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we're all so far up dans ass at this point im crying

it’s his confidence that really gets me like i’m excited he’s showing skin and that he called attention to it and he looks very nice but mostly i’m just fucking floored by the fact that dan howell is really out here mustering up the confidence to get on a stool in front of a mirror and make that sort of suggestive pose and dress in a shirt that is so unconventional and a more feminine cut and like let himself feel comfortable in that moment looking and posing how he wants,,,,,,, i’m floored that even after he took the photo, he saw it and he decided he liked it enough to share with us,,, like he really is just out here uploading photos of himself breaking so many of his own boundaries and comfort zones and i can’t believe it i’m so emotional honestly what the actual fuck i adore him so much


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Four years ♥

Mine since January 3rd, 2013  ♥ ♥ ♥

December 2012: I was searching for my very first own horse, looking for something about 8 years old, 150 cm height, solidly ridden, preferably Iberian breed (or mix), that could teach me more and be an uncomplicated companion for a first-time horse-owner. My family has zero horse connections so I was on my own with searching. After not having luck with one adorable small horse (bad legs) and the “horse of my dreams” being bought by a friend of the breeder before I even had the chance to test ride him, I was feeling pretty down when I read my Finn’s sales ad. Gelding, 4 years, Hanoverian, suitable for beginners, located close to my hometown. I thought “why not at least try him out?” and called the people selling him.

still at the seller’s barn, first photo I have of him

First impression: adorable face, far too tall, sort of in an awkward state of growth. I got on and yeah, it was far from perfect because he hadn’t been under saddle for long and I had zero experience with young horses, but after all, it somehow worked. So, he passed the vet check except for being diagnosed with Shivering and I got him for a very cheap price. I was floating on cloud nine! Those magical words “my horse”, mine and mine alone. I didn’t want to leave him on the first evening in his new home. My parents dragged me home, or I would have slept at the barn. :D


I was sort of overwhelmed with such a young, inexperienced horse, being young and unexperienced myself, too, and after some weeks of horrid riding - him not bending and breaking out over the outer shoulder, not moving forward or over his back, dragging me around while lunging and so on, I found an awesome instructor who started lots of young horses herself and worked on the foundations with us. She also taught my horse double-lunging when we had a long saddle-less phase, because my dressage saddle didn’t fit anymore and I wanted a western saddle and had one costum made. Finn was going through those young horse phases when he tested out his limits, so it was absolutely right to do lots of ground work and less riding.

awkward 5-year old body (this was one month after his 5th birthday)

winter 2013 - summer 2014:

I didn’t have any ambitions at all, mostly went trail riding, my horse didn’t really move like the dressage-bred warmblood he is but was rather happily plodding along (slightly on the forehand, shame on me) on light contact. In retrospect, I believe it was actually a very good thing I didn’t “work” with him but went on relaxed trail rides, because he was still busy growing and was not mentally ready for strenous work. That was actually a really happy time back then. I didn’t have any expectations, so I almost never got frustrated at our lack of progress and we went exploring the trails and he became a great horse to ride past anything we met outside.

Summer 2014: 

I would say it was about summer 2014 when my interests changed. I had my dressage saddle re-fitted for him and took more lessons with the goal to improve his gaits, flexibility and most importantly, my riding. He was never really well-muscled, always more a gangly type, and we struggled with contact and rhythm because of this. He had enough stamina for trail riding but not for tight circles and collected gaits. But now he really tried to do well and we made rather quick progress and had lots of breakthrough moments, as well as a lot of fun learning new things.


We moved along in dressage, but at a snail’s pace. We started “jumping” a tiny bit, crossrails mostly. Several times I had immense self-doubts upon seeing all the talented riders at the barn starting in competitions every weekend and thought I wasn’t good enough for my horse, who had developed rather nice gaits, esp. the canter, and looked awfully good when being worked correctly. Sometimes I woud get frustrated and push for more than we were both ready for and threw us back miles. Finn would no longer trust my aids and stop cooperating. There were several fights I’m not proud of.

We also had wonderful phases when everything was perfect, though.

