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Neil’s clap backs in The Foxhole Court

  • “You’d better,” Neil said. “Put a leash on your pet monster or I will.”
    “A frightened child like you?”
    “Fuck you, cripple.”
    Across the room Kevin’s face went white. “What did you call me?”
    “I called you a deadweight has-been,” Neil said. 
  • Andrew’s smile curved wider. “Ohhh, that sounds like a challenge. Mother may I?”
    “Your mother’s dead. I don’t think she cares what you do.”
  • “Ouch,” Andrew said with a cold smile. “That’s judgmental.”
    “I’m not going to apologize for thinking you’re being idiotic.”
  • “Take a number and get in line with the rest of this team. I won’t lose any sleep over it.”
    “Don’t sleep. I’ll kill you.”
  • It was forever before Andrew answered in German. “That’s unexpected. Did no one tell you I hate surprises?”
    “What makes you think I care?”
  • “I will ask you only once to tone down that animosity.”
    “I can’t,” Neil said. “I have a bit of an attitude problem.”
  • “Palmetto State is a waste of his talents.” “Not as much as Edgar Allen was,” Neil said. Someone in the audience laughed, entertained by Kathy’s mouthy guest. “Your team’s ranked first? Congratulations and big deal. Maintaining a top position is far easier than starting over from the gutters. Kevin is doing that right now. He’s facing entirely new schools and learning to play with his less dominant hand. When he masters it, and he will, he’ll be better than you could ever have made him.
  • Everyone knows the only reason Palmetto qualified for this division is because of your coach.”
    “Funny, I’m pretty sure that’s how Edgar Allen qualified.”
  • Aaron looked at Neil. “When were you going to tell us?”“
    I wasn’t,” Neil said. “After everything I’ve put up with from you this year I figured I didn’t owe you any favors.”
Memento Mori: Letterman Jacket

Jeff x Reader

Reader reminisce on the past as she deals with the present.

Warning: Angst, I guess? Nothing really.

Characters Mentioned: Alex Standall, Jessica Davis, Hannah Baker, Sheri Holland, Clay Jensen, Montgomery de la Cruz and Bryce Walker 

Words: 3180

A/N: This ended up longer than it should be. Set in both the past and present. There are notes and lines, I hope it’s not confusing. Sorry for the mistakes and the lame summary.

You look down at the flask in your hand, a pinkish coloration appears with every drop but rapidly dissipates the moment you swirl it. Slowly, your mind wanders thinking of all the different scenarios that could transpire in your upcoming date with Jeff. It was going to be your first with him, he had asked you out when you went to meet him and Clay at the library for your usual study sessions. And as fate would have, it just so happens that Clay suddenly had an errand to do leaving you and Jeff alone. You were soon brought back to your task when your lab partner shook your arm.

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Leave Her Alone Pt. 2 (Draco x Reader)

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Part 2 to Leave Her Alone!  A lot of you wanted a part two so I delivered

I feel like this is trash

And I have not edited this yet so it might actually be trash

F/B: Favorite book

F/C: Favorite color

As Saturday got closer, you became more and more excited.

Draco Malfoy!  You thought.  Asked me out on a date!

You’d maybe been on one or two dates before, and it didn’t end up going anywhere.  You liked Draco.

A lot.

And now you were about to go on a date with him.  You wanted to try and get to know him better, and he wanted to do the same with you.  Whenever you passed him in a corridor, he would grin at you and wave, you responding with a shy smile.  Hey, better than nothing.

When Saturday finally arrived, you stood out on the path to Hogsmeade; wrapped in a F/C coat and your house scarf.m  Snowflakes drizzled down onto your hair as you bounced back and forth on your heels, boots crunching in the snow.  You shivered from the crisp cold and sighed, your breath visible in the air.

You turned around when you heard footsteps coming up from behind you.  There was Draco, clad in black and his Slytherin scarf wrapped around his neck.  “Hello, Y/N,” he said, approaching you.  “Shall we get going?” he held out his arm for you and you linked your arm in his.

“We shall,” you replied in a joking manner.

Draco smiled and you both began walking towards Hogsmeade.  At one point you slipped on a patch of ice, but luckily Draco was there to catch you.

“Th-thanks,” you said, still a bit shocked from nearly crashing onto the ground.

