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Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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Sixteen Years

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Words: 2820

Summary: You’ve known Lin for sixteen years, and been in love with him the whole time.

Warnings: swearing, awful proofreading because I finished this at like, one a.m. and I think that’s it :)

A/N: This is the first fanfic I’ve ever really written. I really don’t know if it’s any good but I enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it – Skye x

March 19th 2016

“That’s a really stupid idea, man.” you smirked, throwing yourself down on the seat across from him.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Lin asked without turning to look at you. He’d become immune to your smartass comments and your intruding – you lived in the same house but somehow, he considered it intruding.  

“I live here, Lin. I don’t knock.”

“Clearly.” he replied, eyes still glued to his work.  

“Look who’s being the smartass now, Miranda.”

“Oh, bringing out the last name? I’m hurt.”

You laughed, leaving him to get back to his work. The only reason you hadn’t left his office was because you loved watching him work: he got so immersed in his work, almost like he was in a different world. He hadn’t bothered to question what you thought was a stupid idea. He probably didn’t care, you weren’t exactly great at lying to him. Though, Jasmine would probably argue that you were great at lying to Lin.  

Nearly everyone knew about the crush you had on him. Everyone except him. For years you had been enduring the jokes about it, and for a long time you’d been subtly kicking people under the table, but mostly Anthony. Anthony found the fact that you’d lived with Lin for years, been in love with him for most of those years and he still didn’t know was hilarious. He made a point of making a least one joke about it every time he saw you. Slowly, you’d realised that boys really don’t make any sense.  

Lin held everything in your life together. From bringing you coffee during finals week in college to proofreading every stupid draft you’d ever written, he was there. From you making him sleep after two days without any to you dragging the founding fathers with him, you’d been there. Through everything the two of you had been there. There in the place you called home. Despite how messy your apartment was – piles of paper drafts, pens scattered everywhere and the vastly ignored chore chart – it was home. Over the years you’d known Lin, you’d come to realise that home was wherever he was.  

February 23rd 2000

“Hey, uh, are you okay?”  

For hours you’d been sitting in the library, scribbling in a notebook, attempting to draft papers that you had due. You’d been skipping between two of them. By this point your handwriting was so smudged and rushed that even you could barely read it, after years of having to translate the mess to other people. It had been a while since you stopped counting how many people told you that you really needed to sort your handwriting out. You could read it, that was enough. But tonight, you were just too tired.

The guy across from you was looking at you now. He must’ve thought you were deranged; eye bags that were almost black rather than purple, hands in your hair and crumpled up balls of paper surrounding you. Looking up from your drafts you took in his appearance. He looked almost as stressed as you did. You smiled.

“Yeah. Sorry if I look a bit weird, I have papers I need to write and, honestly, it’s not going so well,” you replied. He laughed, getting a glare from the librarian. You almost resented her for the glare. His laugh was brilliant, almost like a child’s. It was happy and made everything feel a little less stressful.  

“I feel you. I’ve been in here all day, I even fell asleep earlier.” you laughed as he continued, “I’m really shocked Ms G hasn’t kicked me out yet. Oh, I’m Lin, by the way. Not that you needed to know, but I thought maybe knowing my name would make me seem like less of some random weirdo annoying you while you’re trying to study-”

“Do you always talk this much or is it a weird stage of sleep deprived?” you joked, smirking as he caught onto his rambling. “I’m Y/N.”  

“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” he smiled.

March 9th 2008

“You did it!” you grinned, throwing your arms around Lin as he came backstage. He laughed, picking you up and spinning you.  

“Ugh, get a room.” Karen moaned, watching as he set you back down. You knew she was joking, just one of the many to catch on to your crush on Lin and poke fun at it. As you hugged her you could see Lin making faces behind her. You tried not to laugh, Karen noticed and whipped her head around.  

“Something funny, Miranda?”  

He was still making a face when she spoke to him. You watched as his face dropped, realising the situation he’d just landed himself in. Karen and Lin were like siblings, and Karen was definitely the stone cold big sister, even though she had a heart of gold.  

“No?” he answered, though it sounded more like a question. Karen smirked.  

“The shit I put up with,” she mumbled, walking off and leaving you and Lin alone.

The two of you laughed.  

You were so proud of Lin. In The Heights was on Broadway; his show was on Broadway, the show he’d been working on for years had finally taken off. Looking at him, you realised that he was no longer the kid across the table from you in the library. The kid that had taken the time to check if you were okay, then rambled for what felt like forever. He was different now, but he was still Lin, still your best friend.  

He wrapped his arms around you again. You pressed your head to his chest, listening to his steady heart as you hoped that he couldn’t hear yours racing.  

In those few minutes you spent in his arms you began to wonder if this was the end of an era. Was this the end of three a.m. coffee runs? Was this the end of pissing off the neighbours with playing the piano at ridiculous times of the night? Was this the end of the life you’d become accustomed to? But you kept listening to the beat of his heart and little by little, you realised it wasn’t the end of anything. Lin was still Lin, and that meant coffee at three a.m. and playing the piano ridiculously late at night.

“I did it, Y/N,” he whispered.

“You did it, Lin-Manuel Miranda. You did it.”

June 29th 2013

“Burr always held back, he never pushed forward with his ambition.”

“Are you psychoanalyzing Aaron Burr?”

Lin grinned sheepishly, turning around to look at you. He was sat at his piano, attempting to meet Hamilton deadlines and mumbling about the founding fathers to himself.


When Lin had decided his next project was going to be a musical about Alexander Hamilton you hadn’t been surprised. You had said: ‘Stupid ideas are usually your best ones, run with it’. Four years later, you had been proved right. Hamilton was one of the best ideas he’d ever had. He frantically tried to meet deadlines and you brought home coffee and books about U.S. history.

“Why am I not surprised,” you mumbled. “You have a point though, dude was pretty messed up. I mean, he ran for president and had like, zero campaign.”  

Lin laughed, picking up his notebook. Usually he’d scribble down the sessions in which the two of you would bitch about the founding fathers. Once, you’d asked him why and his only response was a shrug and an incoherent mumble. Sometimes he’d play drafts for you and you’d hear some of lyrics, that really just sounded like five year olds arguing, and you just knew that those were the ones derived from the two of you moaning about how stupid Alexander was sometimes.

“That he did.” Lin laughed, still writing in the tattered old notebook.  

“Need more coffee?” you asked. It had been hours since either of you had brought some home. For the past week whenever coffee was needed someone, usually you, had to go out and buy some. All because Lin was too lazy to buy more after he had finished the coffee in the house.  

“Yeah, please. Do you think you could get it? I kinda got something going,” he motioned towards his notebook and piano. You nodded, grabbing your bag and you shoes. He waved as you left, locking the door behind you.  

Stepping into the cold air you sighed. Maybe you should’ve listened to Karen all those years ago, back when In The Heights was still in rehearsals and she had asked you what was really the worst that could happen if you told him. But here you were, thirteen years into a friendship with him and still hopelessly in love with the guy.

April 7th 2015

“Y/N, your eyes literally turn into hearts every time you see him. Cartoon style.” Daveed laughed. Renee and Pippa smiling as they warmed up.  

“Fuck all of you guys.” you groaned.  

“Who are we fucking?” Anthony interjected, suddenly appearing in the room.  

“At this rate, not you.” you shot at him. As he placed a hand on his heart, faking hurt you couldn’t help but dissolve into laughter.

Ever since you’d actually admitted to the Hamilton cast that you were ridiculously head over heels for Lin, you hadn’t heard the end of it. They’d all known for ages that you liked him, and had been cracking jokes about it since you met them, but now that you were no longer denying it; it was even worse.  