What really made things change was when I participated in our barn intern show and started in a costumed E-level dressage in October, both my and Finn’s first competition. The judge’s protocol was, rightfully so, brutal and we only got the last place.That was when I didn’t want to sit on my horse like a wet rag anymore and had the strict goal to dramatically improve my riding. At that point I really got ambitious and was no longer frustrated at my horse, but exclusively at my seat and after some dressing-downs by my instructor I finally stopped doing some mistakes and we started floating. The only thing holding back my horse was me blocking his movements by leaning forward and not correctly swinging with his rhythm. Once this issue was resolved, it felt like a completly new horse. I could hit myself for not getting sitting trot on my incredibly bouncy horse down right earlier.

This is a photo of the trainwreck dressage. 

We also participated in a 14 horse quadrille infront of hundreds of people for our barn’s Christmas show and he was a real trooper, not batting an eyelash.

2016 – our great year

In January, he gave me the biggest shock of my life when he had a really bad impaction colic and had to be driven to a clinic and fought for 4 days until he finally pooped normally again. It was a long recovery and after that horrible scare he even got more spoiled than usual. When he was back to riding strength though, he was unstoppable.

My horse moved on a completely different level now, we no longer had any trainwreck rides where nothing went right but always found harmony. I felt a lot more confident than ever before and did stuff like riding bitless with only a rope-halter, jumping small fences and even oxers because my dressage horse actually jumps rather well (only I look like a potato). We had a great summer and got third place at the very same competition we screwed up so badly last year.

Thank you, Finn, for putting up with my less than excellent riding, for cheering me up when I’m feeling down, for all the gifts and perfect moments you gave me and most importantly, for always being there for me! I cannot imagine life without you anymore and buying you was the best decision I have ever made.

I love you, my dear.

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hi hello I just discovered you and can I say I love youuuu 💙💙 can I make a request where the reader meets Ethan at a convention and she's maybe a bit younger than him? It's like an immediate attraction. Love your writing yeah k byeeee

aww, that’s so nice of you, love!! i love writing!! this sounds super adorable, i really hope you enjoy this. tysm for the request, as always!

Volunteer Convention

Right around the time IndyPopCon rolled around, you’d been signed up as a volunteer photographer for a couple of tables. Because you’d done this in the past for much bigger conventions, you were super excited to have (hopefully) a more intimate experience with some of the creators and their fans. It was always really fun to work with such talented or lucky or creative people, and honestly, it gave you a pretty big smile.

However, you were always a little bit worried, because you looked quite a bit younger than you were. You’re currently 18 (and three fourths!) but everyone who you’ve ever met always says you look about 16, and that youth doesn’t usually make you feel all that confident. Hence the fact that you wear some makeup, try your hardest to cover up all the young and tired eyes, and focus on getting good grades in your college courses. Good thing so many conventions take place over the weekend.

Needless to say, you don’t entirely have a lot of time on your hands. Apparently, a couple of boys were coming to the convention who were pretty popular, and the house was expecting a pretty big turnout. You were thrilled to add a few new shots to your portfolio, considering your current employment is a wedding photographer and special occasions.

Of course, you had your cameras on a constant string of charging and around your neck, preparing for these large lines and silly gimmicks.

The first person you were introduced to was named Ethan.

“Hey, I’m gonna be photographing you and your signings and stuff as long as you’re at the convention. I’ll have a special badge, probably some kind of hat on, and you should be able to recognize me right away. I’m Y/N.” You smile brightly, and his face, a little bit pink as he looks down to your short form, laughs.

“I’m Ethan,” he grins. “I’m a YouTuber, it’s my full-time job and I’m gonna be here with my friends. It’s super fun. I really hope that we can talk some more, though. How old are you?”

Please don’t say he thinks you’re a minor already. Nonetheless, he was more polite than most people talking to you. You’re really short. “I’m almost 19. Why?”

“You’re just really…” he pauses, hearing a security guard calling him over for protocol. You even get a “bodyguard” or someone to keep anybody from grabbing at you or trying to steal anything on your body. “I’m sorry. I’ll catch you really soon, okay?”