“You’re welcome, love.”

Holy shit did he just call me love?  You thought, heart racing.

You both talked nonsense about Hogwarts and your classes as you made your way to the Three Broomsticks where you each bought a butterbeer and then sat down at a table near the fireplace.

Draco took a sip of his butterbeer.  “So, Y/N.  I always see you carrying around a stack of books that aren’t for school or from the library.  What exactly are there?” he asked, genuinely intrigued.

You raised your eyebrows at this.  “Oh–uh–they’re… they’re books from the muggle world.  I’ve grown rather fond of them, really.  They speak of wizards and magic as if they’re nothing more than a child’s fantasies.”

“What are some of your favorites?”

“Well… F/B. F/B, and F/B I’ve grown attached to.”

“Would you mind letting me borrow some of them one day?”  

That shocked you.  Now, normally you wouldn’t let anyone touch your prized books.  But someone was actually interested in them for once.  And that person just happened to be Draco.  “Uh… sure.  Yes, of course you can.”

He smiled.  “Thanks.”

It was your turn to ask a question.  “So, Draco.  Do you have a favorite musical instrument?”

“The violin, I suppose.  I’ve always liked the elegant sound.”

You nodded.  “My mother used to play the violin when I was a child.  She still does.”

“I’d love to hear her play sometime,” Draco replied.

“And she’d love to meet you sometime,” you said out of nowhere, covering your mouth with your hand as soon as you realized what you had said.

Draco chuckled.  “Don’t worry, Y/N.  I think that was cute.”

You blushed and turned your glance to your feet.  “I’m kind of bad with conversation…”

He gently lay his hand over yours on the table; making you look back up.  “So am I.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” you joked.

He shrugged and laughed.  “I guess.  Aren’t I sweet?”

“Yes, you are.”

“Fantastic.  Should we start heading back to Hogwarts?” He suggested.

 “Probably,” you answered.  You stood up from your seats and made your way to the front door, him holding the door for you.  “Ah, such a gentleman.”

He smirked.  “M’lady,” he said as you stepped out of the Three Broomsticks.

Draco took your gloved hand in his and began walking with you, leaving two pairs of footprints behind.  

As you made your way back to Hogwarts, Draco removed his hand from yours and placed it around your shoulder.  When he did that, you brought up a hand to hold his hand where it was around your shoulder, leaning into him.  

When you got back to Hogwarts, you were about to go back to your house common room, when Draco grabbed your hand.  You turned around.

“I had fun.  Really.  Thank you for coming with me,” Draco said earnestly.

You smiled.  “So did I.”  You then made a bold move, and quickly leaned in to place a quick kiss on Draco’s lips.  He just stood there with a bit of a surprised look.  You blushed immensely.  “I-I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have done th–”

Draco cut you off by leaning in again and kissing you.  This time harder, more

Passionate.  Draco wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you even closer to him so that your chests were touching.  You ran your fingers through his hair as his tongue slid over your lip.  Suddenly, Professor McGonagall popped her head out of a tower window.  “No public displays of affection on school grounds!”

You and Draco pulled away and looked up at her, smiling.  McGonagall shook her head and went back into the tower.  You and Draco turned back to each other.

“Care to go somewhere more private?” Draco smirked.

“I’d love to.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

  • Margarethe I: You know, Sweden and Norway are pretty cute~
  • Denmark: wait, what now??
  • Margarethe I: well, I did lose my son... and since you three are physically children...
  • Denmark: ... I don't like where this is going...
  • Margarethe I: I'm going to make all three of you my cute children and protect you from any potential idiotic monarchs!!
  • Denmark: But Queeeeeen!! I don't want Sweden as my brother! And Norway hardly listens to me!
  • Margarethe I: see? We even sound like a family!!
Stay Professional! Pt. 12

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 (Part 13 will be a continuation!)

Summary: You realise that you still have feelings for Jungkook despite his actions. You can’t help but melt and swoon under his charms- but you were still acting stubborn. When will you finally admit that you’re under his spell?

A/N: Honestly had a rough time writing this chapter- had to squeeze out the limited inspo I seemed to have so forgive me if it took long but regardless, enjoy the story! As always, responses would be appreciated! 

