i solemly swear i am up to no good

Cuz everyone needs the Weasley Twins in their life

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Dear Journal,

Today we got a call from Lily and James. Sirius and I were playing with Teddy in the backyard when mum ran outside telling me James was calling. They were all safe. Apparently the death eaters were caught but the aurors suggested that we stayed away for another day, to be sure all danger was gone. I couldn’t wait to go home. I sat next to Sirius who was laying in the grass with his eyes closed, enjoying the sun on his skin. Teddy was playing with his blocks in between us.

“Padda?” Teddy said, looking up at Sirius.

“Yes baby bear?” Sirius said, leaning on his elbow to look at Teddy.

“Kissie” Teddy said, leaning in for a quick kiss.

Sirius chuckled as Teddy gave him a kiss. He wrapped his arms around Teddy and tickled him. Their laughs was the best thing I ever heared. That might sound cheesy but it’s the truth. Sirius’ deep voice mixed with Teddy’s baby noises made me smile.

“Kissie Dadda!” Teddy said, showing me it was my turn to get a kiss.

He jumped in my arms and gave me a kiss. I smiled and placed his messy curls back to their place.

“Dadda?” He asked.

“Yes my love?”

“Home..?” He said with a little sad frown on his face.

“We’ll go home soon my love.. Don’t worry. Do you want to draw with me?” I said, trying to bring back his smile.

“Okay.” He smiled.

Teddy was definetly going to become an artist. He liked to create. He always had something to draw or something to build. Speaking of building.. After a few minutes outside, we got caught by the rain and ran inside. Sirius and Teddy were making a blanket fort in the living room while I read by the window. Sirius always had the twist with kids. I could hear them talk and plan some things.

“Dadda!” I heared Teddy say from under the blankets.

“Yes baby?”

“Come!” Teddy giggled.

I set my book down on the table and kneeled down to crawl in the blanket fort.

“Password?” I heared Sirius say.

“Humm.. I solemly swear that I am up to no good?” I asked, smirking.

“How did you know so fast?!” Sirius laughed.

“Babe, we are two marauders who had a kid, he’s basically a baby marauder.” I smiled.

“Teddy can you say it? I solemly swear that I am up to no good..” Sirius said, teddy on his lap.

“I smomemly sweawe ta I am up to nwo wood.” Teddy smiled.

“Good job my Teddy bear!” Sirius said, hugging him.

We spent the afternoon in our blanket fort. Pillows were covering the floor so we could lay down and look at the christmas lights that Sirius instaled. He told us some stories about an adventurous wizard. Teddy kept yawning so we got comfortable and Sirius sang us to sleep.

May 14th 1998

So how cool would it be if the Hogwarts castle at Universal Studios was an actual resort where you could get sorted book hotel rooms in your favorite houses and sleep in four poster beds? Or chill in the secret common rooms (which you only get the keycard for the house you stay in) and eat breakfast in the great hall? Dumbledore’s pad would be the grand luxury suite!

Guests would also get a special park entrance straight in to the Hogsmeade area through a real one-eyed witch tunnel. Heck if they wanted to get fancy they could even build in all the secret passage ways for the guests to explore while they stayed there. And once you book your stay, you’d get access to the Marauder’s Map app which lets you and whoever you choose to share with see each other as little dots with a usersname on the general castle map…

~The real Hogwarts experience~ 

Please make this happen one day.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good // J.K. Rowling.