He’s very sincere and genuine, and honestly, you love it. He’s really cute, and you can’t help but admire the constellations of acne on his cheeks and how pretty his eyes are and how even though some may see endless imperfections, every feature on his face seems incredibly complimentary to another.

Ethan is honestly your favorite to photograph, too. Because even when he sees you, he doesn’t pose, he just keeps the natural movement going and makes for a really cute photo-op. His hair is always somewhat tousled and his shirts always wrinkle just perfectly, the light practically bouncing off of his smile-ready teeth.

You really do admire him, and spend the first night in the hotel room watching some of his videos. Nobody told you he was hilarious, too. That’s obviously an added bonus to how adorable he is.

The following morning, Ethan had arrived before you had. “Good morning!” He chirped, and offered you a coffee he bought this morning. That was sweet of him; at least he didn’t treat you like an intern.

“Good morning,” you laugh back, “you’ve already given me some great photographs. I have your email to send a bunch of them to you. Would you mind if I used any of them for my personal portfolio? I know it’s sort of a big question, but-”

“I don’t have any problems with it. They’re your photos, I just happen to be the subject of them. You can do whatever you want.”

You two exchange jokes, smiles, and on your end, photos, all day. He only leaves for short periods of time, normally for lunch. He’s always determined to have people get to meet him, and to not rush anybody through the line. You can tell by his face that he’s consistently happy, and mostly energetic. Sometimes he’ll mellow out for an hour, and it’s these periods when you get the most photogenic pictures of Ethan.

He’s truly beautiful.

“Hey, Y/N!” He yells a couple hours into the day. “Did you eat anything yet?”

“I’m not usually that hungry in the mornings, actually. Why?”

“Take this,” and he offers you a muffin from the large tray of food behind him. Apparently, his fans like to gift him quite a bit of food. You nibble through it bit by bit.

It’s about 5:30 when you finally eat the rest of your muffin as a dessert after tacos and sushi (an interesting combo). On the napkin it was set on is a phone number, and the name “Ethan”.

You squeal giddily in your hotel room, and make it your mission to give him the biggest hug after adding his contact and texting him for several hours.

You’re pleasantly surprised to find that he hugs you just as tightly.

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Mars is so photogenic. These flowers were up against a bookshelf I have and they fell down, sort of scattered. She moved them around a laid there on her own! She really likes flowers, she even brought other flowers into her little nesting box the day before kindling! 22 April 2017

So! About a year ago, I posted a picture of my daughter in Mimi cosplay at a local convention. Well, it turns out that cosplaying is some sort of contagious thing, because wouldn’t you know it, I seem to have ended up in on the act too. And because she still adores Mimi (and is a heck of a lot like her in general personality, too), I decided that the best thing would be to cosplay as Lilimon so that we matched. 

…This was a MAJOR project, and it’s responsible for me having done next to nothing else over the last month or so. That photo up there (courtesy of my mother, who came along to make sure no one got impaled upon the wings!) is the reason I’ve not been updating my fics so often.

Still. It was a lot of fun too! And now, my son has decided that he’d make a pretty good Jou, so it looks like I have a new project as well! 

…At least Jou doesn’t have wings, though. Or enormous amounts of hair to knit (yup, All the vine hair is knitted. Never do this.)


It’s been a month since wizard world Tulsa. Still can’t get over this happening. Super happy I did the space nerd op with him/for him , the one for my friend who couldn’t be there, and I adore that he went full out dork smile in my “I could do this all day op” 😂 he’s too precious. Just sort of a Reshare since everyone’s enjoyed most of these 😊❤️

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Hi! I simply adore all of your edits!! Idk if you help on these matters but, given the symbolism and metaphors in your posts, I was wondering if you'd kindly help me out. Could you give me a few suggestions to look for photos that'd suggest 'hidden past' or 'complicated family roots' or something along those lines? If you don't do this sort of thing, it's perfectly okay, I understand. Sorry for taking your time and keep up with the wonderful work! Have a good day ❤❤

Thank you so much!! I’m always happy to help (although I’m not sure how helpful I am hahah). Hmmmm…when I think of that stuff the first things that come into my head are: old letters and documents, faded photographs, tree roots, fingers pressed to lips, dusty rooms, antique keys.