The blinding sunlight seeped through the white mesh curtains and you grumbled at the realisation of having to wake up. You turned around so that your back was facing the bright light and cuddled your blanket closer to your chest. You didn’t want to wake up to another day. You didn’t want to face your current problems of… Jungkook

Your eyes shot open and you sat up immediately, reminded of last night’s affectionate cuddles you knew you shouldn’t have enjoyed so much. You looked over your shoulder and to your surprise, he was nowhere to be seen. Instead, your eyes rested on the sight of neatly folded blankets on the floor mattress he supposedly ‘slept’ on last night. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you rubbed your eyes to wake yourself up. 

You carelessly threw on a bathrobe for extra warmth during the chilly morning and shuffled towards the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. 

“Thank you for letting me stay the night. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a chance to express my apologies.” You stopped your shuffled footsteps and shifted your ear closer to the doorframe. It was childish to eavesdrop, but you physically couldn’t stop yourself from doing so. 

“It’s fine dear. I just hope I made the right choice.” Your mother’s quiet giggle sounded mute as you were listening through the door that connected the hallway to the kitchen. 

“I guarantee you that you did. I will take care of Y/N no matter what. I can give you my word, ma’am. I know that to you that might not sound convincing because I know I’ve made some pretty dumb and selfish decisions but… would you allow me to be selfish once more and let me love Y/N?” Jungkook’s soft morning voice sent chills down your spine. Was it the way that his voice sounded so irresistibly sultry in the mornings? Or his sweet words that had you practically melting by the doorframe. 

“I’ll do it right this time.” Jungkook chuckled and you couldn’t help but smile at the sweet sound. 

“Jungkook dear, I don’t know much about you at all. And for a fact, I can’t make any reliable judgements about you from just what she’s told me and from what I’ve seen from you. But I have a good feeling that what you’re proposing to me is sincere. I’m deciding to trust my instincts so please don’t let me down. Don’t let her down.” 

“You have my word, ma’am.” 

“Good morning.” You walked in on their quite intimate conversation about you with a straight face, although you were full of glee inside from Jungkook’s charming words. 

“Morning” Jungkook smiled radiantly as his small dimple made an appearance. You had to pretend as though he didn’t just give you a small heart attack from that unexpected cuteness so early in the morning so you managed to maintain that straight face, just barely

“What’s for breakfast?” You rummaged through the shelves in search of a cup and your mother immediately got up from her seat. 

“Oh I haven’t thought about that yet. What would you like?” She asked and you replied a little late from drinking water. 

“Anything, mum. Is there anything you want to eat, Jungkook?” You casually murmured as you put the cup in the sink and Jungkook’s eyes lit up at your sudden acknowledgment of his existence. He looked a little taken aback but you could tell that he could hardly contain his glee. 

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I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside

my mother.

Never to come out. 

Rebelcaptain Celebrity Pretend Relationship AU || Poultry Edition, Part 1: Cockblocked

“This isn’t going to be a Hiddleswift situation,” Kay tells Cassian over the phone. It’s two weeks into the fake dating situation with him and Jyn Erso, and Kay is checking in to make sure his best client remains on his best behavior.

“A what?”


“Please stop speaking in binary code, Kay,” Cassian says, running a hand through his hair, “and explain.”

“How is it possible that you are as big of a star as you are and have no idea what is going on in this town?” Kay says, his exasperation unfiltered as per usual. “Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. They dated, as you may recall.”

“I do not.”


“I am as big of a star as I am because I work very hard at what I do, and I don’t spend my time reading the gossip magazines. But continue.” Cassian presses the phone to shoulder and walks over to his closet, picking through his dress shirts, frowning at what Kay had indicated was a need for “Baja casual.” Tonight is to be the their first “for public consumption” date. Fish tacos on Venice Beach, followed by a walk on the Boardwalk, and Cassian isn’t exactly nervous about it. Uneasy might be a better word. But he’s also not opposed to it either-–it being a fake date with Jyn–because they had at least their first get-to-know each other dinner earlier, and she’s intriguing to say the least.

“I am simply informing you that this contract with Jyn Erso does not require the level of publicity and demonstrativeness of the Hiddleswift relationship, but you still must be seen together and act as appropriate as a romantic partnership. Just refrain from lifting her up into the air and dipping her while you kiss. Subtlety will be the most effective method.”

