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Dirty, Pretty Things Part Two

Hi again! I sorta had an idea to continue the first half of this story, so here it is! I really hope you like it and I just want to thank everyone for the support and for just taking the time to read! I hope that you’re happy wherever  you are!

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Dirty, Pretty Things Part Two

Her legs were so shaky when she had first attempted to move up off the floor, that her knees buckled underneath her and she crumbled back into her position on the floor. A deep reddening crawled across her cheeks and down the rest of her exposed skin as Tom began to laugh. Hauling himself up, he offered her a hand up.

    During their time in the library, he’d had her read him half of ‘Dirty, Pretty Things,’ before she could no longer take it. Using both his fingers and his mouth against her, he edged her closer and closer to orgasm before eventually skirting around it by removing his touch.

    “I’d let you finish,” Tom mumbled against her neck, “But I doubt you could do it quietly, so you’re just going to have to wait until I think you’re ready.” He removed his hands from her and smoothed her dress back down into her lap. “I’m going to go and check this book out, which ones do you want?” He asked her, gesturing to her imposing pile of books.

Truth be told, Tom just needed to get away from her. If he kept looking at the soft sheen covering her skin, her soft, parted lips and her bedroom eyes, he was almost positive that he’d finish in his pants.

    After she had offered up half of the novels she’d picked out, Tom carried them to the checkout station where he slid his card into the machine that allowed the books to be borrowed. Even though nobody had seen what the pair had done, Tom felt as if everyone could tell how completely engrossed in her he was. If not, he suspected they could all see the almost painful tent in his jeans.

    Coming back to collect his girlfriend off the floor, he wrapped an arm around her waist to help lift her to a standing position. With a hand on the small of her back, he helped her through the library’s exit door and back to his car.

    Once they got to the car, Tom opened the door for her and placed the books in the backseat, all except for ‘Dirty, Pretty Things.’

“Darling,” Tom turned to her once he came to sit down in the driver’s seat. “I want you to read to me still.”

“Here?” She questioned, eyebrows furrowing in slight dubiety. She couldn’t imagine driving home with Tom, and saying the words of the poem out loud to him once again. She could barely believe that she could read the poems to him in the library, seeing as she was usually so shy.

Tom made her feel safe enough to do things that would normally be considered out of the question for her. She knew that when she was with him, he would never allow anything to harm her. Even when they went to events together and she would feel the all too familiar buzz of anxiety ache in her stomach, Tom was always there to hold her close to him and kiss the buzz away. She trusted him with everything.

“Aren’t we going to go home?” She quizzed, sliding a hand across the console to curl her hand around his.

    “Actually darling, I was wondering if you wanted to read to me here,” He gestured to the abandoned parking lot around them.

    Moving closer to him, she glided her hand across his lap to reach the book, making sure to rub her touch across the tented area of his jeans. Tom hissed at the contact as she began to read.

    “You have such a pretty mouth.” Tom’s eyes drifted down to the way her lips moved as she read. He groaned as she took a soft breath out loud and flicked her tongue across her lips. “To feed it only kisses would be a wasted opportunity.” With that, Tom lurched across his side of the car to hers. Tom would’ve liked nothing more than the feeling of her lips sucking him off, but she would always be his first priority.

    Smashing his mouth onto hers, he began to push the fabric of her dress up. “Is this okay?” He grunted against her skin, waiting for her consent to go further.

    “Yes, yes, yes,” She whispered, as if someone had put her on loop.

    With one hand, Tom grabbed the book from her, and with the other he began to stroke the inside of her legs. “I’m going to read to you now.” Spreading the pages of the book flat against the dashboard, Tom leaned back from her and pulled her legs open for him.

    She gasped before he even began. “I love to watch you touch yourself, on rainy afternoons. The wandering hands. The soft little moans.” Tom slid his fingers underneath the fabric of her underwear and yanked them down so roughly that he heard one side tear. A small noise of excitement escaped her lips, so Tom kept going without apologizing, instead making a mental note to just buy her new ones. “Hips twitching. Wet fingers fucking. A solo show, performed for one.”

    “You’re still drenched for me.” He groaned, biting her neck.

    As he turned to the next page, Tom slid a finger across her clit. “I love to trace your pretty lips with my fingers, and imagine them going down on me.”

    She wriggled in her seat. Tom smirked.

    “Please, Tom.” She whined, attempting to guide his fingers closer to where she ached for his touch the most. “I wanna,” She gasped out, thrashing in her chair.

