i sold my soul to lucifer

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Peter Parker x Reader

Anono Requested: hello!! could you do a Peter Parker/Spider-Man imagine where the reader just got powers in a freak accident or something and she doesn’t know how to control them and the police come and are about to fire their guns and boom here comes Spider-Man and he tells them that he can help her so they let him?? The girl would also be around peter’s age please!! Thank you!!

You were surrounded by a ring of fire with pleading tears in your eyes as you watched all the police cars trap you in. Even the SWAT team was out there; that made you know you weren’t leaving this alive. You didn’t mean to set building after building on fire. You were just scared with your newfound powers and the dread of knowing that your friends were dead because of you.

Several hours earlier you and two of your friends had snuck into an old, abandoned nuclear power plant that you deemed to be safe. You had jacked around and climbed things until your heard something start whistling. An electric line fell on top of your friend and burst into flames, the smoke covering you and the fire licking at your skin as your other friend ran for it. However the ground crumbled under her feet and she fell forty feet to her death. A boom sounded and the whole place went up in flames, no body found except yours and a few bones from your crispy friend.

Now here you were, hands and hair glowing red with lit electricity flowing through your veins and fire running through your heart. The second you moved a hand, fire would consume whatever it was pointed at.

“Put your hands in the air!” An officer shouted gruffly as he focused his gun on your stock still figure. You shook your head and blinked slowly.

“I can’t; if I move, fire moves with me. I don’t want to hurt anyone.” You whispered, a small, smoky tear gliding down your ashen cheek. Screaming in the distance made you choke back a small sob. “I’m a monster.”

“I said put your hands up! If you don’t comply I’ll shoot.” You shook your head swiftly, pleadingly as you stared with wide eyes at him.

“Please,” you mumbled, voice conveying shock and pain, “please don’t kill me. I didn’t mean to do anything bad, I’m sorry.” The officer shook his head and turned off his safety.

“It’s too late for sorries kid.” You closed your eyes tight and waited for impact as the gun went off, however you didn’t feel anything but a small gust of air. Opening your eyes you saw a man in a spiderlike suit standing in front of you with the bullet covered in webs stuck to his hand.

“Don’t hurt her.” He spoke in a harsh, demanding tone. The officer rose his hands and signaled for everyone to back off which they soon did rather reluctantly. Once the boy was sure they were gone he turned to you, and even though there was a mask covering his features, you knew he had a small smile. “Hey.” He whispered, waving slowly at you even though you were inches apart. You swallowed thickly and tried to smile at him as you let out a broken hello back. “What’s your name?”

“Y-Y/N Y/L/N. Please d-don’t lock me away, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” Tears fell down your face at a rapid pace. He frowned under his mask and pulled you into a tight hug.

“I’m not going to lock you up Y/N, I’m going to help you instead. Is it okay if I swing us to a more private place?” He questioned, gaining a nod back from you. Soon you felt like you were flying as he held tight onto you with one hand, swinging around on webs that he shot out of his wrist. He landed the two of you softly on the roof of a building and stood back from you, though still very close. “My name’s Peter Parker. Don’t tell anyone, okay? You look like you can keep secrets.” He stated as he took off his mask and showed a cute boy around your age. “Do you know how this happened?”

“M-My friends and I went to a power plant and things fell and fire started. S-something exploded and they d-didn’t get out and oh god it’s all my fault.” You explained, falling into his chest as you were unable to keep yourself up any longer. He nodded and held you as you cried out your pain and misery. Occasionally he kissed your head and murmured words of comfort. “I’m sorry.” You muttered as you pulled back, wiping your nose on your burnt sleeve.

“It’s okay.” He gave you a small comforting half smile before holding his hand out for you to take. “I’m going to help you control this, okay? You can get through this.” You nodded and took his hand.

“I’m scared.” You whimpered softly, clutching his hand tighter. Peter nodded and ran a soothing pattern over your hand.