Daveed was still looking at you with 'heart eyes’ and his tongue out. You rolled your eyes and turned away from him, still hearing the laughter behind you. Leaving the room, you went to find Lin.  

After looking for a while and being unable to find him, you sent him a text letting him know that you were leaving – as much as you loved the cast and everyone else, you had your own job to attend to. Plus, hanging around the Public all day made you bored. Whenever Lin wasn’t there you just felt like there wasn’t a point in being there.  

Arriving at your work, you hung up your jacket and started up a conversation with Ella, the girl you worked with most days.

“For April, it is surprisingly hot out there,” you spoke.

“And yet you were still wearing your jacket.” Ella replied smoothly, as though she’d been waiting to say it to you. You smiled at her.  

“It’s me, Ella. Did you expect anything less?” She laughed, handing you her jacket.

“Could you hang that up for me please? So that your coat isn’t lonely.”

“I swear, this is bullying,” you mumbled.

Your day went by quickly, the small bookstore you worked in was fairly busy and even after a seven hour shift it still felt like you had more hours left.  

Walking home in the dark wasn’t so bad. You’d grown used to it, even learning to enjoy the solitude and the freedom to think by yourself for a while. Eventually, your thoughts led you back to Lin. You hadn’t seen him all day and the effect was setting in. You weren’t smiley or chatty. You just wanted to be home, to be in the same room as him for a little while. Just the two of you; no castmates joking about your impending doom and no stress of acting like the feelings weren’t there.  

Just you and Lin. That was all you needed.

August 6th 2015

“You did it! Again!” you grinned as Lin came backstage. It had been just over seven years since the last time you’d done this. Since the last time he’d picked you up and spun you around. The two of you spent a few minutes in the embrace, unwilling to let each other go.  

“It’s been seven years since I last heard you say that,” he smiled.

“I can tell you right now that that’s a lie, but, I’ve been waiting all this time to say it like that again.” you laughed, finally tearing yourself from his arms.  

“God, get a room,” Daveed groaned. You and Lin looked at each other and burst out laughing. Everyone except Chris was staring at the two of you, unable to understand the laughter. When you stopped laughing you figured you owed Daveed an explanation, but didn’t bother. Instead, Chris filled everyone in.  

“Karen said that exact same thing on Heights opening night.”  

“Wow, even in 2008 you guys were all over each other,” Anthony smirked.  

Eventually everyone retreated back to their dressing rooms. You and Lin walked to his in silence. Once inside, he pulled you into another hug. This time, his heart was racing and you could hear it. You had hoped not to cry again that night but you were.  

Everything Lin did amazed you. His talent and his ambition and his ability to make your heart jump with one look. It had been seven long years of stress and tears and crumpled up drafts but here the two of you were again. At the Broadway opening of Hamilton. You smiled into his chest as you made an attempt to dry your tears.  

“Sometimes, I swear you’re the only reason I ever get anything done.” he whispered, just loud enough for you to hear.  

The tears started again.

March 19th 2016

“Hey, Lin?”

“Yeah, Y/N?”  

This was it. This was sixteen long years of friendship about to be changed, no matter his reaction. You looked at him before speaking. There was the rambling kid from college who sat across from you in the library, there was the man who has held you close on the biggest night of his life, there was the guy who made fun of historical U.S. politicians with you, there was the best friend who somehow disappeared into the Public, there was the Lin who had cried with you in his dressing room, there was the person you were in love with.  

Admittedly, the years hadn’t been all smiles. But regardless, they’d been the best sixteen years of your life. You had become someone so amazing that fourteen year old you would’ve been shocked. Lin had become someone so brilliant that twenty year old you wouldn’t have been able to understand. The two of you had become so astounding.  

“I’m in love with you.” you blurted, surprising yourself. Before Lin could reply you kept going.  

“I’ve been in love with you since you proofread my paper and all you could say was: 'You’re gonna be even more amazing someday’. I’ve spent sixteen years watching girls come and go, scaring them off when you couldn’t get rid of them yourself. Spent those sixteen years wishing it was me. I loved you when you hugged me backstage after Heights’ opening and all I could hear was your heart beating and wondering how you were so calm. I loved you when you were analysing Aaron Burr at four in the morning. I loved you when you spent an hour in my bookshop pretending to be looking at things just to spend your break with me. I loved you when you held me tight and told me I was the only reason you ever get anything done. And I love you right now, looking at you and wondering where the clumsy college kid went but knowing he turned into you and I couldn’t be more proud. I love you Lin-Manuel Miranda and for the first time in sixteen years I can’t bite my tongue about it anymore.”

Before you knew it, Lin’s lips were on yours. The kiss was short, but in the short amount of time sixteen years had spilled onto your lips.  

“I have loved you since you looked at me with the brightest eyes and asked if I really meant it when I said you were brilliant, Y/N Y/L/N.”

Suddenly, sixteen years seemed like just the beginning.

lucia-ik  asked:

omg drunk keith is so cute. what would happen if keith got drunk for the first time infornt of the kids when they are teen. Somehow I think lance would have blast/could not believe that this is his daddy. And would it escalate if Shiro wasn't there?(Keith doesn't seem to have any impulse control when drunk) btw I love the little knb picture when I go to your askbox it's adorable!

LMAO Yes! Drunk Keith is worse than Shiro tbh. XD 

[The Voltron Family]  Shiro was away to attend one of those conferences for doctors outside of the state and Keith was missing him so bad. It has been 8 days now and Keith didn’t wanna be clingy but sometimes he just missed Shiro’s kisses and cuddles.

The kids were at a party of a friend of theirs and it was only 9pm but Keith drove there anyway to pick them up, despite saying he’d pick them up at 10, they were teens now after all. They earned it after acing all their exams. Keith arrived at the party and he entered frowning. Ugh. Teenagers are too rowdy at parties. Back in my days…crap, I sound like an old man.

He went looking for his three kids when some dude came up to him.

Some Dude: *offers a cup of beer* Whoa. You’re a new pretty face. Might I offer you some beer?
Keith: *glares* I’m a wine type of person and I’m old enough to be your father.
Some Dude: *chuckles* Right. Of course. I’m guessing you’re about 25 or 27 by the looks of it? *gives Keith a once over* *points at the leather jacket* *whistles* Nice.
Keith: *ignores* Where’s Lance, Pidge and Hunk? *looks around*
Some Dude: They’re by the library last time I saw them. 
Keith: Thanks. *leaves*
Some Dude: Hey! I have wine. Can’t have a guest walking around without a drink of their choice. *smiles*
Keith: *stops* Do you have 1947 Cheval Blanc?
Some Dude: *blinks* What? I have no idea what you’re talking about but we could check it out by the bar? *points at the bar* The bartender might know. *eyes Keith* You looked so stressed, man. You okay?
Keith: *sighs* I am the epitome of stress. 
Some Dude: Awww, sorry for hitting on you, man.
Keith: It’s fine.
Some Dude: I’m Leonard. Finals are over but you’re probably the type to stress over results, huh? Forget about it tonight. C’mon, let’s get you a drink. You need it. *places an arm around Keith’s shoulder*
Keith: Oh boy, do I. *rubs temples* 

Lance, Hunk and Pidge were about to leave the house to wait for their Daddy Keith to arrive to pick them up when Pidge spotted something.

Pidge: Oh sweet baby mac and cheese. Is that Dad by the bar?
Hunk and Lance: *turns around and sees Keith*

Keith was drunk and he was ranting and ranting to their poor friend Leonard who had to hear everything. The three teens approached the bar.

