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Part 2.

Summary: You find Sophia when she’s missing and help her back to the group.
Warnings: Swearing, angst, death.

A few minutes after you woke up a man came in, he gave off an authority vibe but his eyes held some sort of concern.
“I’m Rick, How are you feeling?” He asked with a sympathetic smile.
“Like I got fucking shot Rick .” You sneered. You were with a new group for like 2 seconds and got shot, you were far from amused. You didn’t even want to be here in the first place.
“I’m sorry about that. Andrea thought you were a walker. We did tell her not to shoot but she did anyway.” He said looking guilty.
“Well Andrea is fucking stupid. I mean I know I look like shit but I don’t look like a fucking walker.” You frowned. Rick just smiled at you, you were feisty and he liked it, and from what Daryl said about how you were out there with the walkers, he hoped you’d stick around and help the group out. They could really use someone like you on their side.
“So where’s Daryl anyway? Is Sophia ok?” You asked.
“Sophia is great, she’s with Carol, she’s been asking to see you all day. Daryl was in here most of the time that you were asleep but he left to get dinner, he will probably be back up soon. He was really worried about you, tore Andrea a new one for shooting you.” He laughed, you couldn’t help but smile at him. You wanted to see Daryl again, he was intriguing and incredibly handsome. The fact he had been with you whilst you were sleeping made you a little warm inside. You didn’t realise you’d zoned out thinking of the bowman with the amazing arms until Rick started speaking again.

“Well anyway, I wanted to thank you for helping Sophia and bringing her back. You’re more than welcome to stay with us if you want, Sophia said you were only staying a night but I think it would be best to wait until you’re fully healed at least.” He explained.
“How long will that be?” You sighed.
“Hershel said about a week minimum, but that’s if you stay on bed rest for two days.” He said. You huffed like a child that’s had their favourite toy taken away, you hated doing nothing, staying in bed for two days was torture for you, but you reluctantly nodded anyway.
“I’ll let you rest up some more, Sophia will probably be up to see you later and Daryl will bring up some dinner for you.” He smiled as he left the room.
You adjusted the pillows carefully so you could sit up more comfortably and relaxed for a moment, you just started to doze when you heard the door open, you presumed it was Daryl but before you even had a chance to look you were roughly grabbed by your arm and yanked out of bed. You looked up startled at a man with a shaved head and crazy eyes.

“What the fuck?!” You cried clutching your wound as the stitched were pulled with the force of him dragging you around like a fucking ragdoll.
“You’re leaving. We ain’t having another mouth to feed and you’re a danger to the group!” He snapped as he yanked you to the door, making you cry out as some stitches tore open. It was only at this moment you realised you were just in your jeans and bra, they must have removed your top to stitch you up. You pulled away from the crazy asshole trying to break free of his grasp, but he was too strong.
“Stupid bitch!” He sneered as he pushed you to the floor. You cried out again loudly as your body hit the floor with a loud thud, your wound now fully open again and bleeding all over the floor.
Daryl was on his way up with your plate of food when he heard yelling, then he heard you cry out and something hit the floor, he dashed to room as fast as he could, only to see Shane standing over you shouting and you on the floor bleeding and in pain. He saw red and put the plate down on the cupboard as fast as he could and ran at Shane. All you saw was a blur as Shane was pulled away from you and pushed into the wall full force, then you noticed Daryl pinning Shane to the wall by the throat with his arm and his other hand had his knife in Shanes face.

“Ya ever touch ‘er ‘gain and I’ll rip yer fuckin’ insides out and make ya eat ‘em.” He growled in a deadly low voice. Shane looked pissed off but also slightly intimidated, Daryl was clearly stronger than him by the fact Shane couldn’t get out of Daryls hold.
“She ain’t staying here.” Shane barked. Daryl pushed him into the wall further, Cutting his air supply even more and making Shane turn red.
“Shes stayin’ wi’ me. Anyone has a problem wi’ that, they deal wi’ me.” Daryl said slowly, still deadly calm and quite scary. He looked at Shane challenging him to say something but Shane just nodded reluctantly, knowing he couldn’t do anything at this moment. Daryl gripped his collar and shoved him to the door, making him stumble as he left. You were still on the floor clutching your wound as it continued to bleed and the pain became unbearable again. Daryl rushed over to you examining the wound and pushed his bandana from his back pocket onto it to help stop the bleeding.

