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Pike and Scanlan. I could see Pike as a slightly more ethereal bard, but I want to see what a cleric Scanlan would be like.

Fun fact, did you know Pathfinder has a diety that ascended to godhood accidentally and continues to spend his time drinking and carousing and telling tall tales?


Scanlan is ten, maybe eleven, when he sneaks in the backdoor of the tavern that will change his like. It’s name, Freedom’s Fortune, sounds like as likely a place as any to try and talk someone into a meal for the night. He’s getting a little old for the ‘poor child’ routine, and in all honesty, it’s only because humans are shit at telling the ages of gnomes he’s been able to milk this as far as he has. There’s a man sitting at the bar, already deep in his cups with half a plate of food in front of him gesturing wildly to an uninterested audience that has easy mark written all over him.

So Scanlan goes up to him, all wide eyes and ‘gee mister’s and ‘won’t you tell me that one again’s and against his own will, gets sucked into the story. Dressed in simple chainmail, the man at the bar speaks with an authority that belies the number of tankards in front of him. He speaks of the freedom of the open road, of the good that a stalwart adventurer could do in the world, of the joys to be found in a good cup of ale coming in off the road, and he does it all with a glitter in his eye that Scanlan envies. 

Scanlan, because he is just a kid and starving, steals a tankard off the bartop when everyone else is looking the other way, distracted by a brawl between the half-orc performer and an unruly farmer.

He tries to pawn the tankard the next day, and finds it returned to his pack by nightfall, his coin purse eight copper lighter. 

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i’m not one to use the word soulmate, i never was, but when it comes to you the word slides off of my tongue like a perfect melody.
i don’t even think soulmate is the correct term to describe us. it’s like when i saw you my heart told me “this is it. this is the one.”
i’ve never been one to use the word soulmate, but when i look at you it feels as if my entire being is consumed with the most beautiful and the best sort of a love anybody could feel.
i don’t even think love is a strong enough word to describe the most immense & overwhelming happy feeling i have ever felt. it’s sort of like the everything inside of me mended together when i first laid eyes on you.
i’ve never been one to use the word soulmate, but for you, i will never stop.
—  soulmates.

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Hey! You said there wasn't enough Lysaedion, so my maybe some hc's about them (once they've got their shit sorted out)?

Okay I love Aedion and Lysandra but I don’t have very many headcanons for them, but I WOULD DIE FOR THEM


-When Lysandra has bad nightmare she just shifts into her ghost leopard skin and protects the door. It took Aedion a while to get used to waking up and seeing a dozing ghost leopard at the end of their bed but now he finds it soothing.

-AEDION IS BASICALLY EVANGELINES DAD?!!OKAY FIGHT ME ON THIS!! He made her a flower crown, he kisses her forehead, he gives her piggy back rides.  ALSO that scene where Evangeline hates the scars on her cheeks and he’s like, “There’s nothing wrong with you Evangeline.” And hugs her.  

-I don’t think they would be intimate for a while (at least not physically) but like hugging and little kisses is okay.  

-Lots of hand holding

-Have you seen Aedion?? He’s all tough but he legit was a wreck when Lysandra wasn’t shifting back!! HES SO SOFT AND HE CARES SO MUCH I WILL PROTECT HIM FOREVER!

-They do get married one day and Lysandra is Princess Lysandra Ashryver

Really short! But I’m sorry that’s all I have, I don’t want to screw this up!


i was tagged by the lovely @megabadbunny for the challenge: pick 5 (ish) of your favourite drawings and tag 5 other artists. thanks honey!