Keith: And then he would usually surprise me to a lunch date when he visits me at work. *sobs while taking another drink* Such a wonderful man and now… *hiccups* He’s not even here with me. 
Leonard: Oh damn. You have a bad case of love sickness.
Keith: *nods* I do and I hate the fact he’s out there somewhere miles away and I’m here like a mess. *turns to his side and sees a girl* *cups her face and leans in*
Hunk: Is Dad drunk?! *shocked* He would NEVER do THAT! 
Pidge: Dude, we gotta do something!
Lance: No no, wait, you guys. Let’s see what happens first. *amused* I’ve never seen Daddy Keith drunk—ever.
Girl: *smirks at Keith* Hey, pretty boy.
Keith: *scrunches his nose* Pretty boy. You’re not Shiro. *frowns* He calls me pretty boy when we snuggle at night. *cries* *hugs the girl* I miss him so much. I want to see him. *turns to another person* Do you know where Shiro is? He’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Have you seen him?
Pidge: Wow. He got drunk because of Daddy Shiro.
Keith: *gets up from his seat* *wobbles as he walks towards the dance floor*
Hunk: Uh, guys, should we do something now?
Keith: *walks randomly to every guy and cups their face to look at them* *shakes head* Nope. Not Shiro. Not you. Too short. Too tall. Too lanky. Not my type. Leave. 
Lance: Are you guys seeing this? *laughs* This is GOLD. 
Hunk: No. This is horrifying! Daddy Keith’s so broken.
Some other random dude: *walks up to Keith dancing* Hey, sexy.
Keith: *glares at him* What are you doing?
Some other random dude: *chuckles* Thought we could have some fun tonight. *touches Keith’s arm*
Keith: *grips the guy’s hand* Don’t. You. Dare. Touch. Me. Only one man can touch me.
Some other random dude: *grins* Shit, that’s hot. I could be that—
Pidge: Dad! *shouts and approaches Keith*
Keith: *turns head* *smiles* Oh, baby girl. I came looking for you and *sees Lance and Hunk* your brothers.
Some other random dude: *looks at the three teens* Hey, I saw him first.
Keith: No, you didn’t. *glares* Shiro saw me first.  
Some other random dude: Who the heck is Shiro? 
Hunk, Lance and Pidge: Our Dad.
Keith: My husband.
Some other random dude: What the shit, dude? You’re married?!
Keith: I am. *teary eyed* And I miss him. I miss my husband. *sobs as he wipes his tears* I… *walks wobbling*
Hunk: I got you, Dad. *catches Keith and embraces him*
Keith: *sobs* I miss Takashi Shirogane. Bring me Takashi Shirogane. I love Takashi Shirogane. *clings to Hunk*

Hunk drove them all back home and they put Keith to bed. The following morning, Pidge handed him the phone. Shiro was on Skype.

Shiro: Hey, sweetheart. Good morning.
Keith: Shiro. *whispers*
Shiro: I heard what happened last night. *frowns*
Keith: Oh my god. *groans* 
Shiro: *chuckles* Hey, I think it’s nice to know you rejected everyone’s advances because they weren’t me.
Keith: *whispers not looking at Shiro* I only want you.
Shiro: *flushes* Keith, you’re not playing fair.
Keith: It’s true though.
Shiro: Why don’t we go out tonight on a date?
Keith: *shocked* *looks up* Tonight?
Shiro: *smiles* Yeah, I’m coming home, pretty boy.

So if you know the Harry Potter books well you’ll understand what I mean when I say that the Spanish teachers at my school are the equivalent of Hogwarts’s Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers. Since first grade, there was a different Spanish teacher every year, each one a hilarious, almost fictional-seeming character.

First grade was Sra. Flint, an angry old woman who would test us on stuff she’d never taught. Insisted on singing a song called “The Hola Song” at the beginning of every class, to which the lyrics were nothing but “Hola/Como estas/Muy bien/Gracias/La la la la la.”

Second grade we had Sra. Patricia, who treated us like three-year-olds (she spoke sO SLOWLY) and called kids who were acting out “loco loco loco en la cabeza” which means “crazy crazy crazy in the head.” She gave us chocolate and popcorn in class and one time we made a pinata.

Third grade was Sr. Cox, whom we all made fun of for the sound of his name. Enough said.

In fourth grade our teacher whose name I can’t remember quit in October, so the school brought in some other dude who quit two months later, and then the eighth grade math teacher who knew a bit of Spanish had to teach us.

Red Lips Don’t Lie Part II

Hello lovelies! So, here it is! The second part of Red Lips! Edited/co-written by the amazing M @thesmutofthemendes

Hope you guys enjoy! (contains drama and a bit of smut)

His music was the only thing he could find solace in. Playing the guitar or the piano, he would forget about their fight, about her words. About her. The rain was hammering against his hotel room and Glasgow looked grey and dark, almost as dark as the echoing void in his chest.

He hummed along to the chords he was playing trying to stay sane, he had promised his band to meet them at this pub down the street but he wasn’t in the mood. He hadn’t been in the mood for anything really.

A soft knock on the door made him turn around.

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INFP: I actually chose not the best time to ask you this, but on a scale of 1 to 10, am I a good human for other humans?

ESTP: Yes. You are exemplary for reflection and exploration.

INFP: Alright. Do you think people are afraid to talk to me?

ESTP: Maybe? You come off as hippy. *Not a bad thing

ESTP: But you’ll also ask very mature questions that a lot of people our age aren’t ready to start asking in their early twenties. These are not bad things. They are just my POV. I’d put you at a solid 7. You are unafraid to ask questions and you will always respect the dignity of the person you’re around.

ESTP: I think an area of opportunity would be better learning to glean information from ‘shallow’ talk. “Dude, I walked in on a swingers party at Tri Delta once. I’ve never been so sicked in all my life.” “Hey, I tried this ice cream. Have some!” “Oh my god, look at his butt.”

INFP: Lol. How do you mean?

ESTP: I feel like most of the conversations we have that you drive sound like ones between two 80-year-olds looking over a cliff in lawn chairs, slowly drinking Scotch while trying to write the existentialism chapter of their mutual memoirs.

INFP: omg

Platonic Christine x Reader x Michael x Jeremy

- Christine spams the groupchat with theater memes
- Michael is the Loud Friend™ that screams at Mario Kart
- Jeremy is a really quiet, anxious dude, but he has 10/10 sarcastic commentary on everything
- you, Michael, and Jeremy sing “Christiiiiiine” every time she walks in the room
- Christine’s house is Lit
- her parents are cool with anything
- she has three huge, fluffy dogs
- Jeremy likes to lay on the floor and just be engulfed in the fluff
- “Heere, you’re a furry.”
- “No I’m not.”
- “All I heard was "Rawr XD nuzzles you.”“
- her room is the best
- she has fairy lights up and pictures from her plays
- "And that’s my Satanic altar to Ben Platt.”
- Michael actually screamed the first time Christine made a dick joke
- Jeremy needs hugs all the time
- he’ll text the GC at 2 am
- “I’m sad I need a hug”
- “got u fam”
- you live closest to Jeremy, so you can easily hug him whenever he needs it
- platonic cuddle puddles
- you and Michael are on either side of Christine while Jeremy’s arm is around your waist
- Michael hardly ever gets sick, so he’s the one that takes care of whoever’s sick
- Jeremy, on the other hand, catches every possible disease
- someone across the classroom sneezes. Jeremy has a cold the next day.
- “I heard there’s a Hamilton bootleg on PornHub.”
- “Jeremy, can I use your PornHub account?”
- you introduced everyone to ASMR videos
- Michael was the most interested
- he likes clicking and tapping sounds
- Jeremy gave him an old computer keyboard and Michael loves it
- he really likes the feel of slime
- he even started making slime for the squad
- he likes experimenting with different textures
- Jeremy loves the clear glittery slime
- one time he put glittery slime on his face and some of the glitter stuck to his face
- you said he looked like the dude from Twilight
- Christine lovs the cronch
- not just crunchy slime
- all things crunchy
- she likes crunchy foods and the crunchy sounds
- she and Michael both enjoy eating ice
- when fall comes around, she walks in the leaves on purpose to hear the chunch
- apparently Christine has an internet friend and all they do is send Cronch Videos to each other
- she says he tried to eat a bathbomb once
- you beg her not to Cronch the bathbomb you gave her

poetry-protest-pornography  asked:

I brought you an umbrella and/or the key is under the mat, ship of your choice. (Look, I'm enabling in a totally low-key and pre-approved way!)