    “I’m not quite sure what you want love, you haven’t told me.” Tom feigned innocence, wanting nothing more than to hear he tell him that she wanted to cum.

    Pouting her lips, she remained silent.

    Tom smirked and slipped a finger into her, causing her to writhe around him. “Some nights I close my eyes and imagine feeling your lips on mine, your whispered words slowly pushing my legs apart.”

    With that, Tom made his way over the car’s console to stop in between her unfurled thighs. She could feel the heat of his breath warming her exposed exterior. He kept tapping his thumb against her clit in pace with the finger curling inside of her. “Is there anything you want to ask me to do, m’love?” Tom asked again.

    “Tom,” She whined again, trying to make him to what she wished without being forced to actually say the words.

    He grinned, and began placing kisses up her legs.

    Her hazy eyes flicked up to the ceiling as her legs twitched in response to his mouth being so close to where she wanted him. “Please Tom. Please, please, please.”

    “Don’t be silly darling, you know what you have to say.”

    Throwing her hands up into the air, “Tom, please, can you pretty, pretty please use your mouth. I can’t stand it, I need you to, please, please, please.”

    Tom had to bite his lip to keep from groaning. He was aching for her to touch him, but he wanted to ensure that he had taken care of her first.

  Wrenching her legs further apart, he moved so close to her that she flushed with bashfulness. He was so, so, so close. “Pick up the book. Read to me again.”

    His tongue replaced his fingers and she nearly screamed in relief, automatically coiling her hands within his curls.

    “‘Unbutton, unzip, unclip, untie, undo, undress.’ ‘Understood,’ she replied.”

would really appreciate it if vilde remembered how often sana was there for her. how often she stood up for vilde with the other girls. how she put her own fingers down vilde’s unconscious throat to get her to throw up when shed friggin. passed out. how sana was the one who carried her unconscious butt outta that party. vilde. come on now. 

Get Out Of Town

Peter Parker x Reader

Originally posted by raskasslikainensielu

Warnings: THERE IS A SCHOOL SHOOTING IN THIS! Not too gory but you have been warned. 

A/N: Idk wtf this is. I had an idea for it and just sorta wrote  ???? 

Peter hugs you tightly on the porch, just before your doorstep. “Don’t leave,” you say to him between kisses. “Believe me, I don’t want to,” he grins before kissing you again. “Then don’t. I can probably sneak you back into my room,” you add with a mischievous smile. “As tempting as that sounds,” Peter murmurs to you, holding you by your waist, “I really do have to go. Besides, I don’t have any protection.”

“I’ll add it to our list of vacation needs.” You proceeded to whisper something into Peter’s ear that made him groan. “Will that make it worth waiting?” you tease. “God, yes,” he laughs, kissing you on the mouth.

The “vacation” was actually a school trip, and both have been counting the days down to this weekend where the Midtown Student’s HIstorical Society (MSHS) would be taking their annual trip to Virginia. Lavish hotels and amazing museum tours sounded amazing, but so did an entire two weeks alone with Peter and your friends.

“I’ll see you at school,” you chuckle. “I love you.”

“I love you too, beautiful,” he responds with a charming smile; that charming smile which made you melt as soon as you saw it. 

After bidding each other a farewell, you return back to your house. “Never break up with that boy,” your father rejoices the moment you return. “I wasn’t planning on it,” you giggled. “Can I ask why you’re bringing this up?”

“His aunt make the best apple pie in the entire world.”

Your mother coughs as she washes the dishes alongside your brother. 

“The second best,” he corrects himself. “Alright, I guess I can withstand him,” you say in mock frustration. “But only for the best dad in the world. And the best pie,” you add with an amused glance towards your mom. She gasps and throws a dish towel at you. 

As you skip up the stairs, you hear your dad say: “We raised her well.”

Your bed is still warm from where you and Peter had been sitting and studying, vigorously quizzing each other for upcoming tests; after settling in with your laptop, you decided to go through your messages.

Pass APUSH Gang-Four Members:

Liz Allen-Can you believe he sent me this?! 

Gwen Stacy-Ugh! He’s so gross. 

Michele Gonzales -thats weird liz like freaky weird

Gwen Stacy-you should honestly call the police

Liz Allen-oh, why, so your dad the Chief of Police can make all of us stay home from the VA trip????? He’ll totally flip out if we tell him since Chris is part of MSHS

You frown and scroll up some more; an attachment is there and you click it to load.