“You really sell this to me so well, Kay.”

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andromedasstars  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you had any headcanons for Abby and Neil? I mean everyone knows that boy needs good loving parental figures and as Wymack pretty much has 'team-dad' covered...

I’VE THOUGHT A LOT ABOUT THIS OK NEIL NEEDS A GENTLE MOTHERING SOUL (this entire thing is cheesy but I’m a sucker for that shit so here we go)

  • neil knows mothers as hard and punishing and tough love
  • he recognizes his mother’s brand of love because he grew up around her
  • he recognizes being beaten for a wrong move because he needs to be safe
  • he recognizes love as caring for him even if its harsh and cold
  • its why he doesnt need to be told “i love you” by andrew and why he doesnt need to say it back
  • he knows love as protection with angry words and fists
  • and later he knows love as andrews hand on his neck and a rough pat on the back after a game
  • he doesnt recognize love as soft words and gentle hands, so maybe thats why he doesnt recognize abbys actions towards him

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(Ignore my carpet lol)

My Dream Pt.01 Night Ver. arrived today and I could not be MORE EXCITED.

I already opened up everything, these are the photos I took, and I have FINALLY listened to every song on both albums. I hadn’t heard anything on this album besides ‘Baby’ and ‘Because It’s You’ and it was definitely worth the wait.

(I seriously almost cried when I saw the photocards, I can’t believe I got a Sanha one 😭)

This album is one of the CUTEST GODDAMN ALBUMS I HAVE EVER PURCHASED. I’m so happy and proud of our boys, I can’t wait to see what they come back with in the future. I love the sound of this album, the boys have so worked hard to deliver this to us 💕

Prince!Youngjae AU (Part 1)

A/N - Here’s the first part to my new Youngjae series! Writing this is going to be so fun and I really hope you all like reading it as much as I have liked planning it for you~ As I said in the preview I posted yesterday, updates should be fairly regular. Anyway, here it is!

Preview | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

(Y/N) brought her sword down, one hand wiping away the sweat on her brow. She had been training all morning before her duties as new bodyguard to the prince started. She wasn’t overly fond of the man but wanted to make the most of her new position since it might help her reach her goals of becoming captain of the royal guard. Walking through the halls of the palace, she wondered how the prince would treat her. She knew he was nice enough but didn’t know too much about what he was like behind closed doors. Curiosity filled her mind as she reached his room and knocked on the large wooden door. 
“It’s (Y/N), your highness. I’m your new bodyguard.” There was no reply but footsteps could be heard reaching closer to the door. Youngjae pulled it open, a loud squeaking noise coming from the hinges. 
“Hello, (Y/N). Do come in. I plan to walk around the grounds later but for now I’m just doing some things in here.”

She walked into the intricately decorated room and looked around, taking in even the small details. Youngjae sat on a chair, returning to some form of paperwork on his desk. Glancing over his shoulder, you saw it was some business the king had assigned for him, most likely to help prepare Youngjae for when he would be king. 
“Your father got you doing his work for him?”
“Yes, he thinks it’s time I took a more active role in his court,” Youngjae chuckled. 
“And you don’t?”
“Well, it’s not exactly exciting is it. I’m sure you’ve sat through some of his briefings before. I want to avoid that for as long as I can.”
“It might not be exciting but I’m afraid you have no choice, your highness. Since your sisters have married other princes, you’re the only one left who can become king. Well, there are others but you’re the only direct heir to the throne.”
“Yes, I know. You’re beginning to sound like my mother there. And please, just call me Youngjae not ‘your highness’.”
“Alright then, Youngjae.”

