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HEY! I haven’t uploaded anything to this tumblr for awhile mostly because my tumblr app stopped working and also I got an instagram for my art too so I sort of forgot about my tumblr… lol oops. Anyway, I made a few things since my last upload so I’ll be posting those here within the week. But HERE is a portrait I did of my current biggest celebrity crush- Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony. I couldn’t resist; she’s got a great nose and bone structure and hair and eyes… she’s pretty much the perfect muse. I actually had so much fun painting her that I might even do the rest of the group… who knows?? Anyway I’ll be seeing more of you tumblr- I promise!


Drew some more of my problematic fave from my favorite AU! I feel like the temple Chara serves in also has statues, and they’d sit by them whenever they felt lonely. But that’s my headcanon! ( @renrink )

Miraculous Ladybug headcanon

Guys, an AU where Ladybug is older than Chat Noir, like just imagine that. I started this a while ago, so is sort of forgot where I was going with this… oops.

• Adrien is thirteen and Marinette is eighteen
• Ladybug was fond of Chat Noir as soon as she saw him
• She thought he was adorable
• Look a little thirteen year old!

• Because of the age gap there are no romantic feelings • They also decide they can’t know each other in real life so they reveal their identities right away • “You’re Adrien Agreste?” • Marinette is like Adrien’s protective older sister from then on • Adrien always goes to her when he’s having family trouble • Eventually he’s made an honorary Dupain-Cheng
Dating Ashton would include....


-suprise roadtrips 

-”Cut your hair!”

-”You cut your hair!”


-daddy, nuff said


- “don’t swear.” <—- Only 90′s kids

-being in all sorts of the keeks


-Oops I forgot GIGGLES

Yay i wrote someting be happy

abadcode  asked:

hey, there! i just wanted to say that i really like your blog (i hope u didn't abandon it) and it's so nice to come across someone from belarus! i've always had this weird obsession with it 'cause some of my favorite gymnasts growing up were from there (and my favorite rn is belarusian also) haha :) and if you ever need to practice portuguese, i'm available :)

Hiii, thank you so much!

I didn’t abandon it, I was just so caught up in real life I sort of even forgot I had it (oops). But I’m definitely planning to come back.

Yes, our gymnasts are world class (unlike our figure skaters, sadly…)

Hope you’re having a nice day

- Hanna

Jewelry-making Materials in Ferelden

Ferelden has a rich tradition of jewelry making, stretching back several ages. This is the third post in which I explore my headcanons on this topic in more depth. I’ve already posted about the Jewelry of the Alamarri, and the Jewelry of the Avvar.

Today, I present an illustrated encyclopedia of some of the gemstones, semi-precious stones, metals, and other materials that are used for making jewelry in Ferelden. Most of these materials can be found in Ferelden, but in some cases they are only available via import from other places in Thedas. 

Many of these materials can be also obtained from the dwarves of Orzammar, although this is not common practice except where noted in individual entries below. Metal ores are commonly traded, but for the most part, the demand for gems and semi-precious stones can be met by the open pit (surface mining) techniques that humans and elves have used for ages. Almost all stones used in Fereldan jewelry making are mined by individuals or families using picks, chisels, shovels and screens, since it is far cheaper to use materials they have gathered themselves or purchased locally, than to pay the higher prices of dwarven (or foreign) imports.

Some Fereldan materials may also be found in other parts of Thedas; this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of resources across the continent. Also, this is by no means a complete inventory of all the mineral resources in Ferelden or Thedas; just those most commonly used by Fereldan jewelers. 

Please note that this post does not really touch on materials used by the Formari in the creation of magically enchanted items, although I have included some of the known magical properties, where that information is available. In many cases, even “mundane” jewelers use materials based on their purported ability to protect or curse, even if those items were not magically enchanted in any other way. Of course, oftentimes materials are chosen solely for their color and beauty, without any thought to any metaphysical properties they may have.

Materials are listed alphabetically; the names of those found in Ferelden are bolded. Also, many thanks to asolitaryrose, who sparked my interest in this subject in the first place, collaborated on these entries, and is responsible for the presence of pearls in Highever. :) 

Agate - Also known as “Gwaren pebble,” agate is found in southeastern Ferelden, in the Brecilian forest and Southron Hills. Agates come in a wide variety of colors; Ferelden is best known for shades of pink and orange, or deep, smoky blues, and stones mined in Ferelden are prized for their fine grain. Used to draw in wealth and protection, and to enhance communication.

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take me away | an orphan black fanfiction (day six)

delphine and cosima on the road post-s2. [ao3] [playlist

the final day. in which cosima seems very small, and they smoke on a hotel balcony and drive into the city late at night. to be followed up with an epilogue.

warnings: illness & death as usual, minor drug use

day one | day two | day three | day four | day five | epilogue

The world comes into view slowly, darker than expected: small static-ridden TV, peeling wallpaper imprinted with shadowy pictures of cacti in terracotta pots, a dark mass of luggage piled in the corner. It takes Delphine a moment to realize what is missing. She draws herself out of bed and goes to the sliding doors, pushes aside the blackout curtains and sees: Cosima on the balcony, languid, leaning against the railing. She has a joint between her fingers and as Delphine watches she opens her mouth to exhale smoke into the morning air. The sunrise is beginning behind her, a soft orange-pink glow at the horizon.

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Texts || Open
  • Leah: Charity bake sale coming up this Sunday.
  • Leah: I don't know what the charity would be but it's freshly baked goods at discounted prices.
  • Leah: So yeah, if anyone would like to buy or even help with the making.
  • Leah [unsent]: Mom told me to send these earlier in the week and I forgot. Oops.