i sometimes wear clothes


Even “casually wearing my boyfriend’s clothes long before we were official Bech Naesheim

This was supposed to be a super quick doodle for Valentine’s Day because I needed an excuse to draw the otp in my two fav sweaters but I spent way too much time on it and it still looks super sloppy. It took me 15 min to realise that I wouldn’t be able to draw Roy’s eyes closed tonight so I opened them wth?? Happy V-Day everyone!

P.S. I’m still offering commissions to support the #NoDapl Last Stand!

i’ve been listening to romanian songs again, including that one B)


uhh its gay day or something heres ur local me


They are not 100% equal but…
I don’t know how they do this. Sometimes they wear the same clothes, the same. And other times… almost.

The thing is how they do that????? I mean they are like “give me this one because it looks like the one my jagi has” or what????

Ok, that’s why I call friendship goals though.


January 2016 vs. March 2017

The Story of Us

Prologue || 1 || 2 || 

✮ Chapter Three: Rainy Day ✮

Word Count: 3389

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

The following day Riley prepares for school again and on her way out the door she spots Cassidy ushering a bouncy Beth into the backseat of her car. Riley greets her with a simple ‘good morning’ as she passes by. Lucas sticks his head out the window of the passenger seat for a moment before turning his attention away from Riley again. Cassidy offers Riley a lift to school as it looked as if it was going to rain any second but the brunette politely declines the offer. She was more than okay with catching the bus, besides, that would save her an awkward twelve minutes in the car with Lucas and his mother.

The rain holds out long enough for Riley to get to the bus on time and remain dry. As the New Yorker enters the bus she quickly lets her eyes scan the seats for a place to sit. There are a couple faces she recognises from the day before but one in particular that sees her smile. 

“Saving this seat for anyone?” Riley plonks herself down beside Mabel before she gets the chance to answer. The redhead is of course pleased to have Riley join her but Riley still notices another look of surprise on her face. 

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member: Changkyun 

Word Count: 2,375

a/n: SURPRISE!! sorry for keeping you all waiting but it’s finally here, also, originally this part was 5k but i felt like that was too long so i ended up cutting it in half and will post this section tonight and the other section… I’ll think about when to post ;) so enjoy!

Drabble / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 (Final)


affinity-  a spontaneous or natural liking for someone or something

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You knocked at the bathroom door as Changkyun showered, “I need to brush my teeth” you said, leaning close to the door. “Go for it” he replied and you opened the door and stepped inside, the steam fogging up the mirror above the sink. You reached for your toothbrush and put the toothpaste on it, “Um…” you said quietly, inaudible due to the sound of the water running from the shower-head. You were tempted to tell Changkyun you had finally ended things with your date, but you considered your rant from the other night to be the cause of your annoyance from that day’s argument and the alcohol.

You stared at your toothbrush for a second before putting it in your mouth and beginning to brush.Shaking your head, you continued brushing as the water stopped, making you turn towards the shower curtain. “Can you give me my towel?” Changkyun asked and you left your toothbrush in your mouth to hand him his towel, throwing it over the curtain. “Thanks” he said and you hummed, finally finishing up and rinsing your mouth.

As you rinsed off your toothbrush, Changkyun pushed aside the shower curtain and stepped out with the towel around his hips. Water dripped from his hair as you offered him a quick side glance and turned back to your own task. As Changkyun stepped out of the bathroom you smirked to yourself and dried your hands, “Nice washboard abs!” you said loudly for Changkyun to hear.“Didn’t think you cared!” you heard Changkyun shout from his bedroom, making you laugh. “I don’t!” you shouted back, stepping out onto the hallway. As you made your way into your bedroom, Changkyun left his own and followed after you, laying down on your bed as you stood at its end, quirking an eyebrow at him.

“What do you want? Scoot” you said with a smile as you gestured for him to move. Changkyun moved and you laid next to him, hugging your pillow to your chest as you leaned against your headboard. “We should cook something” Changkyun stated, getting comfortable under your blankets. “Cook something as in scrambled eggs or cook something as in reheat leftovers?” you said sarcastically and turned to him. Changkyun rolled his eyes and scoffed, “No like actually cook something or burn the apartment trying” he said and you chuckled. 

