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I’d do almost anything for you. I’d die for you. You know that. But would I kill someone else, someone innocent? What about a lot of innocent lives? What about the whole world? Is it really love to tell someone that if it came down to picking between them and every other life on the planet, you’d pick them? Is that—I don’t know, is that a moral sort of love at all?
—  Simon Lewis, City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
I’d do almost anything for you,” Simon said quietly. “I’d die for you. You know that. But would I kill someone else, someone innocent? What about a lot of innocent lives? What about the whole world? Is it really love to tell someone that if it came down to picking between them and every other life on the planet, you’d pick them? Is that—I don’t know, is that a moral sort of love at all?”
“Love isn’t moral or immoral,” said Clary. “It just is.”
“I know,” Simon said. “But the actions we take in the name of love, those are moral or immoral.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Lost Souls
  • Tweek: Craig do y-you still love me?
  • Craig: Uh, what kind of question is that?
  • Tweek: The "yes or no" kind? *laughs nervously*
  • Craig: Tweek, do you want homeless people to have homes?
  • Tweek: Yes.
  • Craig: Are you going to build them?
  • Tweek: No.
  • Craig: Then what good was the "yes"?
  • Tweek: Wait, i-is loving me the house or the homeless people?
  • Craig: Loving you is work, Tweek hard work, like building a homeless shelter nobody wants to say no to doing it, but some people put the work in. So, what do you say? Do you see me working here? Does this conversation seem tedious to me?
  • Tweek: Sort of.
  • Craig: Then I obviously sort of love you, don't I?

i genuinely don’t understand what this show could be building up to at this point other than for john and sherlock to get together romantically? if events in tst were true, there’s no way they could go back to being just friends because they’ve already been divided as ‘friends’, they can’t do the same thing again. and since all roads lead back to baker street, it’s the only possible outcome. it can’t just be solved by them just, being ~bros~ again, there is way too much tension. it has to come some sort of i love you-moment, and i don’t think either of them would be able to live with the other person if they knew the other one was pining for them, in love with them, for it to be one-sided.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the character designs in Overwatch but that means I’m also more nitpicky about them. I look at Hanzo and I’m like yup, A+ hottie, though I’ve never seen a Japanese dude with a face like that.

I suspect the designer in question tends to sameface both their males and females a lot and we’re just cool with it because it’s their style or whatever, but I dunno. I think there’s many different kinds of beauty out there and it feels like a waste not to have that diversity. Especially when “diversity” is kind of a selling point for Overwatch.

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I feel like we don't give Yuuri's sister enough credit??? Like I can definitely imagine her helping Yuuri with wet sheets and if Victor were to ever wet himself or the bed she'd help him as well, and would never say a word of anything to anyone unless they wanted her to. Yuuri is eternally grateful for the nights she helped him with wet sheets because he didn't want to say anything about it to his mom because in his mind he's 23 and it's unacceptable to be wetting the bed past 4 or 5

AUAUAUWSHAHSGSJSHAISH I LOVE THIS.?,!???? she’s super considerate and sweet and caring and helps him with anything he needs,, (im sure his mom would be just as sweet and supportive and understanding ;w;)


Yesterday I finally hit 1,000 followers (yay!) so I’ve decided to do something for all of you amazing people. I’ve been excited for this for awhile, and so I’m glad to announce that I’ll be doing a bit of a giveaway to thank you guys for being absolutely wonderful!

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“Tell me something I didn’t know,” he asked me while we were walking hand in hand on our way to my house. It was our usual past time, a quick game of some sorts to give each other weird facts and trivias.

“I don’t love you anymore.” I said. I took a quick glance at him, expecting him to be shock or angry, but instead, he just had this sad smile in his eyes.

“Tell me something I didn’t know,” he said again, holding my hand tighter this time.

—  cynthia go // Tell me something I didn’t know [38/365] // excerpt from a book i’ll never write # 12

Norman Reedus talks Carol and Daryl at Walking Dead season 6 Premiere

Can we talk about Daryl and Carol this season? Is he ready to see her back in action? 
Daryl loves Carol, and vice versa. I mean, it’s… it’s… this whole group is really, really tight right now. So… We do what the writers tell us to do, and try to make it real, you know. 

Am I against any sort of love affair? No. Am I for it? Sometimes… 
You don’t know. I mean it changes depending on what story we are trying to tell… but, yeah, they are super close, and that can be interpreted many different ways.

Yeah but I mean, in terms of her playing housewife right now, is he ready to see her be herself outside Alexandria? 
Oh. A lot of that housewife stuff might be, might be a chameleon you know, you know it might be a trick… I don’t know.

I love HP a lot, but I don’t like how people put *so much* stock into which house they’re sorted into. I’ve taken quiz after quiz, and I’ve gotten every house at one point or another. It’s a personality test, and personalities change depending on state of mind, among countless other things. “Would you do this?” Some days I would some days I wouldn’t. Putting so much stock into your house to me feels like defining yourself by your zodiac, it’s fun yeah, but ultimately really pointless.