i sometimes play with my food

hance things

  • lance, pointing to hunk’s lap: is this seat taken
  • “i bet i can knit this scarf faster than you can finish those mittens” “you’re on, asshole”
  • lance leaving little kisses on hunk’s nose
  • spooning and cuddling all the time
  • they’re like Disgustingly cute but none of their friends can bring themselves to be annoyed by them
  • have mock chopped competitions with keith as the judge 
  • keith: everything tastes the same i don’t know what you want from me hunk: okay next time shiro is judging
  • keith: idk. it all tastes like food. hunk wins.
  • movie marathons
  • study dates in starbucks 
  • they play mario kart and hunk like…deconstructs the entire game by explaining the coding involved and lance is like “fuck dude i just wanna drive on rainbow road without falling to my untimely death”
  • hyping each other up for getting good grades
  • lance talking incredibly fast about his day and hunk listening so enthralled bc that’s his baby talking!! 
  • hunk: i’m Stressed lance: sometimes you just…gotta take a b minus hunk: u rite..

Jules Diary: Day 89

Sometimes I entertain mommy during her play time. She is easy to amuse. She assumes that I have fun with her unnatural maneuvers and babbling noises. I have never been so belittled in my life but I tolerate it because food…

And maybe because it seems to make mommy happy and I like to see mommy happy. 

                                                         - FIN -

MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: How they cheer you up when you’re sick in the hospital

(I made these into paragraphs cause it really didn’t sound right as a list in my opinion)


He’s always overly worried about you, even when there really isn’t a reason to be. He’s strict about you getting your rest but he’ll hold your hand and take walks with you outside of the hospital, and he always brings you food because he knows how much you hate the food there. Sometimes he sneaks White (his cat) in so you can play with her He brings your school work so that you don’t fall behind but most of the time he does it for you anyway because he doesn’t want you to get stressed. Will bring little games you guys can play, like Uno which he takes very seriously and hates losing. He doesn’t care if he’s tired or if he has a lot of homework to do, he’s going to hang out with you no matter what. He usually falls asleep sitting on a chair with his arms folded on the bed. When he leaves you’re already asleep and he kisses your cheek and leave you a note saying he’ll be back tomorrow.


He’s definitely one to be running you around the hallways in a wheelchair cause this guy gives no f***s about what anyone has to say. He’s always getting kicked out for doing something stupid but he somehow manages to sneak back in every single time and by the time the doctors catch him visiting hours are already over so it doesn’t matter anymore. He’ll occasionally hide in the bathroom or something so that he can stay past visitation hours. He’ll usually stay with you until like midnight. He always bring you some kind of junk food, and he’ll bring you a laptop with his Netflix so you can bring watch whatever you want. He’ll definitely make out with you because for whatever reason this guy does not get sick like wtf.


Kind of cliché but he does bring you flowers, just to brighten up the room a bit. He’ll walk with you around the hospital just to get you out of that room for a bit, because he really hated it when he was in there. Will sit and talk with you all day and doesn’t leave until the very last second of visitation hours. He’ll just quietly sit in the corner and be writing while you do your own thing. He just wants to show you he’s there for you. He would write a really cheesy poem for you as a joke telling you to get better soon.He can be surprisingly really funny sometimes. He’ll get you pretty much anything you want if it will make you happy. He’ll also cuddle with you on the bed and you guys fall asleep occasionally. When he has to go home he’ll sweetly place a kiss on your forehead and hands, then hug you for the longest time ever.


You’re never bored with Armin. He’s got his game consoles for you on deck, he’ll bring board games, junk food, and of course he’s gonna bring his ferret with him. He’d probably roll around the hallways on a wheelchair with you in his lap, or you guys would just unnecessarily go up and down the elevator. You guys get into some pretty heated fights when you play games together but it’s always funny. He swears you cheat. He’s gonna kiss you, and he honestly doesn’t even care if he gets sick or not. He’d get kicked out a lot and while he wouldn’t manage to sneak back in he’s definitely gonna call you to come outside so you guys can spend more time together. It’s always a party when Alexy comes around too, You guys get into major trouble all the time when it’s all three of you together but at the point the doctors could care less because they know this is going to be an everyday thing until you’re gone.