A video plays: it’s of a boy who goes to your school, Christopher Kathem. And in the video he is crying and saying really rude things about Liz, stuff like “You should have loved me back” and “You and your bitch friends will pay for this.”

[Y/n] [L/n]- wtf ??? Liz I thought you let him down easy

Liz Allen-I did! You saw the screenshots, guys, and we’ve all been nothing but kind to him. Did anyone say anything mean

Michele Gonzales - no

Gwen Stacy- ^^

[Y/n] [L/n]-same here

Liz Allen-ugh. Maybe I should have just gone to the flippin dance with him

Gwen Stacy-Babe you have a bf! It isn’t your fault

Gwen Stacy-and besides plenty of people get turned down to the dance

Michele Gonzales - yeah it’s not our fault Chris Kathem is a psycho

Gwen Stacy-lmaoooo

[Y/n] [L/n]-Guys don’t say that

Liz Allen- [Nickname] is right we can’t be mean to him he just has a crush

Liz Allen-an intense crush

Michele Gonzales - that doesnt give him the right to be mean to you tho PLUS he attacked the rest of us

Gwen Stacy- M is right. he’s harassing you he has been since homecoming which was a like million months ago. if we turn him in evidence and all we have a pretty good shot of taking him down

Liz Allen-I don’t want to talk about it anymore

Liz Allen-I’m going to sleep

Michele Gonzales -goodnight guys

Gwen Stacy- night

Gwen Stacy- sorry lizzy

[Y/n] [L/n]- goodnight.

The next morning, Liz picks you up in her car. “Starbucks?” she asks while turning out of the neighborhood. 

“Are you alright?” you say instead. She gives you an odd look. “Yeah, I’m fine,” she replies. 

“Has Chris Kathem messaged you since we talked last night?” 

Liz nods slowly and cautiously, her fine dark hair bobbing in its ponytail. “Maybe Gwen is right,” you admit. “If you show the police the weird texts and videos, then-”

“I already got rid of them,” Liz interrupts. You stare at her, wide eyed. “Liz! You can’t just-”

“I can! It’s my life and my situation. I can take care of it. If I thought the police needed to be involved, they would have been a long time ago.” You saw her hands tightly grip onto the steering wheel. “Did you tell anyone?”

You shake your head no. 

“Not even Peter?”

You sigh. “No.”


From parking to third period, nothing interesting happened. You couldn’t catch Peter at his locker, so you assumed he either got to school early or late. You had pouted at the thought of not being able to see him until lunch, but the day went by fairly fast. 

When third period ended, the first one out the chem class door was Chris Kathem.

“I know you and Liz have that weird thing about being nice to everyone, but that boy is crazier than a bag of cats,” Michele sighs while slinging her bag over her shoulder. You shake your head and refrain from chastising her; mostly because you know it’s right but you don’t like the idea of saying anything mean. 

Instead, you don’t reply at all and only listen to her ramble on about the MSHS trip. Idly walking down the hall towards the cafeteria, Michele is cut off by the sound of shouts and yells. “Sounds like there’s a fight going on,” you comment with a huff. “Probably Flash Thompson getting his feelings hurt again,” Michele adds in with a snort. 

Seconds later, you realize that wasn’t the case. A flood of people had come crashing out of the cafeteria and among them there is Liz sobbing. She grabs both you and Michele by the hand. 

“What’s wrong?” you exclaim when Liz tries to drag you away. “He’s got a gun,” she manages to gasp out between hysterical breath. Her voice is rife with shaking terror. “Gwen and I-we were talking and he pulled out a gun and-and-and Peter was there and I saw blood and-”

Your heart nearly stopped when she said Gwen and Peter’s names. 

A gunshot fires off and Michele suddenly begins to yell.

The three of you sprint off down the hallway. Liz tumbles against classroom doors, falling into the room of detention students; they had already been huddled up into the corner of the room, frantically shrieking and scrambling for safety. 

“We need to move the desks in front of the door,“ you hear Michele exclaim in a frantic voice. But all that is on your mind is the image of Peter and Gwen still in the cafeteria. What if they were hurt? Or worse? 

A round fires off and you scream in fright. The sound of bullet shells clattering to the floor sent goosebumps down your spine; the ringing reminded you of the bells that hung on trees during Christmas. 

Liz falls to her knees, holding her face in her hands. “This is all my fault!” she sobs out. 

You kneel beside her, hands on her shoulders. “Liz, how is this your fault?!” 

