, rolling his eyes.

“What the hell are you talking about?!” you grumbled and his face lost all playfulness.

“What does it sound like?”

“I’ve no idea with you anymore”

“Lower the gun, you know I wouldn’t do anything to you”

“Do I?” you cocked an eyebrow.

“Yes because no matter how much of a monster I am I would never hurt my daughter!” he snapped, completely serious.

Your eyes widened and all air got knocked out of your lungs “Wh-what?” you breathed out, your hands not even having the energy to hold the gun up.

You had never met your real father but not in a million years would you have imagined the devil was your father.

“Just what you heard. And now that the gun is down and that you’re not threatening your old man- I came here to warn you. About the angels.”

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imhereandgenderqueer  asked:

Could you do how the rfa would react to MC being involved in the tech side of theater? Like the lights, sounds, building and painting the sets, doing scene changes and such

I love your tumblr name :)

sure thing! I’m actually a member of sound crew in my schools theatre productions so sure thing! lol, and my friend is crew head and my other friend is a stage manager.

All the theatre kids. 

I’m not too sure how I feel about these. I hope they’re okay. 


  •  he’d be in awe that MC did something so cool.
  • He couldn’t help but send reassuring texts to them before every show, and you can bet that he’d be there, cheering at every show right beside them, regardless of what special event was probably going on in LOLOL 
  • Really though, constant reassuring texts
  • Especially on actual nights of the play, even when they’d be sitting next to each other to watch the play he’d be in awe
    • “The set looks great MC”
    • “Yoosung, I’m right here”
    • “And it looks great.” 
  • He’d love seeing them red faced and embossed as he talked about the production afterwards to anyone who would listen. 
    • “see them, right over there? They made the set, wasn’t it beautiful! I love them very much”
    • “Yoosung, shut up we’re going home.” 
    • “I love you MC.”
    • “We’re leaving right this minute.” 
  • He’d honestly be so proud. 


  • when she learned that MC was involved in the lights crew she was thrilled
  •  it absolutely delighted her that MC was also involved in theatre, which would probably only make her more interested in the type of work that Zen does because how can she not be excited when two people she cares so deeply for are involved in theatre?
  • Even if she didn’t quite understand the details she’d ask MC how it went every day when they got home
  • she would definitely go and see every show that they worked on, especially when they were running the board


  •  He was not the least bit fond of MC being involved in theatre. 
  •  it reminded him too much of the self-centered boy who was always bragging about his theatre productions and what director had told him that he’d be “perfect for this new role” only for the process to start over a week later with him giving the excuse that “it didn’t feel right” or “but this new role really is perfect.”
  • still, Jumin appreciated that they were involved in the more unseen aspect of theatre since he could associate that…less…with Zen
  • When he learned just how much MC loved their work he’d give a little bit, asking them about the production they were putting on, the details of their work, if they were sleeping or eating enough
  • He’d show up to their every show, regardless of if he was interested or not, he’d support them with everything he had. 


  • He’d be delighted. 
  • You’re a theatre kid? No way so is he! 
  • He may or may not talk to the director of the production he’s working on and be more than a little suggestive about if they needed someone else on hair and makeup than he knew someone fantastic 
  • MC would be more than a little embarrassed 
  • Still they’d love to work with him, and especially loved when he told them how talented they were. 
  • They’d be all blushy and embarrassed as they told him that he was the truly talented person and how really nobody would notice if they were missing from their crew in the first place
    • “Of course someone would notice. I notice every moment you’re not with me.” 


  • He’d love the idea of MC working in theater especially on the more technical side of theater. 
  • They were like Zen but less arrogant and annoying 
  • Not a surprise that he’d be texting them constantly throughout rehearsals 
  • he’d stop if they told him to, which normally was only when they were actually running the board. 
  • If they guys had any trouble at all with the board
  • (which honestly happens like, every production, at least with us) he’s the first person MC calls because honestly, he probably knows more than the crew head and if he doesn’t, it won’t take him long at all to figure it out. 
  • He’d love to see pictures from them working 
  • He’d definitely tease them for how cute they looked while they were busy
my rambly thoughts on Desperate Times

- doug go offff
- “FUCKING secret rooms”
- im getting gunpowder treason and plot vibes
- o shit did eiffel actually memorise a protocol
- nevermind lmao
- my kids l a u g h e d i have never heard something so pure
- yess the return of team whats wrong with handcuffs
- omg renée and doug are talking about their feelings im so alive
- “i felt like i was just those mistakes” “youre not” AHHHHHH
- “friends?” “yes sir” FINALLYYYYYYYYY
- “d'awwww” hera is us
- “nobody do anything TOO stupid” is a good motto
- the calmer Kepler sounds, the more angry he actually is
- The Blunt Force Trauma Face™
- oh god its all going to shit
- plan B is a large wrench, of course it is
- well, shit. kepler was a step ahead yet again
- no nonononONONO
-im shook.. im not going to recover in time for part 2

fashionredalert  asked:

You probably already answered something like this but What is your honest opinion of Rukia? And what are your thoughts of the dynamics and of Ichigo and Rukia? Also kinda off course here but I'm the one with the 9 little shits (love these kids) and I had to teach the youngest two how to handle the knives today and I just about had a heart attack.