“I know, I was too when this first happened to me.” He glanced down at the spider suit, eliciting a soft giggle from you. “It’ll be hard at first, but it will get easier. I believe in you Y/N, I really do. You’ll do great things.” You hugged the boy once again, no words exiting your mouth.

Maybe it would be okay as long as he was by your side.

Sell your soul

Lucifer X reader

Y/n sold her soul to the Devil at the age 17. 4 years later, he appears in Y/ns bedroom at 3 am and asks for a favor.

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“Y-you, you want what?” Y/n stuttered, thrown off by Lucifers sudden appearance. “I said, I need you. You’re going to Hell early as my girlfriend.” Lucifer stated, arms crossed and glare on his beautiful, beautiful face. “And, if I do, you give me my soul?” She asks, regaining her calm and steady mind set. Lucifer tsked. “Sorry, hon. Not how it works. What will happen if you decide yes I will give you: back rubs, kisses, I won’t torture you when you die, I will let you roam our house, I will extend your life span from 10 more years to 15.” He sighed, rolling his eyes.  Who knew it’d be this hard to get a girl who sold her soul to be your girlfriend huh? “….yes…” Y/n muttered, barely audible. “Thats great sweetie!” Lucifer cheered, snaking an arm around his new ‘girlfriend’. “But you have to answer my three questions.” She continued, emotionless. “Alright kitten. Shoot.” “One, why do you need a girlfriend?” Lucifer groaned, falling onto the bed. “Because I made a bet with my brother, Balthazar.” Y/n nodded, thinking about what was going to happen. “Two, if its not needed, please do not make me fall.” Lucifer raised an eyebrow, looking at Y/n. “Fall? Sweetie, we’re going to Hell. You’ll definitely be falling.” Y/n sighed, looking at the ground. “No. Fall for you. Please, do not ssay anything that you don’t mean. No fake feelings on your part please.” Lucifer shrugged and nodded. “Three, why me?” “Because I’ve been watching you. For 3 years now, when I’m not busy. I know more about you than you know about yourself. And you’re beautiful, so that is a plus.” Lucifer concluded, getting up and stretching. Y/n was still thinking about what she just asked and what he answered. Then, Lucifer gently took Y/ns arm and snapped them to Hell. “Well, this is your home now.” He said, holding out his hand, looking around for effect. Y/n shivered, the cold getting to her. “…Lucifer….can…can I…never mind.” She said quietly. He looked down at the short girl, a gentle look in his eye. “What is it, sweetheart? You’re my girl now, you can do whatever you like.” He assured her. Suddenly, Y/n wrapped her arms around Lucifers torso, holding onto hin tightly. Lucifer flinched at her touch, warm and soft. It was the first time in many years he’d had a hug. “Uh, i-is this okay?” Y/n asked, slightly embarrassed. “Yeah, uh, sorry. People think I’m hot, but I’m quite cold.” Lucifer said. Y/n giggled a bit, holding Lucifer closer. “Y-yeah. I can tell. I grabbed you because I was cold. But you’re body is chilly too.” Lucifer chuckled, reluctantly putting an arm around Y/n making it an odd hug of sorts. “Can I ask you something?” “Yes” “why are you so okay with me?” Y/n looked up at Lucifer, confused. “Because…you, you kinda…saved my mother. Even though I had to sell my soul, you still saved her. All though it only was for a few months…oh, also, you’re my Boyfriend now.” She blushed at the last part. Lucifer didn’t say anything, and put Y/n on his back. “What the fuck!?” Y/n exclaimed. Lucifer chuckled, running into a room and turning on the light. “Ok, kitten. This is our room. You sleep here. I don’t sleep but I’ll stay with you at night, like it or not.” Lucifer stated, throwing Y/n onto the bed and jumping on himself. Y/n nodded, getting under the covers and looked at the remotes on the nightstand. There were Xbox controllers, and T.V remote. “Its cold.” She mumbled. Lucifer got under the covers too, pulling Y/n into his chest confidently. “I’m 'cold’ too. Warm me up.” He commanded. Y/n chuckled, hitting Lucifers arm. “I’m not your peasant.” “That’s true. For now, you’re my princess. I’m your king.” Lucifer relaxed, finally feeling like Y/n accepted her fate. “Ok, King Lucifer.” She giggled, burying her face in his chest. Finally, even if it’s just for a second, he is happy. Lucifer, the Devil, is finally happy.