Some future Sterek for you, with “the key is under the mat”! (I’m trying to make up for yesterday’s angst fest.)

It comes out of the blue, a text from a number Stiles had never been able to make himself delete from his phone, even though that means it’s probably been transferred through four phones now. He stares at the notification, then blinks and looks again. Derek Hale it still says.

“What?” he says to his otherwise empty living room. “Just… what?”

He swipes to open the text itself. It is, of course, both anti-climactic and short: Stiles?

“I don’t know what else I expected,” he mutters, exasperated, but even he can hear it comes out fond.

It’s been five years, for fuck’s sake. Derek should not get fond, dammit. But he does anyway.

Yeah, it’s me. Same bat channel, he texts back. And then he gets tired of the thought of dealing with what little affect Derek ever had being further flattened by the glorious medium that is texting and just fucking calls him. He’s not having his first conversation with Derek Hale in five years punctuated with emoji.

“Hello?” Derek answers, wary as always.

“The phone won’t actually bite you, Derek, I’m sure we’ve been over this before,” Stiles says, letting his grin bleed into his tone of voice.

“Stiles.” And Stiles could swear he hears Derek relax.

“That’s my name, glad we’ve got that reestablished, buddy. Also, you know, glad to know you’re alive.” Oh. That might have had a little… bite at the end. Whoops.

“I’m sorry…” Derek trails off. “I needed… some time. Away.”

Stiles sighs. “I get that. I really do.” Lower, though there’s really no point, Derek will hear him no matter what, “You honestly have no idea how much.”

Derek makes a noise at that, but Stiles doesn’t want to try to parse it right now. He runs a hand over his face, scrubs it back through his hair, and feels a rush of excitement in the center of his chest again as his mood shifts back and he remembers he’s talking to Derek again. For real this time. Not a dream. (He pinches himself just to be sure.) “Just… you know I was worried about you, right? That people cared after you left?”

“People?” Stiles can practically see the raised eyebrow.

“I feel fairly confident in that use of the plural, but yes, I am the important person in that statement, clearly. I cared. And I’m kinda pissed, not gonna lie, that you didn’t say something earlier, but honestly, I’m over it.” He pauses, miraculously stopping the flood of words, but fuck it, who knows when he’ll hear from Derek next, if ever? “It’s just so good to hear your voice again, I’m pretty sure I’d forgive you anything right now, so if you’ve got any big confessions you’ve been holding back, now’s the time. Be honest. Did you ding the Jeep that one time? I know someone did.”

“Stiles. Shut up.” And okay, that’s definitely fond.

Just to be obnoxious, and reveling in how normal it feels, Stiles stays resolutely silent.

Derek huffs in exasperation when he realizes what Stiles is doing. Stiles grins as he imagines the rolling eyes that must go with it. “So I hear you’re up in Washington now,” he says, finally contributing to the conversation.

“I am,” Stiles confirms. “Tiny town. My own tiny house. I work remote. Danny vouched for me.”

“Could… could I come see you?” Derek asks, weirdly hesitant. Stiles is fairly sure he’s never heard Derek sound that way before. Not to him. He doesn’t like it.

“Yeah, dude, of course! Lemme give you some directions…”

“I kind of already have your address. From Cora.”

Stiles stops fiddling with the pen he’d picked up from the desk and narrows his eyes at the perfectly innocent bird on his deck railing out the window. “Of course you do. Still the same old creeper wolf.”

“I’m also actually already most of the way to Mt. Rainier.”

“That certain of your welcome, were you?”




“I gotta run out for supplies, but the key is under the mat.” He hesitates for maybe half a second before adding, “I can’t wait to see you.”

“Me either, Stiles,” Derek says softly, and then hangs up.

Stiles grins down at his phone, grabs his hoodie, and carefully puts his spare key under the mat before he clatters down the stairs.

My Relationship with Teen Wolf

“It’s complicated” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I discovered the show when it was roughly a three months wait until season 3 would start.

I binge-watched all there was - the first two seasons. And then I, right away, watched it again because it was that good. And then I literally watched it for a third time in a row.

I just completely fell in love with it. Sterek fast became my OTP, I loved the fandom because it was a warm, beautiful place filled with the most amazing headcanons.

I even liked the canon straight couples. Jackson and Lydia were just so beautifully perfect. And Scott and Allison were probably the best example of “soulmates” - because literally nothing else would ever justify the shit they went through for each other.

Even the smaller roles like Danny and the Sheriff and the Coach were just so cool.

I loved it. I loved everything about it. And I was so ready for season 3.

I mean, Derek had Boyd, Erica and Isaac now. Jackson was now finally a wolf and could join the pack. The pack was growning.

Everything went downhill starting with season 3. Now, season 3 in itself wasn’t bad, but it was definitely the start of “bad”.

Writing Jackson, Erica and Boyd out just like that was displeasing at first - it became a bigger issue the more the show went on.

What is the key-element of why season 3 started to be bad however is the True Alpha crap they came up with.

Part of what I enjoyed about the show was the fact that Scott was just this average teen wolf, a little bumbling and awkward but with a good heart. He didn’t have to be the leader. I expect an Alpha to be a leader, a fatherly figure, someone older. Not an awkward newbie wolf who literally learned how to control his wolfiness from a human boy.

That they had to force not just “Scott is main character. Scott needs to be Alpha”, but also “Oh shit, we made it so you gotta kill to become Alpha but Scott is main character, so Scott can’t kill. Hurry up, writers, invent a creative way for him to still become Alpha”.

It’s a load of horse-crap is what it is.

The show would have worked so much better if they had cut that crap. Kept Derek around - as the Alpha - and allowed Scott to slowly learn what it even means to be a werewolf and to then, through character development, become Derek’s second-in-command.

Now. They wrote all those characters out of the show, but they started establishing the twins as potential new pack-mates. And okay. They slowly started to become… interesting characters, the more we learned about them.

And then they were written out of the show too. And that was when it became a real problem with this show.

They want a pack. But they keep writing any character who has the potential of becoming pack out ASAP.

The whole… Isaac/Allison romance, I am still wondering where they pulled that from. Like? She literally tried to kill you an literally all your friends before and she’s basically the big love of your new Alpha? What is wrong with you, Isaac? Do you need therapy? Oh, right, you do. Yeah.

Setting it up that Danny knew all along what was going on just to write him out too.

Killing off Allison. Writing Isaac out of the show.

Basically. We had the “Alpha”, his human best friend, a banshee, a kitsune and a coyote. In a fucking show called Teen Wolf. I mean. Yeah, they kept true to the name and stuck with only ONE Teen Wolf. Because who wants to see an actual pack in a show about werewolves? Oh. Right. Everyone.