Although that may change based on what you’re going for. I also find if you know of something similar to what you’re going for, looking up pinterest stuff on it? (like, if I want to make a moodboard on, say, computer hackers, I’d look up a character from a TV show that does that). Not…super sure how helpful that is–if you want to message me or something I can keep trying to help? And you have a good day too! 💜💜

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Ahh, I love this so much!! I adore how you’ve stylised the water around him, it looks really cute and goes with the cuteness of his pose and expression well! (And man, do I love that pose)

Thank you for drawing this, it really brought a smile to my face! ❤️

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!! :D
I wanted to do something sort of uh… art nouveau-ish with the water swirls instead of painting them like proper water? I was really please with it!
The pose was really fun! I wanted to do something cute with him (I had other cooler ideas, but I asked on twitter and cute won xD ) and dynamic instead of just… drawing him standing there like what I usually default to do.

I’m happy it made you smile <3

Everything I Need

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The waste bin at the side of your bed is now filled to the top with tissues, electing a sigh from your body. You had just emptied it an hour ago, but Harry’s incessant sneezing and coughing caused the bin to line the top in record time for him. 

“Baby,” He groans, a hand practically taped to his stomach as he called out for you. “come ‘ere, I need you.”

You stride over to his side but only to collect the rubbish, standing to frown at his sick body.

“I’ve got to empty this out and call the doctors after you’ve had your tea first, my love.”

Harry pouts, shaking his head.

“I want you ‘ere, cuddlin’ with me. I think it’s the best way for me to get better.”

Your eyes roll whilst you begin to walk out of the room, “There’s nothing a bit of medicine can’t help as well.”

The tea is scalding hot as it steeps in the mug. You find yourself rummaging through random paperwork till the number of you and Harry’s usual doctor’s office is located. He is hardly ever sick, let alone an illness attacking him whilst he is at home with you. For a while, you were beginning to think the man was invincible. But until last night when he spilled his guts out into the toilet bathroom, your heart went out for your favourite human, hating to have him suffer through.

“Hi, yeah, I’d like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hansen for my husband, Harry, he’s been complaining about his throat…”


“Careful darling, it’s still really hot.” You inform Harry, who gingerly takes the mug into his own hands. He blows over it a few times before taking a miniscule sip, deciding to let it wait a bit longer.

“Mm…” He hums, the simple herbal tea soothing him slowly.

“Come lie here with me.” He pats the spot next to him, your space usually. You give him one look of authority before giving in. He hums again as the bed dips for you, tugging you closer to his body. You risk a possible infection but soon melt into him as you always would.

Harry moves to kiss the top of your head, “I’m feelin’ better already.”

You chortle, “We have an appointment at 11:30 with the doctor.”

“What time is it now?” He grunts, throat already extremely dry. You urge him to drink more time before replying.

“9:45, ish. You’ve got a bit of time to nap some more before I’ll wake you.”

His lips curve downwards as he questions, “You’re not going to stay ‘ere with me?”

“I would love to,” You start, going over to peck his cheek before getting up, “but we both know I can’t get sick, my love. And you need something else in your stomach besides tea. I’m going to make you soup.”

You begin your walk to the kitchen when he calls out for you. The whine in his voice causes you to chuckle, silly man.

“I’ll be back in a few moments, H.” You tell him commandingly before heading off to the kitchen with your phone in hand.

“Hi Anne, did I wake you? I’m so sorry if I did.” 

Anne only chuckles on the other side and you can picture the smile on her face from hearing from you.

“You didn’t, sweetheart. I get up early nowadays to care for the little zoo we have going on in our backyard. Have you seen the photos in the group chat?”

You laugh, “I did, and they’re adorable. I’d love to come and see them with Harry soon.”

“Oh please do! It’s been so long since you guys have visited, we miss you! How’ve you guys been?”