“Ah I see, well we need to go buy stuff for it” you said, slouching down and extending your legs. “Obviously. I highly doubt we can make much with leftovers and like, ramen” Changkyun commented almost through a mumble.You grinned and threw your pillow at him, “Smartass” you said, catching a glimpse of a small grin on Changkyuns lips. You turned away and stared blankly at the wall, finding it in you to just get the gossip over with because you were roommates but you were also good friends too.“I ended things with date guy” you blurted and the room suddenly felt too quiet. 

Changkyun sat up slowly and leaned against the headboard as well, “Oh… Are you, okay?” he asked hesitantly. You nodded reassuringly and smiled, “Yea it was better like this” you stated and Changkyun offered you a smirk before looking away.“What now?” he then asked as he turned to you. You met his gaze and noticed his hair was still wet, but rested lightly on his forehead without sticking. You realized the closeness between the two of you as you shifted and felt your arms rub, making you avert your gaze from his quickly and shrug. “Don’t know, moving on I guess” you said through a small chuckle.

Changkyun nodded, “Moving on it is” he let out with an exhale a he stood up and stretched. You looked up at him and smiled, “So, are we going grocery shopping or?” you questioned. Changkyun ran his hands through his hair, pushing it away from his forehead and you raised your eyebrows, “Wow, you need to push your hair away from your face more often” you commented in awe. Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows together and stared at you, “What?” he asked and you could tell he was confused, making you giggle. “Like, you should do your hair away from your face, you got a nice forehead” you joked and Changkyun grinned, “First my abs and now my hair? I didn’t think you cared” Changkyun said with a wink as he headed for your bedroom door.

You reached for your pillow and threw it at him once more, “I don’t!” you shouted as he laughed, throwing the pillow back at you and leaving your room. “Are we getting groceries or not?


“It’s been like, a month, where have you been lately?” you asked softly as Changkyun ate across from you while you drank coffee. He stared at his plate as he took another bite, leaving a few seconds of silence hang between the two of you. “Busy” was all he said and you brought your coffee to your lips, taking a sip as you watched him.

“Is it your girlfriend?” you asked and Changkyun visibly tensed before you. The reaction made you want to crack a smile but you refrained from doing so and looked away. “Does this mean you two are doing better now?” you asked tentatively in worry that all this might be you crossing a line. Changkyun chewed his food with patience and finished off the last of his meal, standing up and taking his plate with him. “Yea, I dunno, it’s whatever” he said and you knitted your eyebrows in surprise as you looked at him. “Wow, um, that’s kind of… Jerkish of you” you said and Changkyun shrugged, washing his plate.

“Didn’t take you for the jerk type” you muttered as you took another sip of your coffee. You held back from scolding him for being a bad boyfriend and instead let curiosity gnaw at you. Things were probably really bad between them two but you wondered why you’d been seeing so little of him or why he’d been so distant. Maybe she was the jealous type? Did she even know he had a girl as a roommate? Was that why he was having problems with her? Was he going through the same thing you had a month ago?


That same day, as you and your friend ate lunch during your break, those same questions bombarded you from her end. “But then again, if I were him, I wouldn’t tell my girlfriend I had a female roommate, that’s like, a death wish” your friend concluded and you groaned as you placed your hand on your chin while resting your elbow on the table. “I dunno… I mean, ever since we found out about each other’s relationships and all, things are just weird” you commented, taking another bite of your sandwich. Your friend wiggled her eyebrows at you and grinned. “You mean cuddle sessions are getting cold or what?” she said and your eyes widened. “What are you even saying? We’re just friends and we share a couch” you retorted and she guffawed. “Y/N, I love you, but my god you need to stop being so oblivious or stop pretending to be” your friend stated, her words sending a small pang of pain to your chest.

“You lost me” you said, sitting back in your chair and frowning. Your friend sighed and bit her bottom lip, “Look, I didn’t say anything before because I’m your friend and I root for you all the way but from the things you’ve told me that you and Changkyun do together, I can totally see why date guy was paranoid and why Changkyun’s girlfriend might want to dump him” she replied and you stared at her stupefied. “What?” you managed softly, almost timidly, feeling yourself shrink in your seat. Your friend sighed, her smile diminishing as her face took on sympathy. “All I’m saying is that, whether you label your relationship as a friendship or roommates, there’s no hiding that your dates are gonna have to know how to share” she stated and you further furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

Your friend seemed to notice your puzzlement and sighed, running her hands through her face before speaking again. “Y/N, roommate guy and you, cuddle, watch movies together, share the bathroom at the same time, know each other’s likes and dislikes, eat from the same fork, know your schedules, and see each other every day. I don’t want to sound mean because frankly I’m envious, but the only things from full on making this a relationship is the fact that neither of you is gay and that there are separate beds to keep you apart at night” she said through a chuckle.“I mean, you even wear his clothes sometimes and he’s totally okay with it” she added, sitting back and drinking from her coffee.