Later on, the two walked through the grounds of the palace, taking in the scenery. It was very picturesque and often (Y/N) would have to pinch herself to remind her that the beauty of the grounds was real and not actually a dream. 
“Youngjae, I know you find royalty and the paperwork boring, but do you really have no interest in your country and the troubles it is facing?”
“I do care about the country, I just don’t wish to rule it. Being king isn’t something I feel I’d be good at. I’d much prefer to just be a regular person and not some authoritative figure.”
“But think of the power you would have! You can help this country and guide it to becoming more peaceful with the world.”
“More peaceful?”
“Yes, do you not know we’re at risk of war? Tensions have been high for some time and recently, leaders of other countries seem to be in a state of dislike with us. More and more rebel groups have been rising too. Did you really not know anything about that?”
“No. I told you, I find my father’s briefings boring and even when I do go, I tend to fall asleep from boredom.”
“I can’t believe that. A prince who doesn’t know anything about what’s happening outside of his palace walls! Youngjae, you really need to sort out your priorities a bit. You should at least know some of this stuff.”
“Why do you care so much? It’s my life and I will do with it what I like.”
“Yes, it is your choice,” she shrugged. “You can continue with your sheltered life, or you can become someone who matters. Who actually does things.”
“Are you saying I don’t matter?”
“Well, as a person you do. But your soul? Not really. In the end, the ones who do good and use their power and ability to better the world are the ones who truly matter. And I strongly suggest you become one of them. Now, I have to leave to speak with your father. He requested I talk to him about my new role as your bodyguard. I shall see you later, Youngjae.” She bowed gracefully and left Youngjae standing there, completely speechless. 

Her words rang in his head, ‘you can become someone who matters.’ He had never been spoken to like that. Anyone who mentioned his neglect for his position in the court would just drop the subject as soon as he said he didn’t care. No one had ever dared to imply that his life was worthless or not fulfilled. No one but her. And while he hated her for it, he also felt something else. Something besides contempt. He wasn’t quite sure what it was but it was having one hell of an effect on him. Youngjae wanted to take on her words and do something more than just admire the flowers in the gardens. He wanted to work harder. And maybe it was so he could impress her…

"Daddy daddy!"

Request:Can you do an imagine when your a single mum and meet stiles and he acts like the perfect dad for your son

Warnings: none

Summery: you are a single parent you meet stile and makes your day so much turn hella perfect

“Aj can you settle down please mommy’s got something important to do, if you be a good boy we can go to the park and get ice cream” you say as you put your sons jacket on as you sit in the waiting room.

You were a single parent with a little boy. You quit your job as your manager tried to harass you and you couldn’t take it anymore. You’ve been looking for a job ever since and you were thinking that it was going to be the end for you and little Aj as you haven’t found a job in weeks

“There a handful aren’t they” a boy around your age says as he waves to your son. You looked up at him, he was beautiful he had golden brown eyes, cute little nose, hair that stuck out in every direction and little dimples that completed everything

You blushed as you look down at your son tying his shoe laces as they came out from running all over the waiting room.“ Yeh they are especially when he won’t sit in piece you say as you tap Aj’s nose him giggling as you do so

“May I ask what are you doing here, I know that sounds rude but a beautiful mother like you…” he looks over at you as you look at the ground a tear rolling down your cheek

“Oh god I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to upset you” he says as he looks at you holding your shoulders, you look at his face a upturn smile on his face

“It’s okay, I’m just worried” you say as you look away from his face.

“What are you worried about?”

You sigh before you answer him picking up Aj as you smile at him,“ I’m worried about not being able to take care of Aj, if I don’t get a job now I might have to put him away until I can actually get the money to take care of him”

The boy looks at you with the same upturn smile on his face,“well you know what my friend Deaton works as a veterinarian and is looking for someone to help out it’ll be enough money to pay for yourself and Aj and you won’t have to put him away” he says as you look into his honey brown eyes

“Are you serious?” You say turning at his direction no longer tears rolling down your cheeks

“Of course I’m serious we can leave now and maybe go to the park and get some ice cream, as I overheard you say” he says as a little laugh leaves his lips

“Okay, okay Aj do you want to go get some ice cream with our new friend…our new friend” “Stiles" he says. “The names stiles”

Aj looks at Stiles and then back at you and at stiles again,“ YAYYY MOMMY LETS GO, COME ON LETS GO!” Aj says as he grabs you and Stiles hand and rushes out the door

You sit on the park bench with Stiles watching Aj as he plays on the slide with some other children. You feel that just over a few hours that you’ve known Stiles for years. You laugh and joke and even go onto the play ground with Aj. “So I never actually caught your name” Stiles says as takes a bite of his ice cream.