(Good luck with your kids! That sounds…really, really stressful, oh wow.)

I really, truly adore Rukia, and she’s one of my favorite female characters in any fandom. For one thing, she’s not written as just ladylike or a tomboy, and she gets to be polite and thoughtful and also spunky and straightforward. Rukia doesn’t get shoved into boxes the way most female characters do, and I love that. Even her damsel moments are understandable given the situation, and though I definitely don’t like them nearly as much as when she’s kicking ass (which she still didn’t do nearly enough, but, urgh, male shonen writers), I can accept them as a part of her as a rounded character. 

As for her dynamic with Ichigo, they are bros in my head and nothing will ever change that. Epic Bromance level there, and I really love the way they play off each other and support each other and just - get each other. It’s a rare thing to see male and female characters do that without romance getting pulled in, and I adore it. 


“You know, getting back into theater, after “Thrones” ( yes, please, Kit!!!) I’d love to do another TV series. I’ve really enjoyed it, and it’s been very important to me. The thing I’m not going to try  and do is complete with success of “Thrones”. You only get something like that once in your life. To try and chase that success, whatever that was, is a mistake”

“Cowboy sounded like a great place to go next… the first thing you do when you’re a kid is playing around, pick up cowboy guns and shoot your friends with them” (On Brimstone)

(my gif)


TYSM for the link @palmina84 (Vaya tío!)

[TRANS] Sunny’s Twitter Chat with Fans (December 29, 2016)

The room is warm so I’m keeping snacks on the veranda. I went to go open it to eat it just now and at the sound, Sogeum thought I was getting her something so she comes and says “Meow~” but I didn’t know so I put the snack in my mouth and I turned around and she looks at me as if I’ve betrayed her…. Hey.. This is not yours;;;

In a moment, it felt like I was a mommy who was caught eating her kid’s food;;;;; Hey, this is mine…. Eat yours~~~~

It’s a biscuit so every time I take one out to put in my mouth, I keep having to notice… Sogeum-nim is completely staring me down face to face….. You ate a churu (kitty snack) just now, you cat-bully!!!!!

@snsdplus: Kekekeke, anyone who raises a pet can relate, kekekekeke. I’m raising a parrot and when I eat a tangerine, it comes over thinking it’s theirs…

Sunny: Does the owner bite the parrot?

@darks92: (Image that says “…Heartless…!”)

Sunny: Ah, what is this! If this is the case, am I the bad person?!?! Shudder shudder

@_HopeGG: Mother said she didn’t like snacks, mother said she didn’t like snacks, ai-ai-yah, kekekekeke. House butler’s joys and sorrows, kekekeke. Open a churu and give one to her, kekeke. (Reference to an older song)

Sunny: Person from olden days…..

@4ever_withGG: Kekekeke, Sogeumie is so cuteㅠㅠㅠㅠ Unnie, give some to me, too… I can’t go out because I’m at my part-time job but I didn’t buy dinnerㅠㅠ

Sunny: Do you… like Ciao Churu?….

@yumyumm_6: House butler’s life is like that,,,,..))) Give one to Sogeumie and give one to me.. I want snacks given out by unnie :P

Sunny: No, it’s all mine. I’m going to eat it all and become a kkyul pig, kkyul kkyul

@alexzen1997: Noona.. tell me what responsibility isㅠㅠ When I first worked, I totally worked hard but since there haven’t been good results, I gave up without finishing… I want to do it until the end without giving up! How should I do it? Please give me strengthㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: I’m noona? Then you’re still young!!!! Then, I don’t think there is a reason to be oppressed by responsibility. Of course, look at having concerns like this right now as a process of growing your sense of responsibility! You’re in the midst of a good growing period! It’s cool! I’ll cheer you on!!

@khjkkcls_9: Ah that’s mine and Sogeumie misunderstood~~ Ah~~ (Manjoo… Waiting..)

Sunny: Manjoo?! Deli manjoo?! Crunch. (Deli manjoo is a type of street food pastry sold in Korea.)

@jwesty21: Noonaaaa, I need to take a test. Even though Im working hard, I’m really dying from exhaustion ㅠㅠ

Sunny: Have strength, hero

@GirlsWing: So… you’re saying you pile up snacks and eat it??

Sunny: Heol, keke. Caught, keke.

@fannyny1: Unnie, I have too much time on my hands. I only go to my part-time job 3 times a week… What should I do?

Sunny: Be my serf

@intothe85: Thank you so much for being an important source of strength, so I could graduate. I’ve succeeded now ^^

Sunny: Aja!!!! (Similar to ‘Fighting!’)

@doocong085: Soonkyu-yah, how about chicken and beer tonight for dinner? (Photo of a box of chicken breading powder and a can of McCol, a non-alcoholic carbonated Korean drink that’s a mix of cola and beer)

Sunny: What is this, a result that’s different from my expectation?! Did I call for the wrong thing?!?! This is not the chicken and beer I know…….

@dc04151: Unnie, there isn’t a lot left of 2016~! I’m going to be 21 years old next year.