“Not so well lately.” You frown, “Harry’s caught some sort of bug or something. I think it might just be a sore throat because he tells me it hurts and he’s got a fever so I scheduled an appointment today.”

“Aw,” You can practically see her frowning as well, “how long has he been complaining about it?”

“Today’s the third day, last night he threw up so I decided then.” You tell her, well-aware of how matronly you are sounding. “I didn’t know how clingy he gets when he’s sick, jeez.” 

Anne laughs on the other end, “Yeah, he’s always been like that, ever since he was a child. He’d always want me to be with him, and I’d always tell him I’d get sick but he’d only shake his head and say, “If you get sick, mum, then I’ll be the one to take care of you”, he was so sweet.”

“God, I love that.” Your eyes sparkle at the sight, a wave of love for Harry coursing through you.

“And as God would have it, I did get sick one time, and Harry kept on his word and took care of me!”

You giggle through the phone with her at the silly boy you both love.

“That’s so sweet of him, I can see it now. Anyways, I called to ask about that soup recipe you say he loved whenever he was sick? I’ve lost the paper telling me how to make it.” 

“Oh!” Anne then goes to ramble off instructions and ingredients. You whirl around the kitchen, finding yourself fortunate to have all of the needed things. The soup was relatively simple but equally as flavourful and useful to a sick Harry.


It’s a little past 10:30am when you finish cooking. The soup simmers warmly on top of the stove, waiting to be served. You smile to yourself, shutting the gas off before pouring some into the bowl.

You tip-toe into the bedroom in case Harry’s fallen asleep. To your surprise, he’s not fallen asleep, but drifted into space with his thoughts. His eyes are fixed to the corner of the room, seeming to study the miscellaneous things you two have scattered in your room.

It takes a the scrape of your knuckles against the door for him to be knocked out of the stare and pulled away from whatever he was thinking of.

“You were gone for a while…” He speaks. You notice the raspiness of his voice and wonder if it’s just because it’s still morning or of his sickness. Though whatever it is, the accent you adore can’t be more present.

“Your mum taught me how to make your favourite soup. I have it here if you’d like.” You smile and he replicates your face.

“You didn’t sleep though?” 

He shakes his head, “I was thinking of a new song, actually. Could you hand me my journal, love?”

His hands soon become filled with the leather-bound book, fingers flying to write the lyrics that were occupying his mind. You bite your lip, admiring the scrunch of his face as he concentrated on remember. 

This is Harry in his element. This is Harry doing exactly what he’s meant to do. This is Harry, the man you’ve fallen so deeply in love with because he’s decided to do what makes him happy. 

“You’re staring.” Harry notes, taking another moment before looking to you. 

You blush, “I’m your wife. I have a free pass to stare all I want, thank you very much.”

He rolls his eyes but you add on, “Don’t act like you haven’t taken your glance at me as well.”

“I’m your husband, I can admire you all I’d like, thank you very much.”

This time your eyes reach the back of your head before you move to hand him his soup. Harry sets his journal aside and takes the bowl in his hands.

“Hm…” He sniffs the concoction, eyelids shutting to take in the aroma. 

“Just like home.”

You grin as he happily takes in the prepared food. Flopping down on your side of the bed, you feel the smooth material of his book in your hands. Papers stick out and though it seems just a bit used, you hold a love for the journal since it means so much to your husband.

From what you are able to peek at, his handwriting varies from neat to rushed, depending on how fast his ideas were sprinting through his mind. Ink smears and small doodles pop out. Harry catches your interest in his writing and temporarily puts his food away. 

“D’ya want to see what I wrote?” You nod eagerly. Though you two had practically no secrets in between, you kept out of his writing to give him the space he needs.

I wanna write you a song
One as beautiful as you are sweet
With just a hint of pain
For the feeling that I get when you are gone
I wanna write you a song

Harry watches intently as your eyes light up even further.

“This is really nice, H.” You whisper, rereading the lines again. “What’s this about, though?”

He gestures to you, scooting even closer.

“It’s the truth, really, about how I feel whenever we’re separated because I have to go on tour or whatever.” He says the last bit dreadfully. 