Season 4 was just bad. It was lame, it was weird and it had zero pay-off when Peter was suddenly the bad guy again. I had been a hundred percent sure that Gerard was behind this and that this was the reason they kept him alive.

Gerard, other reason for why it became bad. How did no one make sure to kill him? And then, when it’s revealed that he’s alive and basically dying slowly which is cruel, no one finishes him off either. You can not argue the “The good guys don’t kill” thing because keeping him alive while he is slowly dying from the black goo is so much worse than just a mercy-kill. And if you’re setting your good guys up to be cruel assholes who torture their enemies like that… you don’t get to play the “He has True Alpha potential because he’s such a goodie-two-shoes” card. And I am terrified to see what he does in season 6.

Kira was a cool addition, mainly. She… didn’t really get much personality development beyond the point of Scott’s New Love-Interest, but the mere concept of her was cool.

I dislike Malia and will always hate how they shoehorned her in. “Hey, look! Another living Hale! And it’s Peter’s daughter! Wow!”. That she spent basically a decade in the forest as a wild animal but they just pretend that it’s possible to re-introduce her not just into society but high school - whereas she is completely lacking all middle school and half of elementary school education, honestly, can she even read and write? Because she shouldn’t be able to. Even if she learned that ten years ago, she’d have forgotten simply by growing up as a wild animal in the forest. Granted, her behavior is at the very least well-written and animalistic, but that just makes me question the weirdness of Stiles going “Oh, she’s basically a wild animal. Let’s start dating”. Right. Away. If they had taken the time to, you know, re-introduce her to society properly and learn things and her and Stiles falling for each other along the way, okay sure. But this “We just met. Let’s have sex in the basement of the asylum” thing was so weird and so forced.

Season 5 might just be one of the - if not THE - worst thing I’ve ever witnessed on television. If something has that crappy level of quality, I normally turn it off and stop watching.

But the masochistic part of me kept whispering how much I loved season 1 and 2 and that 3 wasn’t so bad and, sure, since season 3 it’s been declining, but they did so well in the first two seasons, maybe they’ll turn it around again.

They did not turn it around.

Season 5 was just… really, really, really awful.

The over-loaded plotlines that kept getting entangled.

The fucking awful new characters. Like. Liam was always and will always be only Scott 2.0, a very, very cheap rip-off of their own main character - and who even does that? But in season 5, he was just awful. That he threw his temper-tantrums and turned his back on Scott and was just generally a pain in the ass.

Allison 2.0 was even worse though. I legit do not bother remembering the name of Liam’s girlfriend, because she is so flat and… unlikeable. Her only reason for being in this was to create the tension between Scott and Liam.

And Liam’s best friend made them feel like “Oh boy, we cut out the jock and his lovable gay best friend. Let’s replace Jackson and Danny with those two!”. Honestly, they really gave up trying to come up with individual, interesting characters.

And casting showed that too. At least Liam’s best friend is black. But literally everyone else they cast after season 3 was two things - white and brunette. This show started out with such an individual, diverse cast - black male Boyd, blonde female Erica, blonde male Isaac, redheaded female Lydia, polynesian male Danny. And now they basically just cast dark-haired whites and the guys even all look the same. This Theo-guy and that… other… wolf… guy… thing… I honestly don’t remember but the guy who had something with Liam’s best friend, they basically looked the same to me.

The decline in character development and design, as well as the decline in story-telling was only topped off by the dreadfulness.

This show used to be bright. And funny.

As in: It took place during the day too. There used to be colors. In season 5, in many episodes, I could barely tell what was going on because it mainly took place during the night and in total darkness.

And I didn’t laugh once in season 5. Absolutely nothing was funny. It didn’t help that comic relief guy Stiles got kicked in the balls by the writers when they decided they also needed tension between Scott and Stiles.

No, fuck you, you don’t.

The friendship between Scott and Stiles has been the backbone of this show since the very first scene of the first episode. And now you decide that Scott should be stupid, shallow and trustful enough to trust Theo instead of Stiles? Really? That… That’s so OoC. Those are your characters, don’t write them OoC.

The fact that Derek and Peter too became characters who just… disappeared for long periods of time was just ridiculous too. It’s like this show is deliberately trying to sabotage itself and to remove good characters.

Lydia, Stiles and Scott are essentially the only characters left from the… bigger ones. Derek, Peter, Isaac, Boyd, Erica, Jackson, Allison, Aiden, Ethan, Kira, Danny.

Instead we get to keep Malia around who, sure, ist still the best of those new additions. Liam. Liam’s girlfriend. Liam’s best friend. Fucking Theo gets to stay?

And Parrish, who… honestly just gives me the creeps because the dude is old enough to have been to war and to now work at a police station as a deputy, which I really hope for the sake of the safety of the people does require some years of training before you get handed a gun and a badge too, but thinks it’s in any way or shape appropriate to date a high school student? Like, sure, it may be legal but that doesn’t mean you have to do that. Especially not if you’re a police deputy. And I don’t care if that sounds like a hypocrite thing to say because I ship Sterek and that might be the same age-difference. I ship Sterek in fanfiction and fanarts. If fans go ahead and ship Lydia and Parrish sure, cool. Everything goes in the fandom. Not everything should go in canon, because there should be some kind of… moral… behind decisions made. Do not romantize adults dating teens.

So. Yeah.

If they hadn’t announced that season 6 is the final season, I would have turned my back after how bad season 5 was. But… cue in the voice in my head that’s still whispering how much I loved season 1 and 2. And this is the grand finale. It’ll be over after this. Just 20 more episodes, I can watch that. And then it’ll be finally over and they can’t ruin it any more.

The grand finale airs in four days. So I’ll be rewatching the first five seasons now and then I will start watching the final season. I’m terrified of it.

And am I the only one who felt like many decisions made were just made to snuff out Sterek? I mean. Stiles who didn’t have any romantic plotline before, all of a sudden having sex with basically a random stranger in a basement and Derek literally fucking the enemy while he’s half-bleeding to death, but let’s just hurry up and make sure they have female love interests…?

Chapter 1

A/N: I know it’s late and super short and I’m REALLY soorryyy. The other chapters will be longer, I promise. I just wanted to get something to you guys. Anyways, here!

Lance had been different for a long time. He knew that. When the other kids played with each other, he’d be off to the side, seemingly talking to himself. Nobody knew he was actually talking to people they couldn’t see.

His mother called it a phase, thought they were just imaginary friends. She wasn’t worried about it. At least, not until he turned ten and she realized he was still talking to them. She’d sat him down for a talk about the difference between reality and fantasy.

“It can be fun to pretend, Lance.” She’s said. “But now it’s time to grow up and live in the real world.” He never spoke about them to her again.

It wasn’t until that year that he realized they weren’t real, they weren’t alive. They were ghosts.

“Pidge,” He demanded, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” They said, the picture of innocence.

“That you’re dead.”

“It didn’t seem important.”

“Didn’t-didn’t seem important? Yeah, I’ve only been talking to ghosts all my life!” He fumed.

“Lance, even if you’d known, would you have stopped talking to us?” He couldn’t answer that. “That’s what I thought. Hunk!” They called. “Come here a sec.”
Hunk appeared next to them.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

“Lance figured it out.” They said with a sigh. Hunk groaned.

“Oh, man.” He turned to face Lance. “Look, bud, this doesn’t change anything. We’re still your friends.” Lance nodded.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.”

“Lance, you’re ten years old.” Pidge said. “We kinda figured that you were too young to know.”

“I am not!” Lance yelled (admittedly in a very childish way) Pidge and Hunk traded looks.  