Sunny: Buy my age

@reingnight: I miss you, Sunny-yah, I’m a SONE from Taiwan

Sunny: Oh! In my bag of snacks, I have nougat crackers too!!!! Keke

@SUN_DB: Babies at my house don’t even look at me…. (Photo of two birds)

Sunny: Oh my, oh my, what is this? Why are they so pretty? I would be sorry to even touch them, kekekekeke

@ggoneloveyou: If you see this, you’ll be hungry!!!!! (Photo of meal)

Sunny: I ate a meal, and I’m eating snacks, so I’m not hungry at all, merong

@bwhale78: My scorpion doesn’t even eat when I feed it!!!

Sunny: Scor…pion…?!?! Eyes wide open!!!!

@kangseuldy: My Korean is bad.

Sunny: No, it’s great

@SUN_DB: Lee Soonkyu, if you come out with a solo or a duet less than 3 people, I will throw my life away, and go to all of the broadcasting stations and be #1 fan in line, I’ll have back up batteries and unlimited data, and I’m prepared to never go home, please just come out with it.

Sunny: *sigh*….. shakes head, shakes head

@SUN_DB: Ah why!!! Tell me pretty words!!!!!! Come out with a solo!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny: (thinking emoji)…(face palm emoji)

@rimo313: I made this (Photo of muffins)

Sunny: Oh!!

@_nrdr: What is this, did you leave already? Did you already leave?????

Sunny: I didn’t

@gg2785: #GoodLooking_GirlGroup_Competition

Soonkyu sets off!!!! (Photo of Sunny)

Sunny: Whoa whoa… Don’t do things like this, I’m going to get in trouble

@jongtae06: I want to say give me a cookie but I did a body assessment and they said I need to diet, so I won’t ask… Recommend an exercise?

Sunny: Oh! Then I’ll recommend an exercise that I’m the best at and I do it often… Truthfully, this is the only thing I know how to do!! That is~~~~~~ breathing.

@nimo_039: No, don’t go!! I just came in!!! Let me at least say goodbye

Sunny: Nimo-yah~ Hello??

@CuteboyZmt: Unnie, I love you. I want to cry. Reply me too.

Sunny: Don’t cry~~

@slowiemo: Soonkyu unnie, tell us in Englishㅠㅠ Please

Sunny: …love…you?…

@doocong85: In 2017, we’ll be able to meet more often and we’ll be able to hear more of your voice, right? I miss you a lot, you know my heart right? ;) I hope you can spend a warmer time than anyone with Sogeum and your family! I love you >< ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ (My hands and feet have lost their way.)

Sunny: Don’t do this, my hands and feet will disappear!!!!!!!!! Euah!!!!!! (Meaning, it’s too cheesy so their hands and feet are curling in.)

@glenlivet_ss: Do you want to marry me?

Sunny: Let me think… Personally, I wouldn’t recommend myself, keke

@apijnk: How is your condition today?

Sunny: It’s good!!

@tang3099: Noona, have you eaten this at the SUM Cafe? I ate this and it was so good, try it next time (Photo of burger and fries)

Sunny: The truffle pasta there is good too!!

@MAINVOCALISTS: Unnie, am I late…? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: No, keke.

@Jeki_gg: Don’t go!!! Say goodbye to me before you go!!!! Because I love you!!!!!!!!

Sunny: That’s why I didn’t go

@sosinsone_0805: I’m going home now!! I’m going to eat at home~ It’s cold outside, so don’t catch a cold when you go to your schedule~

Sunny: Okay okay

@letsgogg805: No, no ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Unnie, did you leave? Is that true? ㅠㅠㅠ Nooooooooo ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I regret eating while you were tweeting ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Waaaaaah

Sunny: I didn’t go, don’t cry, keke

@rimo313: This is a photo from the Christmas party, nyam nyam (Photo of Christmas feast)

Sunny: Wow!!!!!!!

@zayouro: If you have time, spoil us on what time you’ll appear, I feel like if I sleep now, I won’t wake up. I’m exhausted.

Sunny: Just go to sleep comfortably and I recommended seeing the edits…

@frannzzzziii: Over here…. Unnie… Can’t you see me? ㅠㅠ

Sunny: I see you. Very well~~

@HanRhythm: I only came now but did you leave already,,?

Sunny: No~ I’m still here~

@ysy3878: What did unnie eat to be so pretty? Are you this pretty because you ate my love?

Sunny: Mmm……Huh?! Are you telling me to diet?!?!

@ruby070805: I can’t believe unnie will be 29 years old in 3 days… No, unnie doesn’t look like it, kekeke. It’s SONE who is aging.

Sunny: Uh…. it’s top secret, how did you know?! Let’s use our western ages from now on……

@gg2785: You said you were eating snacks so I bought some too, along with Minion milk, have you heard of this! (Photo of a bottle of Minion milk)

Sunny: Oh, what is this?! If you open it, does fuel come out??

@sailing_805: I bought a watch, isn’t it pretty? There’s Sunny’s autograph on the back too, aren’t you jealous!!!!!!

Sunny: Yes, keke. Special item, keke. ;)

@maaggu_628: I’m doing my hair but I’m bored… I’m waiting for the Entertainment Daesang awards but I don’t know when it will end…

Sunny: I’m doing my hair too, kekekekeke. Since your hair is done up prettily, come to the Entertainment Daesang awards~

@skim3469: Aah-ang, play with me too, Kyunim-ah~

Sunny: You say you’re the world’s best mildang girl!!!! Very, very scary!!!! (Sunny is referencing her Twitter name. Mildang means push/pull, refers to someone who is hot and cold in relationships)

@ohcori: Please give me one piece of the cookie… One piece… One… One piece?!!