i literally couldn’t pick five. and i’m not even sure they’re the right choices

  1. sanctuary – i just sort of really like this sketch. it’s tiny in real life, a little doodle in the corner of a sketchbook. but i like it and i like the soft colouring i achieved the second time… it’s one of my favourite ten/rose bits.
  2. postcard from the past – now i would gladly change like a billion little things about this one, including the actual style and lineart, but it’s one of the most ‘crowded’ and dynamic drawings i’ve done, it took a lot of time and i sort of love its message
  3. and what were roses – i don’t know if it’s not my very favourite of all! simply because i think it’s one of those rare pieces where i managed to convey emotion? like it seems quite expressive to me, i think there’s this visible intimacy and ambience, and i like both the dim colouring and the proportions. plus, it goes with a good bittersweet song in my head and with a fic that i loved writing <3
  4. scruffy mcscruff – this one because not only does it reflect my daily mood throughout this hellish year but also i think i captured alec quite well? i like drawing him a lot but he’s tricky as heck 
  5. i have loved the stars too fondly – now, i really really like how this one turned out! it was meant to be sort of different and more conceptual than most of my stuff, and it’s a direction i actually want to explore in the future! i strived for eerie and space-y and i think it works well?
  6. hedgehog & cone – i have no idea why i picked this because it’s like … hurried and sort of bad? but in a way, i just love how trashy and messy it is ‘cos it shows how messy and rumpled by life the characters are so it’s a fine example of ellie and alec as i see them
  7. and i feel fine – this one because i like the soft colours and i like the sketch and it’s so massively nostalgic! i have some doubts about the lighting but overall i was immensely happy drawing jily and ‘all my loving’ and ‘i feel fine’ kept playing in my head all the way! also i particularly like how james turned out here.

i’m tagging @blvnk-art @pacifistpadme @fadewithfury and @licieoic

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Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some advice? I'm coming to the end of my undergrad degree (biochem) and trying to work out what I want to do with my life but I'm a bit stuck. I love science and to an extent I love lab work, but doing my masters project has made me realise that I just straight up cannot deal with the typical academic science lifestyle. 18 weeks in the lab doing 50+hrs a week was so physically and emotionally draining that I was very glad it was a fixed time. (1/3)

And writing it all up has been horrendous so all in all it’s putting me right off doing a PhD because I just don’t think I could hack it. It would be bad for me in all sorts of ways. But I do love science and I don’t want to have gone through a four year Oxford degree to just leave it all behind and do something else. And I have no idea what else i would even do.

So I guess what I’m asking is whether you know of any science careers where a work-life balance exists? I hate that it’s the case, but atm the whole culture of academic science is driving me away from doing what I love.

hey there! 

you definitely do not have to further your degree and/or stay in academia if that’s not your fit. there’s no rule saying that in order to be a successful scientist you have to get a PhD. no no no no. don’t put yourself through something you don’t like!

there are plenty of other fulfilling paths to take with your degree (which it sounds like you’ll have a Masters?). You could work as a scientist/lab manager/technician in fields such as industry (biotech, pharmaceutical, cancer research, genetics, etc etc), government employed institutions (like the National Institutes of Health in the US, either in lab research or in other areas that require scientific expertise, like the science officer who handles research grant reviews), private research institutions, or even an academia research lab. There are also other career paths like science writing (like for science magazines), science policy (laws that need scientific research need to get that expertise from somewhere), tech transfer, consultant/scientific liaison… the list is practically endless! of course you may have to work your way up the ladder to land your “dream job”, but you have lots of options! it’s definitely not “PhD or bust”. (and if any of those jobs sound interesting, let me know and i can babble a bit more about them)

Some of those jobs are straight 40 hours a week (once that clock hits 5 ur outta there!), some of them allow you to set your own schedule. Some require you to travel all over the place, some may even let you work from home. It depends on the job and your responsibilities, but there is definitely room for a great work/life balance. 

for example, my boyfriend has a Bachelors in Biology and a Masters in Medical Diagnostics, and he works for Ventana Diagnostics, a company that’s part of Roche. it’s considered biotech (they design technologies to detect cancer), so he has an industry position. along with all the great benefits like healthcare and retirement funds, the company also offers unlimited sick-days and personal days (like if you need to stay home for the plumber), and gives you the option to work 48 hours/week with every other friday off. that’s a 3-day weekend every other week! pretty darn good work/life balance if you ask me! and he’s definitely never going to go for a PhD; it’s not what floats his boat, and that’s totally cool. His company is filllled with amazing scientists who don’t have PhD’s. 

i would recommend going to sites or places that post job listings and get a feel for what’s out there for science careers, and seeing if you qualify. you can also ask around about what options you have (like going to your career advisor at school, for example, or talking to your research mentor). 

but bottomline: you have many great career options that do not require obtaining a PhD. you’re going to be ok :) 