Kentin brings you flowers, chocolate, gummy worms, baked sweets, stuffed animals, etc. He’s the reason you have no room for anyone else’s gifts or get well cards. He’ll never allow you to eat that terrible hospital food. He’s gonna get you some bomb chipotle or whatever your favorite restaurant is. He loves cuddling you, and he brings his laptop so you guys can watch movies together. (He secretly loves the movie “The Notebook”) He’s worried sick about you all the time. He doesn’t allow you to do anything too crazy cause he wants you out of there ASAP. You can expect a lot of fretting from him. He makes you wear his jackets if you go outside cause he doesn’t want you to get even more sick. If he gets sick he honestly doesn’t even care as long as you get better.

this is not a friday five.

Back in the dark ages of the early/mid-80s, you could get paid for recycling aluminum. Cans, mostly.  You could actually make some pretty decent coin if you generated enough volume.

I was, six, maybe seven years old when my dad started taking me out on weekends.  Early, early, 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning, sun just cresting (at least in the summer).  We’d pick through garbage bins, sometimes I’d get lifted into a particularly profitable-looking dumpster to toss out cans.  Any loose change I found - under bleachers was especially good for this - I was allowed to keep. Occasionally, there were donuts and hot chocolate. My dad played it off as an adventure and to me, it was, but the reality was the trips to the recycling center and the cash we left with went to food, and keeping the lights on. 

The adventures lasted a couple of years, until I wandered across someone ODing behind the park shelter near Lake Wingra. I remember morning excursions tapering off after that. Or maybe what we could get for recycling just went down too much.

Government cheese tastes chalky. I still can’t look at bologna because it’s cheap as hell and bologna and cheese sandwiches were a daily staple of my lunches in the months before and after I was on free lunch. But I was fed, and I wasn’t hungry, and the government safety net is responsible for both those things.

We were lucky because it was always a temporary thing, my mom being laid off from her teaching job, my dad’s magazine tanking, they both found other jobs and then there was enough to cover everything again but the system isn’t designed anymore to be the thing that lets you breathe while you get yourself together.  There are too many pieces in place to prevent people from lifting themselves out of poverty and that’s an entirely different issue because right now, right now, before that man has even taken office, Congress is taking steps to dismantle what little is left of that safety net.

And kids are going to go hungry.

And kids aren’t going to get to the doctor.

And kids are going to die.

God Bless America.

Here are some interesting things I learned in The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Theatre about Shuji Terayama & his troupe Tenjo Sajiki, where J. A. Seazer started out, and where many of the duel songs were first written.

  • “…His radio play Adult Hunting (Otonogatari; it was made into the film Emperor Tomato Ketchup [1970]), about a children’s revolt against society, made a sensation similar to Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds (1938), since many listeners seemed initially unaware it was fiction.”
  • The name–I’ve seen some very different translations given, but apparently (and this makes the most sense of what I’ve seen)–it comes from the Japanese title of the 1945 French film Les enfants du paradis.
  • “French writers like Comte de Lautréamont, Georges Batailles, and, above all, Antonin Artaud were powerful influences on his concept of theatre as a countercultural weapon.”
  • “As Terayama’s drama evolved, it became less lyrical and text based and increasingly shocking and metatheatrical, breaking theatrical convention, audience expectations, good taste, and sometimes even the law.”
Me playing Milord’s recent story

Pause & Screenshoot every second time Milord appears.Well my phone is practically his screenshoots spree.

Laughs when they are being awkward or being stubborn together. like that headbutt and pls his retainers. well they are like 7th grader couple sometimes.

Swooned by his caring and heroic side. When MC about to eat that spoiled food and when she is going to fall, moving the stupid rocks, making medicine for MC, saving his retainers, pls i’m in love. Action speaks louder than words for him.

Drop my phone every time THAT slave play appears. And yes that stuffing the foods moment why am i so happy about it? And ofcrz I would love to be on your knees Milord..

Nosebleed and biting my lips when he said misleading words. Give me more.

Hold my breath every time he is trying to teach MC lesson.

And let me mention each time he is being cold, mean and cruel that is amazing thrill fest.

Hurts to see his dark and fragile heart again. Poor child lemme hug you.

Pat myself when MC is trying to teach him back. 

Jump out of my seat when that MC let herself fall. Jump out again happily when she embrace him. I swear MC you are the best and other witty and bravery moment.