Sunny: No, you devil

@IAMSONE0805: I was laughing while looking at your tweets at hakwon (institution giving private educational lessons) and got caught… It’s because of unnie…

Sunny: Oh…. Sorry… is not what I want to say, why are you looking at tweets at hakwon!!!! (For the first time in a while, imposing my unnie-ness)

@gg8sone: Huh-uk!! You were chattingㅠㅠ I went to go see La La Land now, so this person can’t chat live

Sunny: Tell me what you think without spoilers

@diamondkyu515: Unnie, would you like to drink warm coffee~~ (Photo of coffee cups)

Sunny: I want hot chocolate :P

@doocong805: Soonkyu-yah, guess what ㅆㅋㄹㅇ is?? (Photo of “Lee Soonkyu <3 Doocong”)

Sunny: Saccharine?!

@duvtnsrb: Soonkyu, hello, it’s been a while~~ (Fan using photo of Sunny as display picture)

Sunny: Nice to see your photo, ancient relic-nim

@cafeak: You’re eating delicious snacks…Can you give me one bite…I guess you can’t? Hah…. I’m leaving for Hanamura (reference to Overwatch).

Sunny: Fun game (thumbs up emoji)

@Francessone: Reply to me too, unnieㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It’s so hard to do homework for school right now

Sunny: Work hard, if you don’t do it now, it’s even harder later ㅠㅠ

@ruby070805: I’m suddenly curious but what is unnie’s greatest deviation (departure from norm) to date??

Sunny: Ah….. No matter what I write, I think people will say “Pfft!” (meaning, find it pathetic) so I will just refrain…..

@KakaLiew: Sogeum’s mother~ Can’t Sogeumie play with our BenBen? (Photo of BenBen, the bunny)

Sunny: Uh………. I’m okay with that…. But isn’t BenBen’s opinion more important?;;;

@Qaxwsx0309: Sunny noonang~~~~ I’m on night duty, give me strength

Sunny: Have strength!!!!!!!! Night duty fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

@surprise_Y: What do you think about this screen capture? (Photo of Sunny on “Knowing Brothers”, looking annoyed with a caption that says “I’m irritated….”)

Sunny: I’m irritated…….

@dc04151: Ta dah, Soonkyu unnie, it’s 5 Minions~!! (Photo of 5 Minion bottles)

Sunny: Wow!!!!! Five cans of fuel!!!!!

@yoongming99: It’s actually Sogeum’s

Sunny: I said it wasn’t~~~~~

@doocong085: Watch Rogue One!!! 4DX!!!! Our Darth Vader daddy’s light sabre, shwang shwang (Only bad thing is nausea)

Sunny: I do like 4D too… But sometimes it’s like someone is knocking from behind… I’m scared water will come out so I’m stressed while watching it, and then I don’t feel well and I wonder if I need to watch it like… this;;;; Is that just me?!?!

@udoni8: It’s finally hereㅜㅜ Chicken♡♡♡♡♡ I’m eating it deliciously♡ (Photo of fried chicken)

Sunny: This is…… boneless meat…. half saucy…. half cheese….?!?!

@bijou_taeyeon: Unnie, I’m going to dye my hair during school vacation, give me a recommendation!!!

Sunny: If you’re on vacation, as expected, it should be a cool blue black.

@ggoargg: Age ending in 9, yoo hoo

Sunny: What did you say~~~??? I can’t hear you~~~~~??????

@sixssam85: Unnie, I miss you! I’m alone so I haven’t eaten dinner yet, please give me a recommendation for a dinner menu…

Sunny: Since your username is six ssam, have stir fried pork ssam rice

@GGAZAZAK: Sunny unnie, spend the remaining 2016 well and in the coming 2017! SNSD’s 10th anniversary year!! Let’s spend it well! It will be difficult for me to go meet you in person as I have to re-take the national exam but I will cheer you on from the library!!!

Sunny: I will cheer you on even more, fighting!!

@kingekinge0104: Our house’s kitty always does that too. These days, the cat steals the dog’s snacks so it’s twice the size of Sogeumie. We named it King and only its body is king. It always bit me so I bit it too and it looks at me with a shocked face…

Sunny: Times like that, expand your body and say “I have this much dignity!!!!!” then the cat will know and avoid you…….. Forever…..

@_xolosteph: Why was I born in 99, going into third year of high school on Soshi’s 10th anniversary year? Oh God…

Sunny: Aiko~~ Exam daebak!!!!!!

@GG_Sunny0822: Noona, tonight’s dinner menu is chicken vs. pizza. What should I eat?

Sunny: Today, I’m craving pizza

@taenynn: Unnie, I miss you… Unnie, are you happy??

Sunny: Oh?……. Wow…. That question is as if someone smacked the back of my head…. Hmmm?…. Let’s see…. Mmm…. Yes! I think I’m happy!!!! :D

@TTO_RA: A photo of Lee Soonkyu in loose pants that wouldn’t be in Lee Soonkyu’s phone~ Throwing over a photo! If I do this, you’ll respond, right? (Photo of Sunny wearing loose pants in Cheonghajangsa)

Sunny: Very…….. Short………..

