i solemnly swear i would do this project

anonymous asked:

So do you and Angela still believe in a coming out? Like they're going to come out when they can? Or do you guys think they're purposefully going to stay closeted out of free will for longer?

When did I become Angela’s official rep? This is the 4th ask today which concerns her.

I might write a new blog title (but the Jungwirth’s asks are more annoying so the current one will stay) :)

but the blog tellmethisisnotlove says on 28 Sep 8:27 PM Paris time that:

  • Yes I do believe in a coming out
  • Yes I do believe that’s one of the top priorities when the new team gets in the picture
  • Yes I do believe the band is coming back.
  • No I don’t believe they want to stay closeted because 
  • I do believe that NT’s going to pay attention to what 50% of the band wants re freedom and that HL would never sign with a team that won’t make it a top priority to get them out of the goddamn closet.
  • No, I don’t believe that any of them would sign up to projects which delay their coming out for years.
  • I never believed they’re closeted out of free will.
  • I’m 99.9% sure they’ll come out together, otherwise that’s no freedom that you’re out but you’re not really out because you can’t name your partner who’s still closeted.
  • bonus: I don’t believe they are broken up or that were ever broken up
  • bonus: I do believe they’re engaged and very ready to marry each other
  • bonus: I don’t believe in a paternity denial route as the end of babygate

I do solemnly swear that I’m gonna make a new statement if I change my mind in any of them.

Until then, this stays.