“It’s sort of like a thank you song for putting up with me whenever I’m like this. Or in general, really.” 

You chuckle, “C’mon Haz, I know you love being babied when you’re sick, I understand.” 

He only groans, burying his head into your neck. 

“I love taking care of you, you’ve always taken care of me even if it was physical. Besides, gives me extra time with you before you go back to the studio and gets me out of work for a bit.”

His warmth radiates off to you and you’re forced to hold yourself back from a kiss.

“I don’t understand how you’re able to write so wonderfully even when you’re sick.”

“It’s cause I love you.” Harry utters gently, meeting your eyes with sincerity. 

You smile, “I love you more, darling.”


The waiting room of the doctor’s office is filled with all sorts of people; those probably sicker than Harry, looking miserable and absolutely freezing in their place, those who are just around for their physical as they look like they could do anything and those who rocked the in between status.

Though everyone stares at you and Harry with curiosity as he clings to your body for warmth. You assume that they’re only looking because of what Harry does for a living, but in truth they’re just wishing they could have a relationship like yours with him. But you don’t know that, and neither does he.

“Harry Styles?” All the heads snap towards him as he readies to follow the nurse.

“Would you like me to come with you?” He rolls his eyes as if you’ve just asked a stupid question, which you have.

“It’s necessary.” 

You simply laugh, standing on your feet to move towards the exam room. The nurse points out that Harry shouldn’t be holding on to you so much if he’s contagious, but he tries to explain to her that he requires you to be with him for warmth. She then attempts to argue but loosens up as she sees there’s no point in arguing; you two are going to stand-cuddle no matter what.

Minutes later after an exam with Dr. Hansen, she decides that your boyfriend bears a bacterial infection and is prescribed antibiotics as treatment but will have a blood test done on him as well.

“I might have mono?!” Harry’s eyes bulge out in disbelief. 

You speak softly, “I-If he has it then… then there’s a chance that I’ve got it as-as well…”

“It probably isn’t since I assume you two only swap saliva with each other and since she hasn’t got any symptoms for it, but we like to check just to be safe.”

“Baby, I swear I didn’t even drink from the same cup as anyone-”

“I know, H.” You sigh. But apparently Harry’s sore throat, fatigue and fever are consistent with mono. 

“I’d um… I’d refrain from any sort of actions that would swap bodily fluids from either of you until the results come back.” She informs you both reluctantly. Harry’s mouth becomes ajar, no kissing? He can’t even go several hours without kissing you, let alone days. 


“Fuck.” Harry mutters once in the car. He is not only shivering as the fever medicine wore off but is also agitated about not being able to kiss you for the possibility of having mono.

“I’m pretty sure you don’t have it, Haz. They just want to be sure.”

He lets out a frustrated breath, crossing his arms whilst tightening the jacket around him. London is fairly warm but he’s feeling nowhere near that.

“I haven’t even shared a drink with anyone in weeks and now I can’t kiss you!”

You chuckle, “I can’t have kissed you anyways since you’re sick.”

“Yeah but, now we’ll have to wait days before I can sneak one in, love!” He pouts like a child and you laugh even harder.

“I think someone needs a nap because they’re quite cranky.” You refer to the usual afternoon nap he usual took, now being needed even more due to his illness.

“If I nap, you’re going under the sheets with me.”

“Harry!” You roll your eyes once nearing the house, “You’ll be even more tempted to kiss me.”

“Yeah, but you know I can’t fall asleep anymore without you, darling. At least not comfortably.” You glance at him, to find his eyelashes being batted at you with his bottom lip showcasing itself.

“Fine, fine, my little spoon.” 


Harry falls asleep shortly after you’ve lied down with him, mumbling something along the lines of “that’s more like it…” before muttering gibberish and drifting off. You have yet to join him in dreaming, and so you decide to fill your time with re-reading earlier’s lyrics.

His journal is wide open in front of you, flipped to the page you were hoping to see. You don’t mean to intrude on him, but he seems to have added a few more lines to the song.

