i sound like im advertising for them

been pretty pissed with youtube ads on every fucking video but i got surprised seeing cbx advertise for talk talk korea and i actually died

anonymous asked:

yoooo i saw the thing about 6p too and honestly as disgusting as that money play was i was so happy to see that 98% of the comments on that post were people telling how shitty and exploitative that was. im glad people arent falling for it and as far as i know she took the post down out of shame.

Yeah, i’m glad people were fast on it, tho i have no clue on how much she already got paid or even if 6p plans on issuing refunds to the unfortunate individuals who sought help from them.

And it really irks me that she puts on a show of saying she wants to be helpful, only to put up shitty advertisements that sound like something off of a scam site you find while searching for tarot readings that asks for your credit card information once you finish the survey to see the results.