I was tagged by @kylcsrey thanks ❤️
rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs.
a - age: 18
b - birthplace: Florida, 🇺🇸
c - current time: 10:45am
d - drink you had last: water
e - easiest person to talk to: my four best friends
f - favorite song: i don’t have only one I have many… that’s a hard question lol
g - grossest memory: when I witnessed a kid throw up in 5th grade class
h - horror yes or no: sort of… I don’t like gore tho
i - in love? nope
j - jealous of people? It happens but I try to suppress it cuz that’s not good to feel
k - killed someone? Uh NO lol
l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? Do what your ❤️ tells you to do. (I tried to sound wise and shit but that came out cheesy af)
m - middle name: Julia
n - number of siblings: 5
o - one wish: to stop caring what others think and be less shy
p - person i called last: my grandmother
q - question you’re always asked: how’s school?
r - reason to smile: star wars, reylo, Adam driver’s chest, my family
s - song you last sang: creep by Radiohead
t - time you woke up: 8:00am
u - underwear color: blue
v - vacation: dream vacation ? Disney (Star Wars park when it’s made) and New York City
w - worst habit: I play with my hair when I’m nervous
x - xrays: when I broke my arm and had to get a cast(14 years old)
y - your favorite food: hmmmmm. 🥐🍟🍗🍕🍔🌽🍱🎂🍩🍪🥓🍳
z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

Now I shall tag these lovely little bundles of light ✨🌟 @slytherinlock @nonibear11 @reyloeverafter @reyren @obva-rin @hothmess @shwtlee4reylo @ambitiouswitch17 @the-reylo-void @amareylosexual @batninja02 @eyewhiskers @angrydragonpuppy @hamsterbrine @obes-kenobes @reyxkylo-reylo @ghostadventuresseries @sirifel @obi-wan-ken00b

Hey guys? I’m gonna take a break from Tumblr for a while. Not long. Hell it might only be a day and you won’t even notice I’ve been gone. It’s just me and my irl friends are dealing with some shitty stuff we have to sort out. But don’t fret, lovelies! I’m gonna be just fine! Love you!!


Hey everyone! I just thought I’d finally get around to this now that this blog is beginning to interact with more people! Let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to clear up. I’ll edit this and post a message if there are any updates to this!

Ask rules:

- NSFW is absolutely fine. I don’t mind answering this sort of thing. Yondu loves it and it’s fun to play around with responses and whatnot.

- I’ve had a few asks about nudes, and suggestive images being submitted. At this current stage, the mod is in a relationship, and does not want to receive these kinds of photos. However, maybe one day they will be open to it.

- Mod is not currently a fan of Quilldu as a romantic relationship so please refrain from sending those types of asks. Platonic and father / son styled asks is very much encouraged.

- I’m not sure there’s many rules for asks that I need to put in place honestly. Just don’t be rude, I guess? I’m a sensitive bean.

RP rules:

- Please dm me before sending a starter. I haven’t minded thus far but I’d like to make sure I’m comfortable with the gist of the rp before we start. 

- Please tell me if you’d like the rp to be romantic / shipping. I need to be comfortable with the coupling before we begin.

- I’m happy to plot before we begin roleplaying, however, on-the-go styles are a-okay too!!

- I’m semi-selective currently due to my other commitments outside of this blog, and my other blogs. I do this for fun, so I want this blog to be a 10/10 good time for everyone who visits it. :))

- Whatever length response you’d like is fine! I can do short, or longer. 

Stepping away from this blog for a while was a very needed breath of fresh air, but I’m back to say that I absolutely do not intend to shut Hes down. It was on the horizon for a second, but I’m feeling a lot better in terms of my emotional state, and I really treasure my sweet girl. I might do a lot of restructuring, or even POSSIBLY move to a new blog to sort of clean things up, but I really love Hes, and I don’t wanna give her up just yet.

For now, I’m back on here, and lurking at the very least. Please hmu if you wanna chat/have any ideas!

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Avatar the last air bender for the fandom meme

The first character I first fell in love with: Katara, god she is such a badass
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Iroh. I mean I liked him from go, but now every time he gets up I’m like *holds back big sobby tears*
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Mai, probably. Cool aesthetic, wasn’t really a character I felt much for
The character I love that everyone else hates: I don’t even know, like are there unpopular character that aren’t one-offs?
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: Bryke sort of ruined Aang for me. I still like him, but the last few episodes were just sort of….terrible for his character growth
The character I would totally smooch: Oh god, they’re all kiddos. Adult Zuko maybe
The character I’d want to be like: Uh….katara maybe?
The character I’d slap: Early Zuko. God that kid was a mess
A pairing that I love: Zutara
A pairing that I despise: Bryke really made me hate Katara/Aang

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Push off a cliff: Sara (!!)
Fuck: Christoffer Schistad (he’s an asshole but look at him)
Marry: Jonas Noah Vasquez (I’m sort of in love, don’t judge)
Set on fire: No one, really
Wrap a blanket around: Sana Bakkoush (who deserves better fucking friends, *cough*Noora, Vilde*cough*)
Be roommates with: Esklid ??