And facepalm every time he is being like a brat. I’m not going to steal your domain or your fish.

Impressed with his independent and savage self. I mean he is practically in the middle of nowhere still manage to be calm and prepared.

In tears when MC still trying to prove herself and Milord practically begging her to admit the way of his life is the only way to survive.

Deceased to heaven when he shoved that medicine!! And yes his blush when MC thank him oh my please blush more *cries*

Put down my phone and walk away trying to breath every intermission.

And when finally it’s done, I hug myself for survived all of that precious side of Milord.

I’m blown away as always by Milord.

Yes. I’m trying to breathe here.. I’m still alive in the island of blood sweat and tears. I don’t mind if it’s with Milord tho.

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If my limited knowledge on dating is correct, lovers sometimes make themselves look real nice for one another.

The prey of a vore couple, talented with baking and decorating does something similar. Though, they do themselves up with frosting, candy coatings and pastries. Including all of their pred’s favorite flavors.

The pred takes time to appreciate all that work, before slowly licking it off, and eating all that is provided for them. Their favorite part of course being their lover.

(Works for both same sized and size difference vore~)

i cant wait until im in law school and i come home from classes and court appearances late at night to lay on my girlfriend’s lap and read statements while she writes or plays with my hair and helps me solve murders and i’ll pick up her favorite food on my way home and we’ll have our own little apartment full of books and music and posters and she’ll read me poetry sometimes while i make her coffee, and we’ll make goofy snapchat stories in the morning while we eat breakfast and maybe one day she’ll help me make sure that my text posts arent all run on sentences with bad grammar and we’ll be in Love and nobody will be able to bother us or threaten to kick us out and we’ll be happy im j ust s o g ay


BEIRUT, 2015 :)

If you mention Lebanon, I immedately think of my childhood and teen-years in Australia.

When i was growing up in melbourne, our favorite neighbors were lebanese. My dad’s best buddies were lebanese. We watched lebanese movies and maybe listened to Fairouz sometimes and whenever we had a birthday party, we’d play Walid Tawfik’s ‘Happy Birthday To You’. Half the kids at school were lebanese. And even a couple of favorite teachers were lebanese. Lebanese food was everywhere - from ma’moul right down to tabuleh. Nostalgic stories of life before the war and during the war were told often and at every opportunity. It was so much immersed into my childhood back in Melbourne that it almost felt like a calling, when Lamia proposed we go to and spend Easter this year in Beirut. I was hypnotized.

And of course the memories came flooding. I remember some of those kids from school in my Arabic classes and their sing-songy accents as they spoke to each other, so lyrical compared to the droning Egyptian accent! I remember their eyes the most - distinguishable anywhere you go, like they’ve been lined in kohl and something else, something warm and sweet and promising. Like they’d seen so much but remained alive and still able to live, despite it all.

There was this one boy, i remember, who was a rowdy loud kid, annoying as hell and always in trouble. And yet one afternoon, for some reason he started to tell me about Beirut… and i’ll never forget the misty look in those hazel eyes as he told me how glorious Beirut is in the winter, how the mountains looked in the snow. He told me there was nothing like it. I’d never forgotten that.

And indeed, there was nothing like it. 

I was awe-struck by Beirut’s phenomenal nature. Mountains and cedars topped with snow and intricate caves of limestone. Trees. So many trees. Such vastness as I looked at the city from the highest peaks at Harissa and Fraya Mazaar. Beirut’s beauty struck me hard. I’m not sure I even have the words to describe it. But I suddenly understood why my schoolmate back in Melbourne became misty-eyed when he spoke of the mountain. Why a kid that age would feel so terribly nostalgic. How could he not? One hour up there, looking down at the city, at the formations in the mountains on the way down, I felt as If i could’ve wept from the terrifying beauty of it all. There were stories everywhere. Life everywhere. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: what is the meaning of life? are we here for a reason? is there a point to any of this? and why does food taste so much better in the trash? this was me. and then this was me. and then i came back as this little guy. a lot of lives for one dog to live, but im getting ahead of myself. let's start at the beginning. for me it all began with a boy. his name was ethan. my name was bailey bailey bailey bailey. whenever life got ethan down, i knew exactly what to do. we played with that ball all afternoon. ethan loved it. sometimes he just needed a little nudge. we spent everyday together (are they fighting over food? no, nothing in there) as the years went by i could tell my time with ethan was coming to an end. and then, it happened! i was back! i didn't have a-i'm a girl!? i had a new purpose. i was needed again. and again. and again. with each new life, i was learning a lesson. (hm. have we met before?) i tried to make sense out of all the things i've seen. was there a point to this journey of mine? and how did bacon fit in? if i can get you licking and loving...i have my purpose.

