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fanart of TEW fic A Nail Through a Star by croik

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while because I’ve really been enjoying croik’s story! There were a bunch of scenes that really stuck with me, but upon rereading, I had to draw this from chapter 2. This is one of my fav TEW fics, I just wanted to show my support and say that I’m excited for more :)

Thoughts after 4x06:

So I’ve been saying for a while that if nothing Bellarke happens this season, there’s the risk that it’ll end up stale and forced if it does happen. No hate on Stydia, but I sorta stopped shipping them when Lydia got yet another love interest (Parrish) and by the time S6 rolled around, I didn’t feel the deep love/connection that they had with each other, it just felt a bit rushed. I don’t think The 100 would do this. So it’s a now-or-never sorta game.

Now onto Bellarke. It’s really interesting that they gave Niylarke some screen time. I love what they’re doing with Niylarke at the moment and it really makes sense in the narrative. She’s grieving L.exa still and I don’t want it to be rushed and I want her to properly grieve (and so should the audience). So it’s really interesting that they’re putting Clarke with Niylah right now. But there’s no development, no tension, no drama - but all of this makes me a bit conflused what will actually happy to Niylah. I like her a lot, but the lack of story line between them makes it pretty clear that they’re just a fling/not endgame.

She could die. But that would be terrible. Like, shame on you writers if you wrote in another lesbian character just to be killed off. Alternatively, they could just fizzle out or they could be separated. Both of those are likely.

But then that brings us to the Bellarke scene[s] in 4x06. I know a lot of you don’t agree, but I don’t view Clarke all that interested in Bellamy just yet. She was, for sure, in season two, but after Mount Weather, I think she forced herself to ignore those feelings. And throughout season three, Clarke’s been a shell of herself and she’s just getting back to her roots. I honestly think season three was terrible for Clarke’s character and really set her back (and made her more relatable, she was very much a savior in season two). Now, I said that she wasn’t romantically interested in Bellamy…but those heart eyes today? Daaaaamn. First obvious heart eyes since season two (on Clarke’s part at least). She’s healing and this was the first major development that I’ve seen for Bellarke actually becoming romantic.

Now that they’re separated, where does this leave them though? Are they endgame? Maybe, still not positive.

Bellamy is the only person who is on par with Clarke with regard to number of kills. It’s also to late in the game to introduce two new love interests to our main characters. So sure, it would make sense for them to get together. The only way I can see them not ending up together is if Clarke is endgame with Niylah. I don’t think this is the case, but Niylah makes Clarke laugh and has a huge heart; I can’t see her judging her for being Wanheda, whereas most other will/do. 

And Bellamy - if he and Clarke are separated at the end of the season, and Bellamy is in the same vicinity as Echo, Becho is a possibility if Echo is on a redemption arc. Given that we’re approaching episode 7, who knows. But those are the only two possibilities I could foresee. Niylah could accept Clarke and make her happy / Echo is flawed in the same ways as Bellamy. But those are the only three possibilities for endgame. If Niylarke isn’t endgame, Becho isn’t. And without the development of their relationship (or just Niylah), who knows. 

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lapis ?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: i kno everyone hates it but i actually love when her hair is messy…….. tbh i kinda like her design in general 
worst quality: neon skin…. im Sorry also she was kind of a binch to connie but i still luv her 
ship them with: peridot, amethyst a little, sorta garnet but mostly platonically? :o 
brotp them with: STEVEN!!!!!!!! 
needs to stay away from: jasper, suffering in general 
misc. thoughts: shes a good gem 

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Genjii ;>


how often i play them: it’s funny i feel like i don’t play him that much but uh. he’s my third most played hero in quick play sdfhgks

which maps i like to use them on: all the maps!! genji (and hanzo) are really fun on every map thanks to their climbing

which skin i currently have equipped: sparrow :0

who i ship them with: me it’s sorta weird like… i don’t ACTIVELY ship him w/ anyone but i can kinda get behind mcgenji? (but then that kinda ends up being weird considering i’m a Major McHanzo Shipper™ so i dunno sdfgks)