“Y’alright?” He asked concerned, a stark contrast to the predatory animal he was a few minutes ago.
“Peachy.” You smirked as you closed your eyes to try to block out the pain, you were sure your back would be bruised tomorrow.
“Can ya get up?” He asked softly. You shook your head at him.
“My back hurts too much.” You sighed.
“C’mere.” He said as he effortlessly scooped you up, you winced at the pain and he looked down at you apologetically as he carried you to the bed.
“So what the hell was his problem?” You asked as he set you on the bed.
“Shanes fuckin’ lost it. Ya better stay away from ‘im. I’ll be stayin’ here wi’ ya ‘til ya can get outta bed, then y’all stay in my tent. Don’t trust that son o’ a bitch not to smother ya in yer fuckin’ sleep.” He explained as he sorted the pillows so you could sit up comfortably. You just nodded at him. What the fuck have I got myself into?
“I’m gon’ get Hershel to stitch ya back up.” He said, he saw you visually cringe at his words and looked at you amused.
“What? Don’t tell me Ms Badass is scared of a lil needle?” He smirked, you mock glared at him.
“Shut up!” You pouted. He chuckled as he left the room.

A few minutes later he came back with an old man who introduced himself as Hershel, he seemed quite nice. He cleaned you up and got the stuff ready to stitch you. You looked away from your wound and at Daryl who was sat in the chair next to the bed, he stared at you intently as you flinched as the needle made contact with your skin. You instinctively grabbed Daryls hand that was on the bed and he squeezed it reassuringly and sent you a small smile. You tried to distract yourself from the needle by focusing on his beautiful blue eyes, it felt like you were getting lost in them when Hershel started talking again.
“There, all done. I’ll make sure Rick keeps Shane away. Make sure she rests, help her if she gets out of bed. There’s some clean clothes there if you want to change and the shower is right there. Tape off the bandage though first.” He ordered with a warm smile, looking at Daryl too.
“Thanks Hershel, I really appreciate it.” You smiled.
He left the room and you eyed the bathroom door longingly. You hadn’t had a shower in so long and you felt disgusting, by you’d need Daryls help. You swallowed your pride and turned to face him.
“Could you help me shower please?” You asked sweetly.
“Ain’t ya damn babysitter.” He smirked, letting you know he was joking.
“Are you really complaining about seeing a naked woman?” You asked teasingly. He looked away and blushed a little, making you smirk more. For such a manly man he was so shy, it was a strange combination.

He stood up without saying anything and helped you off the bed, he put his arm around your waist and lead you to the adjoining bathroom, scooping up the spare clothes on the way. He sat you on the toilet seat and turned the shower on to heat it up. You couldn’t help but admire his arms as they flexed when he moved. How could someone so attractive be so unsure of himself? He taped up your bandages for you whilst you sat there.
“Thanks Daryl.” You smiled as he helped you up to remove your clothes.
“S’nothin’.” He said bashfully.
You unbuttoned your jeans but couldn’t pull them down so Daryl did it for you, trying his hardest not to look. He hadn’t been this close to a woman since long before the turn and even then it was just a quick drunk fuck, he never really looked at a naked woman properly. He thought you were beautiful and hadn’t been able to get you out of his head since he first saw you, this never happened to Daryl, he was a Dixon after all. But here he was with some weird infatuation with you, helping you get naked. He stood up and took a sneaky glance at you in just your underwear. Damn fine woman. You tried to take your bra off unsuccessfully and groaned in frustration before looking at Daryl for help. He smirked and came over and unclasped your bra chucking it on the floor. You suddenly felt self conscious and instinctively crossed your arms to shield yourself.

“Um…could you help with my panties?” You asked shyly. He blushed again but nodded, he pulled them down, being ridiculously close to you nether regions and you wanted the ground to swallow you whole. Should you cover your muff now? Or keep covering your boobs? You decided to just give up full stop and he wrapped his arm around your waist again to guide you into the shower.
“Ya need help washin’?” He asked avoiding looking at you.
“You might as well just get in the fucking shower with me, not like its going to make it any more awkward!” You laughed as you looked at him shifting uncomfortably.
“But yes, I do need help washing my back and hair.” You added with a genuine smile. He met your gaze and smiled, seeming more relaxed with the situation as you were making light of it. Your back was turned to him as he came over with another washcloth and took the soap from you as you started washing your front. He started carefully washing your back, his eyes wandering to your ass whilst he had a chance. Perfect round ass. Love to take a bite o’ that. He needed to keep his thoughts in check before he was sporting a raging boner and you kicked him out for being a perv, but he couldn’t help but look, and knowing you were touching yourself all soapy and wet. Fuck!