“Sure, bud.”

“Who else is ghosts?” He demanded. “Shiro? Coran? Allura?” Hunk nodded guiltily.

“Yeah.” He groaned.

“So. All my friends are dead.”

“ ‘Fraid so.” Lance groaned.
“Worst birthday ever.”

“Yo, Lance, happy birthday. Got somebody for you to meet.” Hunk said, appearing beside Lance’s bed. The fifteen year old jumped, startled.

“Dude!” Lance glared at him. “A little warning next time.”

“Oops.” Hunk said, not sounding all that sorry. “Anyways, this is Keith. Shiro’s brother.” A somewhat surly fifteenish guy looked out at Lance.

“Hey, mullet.” Lance said. “The name’s Lance. What’s up?”

“It’s not a mullet.”

“Suuuuure.” Keith balled his hands into fists.

“This is stupid.” He muttered. Hunk nudged him.

“Hey, c’mon. Anyways, Lance, I gotta ask you for a favor. See, Keith here didn’t choose to stay. He’s got some sort of unfinished business. So then I was all like ‘my buddy Lance can help you.’ Uhh. You will help, right?” Lance groaned.

“Fine. But I’m doing this for you, Hunk. Not mullethead here.”

“Whatever.” Keith grumbled. “Where do we start?”

Monsters (Jamilton)

AN: I want to make this a series if y’all want any more of this

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hamilton4starwars @megabooklover18

Request: Anonymous- Jamilton fanfic where uncle James has to help them take care of their children because Alex and Thomas are exhausted because of their new baby.

Warning: swearing 

Word Count: 1,805


There was a split second of quiet before all hell broke loose. The triplets had been up since three in the morning and the baby hadn’t slept for any more than an hour that night. Thomas wanted one kid. One. And then the surrogate found out it was three. And then Alexander managed to talk him into another baby. There was about a ninety percent chance that he wanted a fifth. They had no time or space for a fifth baby. They didn’t have time for the four, four, they had now.

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I did more Dream Daddy fanfiction because I have to write ALL THE DADS, now. 

A Year Later: Craig


Mature Teen?, Mostly Fluff

Words: 4468

I close my eyes and step on the scale. I open them and look down.

“Hot damn!”

“What’s up, pops?” Amanda asks from her room. She’s only been back from school a few days, and it already feels like old times.

“Somehow, through some small miracle, I’m back to my college weight.”

“Ugh, can we not talk about college weight? I have one working pair of pants.”

“I told you what that cafeteria food would do to you, panda. A couple visits to the gym with us will probably get rid of that freshman fifteen.” I step down off the scale and try to catch Amanda’s eye in the bathroom mirror through the slightly open door. She’s too busy FaceSpacing or Twitjournaling or some other portmanteau of two social media sites that make me sound like the old man I am.

“I’m perfectly happy with my nacho and pop-tart diet for the time-being, but don’t let me stop you, my dude.” She throws a peace sign up at me as I pass by her door, and I stick my tongue out at her. She’ll learn soon enough. Youth is wasted on the young.

Craig greets me warmly when I find him near the ellipticals. River’s gotten too big for the chest carrier, so she’s started going to daycare. That means there’s nothing between us when his arms come around me in a lingering hug. There’s a lightning quick squeeze on the tush thrown in for good measure. The first month or so, I had thought it was just the change from  platonic to romantic that had made Craig’s shows of affection so weird and squirrely. Turns out with him it’s all about the space. Right place, right time, he can’t keep his hands to himself. The gym is the one in-between place. Fortunate considering how little time we get just the two of us during the week.

“Good morning, babe,” he says quietly into my ear before pulling away. “Leg day, bro. You ready?”

“I love leg day!”

I actually hate leg day, but my god my butt looks amazing afterward.

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anonymous asked:

if youre taking requests, maybe peter&danny interacting?

“Okay, but if the hammer is in a ghost shield, and I’m controlling the ghost shield, does that mean I can lift Thor’s hammer?”

Spider-Man shrugged. “That sounds plausible. I mean, I haven’t tried but if my webs could do that maybe that means I’m worthy?”

“How do you even become worthy? Like, how does a construction tool decide that?” Danny persisted.

“I don’t know, dude. Probably just some of that weird Asgardian mojo, you know? Anyway, do you want a PB&J or turkey?”

“Peanut butter, please. So how’s your aunt?”

“Doing pretty good, I’d say. I told her I was studying with some friends so I can stay out late bust some bad guys. What about you? How are your parents?”

“Same old. Though, dad actually gave something a decent name the other day. That was pretty memorable. Jazz almost made a cake and everything.”

Spidey let out a small chuckle as he lifted his mask to eat his lunch, swinging his legs over the side of the building. They people watched for a while in silence, just enjoying each other’s company. There weren’t lots of other super heroes that were around the same age as Danny, so it was especially nice to have someone like Spider-Man as a friend and patrol partner.

“So how do you wanna prank Fury tomorrow?” Spidey asked, tossing some crumbs off of his suit.

“What was next on our list? Was it the vodka spike or was it the one where we somehow dress him up as a bear?”

“I think it was the bear one.”

“Sweet. Hey, so I was talking to the Avengers, and they agreed that you could totally be a member. And if you want to keep your identity secret to them, that’s cool too. And Steve said no hard feelings about that whole airport thing and whatnot. What do you say?”

Spider-Man stared at him, speechless. Danny couldn’t tell, but he was sure his eyes were wide under the mask.

“What do I think? Dude, that’s awesome! I’m an official Avenger now!”

“Hey to celebrate we can go mess with Jameson!” Danny cheered.

“Even better!”

“You have to promise me something first, though,” Danny said, semi-serious. “What is it?” “I need you bring your science stuff over so we can play with it, Tony won’t let me mess with his.” There was almost a whine in his voice, but he didn’t even care anymore. He got to bunk with his best  super powered friend.“It’s a deal.”“Awesome,” Danny said. He patted Spider-man’s shoulder, and, well, he couldn’t resist the laughter that came after he shoved Peter off of the building, watching him freak out for about twenty seconds before remembering that he could stick to walls.Oh, man, this was gonna be great.

shadowthshapeshifter  asked:

I got a good one for ya m8. So a friend o' mine is hosting a Call o' Cthulhu based game right, and we were escaping a town while driving away in an old car. We are attacked by a killer tree on the road. At some point the car is launched by the anger tree, my dude is sitting in the backseat of the car as it rolls and slams into a tree. I made a one in a mil save and somehow stayed perfectly strapped in the car, unscathed. Sir Giggert Half-Hazard III always has safety first. Use your seatbelts.

That sounds incredible, I like the idea of a cool collected character who never seems to get injured

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Klance with the classic fake date?

Warnings: makeout session but not too detailed
Thanks to @simon-basil for the suggestion of where to go with this.