Ooh, everything I need I get from you
Ooh, givin’ back is all I wanna do

A smile creeps onto your face, it really is a “thank you” just for being his wife. You look to your sleeping angel with amusement. He’s never not been the most beautiful man you know, with his clever words and talent beyond a level you can comprehend. His heart is made of gold but he’ll hide the jewels and show you modesty out of the respect he carries for everyone. 

“God, I love you.” You whisper, eyes locked on him. He stirs slightly and you quiet yourself from not wanting to wake him. 

You then find yourself gazing at the wedding ring he so lovingly placed on your finger to symbolise it all. It gleams in the sunlight streaming through and your own heart swells with love for the man you find utterly perfect.

His chest rises and falls gently. You put the journal away and sling an arm around his warm body, deciding to join him in his sleep.


Two hours later, Harry wakes to your side of the bed being empty.

The faint nose of the living room TV enters his ears and he chuckles to himself, “Probably watching House.”

And as he stumbles into the the living room with a blanket around his body, his prediction is correct. There you sit with your laptop with your work loaded, an old episode of House M.D. from Netflix playing as background noise.

“You left..” He fake pouts. 

“You’re awake.” You grin, shutting your laptop before meeting his eyes. He nods, laying his body down in the spot next to yours.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to get too behind on work.”

“House isn’t a show you just put on an ignore, you have to watch the whole thing through.”

You roll your eyes, “I know, I’ve seen the series top to bottom and thoroughly if I might add. I was just in the mood for it since we were at the doctor’s.”

“It’d be kind of cool if I had one of those, puzzle type cases.”

You then gape at his words, “No it wouldn’t! Those are almost impossible to solve and Hugh Laurie only does it because a piece of paper told him the right answer.”

He laughs, “Calm down, my love, only joking.” 

“You better be.” You shut your laptop and place it elsewhere before snuggling up next to him.

“I can’t even stand you having a sore throat, let alone something your regular doctor can’t figure out.”

You shift your body so that your face is up in front of his, lips just a push away from touching.

“What’re you doing, baby? Doctor said we shouldn’t kiss…” You shake your head at his words. The tables have turned completely when it comes to following the rules. 

“I’ve decided that I’d rather be sick with you than go forever without kissing you. Life’s too short not to kiss you.”


Weeks later, you find yourself bent over in front of the toilet, clutching your stomach in agony.

“Love? Are you alright in there? I’m comin’ in.” Harry suddenly enters the bathroom much to your protest, going over to ignore the smell and hold your hair back.

You shrug, flushing the toilet before going over to brush your teeth. Harry remains on the floor, puzzled.

“Maybe I just ate somethin’ bad, don’t worry about it, Haz.” You reassure him.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have ignored the doctor when they said not to kiss when I was sick.” He rolls his eyes and you sigh.

“They called and said you don’t have mono, they even said your blood work was perfect! Besides, even if I did catch it from you, I would’ve gotten sick a long time ago.”

Your husband lets out a sharp breath before following you back into the bedroom. Your stomach still feels a bit uneasy but you try not to let it show as you rub it gently. 

“I think I’m going to call Dr. Hansen, because if you had anything that I had, it feels like utter hell and I don’t want you-”

“Harry!” You cut him off, “I’m fine. I don’t have a sore throat or even a fever. Here, feel my forehead.” His warm hand goes to the spot before looking at you suspiciously.

“If there’s anythin’, darling, tell me right away.”

“Alright!” You laugh, “Now go! You’re going to be late for those meetings with management. 

His eyes only roll again, “Please, let me.”


Holy. Fucking. Shit.

You’re in complete awe and shock whilst standing in the bathroom, unable to trust your eyes. 

Of course, there has to be a reason behind your sudden illness earlier this morning. It wasn’t from you catching Harry’s sore throat and it definitely wasn’t from him sharing mono.

“Oh my god.” You whisper, tears beginning to pool in your eyes.

Three little sticks on top of the sink bring back the thoughts you had once pushed off and explain all that you’ve been feeling besides morning sickness. Three little sticks telling you that your dreams with Harry are now going to come true. 