“Because it’s Chris!” she exclaims. Liz grips the hem of her skirt until her knuckles go pale. “I’m going after him,” she suddenly declares, standing and pushing you away. “Uhm, the fuck you aren’t,” Michele shouts at Liz and you agree. “That’s the number one way to get you killed,” you seeth to Liz but she can’t shake anything off.

“Listen, guys, I’ve seen the movies. I’ve been on youtube, I know how this will happen if I can’t get through to him.”

“And now you’re using knowledge of some crazy movie you saw clips of on reddit,” you snap. “[Y/n], I don’t need your bullshit logic right now,” Liz fumed as she began pulling desks from the door. “Liz, for the love of God, can you fucking stop,” Michele stammered out. Her attempts to be calm and brave were slowly sipping, as were yours. 

Before anyone could move to stop her, the door flew open and a arm grabbed Liz. Yanked out of the room, Liz let out a cry of pain. 

You rush forward before Michele can stop you. The hallway is empty with people huddled into the corners and pushing themselves up against the lockers, as if they wished they could disappear into them. 

“[Y/n]!” Liz shouts. You hold your breath when Chris spins around. Liz is thrown away, hurdled into the lockers. Suddenly everything stops. All there is and was and will be is this moment of time. Your eyes staring into the barrel of a gun with your future carved in. The hair on your neck prickles up in wait. 

“Boom.” Chris’s voice was hardly a whisper. He turned away from you, gun swaying around to Liz. 

Liz couldn’t even shriek as you pounced. Slamming yourself against Chris, the gun clattering to the floor. Liz scrambles forwards on her knees, her shaking hands grasping the gun and pointing it towards Chris. 

“No, don’t,” you gasp out. 

“She’s right you know!” a singsong-ish voice exclaims. A sling of web shoots forth and the gun is pulled from Liz’s hands. “You’d regret it the rest of your life,” he added. 

You clamber away from Chris, Liz’s arms engulfing you in a tight embrace. One red and blue clad figure stands before the both of you. Without moving his face away from yours, the gun is slammed against Chris’s head. With his eyes rolling to the back of his head, he falls unconscious and Liz suddenly sobs a breath of relief. 

“Ssh, ssh,” you muttered to her, stroking her hair. Your own body was shaking like hers though you had no tears. 

“Are you alright?” Spider-Man had knelt down in front of you both. “Take care of her,” you insisted, pushing Liz into Spider-man’s arms. “I need to find him, I need to find Peter, he was in the cafeteria when it happened.”  You begin to stumble off down the hallway, legs shaking dangerously. 

“No, wait,” Spider-Man calls back. “You’re in shock, you can’t just-”

Nothing further, then, did he utter because your swaying form collapsed into a crumpled ball upon the linoleum. 

“Reports say that our very own Spider-Man was first to the scene. He managed to stop the shooter from going after two high school sophomores, Liz Allen and [Y/n] [L/n]. Luckily, there were no deaths and fifteen students were scathed with minor injuries. However, daughter of NYC Police Chief, Gwen Stacey, remains in the hospital undergoing surgery for a major bullet wound in her rib cage.”

You turned the TV off. It made you nauseous thinking about it. Plus, you didn’t really like the thought of everyone across the city thinking about you and sending their prayers. As much kindness as they all meant, you still couldn’t stand the attention. Even four days later, you can’t leave our house without reporters bombarding you with questions and pleas for interviews. It wasn’t as though they actually cared about your wellbeing; it was the chance to have something to do with such an awe-some story. 

“Mom, I’m okay,” you repeat for the upteenth time. She, along with the rest of your family and friends, had been pestering you since the incident. 

“Honey, someone is here for you,” she smiles softly. Peter ducks into the room and your mother slinks away. 

“I haven’t seen you at all,” he murmurs as he sits on your bed. “I didn’t want to bother you. I know you can sometimes need time.”

You chuckle at him and pull the blankets up, patting the spot beside you. “Come cuddle with me,” you beckoned. 

He hesitates. “I came here to tell you something,” he says slowly. “And I’m afraid if I cuddle with you then I’ll talk myself out of telling you.”

You sit up straight, pulling a pillow from behind you and placing it on your lap, relishing the feeling of the cold fabric against your hands. “You can tell me anything, Pete.”

He takes a deep breath. “Okay, so, the school thing got me thinking. Thinking about…well, us. And I wasn’t there for you but-”

“Are you breaking up with me?” you ask frantically. 

“God, no,” he exclaims. He takes your hands in his. “[Y/n], I’m doing the exact opposite.”

You look at him with wide eyes. “Are you proposing to me?”