@yjm1128: I want to eat chicken~ (Photo of Sunny on Invincible Youth catching a chicken)

Sunny: Hey, hey, you’re not supposed to capture things like this, it put back…. No, throw it away!!!!!!!!

@daengtokki: To Sunny, Sejeong is???

Sunny: God Sejeong, prettiest in the world

@asoshiation: I’m going to give up, kekekeke

Sunny: Don’t give up!!!!!

@ash23658848: Eating school food… It’s not good, what do I do? ㅠㅠ

Sunny: For times like this, always carry ketchup with you!!

@oz_n2: My hamster is holding onto a peanut and eating it diligently (Photo of hamster eating a peanut)

Sunny: Ah….. Heart pounding…… Cute

@ri_sunnyxx: Do you have any plans to go to USJ? It’s so fun. It has the world’s best Christmas tree (Photo of Christmas tree)

Sunny: Will it still be there until I can go?……

@ri_sunnyxx: Unnie…It’s only until Januaryㅠㅠ Keke

Sunny: Right?……..ㅠㅠ

@TaeN_mal: Soonkyu-yah, have you eaten garlic bossam before…?.. There’s also skate and oysters but there’s not makgeolli, keuuu (Photo of described meal)

Sunny: Oh, what is this?!?! Visual explosion!!!!!!

@GSlove78: Soonkyu, what are you doing?

Sunny: Getting ready to go out

@presunyerrow: Soonkyu unnie~ My name is Precious~ Keke, Sunny unnie~ I’m yours~~

Sunny: Oh ho!!!!!!

@angkiwuddi: Noona, I found a part-time job!!! The wage is good!!

Sunny: Good good

@wonrim0802: Unnie…I’m going into 3rd year of high school in 3 days….. Tell me to study…Give me strength ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Waaaah

Sunny: In 3 days, I’m going to be 29…. Wouldn’t you have more strength?…. Give me strength tooㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Waaaaaaaaah

@enchantedseo: Unnie, have strength! We are here! We will always be beside you

Sunny: Thank you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

@CuteboyZmt: Unnie, tell me you love me. Just once. Please.

Sunny: I love you, I love you, I love you

@ggoargg: Where are you, kekekekeke. Are you home, or at the salon, or at MBC, kekekekekeke.

Sunny: In your heart.

@V_tico85: I hunger for Kyu unnie’s response,,

Sunny: I’m here

@enchantedseo: Unnie, your smile makes me happy. Keep smiling <3 (GIF of Sunny)

Sunny: Aigoo, it’s from when I was really young, kekekeke

@TippaCha: Unnie, I have an exam soonㅠㅠ Please tell me fighting… If you tell me fighting, I can do well!!

Sunny: Fighting!!!!!!

@truelove515: Unnie, spoil how pretty you look today…

Sunny: No, haven’t transformed yet

@darks92: When you were promoting The Boys, was there a member who had a part-time job at a movie theatre store? (Capture is from Conan) (Screen capture of a cartoon that says Kwon Yuri (23 years old), salesperson)

Sunny: What?! She had two jobs?!?!

@ggoneloveyou: When I see this, it brings back memories~~ Right?? I was in 3rd year of middle school then (Collage of Sunny on Invincible Youth)

Sunny: Wow….. Memories are coming back

@SOUL_ggty: I want a Soonkyu mention ㅠㅠㅠ Give me a mention too (Wah wah)

Sunny: Here you go. I picked one up on the way.

@FanGxii: Always be happy (GIF of Chorong)

Sunny: Kkyahreuk! Chorong-ah!!!!

@ggloves805: Unnie, my mention shows up, right…?!

Sunny: Yes, yes

@V_tico85: I can’t receive a response, wahㅠ

Sunny: That’s not true!!!!!!

@07_0805: On the first broadcast of FM Datel, you said you’d give Sunny’s endless love and affection if I uploaded a proof photo of the gift, but why didn’t you, Sunny unnie?

Sunny: Here. Endless. Love. Affection.

@jigiyu_ss: Noona, noona, I’m turning 20 in a few days and my heart is so restless.. ㅠ

Sunny: Ah……. I’m envious!!!!!!!

@Cipoo02: I think I’ve used up my luck on Instagram comments.. But when you respond to comments, don’t your fingers hurt…?

Sunny: Oong, oong, Sunny, no. My fingers are strong.

@171630_: Cold these days are severe, so be careful. Don’t be sick like me ㅠ_ㅠ

Sunny: Get well soon~~

@dsns0805: Unnie, if you don’t respond, you’re marrying me! <<< Pow o<<

Sunny: Well….. I don’t think I’m being disadvantaged?!?! You still want to do it?;;;

@dnjsl0309: If I whine too, will you pick up a mention for me on your way too?

Sunny: No, I’ll go, come back and give one to you

@Beebz_8: I lost my keys today…. I’m going to look for it tomorrow, where would it beㅠ Come back…

Sunny: Pocket?!