You gaped at her and held your head in your hands. ”Oh my god I’m a friggin idiot” you said through a whine. “Barely noticed? Now, there’s a catch to all of this” your friend added confidently as she gave you a side glance. “Please don’t say it” you begged, not able to finish up your sandwich as you dreaded and nearly feared whatever was about to come out of her mouth next. “Y/N, maybe he doesn’t have a girlfriend” she commented and you nearly fell off the chair you were sitting on. “What the hell?” you blurted and your friend snorted. “Not what you thought I’d say?” she asked and you looked down at your lap as you picked at your nails with a shake of your head. 


“You need to end it” Changkyun’s friend said as he leaned back onto the couch, taking a swig from his beer. Changkyun ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “How am I supposed to just walk out on her like that after all this time?” he asked and his friend hummed. “Well, you should’ve thought about that before falling for her” his friend commented with a shrug. Changkyun pressed his knuckles to his lips in thought and shook his head. His friend watched him and patted Changkyun’s back, “Why haven’t you told her anything?” he asked and Changkyun’s jaw tightened. “Because, I never planned for this to happen…” his voice trailed off, making his friend sigh loudly. “Wait, does she think you’re-” his friend started but Changkyun cut him off. “Gay? No, she doesn’t” he said, cocking one eyebrow as he stared at his friend incredulously.

“Okay that’s good” his friend nodded but then chuckled, “How the fuck did you get her into thinking you’re with someone?” he asked and Changkyun whined and covered his face. “I don’t know… I hate myself…” he said, laying down on the couch and putting his legs on his friends lap, just as he always did with you. His friend pushed his legs off of him and grinned. “Dumbass” he remarked, getting another beer bottle for himself.


It was around four in the morning when you heard the slamming of doors and harsh shuffling in the living room. You sat up in your bed and squinted in the dark, rubbing your eyes and scooting  off the bed. You moved slowly towards your bedroom door and opened it slightly, peeking through the gap to see if Changkyun was anywhere.

The noise continued so you stepped out and headed towards the living room where you found Changkyun sitting at the couch. He slouched over onto his knees and ran his hands through his hair in an exasperated manner. “Changkyun” you whispered and he turned his head to look over his shoulder. You knitted your eyebrows together in concern as you approached him and sat by his side. “Are you drunk?” you asked softly and Changkyun shook his head slowly. “Are you okay?” you asked as he ran his hands through his hair again, this time slower and lazier.

“I’m fine, sorry for waking you” he said, suddenly rising to his feet and leaving. He made his way to his bedroom and shut the door. You sat in your spot, hugging your arms and frowning. He didn’t sound drunk, and he didn’t smell like alcohol either.


After vacuuming, cleaning, dusting off furniture, getting rid of old papers and organizing books through the apartment and your bedroom, you moved into Changkyun’s room, deciding you would be generous and at least help him straighten up his stuff. While making his bed, you spotted a pile of papers on his night stand and carefully began piling them neatly. As you shuffled them in your hands, you read the list of addresses and phone numbers on the topmost paper. You knitted your eyebrows at the names of the addresses, recognizing the locations as apartment complexes near  your area or further in the city. Just then, Changkyun entered the room. “What are you doing?” he asked, his voice filling the room and you gasped in surprise, dropping the papers to the floor.

“Shit, you scared me, I thought you’d get here way later?” you said, kneeling down and grabbing all the papers. Changkyun kneeled as well and picked them up quickly, “I’ll get them” he said, making you look at him as you pressed your lips together and stood up. “I was just cleaning up a bit, try keeping it tidy for a few days yeah?” you said and Changkyun hummed. “Do any of your friends need help finding an apartment or did you get tired of having me clean after you?” you joked but Changkyun stiffened at your words, clearing his throat and stacking his papers together only to shove them into his top drawer hastily.