He decided to wash your hair to distract himself so he took the shampoo and started rubbing it into your wet hair. You accidentally moaned at the feeling, stopping him in his tracks, and you couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the embarrassment.
“Shit, I’m so sorry. I’m making this so much more awkward. It just felt really good.” You admitted as you laughed. Daryl chuckled at you and started washing your hair again. Damn woman’s gon’ kill me.
“S’alright. Yer just a big tease.” He smirked making you smile.
When you were finally done he turned the water off for you and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around you before helping you out. You realised he was going to have to dry you and by his slightly blushing face, he also just realised it.
“I usually have a guy at least buy me a drink before seeing me naked.” You laughed.
“I got some whisky in my tent, can share it when yer better.” He smirked making you shake your head at him and laugh again.
“Lets just get this over with.” You smiled as you removed the towel and handed it to him, revealing yourself to him. He couldn’t help but look and this time it was you blushing as you noticed his eyes roaming your body. He couldn’t even stop himself even if he wanted to. Looks like a damn goddess. He bit his lip and got to work starting with your legs, he crouched down eye level with your crotch and started to dry your legs trying to avoid the thing he wanted to see the most that was staring right at him. As he got to your thigh he stole a quick look and bit his lip to stifle a groan. Finest pussy I ever saw. He dried your other leg then stood up drying your arms. He looked at you and you watched him intently, your eyes locked and the atmosphere suddenly changed. You bit your lip and he dried your sides and then your breasts and stomach. Then he turned you around to dry your back. It took everything he had not to bend you over and ravage you like an animal. Having a woman as beautiful as you naked right in front of him was a dream come true, he just wanted to claim you for his own and the urges he was having were like nothing he had felt before. He slowly helped you get dressed into your clean clothes, some shorts and a tank top, they were a little on the tighter side so they hugged your ass and breasts perfectly in Daryls opinion. He helped towel dry your hair and you left it down to air out. He led you back to the bedroom holding your waist and you turned around to face him before you sat down, your breathing hitched as you realised how close you were to him, his face just inches from yours.

“I really appreciate this Daryl.” You said softly as you looked into his blue eyes.
“Told ya, ain’t nothin’.” He drawled as his face seemed to get a little closer and he cupped your cheek. The air changed again, it seemed electric and your heart beat picked up. Just as your lips were about to touch someone knocked on the door and startled you both, Daryl jumped away from you as if you’d burnt him, making you frown as the door opened. Sophia and Carol came in and you got tackled into a big hug by the little girl.
“Y/n. I’m so glad you’re ok!” Sophia smiled.
“I’m um.. I’m gon’ go look for yer brother for a bit. Carol and Sophia will stay wi’ ya to make sure yer ok.” Daryl said as he quickly left and shut the door. What the hell happened?
“Thank you so much for finding Sophia, I don’t know how to repay you.” Carol smiled gratefully.
“I don’t need repaying Carol, its fine. I just did what any decent person would do.” You said as you smiled at her.
“Still, I dread to think what would have happened if you hadn’t found her. I’m eternally grateful. You truly are an angel.” She said as she gave you a quick hug. You felt slightly uncomfortable, things like this were never really your thing.

Carol and Sophia stayed until it went dark, Daryl wasn’t back yet so you decided just to go asleep, its not like you could actually do anything or get out of bed. Daryl came in some time later and saw you asleep in bed, you looked so peaceful. He shouldn’t have ran out like that before and he felt bad but it just got too much. This was all new territory for him, he didn’t want just a quick fuck with you, he wanted more, and that scared him. Opening himself up to someone meant giving them power to hurt you and he wasn’t quite sure if he was ready for that. He needed to distance himself from you but he needed to protect you from Shane, he just didn’t know what to do. He was brought out of his thoughts when you woke up and saw him sat uncomfortable on the chair. You scooted over, moved the covers for him and patted the bed. He bit his lip contemplating what to do.
“Come on, that chair can’t be nice to sleep in.” You smiled. That’s it, he was fucked. You could ask him to stab himself in the leg and he would do it if you smiled at him, he was a goner. He toed his boots off and stripped down so he was just in a vest and boxers and crawled into the bed. He lay on his side facing you and you both just watched each other in the moonlight. His hand was on the pillow in front of his face and you gently placed your hand on top and he laced his fingers with yours. It was such a simple gesture but it felt incredibly intimate and gave you crazy butterflies.
“Goodnight Daryl,” You said softly.
“G’night y/n.” He whispered as you both closed your eyes and drifted to sleep.