@for_ty_: Unnie, respond to me too ㅠㅠ

Sunny: Ang

@Withseo_85: Unnie, I’m starting vacation tomorrow ㅠ_ㅠ Isn’t it so late..

Sunny: I hope you go back to school late too!!!!

@a_piacere8: Dress warmly when you go out, if you catch a cold, I will be sad

Sunny: Yes

@tneoddl02: It’s sudden but I like you a lot

Sunny: Thank you

@nanana_tt: Sunny unnie, you’re pretty!! I love you

Sunny: It-hing (similar to hehe)

@amei22887: Will a photo of tangsooyuk (sweet and sour pork) be able to get a response mention from Lee Sunny-nim? (Photo of sweet and sour pork)

Sunny: I’m going to eat it for tomorrow’s dinner

@kingekinge0104: I’m at a convenience store and it’s so cold…ㅠㅠ I don’t know how to turn on the heater so I’m shivering while being a cashierㅠㅠ

Sunny: Hurry, grab and hug the hot buns!!!!!

@130059174: If not me, look at this kid!!!! Unnieㅠㅠ (Photo of cat with eyes closed)

Sunny: Baby must be sleeping??

@aydtprp01: ㅇㅅㄱㄴㅇㅈ Acknowledged?! If I can’t have you, take me, I nominate me

Sunny: Lee Soonkyu-nim aja! Yes, I will have strength, aja!

@monstasx: Unnie… Respond……… To…….. Me…… Once………….. Please……………………. (Screencaps of sloth from Zootopia)

Sunny: Aigoo, I was imitating the captures and I’m out of breath

@ferrarii13: Isn’t Korea too cold?!~ If you’re too cold, it’s warmer to be inside of my heart. Come here, come here

Sunny: ………No response

@SUN_DB: Eating tangerine after brushing teeth vs. giving me a sweet mention

Sunny: Tangerine

@GG_Sunny0822: Noona, do you have any thoughts on being a radio DJ again next year? I miss SoonDㅠㅠㅠ So I listen to FM Date again time to time ㅠㅠ I like 10-12 pm time slot

Sunny: When memories remain as memories is when they’re most beautiful

@G1rlsGeneration: Heok, is this where angel fairy idol Sunny-nim is having a mention party?

Sunny: Description is burdensome, so running away.

@architaang: Today is very cold, so don’t catch a cold..

Sunny: Okay

@oz_n2: Be careful of cold, unnie. Thankfully I only have a sore throat (Missed school today, nice…) but be careful, unnie!!

Sunny: I will

@God_Sejeong28: When will you know me? :(

Sunny: Now?

@SOUL_ggty: Unnie, tell me that it’s okay to be short…I’m only 156 cm ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: Ah…………. Don’t lose heart.

@hicorn_0805: Unnie, I’m 147… I’m not growing any more, am I ruined?

Sunny: You’re not ruined, cutie

@dandyuring: On my timeline, everyone got a reply except me… Life.. Hah..

Sunny: Doubt it……

@chris31351: Unnie, who won’t respond, too much, too much

Sunny: TT~~ TT~~ (Both made reference to lyrics of TWICE’s song “TT”)

@zayouro: Reading all of the responses, and what is this sudden feeling of being wealthy, keke. Unchanging Lee Soongkyu, I am unchangingly cheering you on! I shout this and run away ogeul togeul (meaning, cringing from cheesiness).

Sunny: I caught you! You ogeul togeul culprit!!!!

@SUN_DB: I’m angry, so I changed my nickname, hmph (Fan’s new nickname: “DB who is less than a tangerine eaten after brushing teeth”)

Sunny: Hey~~~~ Change your nickname back, oooh jjoo jjoo (words said to comfort a baby)….. Not gyul, but ggyul, keke. (Gyul is tangerine in Korean, ggyul is an aegyo way of saying it.)

@Withseo_85: Unnie, what does it feel like to turn 29 years old?!?!?!

Sunny: When you feel it, you’ll know too

@130059174: Make me friends with Sogeumie!! (Photo of a cat)

Sunny: Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ginger colour!!!!!!!!!!!!

@220centimeters: When can I receive a reply…

Sunny: Right now

@MDXYZPTLK: You fell from the sky just now, are you okay? Are you an angel?

Sunny: No!!!!!!

@jongtae06: It hasn’t been long since the first digit of my age changed but I’m another year older so I’m sad. Although my western age is in the 20s… Want to take some of my age??

Sunny: Whoa whoa…. I have enough

@fannyny1: Unnie, I’m turning 23 now, is this early or mid? Haha

Sunny: You’re a chick

@pink_panda419: Unnie, Chorong or Sejeong? Kekeke

Sunny: Don’t do this……… It’s a question that’s too difficult

@Springday_07805: Unnie, I’m starting vacation tomorrow and I hope there are many days in my vacation where I can see you, I really miss you. Unnie, do you know my heart?

Sunny: I knew it just now

@gg2785: Unnie, take me. If said that, you could reject me so take this kid instead…? (Photo of Squirtle doll)

Sunny: Squirtle?

@wmh0624: So… When will I get a response… Even if you don’t, that’s okay… As long as you know that I love you

Sunny: Know my heart too

@spoan_999: Unnie, did you leave?… Did I miss my timing.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My life is over

Sunny: No, it’s not over!!!!