Three little sticks stare back at you excitedly, confirming all you’ve ever wanted with Harry as they read;


Oops, lol. Got inspired to write this after listening to sick Harry talk so that’s why I haven’t been posting anything else honestly. Well that and I’ve only been watching Skins, fuck I’m in too deep. I’m also still thinking about the other things I promised to write, don’t worry.

If you ever need a friend (as I know I do most of the time), message me. I’m always here. I’m never going to be able to comprehend how fucked up the world we have to live in is because of all the indirect hate that flows around.

Love to you if you’re reading this, 

Iz xx


I hate you so much, tumblr mobile. =_=
I figured I would give you guys some sort of update, since im still foing to be without a laptop for a couple weeks, so here you go.
I cant caption the individual photos, so heres some explination for some of these drawings:
1- a bit of fanart for my friend Jen’s Haunter gijinka
2- Kneesocks from Panty and Stocking
3- cutie pokemans
4- more pokemans
5- Unfinished drawing of Dederick being a badass like always
6- Alternate outfit for said badass
7- Grimsley as a Sableye gijinka because hes cute like that and no one can tell me otherwise
8- Senketsu being adorable and not dead NO IM NOT OVER IT YET OKAY DONT TOUCH ME
9- Concept art for my Arceus gijinka
10- some form of Boomsheika that I have yet to name but will eventually

  • Madison: That's how I feel about Crosby.
  • Madison: Carter is always direct. He doesn't beat around the bush and he's honest about his feelings and the more everything else is complicated and stupid the more those things are what I really like about him.
  • [...]
  • Madison: I don't think I'm going to prom. Like, it's Carter - prom isn't really his scene. Which is like, actually fine? I have two years of my own prom to look forward to, and it's not like I'm the sort of girl who especially loves parties like that. I'm so beyond fine being on photo duty for you and Face. 💕
  • Madison: You and Emmy though? Adorable. Emmy's great. And I'll definitely go shopping with you!! We'll make sure you and Marls look perfect. What color scheme are you going with?
  • Mickey: I get that. Maybe that's what confuses me about him. I'm used to liars.
  • Mickey: Fine, fine, but I'll miss you.
  • Mickey: Yeah! Yeah, she is. I think I wanna go with black?
Viking Trio - All He Ever Wanted, Chapter Three

Chapter One || Chapter Two


“We have to destroy everything. No one can know he was here, all right?” With each jerky, frantic moment, Søren’s mind focused only on the safety and security of the huldrekarl.

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anonymous asked:

Thace and Keiths human mama.

I assume you want ship headcanons Anon

Thace X Keith’s Mother
-she probably punched him the first time since he startled her
–it was love at first punch
-Thace was treated like a cat most of the time. Yes, petting and scratches
-She adored hearing him purr
-their dates were usually pretty private and away from people, like picnics or dinner at her place
-walks were also a favorite of theirs
-they didn’t think she would be able to get pregnant so when she did, they were very surprised
-super excited about Keith
-they were also very careful because who knows what could happen since this sort of thing hadn’t happen with humans before
-… Let’s not talk about the actual birth. She almost broke Thace’s hand
-adored taking pictures of baby Keith, there’s probably an album full of baby Keith pictures somewhere with Thace
-oh fuck, I kind of need to kill her off… Shit. You guys decide! I can’t do this!
-Thace knew he couldn’t stay due to his appearance
–got help from a Druid to help him disguise his son as a human since he didn’t want to drag Keith into the Galra Empire when Earth had been mostly left alone
-took the photo album too since there were pictures of him and Keith in his real form
-cue Keith growing up without his parents with only vague memories of a laughing woman who looked like him and a purple cat man thing who purred

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How does CW Dogma's tattoo translate into this 'verse? Is it like a birthmark of some sort? Something more subtle like freckles? Or does he actually have a giantass tattoo on his face?

I WASN’T SURE BUT THEN YOU SAID “FRECKLES” AND HOLY SHIT THAT’S SO ADORABLE THAT MY HAND SLIPPED. (Also before now I wasn’t sure if Tup’s teardrop was a mole or a tattoo he hasn’t gotten yet, but now I’m thinking a mole is way cuter.)