i sometimes wonder what i'm doing with my life

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au where they're all owners of local shops/restaurants with terrible, cheesy slogans and business names like, really, really bad puns everywhere no one is safe bitty owns a bakery called Bakin' Bits shitty owns a small law firm with the slogan "Sometimes when life gets crappy, you need a Knight on your side" dex owns a seafood place "where the lobster's so good, you'll wonder if it's even real"

oh look, what did I find here? is it a fragment of a newspaper from the small town of Samwell, where local businesses place ads to promote their wares and provide subtle commentary on the other businesses? 

In the small town of Samwell, where NHL players Chris Chow and Jack Zimmermann have started a soup restaurant together, and where Johnson’s General Store seems to be wherever you need it, you don’t air your grievances to someone else’s face. Instead, you write a letter to the editor or shill out more money for more words in your classified. 

One question remains: who owns a hair salon, and what pun have they chosen?

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sometimes i wonder what i’m doing with my life

Sometimes I wonder how ive managed to live my life in sequences of half hours and then I remember that in 2 months it will be June and then 3 months of summer will ensue and the rest of the year is always a blur after that and then I start to cry because 1 year is so short and I’ve only planned for like, 5 of them and like

Time is so awfully long, but at the same time one lifetime is so comically short when u realize how much tangible time there is

And then I try to stop thinking cause then I start thinking my life is a joke and I don’t k ow what I’m gonna do, it’s too much, and not enough at the same time

i love harry so muhc it’s not even a ‘’thing’’ any more it’s just become part of my daily life part of /me/ and not a day goes by without me thinking of him wondering how he’s doing if he’s feeling alright and fuck it’s not even me loving ‘harry styles’ it’s just me loving HARRY like i actually know him and we share memories and a lot of things make me think of him and sometimes when something happens i’m like ‘’let’s tell harry’’ and i’m basically already grabbing my phone to text him before realising i don’t have his number because we have never met fml