@mpaudwls: I want to receive a response too, first mention on SNS… Lee Soonkyu…

Sunny: Congrats! Post!!

@taedeul_ss: All of the SONE on my timeline are receiving reply mentions and only I haven’t gotten one… At least say hello ㅠㅠㅠ

Sunny: No~~ I’m here~~~~

@sonengg: Knock knock~ Is this the right door to Lee Sunny’s heart??

Sunny: I’m not buying anything

@oz_n2: I love you, exactly like this feeling

Sunny: Heart flutter I’ve been waiting for, I want to eat it (This reference lyrics to “Into the New World”, with Sunny’s interesting addition at the end, haha)

@taenggu_39: Phewㅠ It has been almost 1.5 years since the last promotion, I really miss you.. Does unnie miss SONE too..?

Sunny: Of course

@Springday_07805: Kyu, be careful of colds ㅠㅠㅠ This winter is even colder so be careful and dress even more warmly!!

Sunny: Okay, I got it :D

@ferrarii13: If I’m lonely, it gets better just by looking at Sun’s face. Whew, let’s get married.

Sunny: Is it okay to marry just anyone like this??

See you soon~~

Wow~ Giving an award made me as nervous as receiving one!!!! Regardless, I met a lot of faces that I missed and I was so happy I could give an award with our family Jonghyunnie to Kangta oppa, huge sunbaenim who I respect, our unnie, Shinyoung unnie and Bae Chulsoo ajussi who I love!!!! Kkyahreuk!!

It was my first time in Sangam in a while!!!! Hehe!

Okay since I gone and went triggered people guess I have to go and explain my message to the foggy, close-minded people that are yelling at me (I even got a death threat! I feel so special ❤️). I am not supporting child molesters and their actions. I am not supporting the pedophiles that go and harm children. I am supporting that untouched group of pedophiles who are not in your watch lists and new stories. I am supporting that struggling group of people feared that if they tell someone about what they were born with, everyone will hate them and be ridiculed for existing. I am supporting the group whom your hatful words are aimed against sounding just like those soccer moms that told you all gay’s will burn in hell. What if I told you, you remind me a lot of those white supremacists you so despise that say “He’s black so he’ll steal something eventually. It’s what they do.”

I support a group of little kids that grow up finding out that the age of who the crush on does not change and no matter how hard they try, it’ll never change. And if you say “They should burn in hell.” Or “There is therapy for that.” Would you be taken aback if I told you sound a lot like those anti-gay white men that thought they knew how minds and desires work with you’re born.

I support a group that when I was little I thought actually meant child molester and if my mother didn’t bless me with a kind and open heart and a laptop to look up the real definition of pedophile, I would’ve had the wrong definition my entire life. A person struggling to keep their urges in knowing if he lets anyone know of, if he falls out of line, he would be ruined.

Would you be surprised if I told you a child molester and a pedophile are two different things and have different definitions. What if I told you that teen who’s struggling with his “cursed desire” that you just told to “kill himself”, took your advice and his family and friends who loved him for his own will never get to see him again. What if I told you that that shoe is on the other foot, that you are the closed-minded bully who believes so much in what they were raised with that you stick to it true and make it your passion. What if I told you, dear reader, you are the villain in a story that ends just like that news story of that gay kid that committed suicide because someone told him what we was born with makes him worthy to die and burn in hell.

I don’t want to have to repeat himself to anyone getting mad because of what I believe, if you want to say something to me refer back to this message, that’s all I have to say to you. Send me all the hate mail you want, this post is all I have to say to you. Good day.

If YGO Had Morals
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0: It's okay to set people on fire if they're criminals.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters: If a person with strange hair wants challanges you to a shadow game so 'no', kids! Also 4Kids can't dub for shit lol.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh GX: 4Kids really can't dub lol. Also protect your precious gay babies or they'll end up like Judai.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Motorcycles are really cool.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal: Seeing weird naked aliens around you is perfectly normal- er some shit. I'm tired.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: Repress all of your emotions to tell yourself you're happy, I have no idea where that can go wrong.

eitherangel  asked:

Who/what is your inspiration in your character design? And how long did it took for you to reach this far?

Ahh I always feel bad answering questions like this because I always sound so wishy washy, haha! I honestly don’t know what my process was with character design, but I will try and pare down some of my history with it? I don’t think I’m that far along, but I’m flattered that you see me as someone with something to offer on the subject haha. I’m still learning! 

I have always enjoyed drawing people and drawing them from life. As a kid, I loved looking through concept art for animated movies as well as paintings and doll designs. I was always fascinated with the human form and when I was constantly told that people are the hardest to draw, I felt encouraged to study them even more! In addition to this, I am neurodivergent–and I struggled to fit into social groups. Sitting back and observing people was a coping mechanism for me–and sketching provided an outlet for nervous energy. 

A few years ago, I started pursuing more formal Character Design as a possible career option. I began to be more critical about the way I drew and I started to frequent blogs like Character Design and listen to podcasts like the Chris Oatley Artcast, Paper Wings, and started to study Art Of books (I own the Tangled, Ratatouille, Princess and The Frog, Monsters Inc, ones). I was put on the character design team in a group project for a story mentorship class (via Oatley Academy) and that really helped me get a sense of the process of asking questions and looking for reference, seeing what’s been done before, what works, what doesn’t, critiques, etc. 

