i somehow find this cute

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Have you realised Ben's right eye has a speck of brown??? I just found out today and thought I'd share because somehow I find it really cute *_*

Thanks for sharing anon, that’s very observant of you. I probably would not of noticed because my eyes kinda suck xP

So this is it guys. This was my first Zelda drawing. I was 6 years old when I drew this masterpiece. Wind Waker was already my favorite Zelda game. Yes, this is Beedle’s shop ship. Please take a look at this beautiful ocean, the sun that looks like a doormat, the way Link looks so melancholy, the fact that the ship doesn’t have walls, Beedle’s surprised expression, how I tried to write “Le bateau de marchandises” (litteraly : the merchandises ship) but I wrote it wrong so I had to correct and strike it out (plus I added a circumflex accent on the “a”, I don’t know why), the pontoon that looks like a banana, and… the most important : How I wrote “Zelda” with an acute accent on the “e”.

This is art.