Anyway, enjoy anon

It was lunchtime and Keith, Hunk, Pidge, Lance, Eleanor, and Michelle grabbed a picnic table outside. They were all friends since middle school and all of them were planning to try to get into the space program. Eleanor was short with dark brown hair down to her collar bone and eyes to match, with three freckles on each cheek. Michelle was much taller, blonde hair and blue eyed, with “hipster glasses” that framed her face well. Trees sat in front of them, school behind them, a soft, pleasant breeze blowing the hair from all their faces. It was still early fall in their junior year of high school, the leaves on the trees only just starting to change colors. Footsteps sounded behind them from a bit far off. “Keith, your 12 o'clock is coming.” Pidge warned. Keith visibly tensed. That was a code word for the girl who always bothered the group at lunch, mostly because of Keith. She was–well “in love” was the wrong term. More like “enamored” with Keith. The girl was kind, but just very stalkerish and creepy. She had memorized Keith’s entire class schedule and tried to get all her classes switched to be in his every class. She waited for him outside of his classes and was late to hers just to make sure he got to his alright. She had followed him after 4th period once and now she knew where he sat every day during lunch. Keith had had enough one day and told her he didn’t feel the same way she did but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. He’d tried everything to get her to leave him alone, but she didn’t get it. He was getting desperate. “Heyyyy Keith!” The girl’s voice sounded cheerful behind him as Keith shoved his salami sandwich in his mouth, slightly hoping it’d choke him. “Hi Hillary.” Keith mumbled around his food. Hunk flashed him a sympathetic look and Keith acknowledged it with a quick smile. “I got you something.” She dangled a box in her small hand over his head. “Oh what could it be?” Keith asked swallowing his food down. As if he didn’t already know. She had always given him the same thing. He took the small box from her and opened it. Inside was yet another pair of leather gloves like the ones he always wore. He had never used another pair in his life as the ones he wore were the only remaining reminder of his mother, and he refused to use any of the gloves Hilary had given her. They all looked the same, but somehow she’d know if he was wearing hers. “Do you like them?” She squeaked. Keith replied how he always did when this happened, with complete monotone. “Yeah…totally.” Keith had finally had enough of this. He didn’t want to tolerate it anymore. This was ridiculous. If the school didn’t do something, he had to. “Okay. I’m gonna go eat my lunch, see–” “Wait up Hilary.” Keith told her. She spun to face him, eager to listen. “Look, I’ve told you a thousand times that I don’t like you that way but you just don’t get it. So I’m gonna have to come right out and say it: I’m gay. Please leave me alone.” Hilary’s face was awestruck but she responded the only way she knew how. Angry and distraught. “You’re not gay! I’ve seen you! You like girls! If you like boys, if you’re really gay, prove it!” “I have a boyfriend.” Keith replied simply. You have a what now? He asked himself. “I don’t see him. Where is he?” Hilary retorted. “He’s around here somewhere.” “You’re lying.” Keith sighed. “If I prove to you that I have a boyfriend, will you leave me alone for good?” Hilary crossed her arms and glared at him. “Fine.” She answered him and stormed off. Keith sighed and sat back down to continue eating. “You’re gay Keith wow wouldn’t have known.” Eleanor said sarcastically. As if his friends hadn’t been told of his sexual orientation by now. “Shut up.” Keith laughed. “It was the only way to get her off my back.” “Well who’s your boyfriend?” Michelle asked. “I don’t have one.” “We know you idiot.” Pidge retorted. “But who are you gonna get to be your fake boyfriend? Unless you can get a boyfriend by tomorrow somehow.” Keith sighed heavily. Who would do that for him? He couldn’t ask the football team, or anyone on the tennis team. He was a giant nerd, no one popular would want to pretend to be his boyfriend. Then he remembered Hunk and Lance. “Would either of you guys do that?” Keith inquired of them. Hunk and Lance looked at each other before speaking. “Sorry Keith, you know you’re my bro but I like girls.” Hunk replied. “You know I’d do anything else for you, but I’m not at actor.” “I get it.” Keith told him. He turned to Lance, who Keith knew was bisexual. Even if lance wasn’t into Keith like that, he knew Lance could at least act like he was. “Absolutely not. I’m not gonna kiss you in front of this girl.” Lance growled. “You’re my friend sure but I’d never do anything like that with you sorry.” “Come on Lance!” Eleanor urged him. “It’s just for one day. And after tomorrow, Keith will owe you big time.” Lance pouted, thinking it over. “Fine, fine. I’ll do it. But for one day. That’s it. I’m doing it cuz I’m a great friend. And cuz Hilary is fucking annoying to me too.” Keith couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His face stretched into a wide smile. “Thank you Lance. I owe you big time.” “Yeah, yeah you do.” Secretly Lance had always had a small crush on Keith, but since they were good friends and it wasn’t big enough to really have a huge effect on Lance’s friendship with Keith, he had chosen to keep it to himself. He wouldn’t tell anyone, but he was happy to be dating someone, even if it was pretend. He craved intimacy with people, especially as a part of a couple. He looked nervous as he finished his food. He’d just have to see what happened tomorrow. *** Keith walked the halls that morning, afraid to see Hilary. Just as Hilary approached him, Keith felt a hand intertwine his fingers in theirs. He looked up to see Lance smiling at him broadly. “We gotta get to homeroom babe.” He told Keith loudly, obnoxiously loud so Hilary could clearly hear it. She let out a humph and headed off toward her own homeroom. Keith turned to Lance, his face slightly hot with nervousness. “Thanks.” “No problem.” Keith expected Lance to let go when Hilary could no longer see them but he kept holding his hand until they got to homeroom. He didn’t seem to care about the looks the people in the hallway gave them. Keith admired him for it and made a mental note to learn a few things from Lance today. They always went to the same homeroom but for some reason never walked there together. It felt nice to change things up. “I’ll meet you after 4th period.” Lance whispered to Keith as they sat down next to each other. “We’ll make it convincing.” Keith smiled. Lance knew Hilary was in his class and that she’d come running to Keith after 4th period and lance seemed to intend to be there first. “Got it. Thanks.” *** After 4th period, Lance met Keith at his locker. “You ready?” Lance asked. “For what?” “For–” That’s when Hilary came walking up. Lance’s eyes bulged out of his head in surprise and pulled Keith close to him by his jacket collar into a kiss. Keith’s eyes widened but he kissed back as he saw Hilary in the corner of his eye. Lance was surprisingly a good kisser. Keith’s first kiss was amazing. Lance and Keith pulled apart, Keith still blushing as Hilary came trotting up to them. Lance crossed his arms and flashed her a smirk. “So I hear you’ve been hitting on my man.” Lance said. God, how could he be so damn suave? Hilary looked from lance to Keith and back again. To Keith’s surprise, she sighed. “Fine. Guess you’re gay. Sorry for all I’ve put you through, I didn’t know.” “No hard feelings.” Keith heard himself say. As much as he wanted to hold a grudge, there was no need. Hilary forced a smile then walked away. “Lance!” Keith cried, smacking him on the shoulder and facing him. “You fucking saved me dude!” Lance grinned. “Glad I could help.” “Guess we can stop with this nonsense now huh?” Lance smiled. “Probably good idea to keep it going the rest of the day.” Keith smiled back. “I do owe you one. Wanna hang out after school? I’ll get you something.” “Sure, sounds like a plan.” After school lance and Keith went shopping. Lance got a nice fancy outfit out of Keith and Lance bought Keith some nice fancyish chocolates. Then they went back to Keith’s to play videos games and lance helped Keith make a quick dinner. Everything was like old times. It’d been a while since they’d hung out just the two of them. It was nice. Soon it got late though. “Aren’t your parents supposed to be back already?” Lance inquired. “It’s almost 10.” “Nah they’re doctors remember? They have another 12 hour shift.” “Oh okay.” “Plus it’s the weekend and–what?” Lance was looking at Keith a way he’d never looked at him before. “Lance? Are you okay? Are you sick?” Keith asked, suddenly scared. “Should I call an ambulance?” Lance laughed. “I’m fine, you idiot.” “Then what–” Lance gave him the look–the unmistakable, questioning if where this was going was okay look. The “I wanna kiss you real bad right now” look that Keith had only seen in movies. “Oh.” He said, understanding as lance pressed his lips to his, the way he did at school by his locker, except this time the kiss was more passionate, more needy, more intimate. Dispite himself, Keith groaned loudly as Lance moved to his neck and started sucking. He had never done this before with anyone, his sexual frustration was at an all-time high, and now he had someone to relieve him. He held lance closer into his chest, not wanting lance to leave him for a minute. “Lance.” He sighed out, enjoying himself. Lance smirked at him and continued, adding a few teeth. Keith was in ecstasy, calling out lance’s name as his pleasure built up. He rubbed his body against lance’s wanting to get more intimate but now was not the time. Lance finally left his neck and attacked his mouth with his, kissing him even more passionately, occasionally biting Keith’s bottom lip and pulling at it slightly. Keith couldn’t get enough of Lance. He’d never experienced anything like this before and he didn’t want it to end. Finally, panting, they both broke apart. When his breath was somewhat restored, Lance turned to face Keith. “Guess we really are dating now.” He teased, leaning over and giving Keith’s cheek a kiss. Keith beamed at Lance, his nerves still on fire from his touch. “Guess we are.” He replied.
Rafaela's BFF: Part 2- Neymar Jr.

