i sometimes call him

dear diary,

i think louis has a crush on me. he gazes at me and his eyes sparkle. he calls me pet names and we kiss sometimes. i confronted him about it and he told me we’re married. i’m okay with that.

the other day he put a lamp in the washing machine. it’s unrelated but i thought it was worth mentioning. he also told me that cows have best friends and get distressed when they’re separated and i cried for hours.

Everytime someone talks shit about my beautiful chubby jewish baby being a “bad protagonist” or an “annoying character” or EVEN a fucking “Nazi Hugger” all I can think about is poor Rebecca being like… 

Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.


Kenneth Branagh explains Poirot’s moustache in Murder on the Orient Express

“I spent months getting that moustache right, that massive piece of face furniture.”
Q: “Was it real?”
“I can’t tell you or I’d have to kill you. *smiles* It wasn’t real. It wasn’t real, I did try growing one but Agatha Christie says that Poirot has the most magnificent moustaches in England. So, we created this kind of double-layer twirly moustaches which in itself took so much taking care of, that we got really well ahead of the game with that one, same with the accent.”


Lucy and Her Half-Siblings

BREAKING NEWS: Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan rewrites the men’s free skate world record of Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan


yuzuru beats yuzuru??? WHAT A SCANDAL

lmao no but seriously, i had to force myself to relax before he began his free. i noticed that he didnt waste any time and he was out there immediately. (screw off, late deduction)

i was clenching my fists for every jump- 4Lo, 4S, 3F, all clean. my nerves spiked all the way up during the dramatic crescendo before the dratted prodigal son, 4S-3T. like holy shit, i almost threw off my laptop when he landed it (PERFECTLY!). perfect execution of 4T, 3A-2T, 3A-half Lo-3S. axels were stellar like always. after 3lz i was most certainly sure that it was going to be a new world record.

i cant remember what exactly my reactions were last night but im pretty sure all i did was scream incoherently at the screen. (i may have let out a particularly loud warcry after the 4S combo…)

so yeah after the kiss and cry (he was holding back his tears of joy. me too, and maybe a whole lot of other fans as well), i realized how he just overcame the point gap and pulled himself from a dire 5th place to 1st place- with a new world record, mind you. like wow, can you believe him? big sis @yuzuruspoohsan said YES OF COURSE. i mean, what else are we supposed to do as his fans?

simply…wow. i have so much respect for him. 

and if that wasnt enough, max ambesi along with other fans pointed out the underscoring that happened to yuzuru. in the words of @fuckyeahdearlybeloved“the most underscored world record ever”. seriously, those +1 and +0 were RIDICULOUS. dude was robbed. judge no. 5, who hurt you? im not even going into detail how unjustly scored the others were, because that might be a little petty (no matter how frustrating)

*sighs* well the game’s not completely over yet- there’s still the world team trophy in japan to be held at April 20. last chance for yuzu to redeem his SP and who knows, maybe 3 new world records? lmao no pressure at all.

no matter what happens, my confidence and admiration in yuzuru transcends all the setbacks and disappointments.

anonymous asked:

But you being a cheerleader would always turn Monty on soo much

Oh, but of course. He’s a sucker for those short skirts and front handsprings and the splits. And he’s both extremely happy and incredibly annoyed that you’ll be cheering at the baseball games because on one hand “fuck yes, I get to watch them” but also “FUCK how am I supposed to focus on the game???”

And you know he’d also want to talk to them after the game, so he’d hope the coach wouldn’t have much to say, because the cheerleaders are packing up their shit, and he’s got to get over to you before you leave with the other cheerleaders. And Monty being a dumb kid, he’d walk over to you and grin and say, “Nice legs.”

“I do recall you putting me on the list for that, Mont, thanks,” you’d say, and you’d just roll your eyes but give him a smile back because you know Monty doesn’t really mean to be a douchebag, he just doesn’t know any better because his friends kind of suck and his dad is a terrible example. “Good game, by the way,” you’d compliment, because he’s the best shortstop the school has seen in years.

And he’d puff up his chest a little bit, because compliments are far and few between from people whose opinions he actually gives a fuck about. “Do you need a ride home?” he’d offer, nodding his head in the direction of his Jeep, and you’d accept because he’s so smitten by you he didn’t even try to turn the phrase into a sexual innuendo.

Another messy sketch of one of @cynphonium‘s oc’s.

About the incident with Felipe, it was just a misunderstanding. Costly for Seb but still a misunderstanding. Felipe had the best intentions but it didn’t work out. Seb was pushing like hell and he didn’t have time to keep his head down as he often does while lapping cars. It was critical. And he was angry. It was pure adrenaline. Seb is not the first/only driver to do it. He also is not the first/only driver when it comes to complaining. Just listen to Fernando or Romain or even Lewis. They complain because they don’t like the situation they’re in. Especially when they know their hard work goes to waste. I’m not surprised that Felipe didn’t like it.
Some people will try to blow it out of proportion. Sky Sports F1’s level.