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I don't rly have a crush but I have a bf of 5 yrs (6 next may) and i just love him so much !! I'm an introvert & he's extroverted so he'll order my food & pull me out of situations that drain me & make sure I take my meds & eat to keep my blood sugar up. Once @ target in the speaker isle & I pushed a button & he slow danced with me to the music that played. He has rly bad anger issues sometimes but he never does w/ me & I easily calm him down w/ others. I'm rambling but I hope u enjoyed it !!

this is the cutest thing i have ever read,,,someone hold me

Happy Father’s Day to all you men who make a difference in the lives of others. You never know who is watching your example and the difference you make in the life of another. I appreciate the men in my life that taught me to be strong, kind, hard working, the value of playing and good food.

Being a leader is not easy. Sometimes work, bills, and the stresses of life can loom to the forefront. Taking time to help another is even more precious. Keep it up!

I don’t know if I show my appreciation in a way that is recognized because we all give and receive love differently, but there is deep gratitude and love felt all the same.

Lazy Day

When it’s “Lazy Day”, Daichi will announce it while they’re in bed and both Suga and him will don only their softest, comfiest clothes. Usually they take a lazy day when a big volleyball game is on but sometimes they’ll watch baseball or basketball and comment about the plays. Neither don’t even plan to leave the house for food; lazy day means they’ll order pizza. After the game, they’ll find something to keep them occupied: video games, karaoke, chatting about their friends. Suga likes to bake on these days because he’s less tired and makes his sweets cute with hearts and faces. But lazy day always ends with sappy, admissions of love, gentle caresses and sweet, shy kisses between bouts of laughter in their bed to the sound of some sort of indie music.

Oikawa loves “Lazy Day”. He will go as far as call Iwaizumi’s work ahead of time to find out when he has a day off just to plan it but he tends to surprise Iwaizumi with his announcement of suddenly having the day off as well. Iwaizumi is no idiot; he knows Oikawa orchestrates this. But regardless, he is happy and likes to make tasteful drinks for him and Oikawa to sip on. They’ll play cards and chat about their work in their pajamas and by the time it’s six pm, they’re both pretty drunk. They’ll put on some crappy movie and usually that ends to a lot of drunken sexy times for the rest of the night.

Akaashi and Bokuto rarely have “Lazy Day”. But once in a blue moon, Bokuto will call out of work without knowing Akaashi has the day off and they’ll have an abrupt day of pure laziness. Bokuto is definitely good at being lazy though. They love to take naps together and Bokuto begs for home-cooked meals from Akaashi.(Because he claims he doesn’t get enough from Akaashi’s bentos) Akaashi will relax enough to put on impromptu comedy show and do impressions of all of their friends. Bokuto likes to test pick up lines on Akaashi. Regardless, they laugh a lot together and it keeps them energized for the rest of the week.

Kenma works from home from his computer, so he rarely wears anything but comfy clothes. Kuroo will take days off like any normal human being but will try and get Kenma out of the house as a result. Sometimes though, Kenma will convince Kuroo to stay at home and be lazy with him; they like to play competitive video games then. Kuroo is fond of sports anime and mecha and Kenma likes slice of life anime and sci-fi, so they’ll switch off and marathon episodes of both. Kuroo will take a “Lazy Day” for the price of one of Kenma’s massages, so for one hours, Kenma’s small hands will relax Kuroo’s back to the sounds of some weird documentary. They usually finish it off with Kuroo reading while Kenma is snuggled inside of his jacket playing video games but both always make sure to say “Thank you for Lazy Day.”