“Oh yeh, my name is Y/N” you say as you look over at Aj in the sand pit and smile “Y/N that’s a nice name I really do like that name” he says as you feel the blood rushing up to your cheeks

Moments later you hear crying and you recognise that crying from anywhere, you look at your son with a cut on his leg and tears running down his face, you and stiles run over to him. “Hey buddy it’s gonna be alright” Stiles says as he picks up Aj and walks over to his car

“We can go to mine and get him cleaned up if you want” Stiles asks as he opens the car door and buckled Your son into the seat of the car “That would be amazing thank you” you say as you jump into the passenger side and try to turn to your son to make sure he’s still okay

You arrive at Stiles house and sit Aj onto the kitchen counter, Stiles grabs the first aid kit and cleans up Aj’s cut and gives him a sweetie in return for being brave and goes to play outside in the back garden, “thank you so much for helping me and Aj today you’ve made this day so much better and I apprec.” You get cut off with Stiles lips smacking into yours, you don’t break apart,his soft lips curving into your own. After moments you break apart for air and look into his eyes

I was wanting to do that since the second I met you.“ Stiles says holding your hands. You blush and nod "so was I” you say as you snap your head as the door opens and you see Aj standing there

“Mommy, mommy.Daddy daddy look what I found” he says as he holds his hand out

You look at stiles shocked but he whispers to you. “Seems like I have my own little family now”

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Get to know me tag game :D

Tagged by: @rainbowmagick and @one-thousand-splendid-stars 😙

Rules: Answer the 20 questions, and tag 20 amazing followers that you’d like to get to know better.

Name: Rachel ayyyy

Nicknames: There’s “Rach” but I hate it because it sounds like roach and I tolerate it only from my mother. XD Other than that, people like to call me Ratchet as a term of endearment. :’)

Zodiac sign : Taurus

Height : 5′7′’ (yoooo Mimi I guess we’re the same height XD)

Orientation : Pan but I say bi IRL because more people recognize that lmao

Ethnicity : White????

Favourite Fruit : Bananas nom 🍌🍌🍌

Favourite Season : Autumn omgggg

Favourite Book Series : His Dark Materials (and of course Harry Potter but that’s in its own class really :p)

Favorite Flower: Hibiscus

Favorite Scent : Lemongrass

Favorite Color : blue (who would have known lmao)

Favorite Animal : Cheetah

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa : TEA 4 LIFE

Average Sleep Hours: Hah maybe like 6 if I’m lucky?

Favorite Fictional Characters : Rapunzel from Tangled, Will Parry from His Dark Materials, Sherlock and John of course, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Daenerys Targaryen, Ginny Weasley from the books lmao

Number of Blankets You Sleep With : A lot? My cat takes up most of them XD

Dream Trip : Wildlife safari in Africa

Blog Created : March 2012 but I barely used it after a couple months, then I came back in full force for TJLC in July 2016

Number of Followers: 1,204

Tagging : way more than 20 because I have a bunch of lovely loyal followers and new friends and i wanna get to know all of you 💕 @sherlockians-get-bored @johnlock-empire @flutelle @fleurdelisandbees @blushingnikiforovs @liveditlovedit @missmuffin221 @1895-doyle-and-bronte-obsessed @ink-wells-and-ink-stains @tworidiculousmen @muerame @kiki-crafty @who-said-i-need-sugar-to-be-high @bakerstreetcrow @fangirllock @kitekate @wafflecat14 @thepapatal @madeofpasta7 @jenniejubjub @my-sun-my-baelish @gingersnickers @smolphie @cylinanightshade @princess-of-fireflies @hollyberrypie @autumnfricker @thelostsmiles @sherlockshite @deliriouslylazyafternoons @thelessyousleepthemoreyoudie @certaincollectiontravelerlove @justine-de-france @autumn-redness

anonymous asked:

OKAY BUT I'm one of the people who follows your Snapchat AND EVERY SINGLE TIME you speak I still can't get over how cute your voice is, like it's super adorable AND THEN YOU LAUGH OR GIGGLE and i just.... SIN MOTHER HOW DO YOU SOUND LIKE A PIXIE?!

It honestly baffles me too. Like, I am a BIG PERSON. I’m 5′6″ and 200 lbs and I feel like I should have the voice of a grizzled sea captain to match my #aesthetic but alas, I was born a pure soprano with a weird squeaky laugh *shrugs*