“What?! N-no! Just listen-”

“I’m confused,” you shrug, leaning back. “The opposite of breaking up is getting married so if that’s not happening, what is?” 

Peter held his face in his hands. “[Y/n],” he whined. “I’m trying to tell you something important!”

You hold your hands up defensively. “Alright. Talk.”

He took another deep breath. “Anyways, uh. So I wasn’t there for you. During that…that whole thing. But Spider-Man was, right?”

You nodded. “Yeah, he showed up out of the blue. I’m just really lucky he did. Plus he carried-”

“Carried you to the hospital,” Peter finished. 

You gave him an odd look. “I didn’t tell you that. I didn’t tell anyone that, except Liz.”

“You didn’t have to tell me,” he told you. “I already knew because I’m Spider-Man.”

It was on reflex for you to slap him. “Get out of town!” 

“…what the fuck, [Y/n]?!”

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Tell me the kind of person you think I’d fall in love with.

Hello there! I was a bit bored and had this sorta idea. Oh well.

Please enjoy this really short youriko.

The sun is falling down. Dawn is approaching. Standing by the beach are two.

Riko stares at You in a trance. You grins at Riko, turning her back against the sun that was setting majestically.

Riko blushes hard. She stares at the eyes of her crush that Opens her mouth, before she could think, asks.

“Tell me the kind of person you think I’d fall in love with.”

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Yeah i made a new sans. His name is Avid [like the definition] i’ll leave you to decide if the name is literal, figuative, or ironic.
“Why does he have an enormous Fluff thing on his back Sasu??” Because i had an idea…The hood can be pulled up sorta princess mononoke style and has a mask that he can wear. I may or may not throw him in the fluff war just cuz. idk.
“You said hes a demon?” Yeeeeah i have some different ‘views’ in my universe for angels and demons. He’s got a collar, so that tells you right off things are a bit different for him.
Theres a few things on there as you can see, and he’s definitely my tallest skeleton at 7 feet tall. 3 feet taller than rem!

idk what else to type… He likes to protect skeletons and will growl at anyone who tries to take them away from him. ? something like that.

Art/Avid © SasukiMimochi
He does have an AU but i haven’t named it
Undertale belongs to toby fox!

i decided on a theme for him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR2Fo3B5r2c

SO it has come to my attention that I missed Jacket Day for Elsa Week which is UNACCEPTABLE so here we go. Wrong jacket, I know.

Also  @not-so-secret-nerd suggested a Frozen/Star Wars: Force Unleashed crossover for the art requests from a while back, and I was admittedly more of a KotOR gal m’self, so I went with a Frozen/Star Wars: Force Awakens crossover instead. :D 

I’ve been wanting to get back to practicing animation for a while now, so I’m SUPER DUPER PSYCHED about this sketchy lil thing!! Agatha is a self-proclaimed witch in training, but she’s still got a lot to learn


oh my god, elliot… did you forget again? did you forget who i am? what do you mean? forget what? elliot, i need you to tell me who you think i am. what are you talking about? tell me right now. what are you saying? elliot. of course i didn’t forget. you’re darlene. you’re darlene. elliot- you’re darlene! i’m your - sister.

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Sometimes family is an asexual dragon riding princess, her former arranged marriage gay fiancé, and her bisexual cartographer/dragon expert best friend - just an idea that I had that I kinda sorta want to develop

it’s nice!!! gl wish it


thank you for trying

i imagine that once they all sorta grew out their hair, they tied bows for each other 

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"You're a foolish creature...but, a beautiful one. I think I'll keep you for awhile." (Sora. Sorta.)

This had been a bad idea. This had, perhaps, even been a spectacularly bad idea. He should have known better than to disturb faerie-flowers.

But he needed these flowers if he was to save the child gasping for air in his clinic. So he straightened and raised his chin. “You cannot have me, fae. Not until I have made the potion I need from these. …After, you may come for me. But not until then.”

I had...an IDEA!

Okay okay okay SO! I’ve been thinking about how to continue my Bad Things fic without like, writing actual chapters cuz I’m done chapter wise, but i love that relationship and their dynamic so much and i wanted to write more, and today at work i had the idea to write out their prison letters. Like, the notes and letters that they get the guards to pass back and forth for them.

So like, one would be Bucky’s letter, and then the next one would be Sam’s responce letter. So it would be them talking to each other like that. I really wanna do it but i didn’t (and don’t) know if anyone would like that formatting? So, let me know if that’s something y'all would be interested in! Love you guys! 💛