i sound like a faggot but whatever

This relates to what I told you some time ago. I hope I don’t sound like a broken record (or a broken English speaker).

First of all I think the standards of the 1920s wouldn’t fix anything. Back then the white collar parasitism had already been born, so individualism was overflowing and probably the foundations for the current situation had already been laid. The only difference between the 1920s and today: family based on parasitic job is now extended to faggots who can marry, adopt and live a typical parasitic family life.

It looks like, one day many years ago, the middle class family said to the world: “Do whatever you want, but first let me ask for three wishes: let me go on holiday at least once or twice a year; let my offspring receive higher education; don’t take what’s mine.”. Yes, I think that’s tolerance, but also individualism/ethical egoism: people don’t care about anything (unless it’s something perceived as a personal threat), so they let things happen.

Parents teach their children how to be dishonest, mean, pusillanimous, half-hearted, how to submit to authority in a pathetic way or revolt against it according to what is convenient. Sons from these families are sometimes effeminate and unintelligent, two natural traits that can’t be cured, but that should be at least abhorred; instead they are tolerated by family members. This tolerance is dangerous, since it makes these kids think they’re like all the other kids or superior to them, when in fact they’re clearly inferior.

Can all these behaviours be eradicated through the standards of the 20th century? I don’t think so.

I can think of two unattainable alternatives:

  1. The reactionary one, ergo we should go back to the standards of… the Early Middle Ages? When parasitic middle class didn’t exist yet; when you needed elbow grease or a peerage to live.
  2. The revolutionary one based on class struggle, which would be my preferred solution (I hope this doesn’t bother you), BUT the only people from whom I hear about class struggle are anarchist white collars and civil servants*.

Unfortunately here’s the only realistic scenario: small business owners and self-employed manual workers will become poorer and poorer; white collar and knowledge so called “workers” will maintain their privileges; blue collar employees are learning how to earn more, work less; and capitalists… I don’t know.

On the “dark people settling white countries” matter: I know my country is taking in and providing for refugees who, if we omit violent acts, sit around all day. Not a good idea to be honest. The people I know don’t care about the invasion factor or the terrorism factor (except “So I can’t go abroad anymore?”), but they complain because the country is providing for the refugees (“They’re taking our money!”). I can’t complain about the trivial “my country is providing for the refugees” matter when for decades millions of citizens (civil servants) have gotten paid to sit around and mind their own business all their lives. White supremacy wouldn’t solve anything, not in my country. Most of the problems have little to do with immigration.

On sexual behaviours and women breastfeeding adult men: I’m worried, but I don’t know what to say other than: “Think of it as a metaphor.”.

*hypocrites! How can a person want the abolition of the State and, at the same time, accept to “work” in the civil service receiving money from the State? (I bet they would answer they do it because they want to fight the system from the inside or because they have to survive somehow). How can an obstacle for the class struggle say he’s taking part in it? Once I also read a post written by a guy who compared office work to the manual work of the 1800s, implying that bosses oppress office workers and that work sucks and that white collars should revolt and all that nonsense.

(Sorry for taking not posting this sooner)

You make some very good points Miriana. 

Your point about the Middle Class is especially true. The individualism/ethical egoism is something that I’ve noticed a lot more and looking back. “Do what makes YOU happy” is drummed into you everyday through family or the education system. People not caring about anything unless it threatens them personally is evident in the responses (or lack of one) to the events of the last several years. The tolerance comes because they don’t want to “rock the boat” so to speak. If they don’t cause a fuss, they wont have to do anything and their lives remain uninterrupted.

Parenting is frankly awful at the moment. Some of the traits (e.g. dishonesty, half-heartedness, etc) that you mention I would argue is simply learned behaviour and a lack of effort on the parents part to rectify it. Or rather it is not seen as poor behaviour and tolerated as it its the easiest path. This leads onto tolerating later disgusting or damaging behaviour as to confront it would mean facing hard truths.

I agree that simply “turning the clock back a few decades” isn’t going to solve much. It would be like putting a plaster on a gaping abdominal wound. While I will admit I would very much like the first reactionary option to happen, its about as likely to happen as the second. But anything to shake up the current status quo would be welcome. Yet the mentality of “do as little work as possible” is going to persist along side the warped idea of what work actual is.

The “refugee” crisis and the whole issue of immigration is a mess. While one can argue that it is one of the bigger issues of the day, it is the tip of the iceberg. Just kicking out all the dark people wont solve much in the long run without action to change the current societal mind-set, structure and how work is approached. For such a thing to happen, a leader or group would need to shake things up dramatically and ignore the naysayers who would complain/protest.

Aye, it is a sign of the times I’m afraid.

I’ve not heard of an anarchist being a civil servant before but that is hilarious. Office/Desk work is nothing like the manual (be it in factories or fields) work of the industrial period. The fact that someone actual believes that shows how far removed from actual work people like that are.

Thanks again for sending me this. If you want to send me anything else or discuss other things, feel free to contact me.

My mom made me cry :')

When we arrived, I went straight to see my new room (they moved into this house a few weeks ago). My mom painted it pink and decorated it just the way I wanted. On my bedside table, she left a box full of new make-up, bobby pins, chocolate/candy, AND a heart-shaped charm with my name engraved on it. She also bought me a few Vogue & Número magazines, pens and a new notebook. 

Then I opened a drawer, only to find out she bought me a new set of purple pajamas; pink, fuzzy slippers; hat & gloves, new underwear, a pink coat, and a really nice black sport suit because I told her I wanted to go for a run in the morning.

It’s silly but that made me so happy I cried. I love her so much and I’m so glad I’m here now. It’s the first time I’ve felt happy in months.