Now, I still observe people (kind of stalkerish haha) and I love finding ways of seeing their “character design” manifested in them. I love asking questions like: Why does that one guy always wear the same shirt? What does a moody teenager actually dress like? What are the current fashion trends? What silhouettes are in style and what do they communicate about the person/society ideals? What makes that body type really unique? How does she carry weight differently than her sister? How does light interact with the color of his skin, vs. their skin? Go into your local grocery store and spin and point–make the person in nearest range your new protagonist! My local Walmart is a wealth of character design (and consequently more diverse than Hollywood ajsdfh). 

When given a character to design, I like to ask a lot of similar questions about them and their story. Who are they, what do they do, do they have bad posture, what’s their story theme, etc…Asking questions is the best start, imho. You start seeing the character as a soul instead of leaping to visual (and usually trope-y conclusions).

I also keep a pinterest board devoted to Character Design–a catch all for general inspirations of shape and form, as well as cool historical photos and poses. As far as inspirations go for me, it depends! I currently love looking at the work of Annette Marnat, Al Hirschfeld, Joy Ang, Carter Goodrich, Dermot Power, Kaley Bales, Cory Loftis, Ian McCaiig, Claire Wendling, Gennady Novozhilov, Larissa Manderbach, Ander Zorn, Sheilah Beckett, Rachel Saunders (Baru), Nicholas Kole, Phobs, Michael Yamada, Jessica, Glen Keane, Justin Oaksford, Claire Hummel, Kat Huon, Karoline Stjernfelt, Victoria Evans, Cheeks Galloway, Genue Revuelta, Minkyu Lee, Mike Mignola, Angelica Russel, and Philip Light….to name…a few. *sweats* I hope that helps! Sorry for the Rambling!

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I've been thinking about how Papyrus deflects the insult "What a loser" and many people take that for confidence, although I did only just conclude that he probably thinks so lowly of himself that he doesn't believe somebody would actually take the time out of their day to insult him. Or something sad like that. _(:3」∠)_

Oh man…..

One theory I really like is that Papyrus is used to deflecting insults by turning them on their head.  Like when he was a kid, he would come up with responses and practice them in his room, making sure he’d sound as confident as possible.  So he does know that he’s being insulted, but the way he deals with insults is with aggressive kindness and “No!!!! You’re great!!!!! I’ll be your friend!!!!!”

Just a little reminder

• Sideswipe mentions Strongarm in almost every conversation

• in “Some body, Any body” Strongarm was actually scared for Sideswipe’s wellness

• Sideswipe basically said that he will stay on Earth for Strongarm

• they are always together in almost every shot

• When Sideswipe caught Strongarm, he was about to say something to her but got cut off by Bee. “Anything for-”

• When Drift was insulting the team Sideswipe got defensive over Strongarm

• The conversation with Denny: “do I ever tell you what to do?” “Nope, that’s Strongarm’s job.” That sounds like something you would say about your wife/significant other.

• they pick on each other like little kids on a playground. yes. But do you know what most parents say when a boy picks on a girl/vice versa? They say: “It’s because they like you.”. . And this is actually pretty much true from my personal experience.


~this post was brought to you by the Strongswipe defense squad.

((I probably left out some things but you get the picture))

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I have a question and i'm sorry if this sounds ignorant of me but, What's a comfort object?

A comfort object is something that someone is very attached to and finds calms them or makes them feel more secure. 

It’s another, more general, term for a security blanket. 

Like how when little kids have a toy that they take everywhere with them.

Also there’s no need to be sorry, I just hope this answers your question, button :)

  • Rebecca: I thought Aaron was supposed to be the self-destructive one.
  • Robert: He can do what he likes. We’re over.
  • Rebecca: Stop kidding yourself. You love each other.
  • Robert: Thing is, I love lots of people. [Hugs her] Some more than others.
  • Rebecca: You need to go home to bed.
  • Robert: Sounds good to me.
  • Rebecca: I’m already on a promise.
  • Robert: What? With Ross? How long’s that gonna last?
  • Rebecca: Dunno. Probably until he realises my sister is a better option.
  • Robert: Me… me and Chrissie, it was the biggest mistake of my life.
  • Rebecca: Not just yours.
  • Robert: Well, then, this is our chance to try again, to get it right.
  • Rebecca: Till something better comes along.
  • Robert: No, no. You remember that first time we met? That garden party?
  • Rebecca: When you came on to me behind my boyfriend’s back.
  • Robert: I couldn’t help myself. And nor could you. There was something there and there still is. And you know it.
  • Rebecca: How could I ever trust you again?
  • Robert: Stop trying to.
  • [They kiss]

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im super new to all of this magic/witch stuff but i remember being SO fascinated as a kid and all. i used to like, gather sticks and decorate them with threads and gems and beads and all and keep them in the sunlight. i even bought a book on witchcraft when i was like, 10 or something!! id love to learn all about it again tbh

omg i’m so glad, and that’s so cool! it sounds like you’ve been practicing in your own way as a kid, i wonder if you can pick it up again from there?

i’ve got a link to my witch guides in my bio, you’re free to look them over for help if you need it