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the mark one was so nice ;u; im having a pretty poopy day... can i ask for an angst as well, with mark or taeyong about you finding him cheating on you and he tries to get u back but u wont budge?

Thanks, we’re so glad you enjoyed the Mark scenario hehe. Sorry for the wait! We hope you can read this scenario whenever you have a poopy day (even though it’s angst haha)! ♡


Listen: x

“Go away Mark. I don’t want to see you right now.”

Mark had been sitting with his back to your door entrance for over an hour now. You had ignored him for the first hour but after hearing his light breathing and deep sighs you knew he wouldn’t leave without talking to you.

“Please _________, hear me out.”

You heard him stand up and pat the door lightly.

This time it was your turn to lean against your door.

“I’ll give you two minutes.”

Mark began right away, apologizing profusely and explaining why he was in that situation when you entered his practice room.

“I was really shocked _______, I didn’t think she would randomly kiss me like that…really… I seriously have no feelings for her so-”

The scene played in your head again as you felt tears starting to blur your vision.

Just a few hours ago you were happily making your way to Mark’s practice room where you would be meeting him before the two of you would head off for a date. But when you opened the door in front of you, the scene was not a welcoming one.

You saw him standing still as a familiar trainee had her arms wrapped around him and tip-toed so she could plant a kiss on his lips. However, he saw you by the door and his eyes opened in shock as he pulled away from their kiss and called your name.

He was starting to explain how it wasn’t what it looked like but you couldn’t bring yourself to stay for his explanation. You turned around and ran down the long hall and out of the building, making your way to the nearest bus station.

Mark ran after you and followed you to the station, holding your arm back just as you got one foot on the bus.

You turned around with tears in your eyes and told him to let go and leave you alone. Mark was taken aback by your expression, shocked by the amount of tears running down your face and slowly let go of your arm.

You eventually made it home after enduring a lot of stares and whispers from the people who passed by you. An hour or two passed by and you had calmed down, having talked to your best friend about it, although you couldn’t get the image out of your head.

However, now that Mark was in front of you again, you could feel the hurt and pain from earlier seep back in. You couldn’t take it anymore and opened the door to face Mark.

“But the two of you still kissed didn’t you?”

Mark tried to hold onto your arm but you brushed him off.

“Didn’t you?”

Mark sighed and looked down at the floor.


“Are you sure that this kiss was out of nowhere? Seems like she likes you. Has she not made any advances at you before? Did you even notice…or did you enjoy it and pretend not to…”

By now angry tears were falling down your face and you turned to wipe them away as Mark’s constant apologies reached your ears.

You felt terrible for giving Mark a hard time, you knew he was sweet, but maybe a bit too nice. How could you be so sure it won’t happen again? You wanted so bad to be the chic girl that could say a kiss was no big deal but since this was the first relationship you were in, it was also the first time you were feeling this sort of pain. You didn’t think you could see Mark and pretend everything was okay when that scene would obviously be constantly replaying in your head.

“I’m sorry Mark…I think we need to take a break.”

By now, Mark was panicking. You could see that he was scared to lose you as he desperately held his tears back and apologized again and again. He held your arms firmly as you stared into his wide eyes. You’ve never seen him this way and the genuine expression on his face was almost enough to make you give in.


Before you could give in, you heard a familiar voice call out your name. You felt Mark’s grip loosen on your arms as you saw the tall figure belonging to your best friend steps away from the two of you.


You ran over to his side as Mark turned around, facing the two of you.

“Why are you here Johnny?”

“Came to check up on you. I could tell you weren’t feeling okay over the phone.”

You smiled gratefully at Johnny as he faced Mark.

Johnny had a stern expression on his face as he put one arm over your shoulder protectively.

“I would have never introduced her to you if I knew this would happen Mark. I’m disappointed.”

Mark stared at the figure of you two retreating as Johnny lead you away from your house leaving Mark alone at your door.

A moment later you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You pulled it out and saw a message from Mark.

“I’m sorry _________! I’m going to wait for you…I’ll wait until you’re ready to see me again.”

You knew Mark put his feelings into that message as you turned around and locked eyes with him. His expression brightened slightly as he saw you turn around…giving him a small nod. You believe that time will heal everything, and after a short break, the two of you would go back to how you were before.


Listen: x

You sat with your arms crossed on the chair opposite from Taeyong in his flat. 

He was still seated on the couch, the same place where he was making out with that model you saw earlier.

He rubbed his red cheek before glancing in your direction.

“Come sit over here so we can talk.”

He patted the seat next to him as you smirked before glaring at him.

“Would you like me to slap your other cheek? I don’t want to sit on that dirty couch.”

He smiled sarcastically as he ran a hand through his hair.

“The only reason I’m still here is to tell you that we’re officially over. You can play around all you want, just stop contacting me.”

As you got up to leave, Taeyong spoke out.

“Really? ‘Cause that’s what you said last time. But you keep coming back, don’t you?”

You and Taeyong have had an on and off relationship since he was a trainee. You obviously knew he wasn’t the best choice but what he said was true, you couldn’t really find yourself able to stay away from him. It wasn’t about his handsome face, good fashion sense, or his way with words…for some reason, you just couldn’t find someone that understood you as well as he did. At first it was just kind of an ongoing fling for the two of you, but then you noticed that you always went back to him. You felt comfortable when you were with him, like you could just be yourself. But you knew better than that. You knew you had to get out of this relentless relationship, you were just hurting yourself by staying in it.

“I mean it this time, I really do.”

He scoffed before walking towards you.

“You know what you’re saying isn’t true. You can’t stay away. Why? Because you and I are the same. No matter how many flings we have it will always be you for me and me for you. ‘Cause we’re the only people who understand each other…don’t you get it.”

You leaned further against the wall you were lying on as he put his arm against the wall, staring at you intensely with his large eyes.

You pushed against his chest to keep him from leaning in more.

“You know what Taeyong, I used to be like you but not anymore. I can’t be cool with you having flings with models or idols anymore. I don’t want to walk into your flat, practice room or backstage at a concert to see you making out with some new face. If I didn’t walk in on you today, would you have just stopped there? I don’t think so. I deserve better than that.”

You saw the expression on Taeyong’s face soften as he let go of the wall and backed away from you.

“Could you have…actually…fallen for me?”

You paused when you felt a tear trickle down your cheek. You couldn’t believe it…you were actually crying. As much as you hated to admit it, there was no denying it anymore. You had fallen for Taeyong.

You quickly wiped your tears and bent down to grab your bag that had fallen on the floor.

“It doesn’t matter. This is it for us. Goodbye Taeyong, don’t contact me again.”

You exited Taeyong’s flat with your head held up high as he stayed there, dumbfounded by what just happened between the two of you. Your heart may be aching now, but you were proud of what you told him…it was right for you to make a better choice for yourself, there was no turning back now.

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