We’re off on our way to that event I was talking about yesterday. I’m super tired and glad I’m not on driving duty. I have some Google Searches queued up for Matt, so just note that I might not be able to reply to any responses until Sunday evening. Hopefully I’ll have some sort of signal, but no promises. Love you all. Don’t to anything too crazy, and if you do, report it to Monaco so it can be turned into a CAH card lmao

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where would you put Yoda? I love all the houses and i don't him in any of them lol

Man, Yoda is a tricky one. Awhile ago, I saw a post which helpfully broke down the houses down into certain taglines: Gryffandor - I should be; Hufflepuff - I try to be; Ravenclaw - I could be; and Slytherin - I want to be. Personally, I think it’s a pretty good encapsulation for sorting purposes.

Using that criteria, I think we can rule out Hufflepuff (there is no try), and Slytherin (a Jedi wants not these things). He’s got all the self-righteousness of a Gryffandor, but the navel-gazing tendencies of a Ravenclaw, especially in his later years. PT-era I’d say Gryffandor, but OT I’d say Ravenclaw. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Hi ! :) What should I do to to let go of any complex/ hang-up ? 3 times please

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson

“Well I was sitting, waiting, wishing
You believed in superstitions
Then maybe you’d see the signs

Lord knows that this world is cruel
And I ain’t the Lord no I’m just a fool
And a loving somebody don’t make them love you”

I sort of got the idea about not relying on others for your own happiness, being self-sufficient, trusting yourself etc. Maybe you’re waiting for someone else in your life to make all of the decisions. Hope this helped!



Is anyone interested in these two modded impldoll pretties? They’re a devon and an Adela that have been modified to have eyes in the foreheads. The mods are a little rough.

I’m not sure what I’d charge for them, honestly. I’m just sort of not in love with their bodies and as such don’t do anything with them.

If I sell them they will come nude, and I’ll happilly wipe those terrible speed-mess faceups I did, god, over a year ago I think? Yeah.

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I have a very funny feeling we're gonna get a Liam Zayn public reunion of some sorts very soon! And this is just a tactic of some sort!

I don’t see it but I’d love to be wrong.

ansate replied to your post: blueandbluer replied to your photoset This…

the title alone made me grar, but I am working my way up to trying it. tumblr slowly gets its way.

the title made me grar, and gifsets make it look like the humor is sometimes sort of more unkind than is my jam? i don’t love shows when we’re laughing at a character who’s feeling awkward or embarrassed, and maybe i’m reading it wrong, but it looks like there’s some of that. but i know so many people who love it that i feel like surely it can’t be that bad.

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It's ok sir, you're just now realizing that you were just using Grif as your rebound boyfriend to help you get past your midlife crisis, and get over your wife. Now you're starting to crave companionship from someone your own age. It's understandable.

     What? No! I was going to make him funnel cake the other night, and I can’t cook worth half a damn. You think I’d risk burning the base down for someone I didn’t love? 

     Possibly, but not by way of food. By way of science.

[ At least he owns up to it. ] 

     People my age are not only boring, but an urban legend. I’m like a terrible, immortal cryptid of some sort. I love my slob, I don’t do the whole… rebound thing.

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Hi lovely! I'm still in wonder that I only JUST found your fics the other day (it was actually at the exact same time as frenchibi due to some chance lurking) since I've still got my hands full with any variation of BAKK on AO3 to've jumped onto the IwaOi train (yet). But I LOVE the idea of that 'super angsty prompt meme' and I love your responses to them all, and I was wondering what other ships you're comfortable writing with and to have requests sent for? Thanks for everything you do! 💕

Ah, hello! Thank you for your kind words! :) 

I’m good writing a lot of different ships for Haikyuu - IwaOi is definitely my favourite, but my other favourite ships are Bokuto/Kuroo/Akaashi/Tsukishima (any derivation of this one, really), Kyoutani/Terushima, Terushima/Daichi, Bokuto/Kuroo/Terushima, basically anyone with Terushima, um… I love all sorts of rarepairs… the only ships I don’t really want to write are ones that include only Iwaizumi or Oikawa, lol. The OTP is strong!