“You don’t clean after me, liar. Today is just one of those days when the impostor takes over and cleans” Changkyun stated and you glared at him. “Well maybe you’re tired of having the impostor clean after you” you retorted and Changkyun grinned. “Get out impostor, I wanna nap and your nagging only makes me sleepier” he said and you smacked his chest, making him chuckle as he took off his shoes and lied down. “You’re such a jerk” you stated and Changkyun shrugged, “I guess I am”.

Dear You,

It’s been 4 months since we have spoken and a lot has happened since we decided to part ways. I cut all of my hair off. I stopped singing in the shower and every time I hear an Ed Sheeran song it breaks my heart a little more than usual. Sometimes I still wear the clothes you left behind and I’m even tempted to snap you “by accident” when my dog does something funny. He’s still a little shit by the way. Sometimes looking at him reminds me of you. The passenger seat of my car feels empty, I can’t look at my couch the same way. When I drive through really dark places I slow down my driving a little, and when someone speeds by I smile because that’s what you would do. Your books are mixed in with mine on my shelves. I thought about returning them and asking for mine in return but I’m glad you have something of mine. I hope you look at the things I gave you and you think of me (I know I do). I try to avoid driving on Sylvan because I’ll be tempted to go see your mom and how she’s doing. Sometimes I miss spending time with your family, please say hello to them for me? I’m sorry things between us didn’t work out. If I had known then all of the things I know now this wouldn’t have happened. When people ask why we broke up I laugh and say that you dumped me, at which point they’re all amazed and ask why. Life happens, we were thousands of miles away trying to make 2 completely different lifestyles work. A part of me feels like you gave up on us. A part of me knows it was the best decision for both of us. I have grown a lot. I spend a lot of time alone and it’s helped me deal with my emotional problems. We made the right decision. It hurts but it’s the truth. I am sorry if you needed me as a friend these past few months. I know I needed you, but the decision of not speaking to you again was mine and I stand by it. We are both messy people and when my emotions take over well you already know the disasters that leads to. I realized last week that I talk about you a lot. It’s a habit i’m trying to break but I find that talking about you makes you more real, and helps me be okay. Most weeks I wonder how you are and where you are. I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re happy or at least not depressed. I have to confess that a few weeks ago I thought I was fine with us being done, and then I got sad. I haven’t cried in a long time, but I think the sadness that settles in my chest is so much worse. I still write sometimes (clearly), mostly about you. I also decided to make an OkCupid to try and meet new guys and put you behind me. That was a failed attempt, I was looking for what we had in the wrong place with the wrong people. What we had was one of a kind, you are one of a kind. You taught me so much and impacted my life in many ways. I hope I did the same for you, I hope I taught you at least something positive. I still pray for you every morning when I get in the car, I pray for your family as well. I miss talking to you. I miss skype dates and snapchats. I miss texting you stupid memes. But the one thing I miss the most is being yours and you being mine. I really did love you, I was in love with you. I was crazy about you. I hope you realize that. A part of me will always be yours, and will always love you. I hope one day our paths cross, maybe we will be friends? I hope you find a girl who makes your head spin and challenges you, pushes you to be better, I hope she loves you and takes care of you. I hope you love her unconditionally and that she makes you happy. I wish you the best of luck with everything. You deserve to be happy, you deserve the sun and the stars.


—  A Letter to the love of my life - Wrote this last summer and am now brave enough to post

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If I am a boy who likes girly things does that make me a girl? I don't think I am but I like to wear girl clothes sometimes and a lot of my friends are girls. I like being a boy but a lot of people say that only girls can do these things.

No. If you are a boy who likes “girly” things, then you are a boy who likes “girly” things. You are a boy. Just as you said. Being a boy means being a boy, no matter what you like or dislike.

The people who tell you that only girls can do or like certain things are way wrong.

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Oh man, I would love to see your take on Supercorp for “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

13. “Have you ever wanted to hate someone?”

(Original meme here.)

Kara’s alone, at home. It’s nine at night, and she’s got a busy day planned tomorrow and she’s trying to be an organized person who doesn’t need to use super speed to get through their morning routine, which is a lot more work than it seems. The knock on her apartment door is a surprise, so much so that she almost misses it.

There’s a second knock, and just as Kara’s x-raying the door to see who it is, there’s a soft voice on the other side. “Kara? Are you home?”

It’s Lena. She sounds like she’s been crying.

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