*I have no affiliation with any of the players or teams. This is all pure fiction. This is in no way trying to offend anyone. I do not make any money off of this. Please do not sue me.*

Link to Part 1: https://fantasiasdefutbol.tumblr.com/post/163658784809/rafaelas-bff-neymar-jr
“So is everyone ready to get drunk?” Rafaela asked

“YES!!” everyone shouted together

We all made our way out of the hotel to hail a cab, now that there was an unexpected addition to our night all 5 of us could not fit in one cab. We decided to split into two groups, me and Rafa in one cab with Ney, Gil and Bruna in the other.
(In Rafaela’s Cab)

“(Y/N), can you believe she came??” Rafa questions.

“Not at all girl” I said rolling my eyes.

“Don’t worry, honey. Whether she is here or not you still look like a supermodel” Rafa said, winking at me.

“Rafa, she’s like an actual model,”

“Yeah, well you’re still way better because I love you more,”

“I love you too, Rafa. Let’s forget about it and enjoy your birthday okay. Plus technically she IS his girlfriend so it’s actually really sweet that she came out here from Brazil for your birthday Rafa,”

“(Y/N), how do you manage to be so kind about someone dating the man you’re in love with,”

“It’s the truth. She didn’t do anything wrong. She’s just a girl who fell in love with a guy….who happens to be the same guy I did,”

“I’m sorry, love” Rafa said rubbing my shoulder

“Don’t be, it’s no ones fault.” I told her

“I know, just I wish it was you that was that happy you know,”

“I know, Rafa. It’s because you love me sooo much,” I said sticking my tongue out at her.

“Good, you better know! Now let’s get drunk,” she said pushing my shoulder.
(In Neymar’s Cab)

“I heard this club is actually decent like a lot of Brazilians come here so we might actually hear some funk,” Gil told Neymar and Bruna obviously very excited.

“Thank God man, I’m tired of hearing all this electric, disco stuff. I don’t know how to dance to that,” Neymar said.

“Ney, you sound like an old man and let’s be honest…you can’t really dance no matter what is playing,” Bruna teased.

“That hurts,” Neymar feigned heartache.

“You’re still my favorite dance partner,” Bruna said placing a soft kiss on his lips.

“I better be,” Neymar told her pecking her cheek.

“Guys, I’m still here you know,” Gil pointed out.

“Sorry dude,” Neymar told him playfully punching his arm.
(At the Club)

They all walked into the club with Cold Water by Justin Bieber blasting throughout the place.

“Dude I thought you said they played funk here,” Neymar said rolling his eyes

“That’s what I heard, man. Maybe they’ll play it later,” Gil shrugged

“Neymar, we just got here don’t complain. The place is amazing and I’m pretty sure that’s Drake over there in the VIP section” Rafa pointed showing her brother.

“Fine, you girls get a table and we’ll grab the drinks,” Neymar said.

“Oh, I think I see one in the back in the VIP section too,” Bruna said.

“So let’s go,” Rafa agreed.

Neymar and Gil came back with our drinks and after a few rounds we were all pretty hammered. After an hour or two with no Brazilian funk playing we decided that we should get back to the hotel since we were all drunk already. As we were getting up to leave “Olha a explosão” started to play, and Neymar and I got excited it was one of our favorite songs…and one of the most popular in Brazil at the time.


“Oh my God!! Yes!!!” I agreed

“I can barely stand up right now let alone dance, you two dance” Rafa said.

“Me too,” Bruna agreed.

“I guess I’ll stay here and keep an eye on these two,” Gil said

Neymar took my hand and led us to the dance floor. We were dancing and grinding on each other shaking our butts to the lyrics of the song. We just enjoyed the music and being together our bodies touching. The alcohol elevated everything we were feeling and lowered our inhibitions, forgetting where we were and who we were with. We just enjoyed the moment together.

The song ended and some generic pop music started to play so we stopped dancing. At that moment I felt someone’s eyes burning into me, when I turned around I saw Bruna glaring at me from the table with Rafaela and Gil. I could feel myself turning red with guilt and shame. How could I enjoy myself that much with someone else’s boyfriend? What is wrong with me?

The three of them made their way over to us and we exited the club. No one said anything but I could feel Bruna still staring at me. I mean who could blame her, I was just grinding on her boyfriend 2 minutes ago. Oh God, how could I do something like that in public? He’s a huge celebrity what if someone recorded us?? No no no.

We got into cabs the same way we arrived to the club and went back to the hotel.
(In Rafaela’s Room)

“I had a great time tonight. Best birthday everrrrrr. Never thought 21 would feel this great,” Rafa said.

“Me too, girl” I agreed.

“Oh I know you did,” she winked.

“Stop it, Rafa” I whined.

“What? I didn’t do anything. Everyone saw you basically dry humping my brother on the dance floor tonight,” she teased.

“It was not like that, can you stop?” I said rolling my eyes at her.

“Say whatever you want, hun. I know what I saw,”

“Ugh, you’re the worst.”

“You love me,”

“I do,”

“We should sleep, I can feel a headache coming on from all the liquor,” Rafa suggested.

I nodded my head in agreement, “Goodnight Rafa, love you. Happy birthday again.”

“Thanks girl, goodnight.”
(In Neymar’s Room)

“I’m so exhausted and very drunk,” Neymar laughed.

“Yeah, me too man.” Gil agreed stumbling into his bed.

Bruna was still silent. She still hadn’t said a word since Neymar and (Y/N)’s dance. Not that Neymar had noticed yet. They got into bed together in silence and she turned her back to him and sighed. That’s when he finally realized something was up.

He leaned into her, wrapping his arms around her. He placed a kiss on her cheek, and said, “what’s the matter, (Y/N)? Something on your mind, love?”

“(Y/N)?!” Bruna asked.

*part 3??? let me know*

anonymous asked:

i had a dream in which i was auditioning for smth in a baseball field (like a really packed baseball field) and for some reason donald trump was the judge dude and so i sing and for some reason there was a ridiculous dance that went with it then i finish then he hands me back my scoresheet and i didnt make it but he also gave me a sushi roll and i went to this old ladys house which was completely decorated bright pink and i ate the sushi roll and cried about my never-ending failures as a singer.

that doesn’t sound too different from a normal audition experience

thenewcheesecakeemporiumlove  asked:

Where ya from chica? you sound southern for some reason to me???????/

hahah, nah dude i’m norwegian. if you hear any southern drawl/vibes in my voice it’s prolly from the fact i talk to @lazy-as-swipe and @magnificent-sans so much that their southern accent have started to rub off on me :’)