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  • tic tac
  • hand sanitizer
  • lipstick
  • glasses
  • keys

Five things in my bedroom

  • fake plants
  • non-fake succulent plants
  • humidifier
  • chess board 
  • craft tape

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  • go shopping at a nice mall without having to worry about prices
  • ride my own motorcycle
  • maintain an indoor garden
  • adopt a bunny
  • meet and shake hands with a celebrity i like

Five things that make me happpy:

  • a tidy, organized room
  • eating good, healthy food
  • meeting dear friends after not seeing them for a while
  • alone time
  • comedy/funny memes

Five things I’m currently into

  • drinking tea with lemon
  • flashcards
  • cooking
  • zodiac signs
  • blanket scarves

Five things on my to-do list

  • read accounting textbook chapter 1
  • annotate global economy lecture slides
  • continue model un research
  • practice driving test questions
  • maintain duolingo streak

Five things people may not know about me.

  • i haven’t played chess seriously in years
  • sometimes when i’m bored i try on clothes i don’t wear often 
  • i still coo over my brother even though he’s big now
  • i’m very bad at social interaction despite how cheerful i seem
  • i’m simultaneously too emotional and also dead inside d=(´▽`)=b

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Everyone else is processing the shit that is this godawful year and I’m like, ‘nope, time to play way too much Stardew Valley and escape to a brightly-colored world where I can save my home by collecting ALL the shiny things and remembering to give people food on their birthdays.’

(This is Alys, she’s an awkward mess and a stork and I love her.)

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You know that feeling when you're alone in your space, doing what you love to do while your favourite songs play in the background? Yeah, that makes me happy. Sometimes when I'm really in the zone, I'll sing along loudly to the lyrics. Sometimes I'll cry but I'll be, for the moment, content. Bcoz this is my time and no one is intruding and I can sing, laugh and cry as loudly as I want. Eating good food and watching good movies make me happy too. Have you seen the movie Ten Inch Hero? U should :)

Mmmm, I love the zone.  The zone has been so elusive for me lately, but I still get in it for short periods.  <3  I have so little me time.  

And I’m going to add that movie to my list of to be watched.  ;)  

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Can I have a matchup please? 😊 I'm 21, very friendly and usually in a pretty good mood but am quiet around people if I don't know them well. I'm 5'6" with past-shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes, fair skin and lots of freckles. My favorite things to do with others are watch YouTube, play co-op games, and window shop! I become so invested in the people I love that I often take on their jokes, mannerisms, and favorite foods, and my siblings are my best friends.

Hi there!

I hope you enjoy your matchup my friend ♡

I would have to say I ship you with…

Noctis Caelum  ✾

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  • You guys have dates where you just watch videos or play games all day/night. (Ignis probably tries to get you guys to go out, but fails miserably.)
  • He loves your freckles and loves connecting them together like constellations 
  • You sometimes have to force him to go window shopping with you, but even though he acts like he’d rather do something else he secretly enjoys it as well (ᇴ‿ฺᇴ)
  • Out of the two, I think you were the one that talked to him first because this boy was probably too chicken to talk first lmfao


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*What’s the best part about playing your character?*

I learn something new about love every day. For example, loving yourself is just as important as loving other people.

*What’s your toughest scene?*

From “Burn” through the rest of the show, it’s a whirlwind of emotion. And I’m pretty vulnerable singing that one alone on my own; sometimes I think, “Oh my god, no one is behind me! What am I gonna do?”

*What new habits have you adopted for the role?*

I’ve prioritized taking care of my mind, having fun and doing things that make me laugh. And eating well — as in, really good food, like steak or pasta or fresh vegetables or an amazing dessert. You know, “treat yo'self.”

*What have you given up to play this role?*

I used to do yoga a lot more. But I do get to ride my bike to work, sometimes through Central Park or on the West Side.

*What time do you wake up on a show day?*

I love my mornings because that’s the time I get to spend with my fiancé. I wake up around nine, drink a cup of coffee, answer some emails and ease myself into the day.


*What’s something special in your dressing room?*

A coin that was my grandfather’s, which is an exact replica of a coin from the Hamilton era. My mother turned it into a necklace and gave it to me.

*Favorite backstage guest?*

President Obama and Michelle Obama have been a highlight. Michelle Obama said that Hamilton is the best piece of art that she had ever seen. I was just so honored and grateful.

*Best stage door reaction so far?*

It’s been amazing seeing the age of the fans get younger and younger. Now, there are four, five, six-year-olds who say, “My mom and I looked up all the history!” Children who don’t know how to read yet are learning.