Everybody say sausage keep it going! Eggs, bacon, pie, SAUSAGE!:

Crowley: I sold my soul for 3 inches on my SAUSAGE!

Lucifer: Tried to get in Sam but he wouldn’t take my SAUSAGE!

Dean: I say I’m straight but i still take the SAUSAGE!

Castiel: An angel of the Lord but i still take the SAUSAGE!

Sam: asdfjfla;fjkl;afkd;afk SAUSAGE!

Kevin: I’m an AP student but I still take the SAUSAGE!

Bobby: Ya’ll are idjits and I don’t want the SAUSAGE!

Charlie: I like girls so you can keep your SAUSAGE!

Adam: Still in the cage but I still take the SAUSAGE!

All: Sau-sa-sa-sau-sa- SAUSAGE!

slug christ interview

my mother was the messiah of the olde 3rd dimension & my father was a Arch-Slugdemon. they were realitycrossed lovers who bent time to fuck. i was birthed thru a tear in spacetime killing my mother instantly causing the olde world to cease 2 exist. in a desperate attempt to save me my father used every last ounce of dark slime to splatter this plane onto a canvas and died a dry death. i grew up alone in a grey tasteless fog where i became self aware the 1st time i cried. i then thought of everything thats here right now. i slugged from the heaven i built to the hell i built for thousands of eons. i entered the gates of hell where a choir of dragons heralded of slug christ’s foretold arrival.
have u heard a dragon sing? its beautiful…..
i slowly slugged and slimed my self thru the slippery sloped sold souls and unsold souls. there i met lucifer for the first time and i thought she was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. i thought i fell in love but the love left as the moon went down and she turned around to reveal her other half, jesus h. christ. he told me “JESUS H. CHRIST AND THE H IS FOR HOKAYHOKAYHOKAY” i learnt much from that man & i cried from happiness almost everytime we spoke. then evening came, that weird part of the cycle, the threshold….. that tv show twilight zone? the purple sky came and reveal much to me. it was sideways now….i could see lucifer and jesus together as one for the first time in my life. i could see IT for what IT was. i then realized i had been talking into a mirror, my own reflection….. i hated myself…. felt disgusted i swear to god i was scared. i didnt know this right then, but the nanosecond after, that it was a two-way mirror and i was on the other side studying myself. u must understand how confused i was… i thot it was my reflection but he seemed to kno so much more than me yet did everything identically. you dont know how scary it is to know that the only person youve ever learnt from was you, i shook w anxiety.. i also hadnt eaten all day. i ate 3 xanax and felt much better. with my new found relief i broke the mirror and climbed thru the broken glass that stretched for miles. my emotional softbodied slug carcass was was sliced and sliced and sliced and sliced and sliced every inch i slimed. i smiled. at the end of the glass was a desert where atomic bombs had been planted i guess thats where this glass came from… that or that mirror? anyways,,, the desert was actually just a really big beach and i laid bleeding out in the sand and gazing at the ocean…. fuck… im seeing myself again…. out in the water… a reflection yeah… but something more than just optical identical illusion. i cried again hahaha i couldnt even tell what emotion i was crying from anymore. all i know is that i felt and that was enough for me. i sat with my head in my hands no longer able to gaze out into the ocean because we all know when you stare into the void it stares back….. like a mother fucking mirror haha…. i snorted something off that mirror and quit crying. to my sudden surprise i had noticed thousands… millions of ppl around me! maaaaan was i embarrassed! my sobbing must have drowned them out! and it was crazy cuz they was so loud! i didnt kno i was crying that loud. they were all shouting at me bruh like they had such a better grasp on everything than me, this was the first time i knew others rly existed.
they were so fucking annoying
my god they were annoying
they were shouting allll thhheeeee fuuckin tiiiime!
at me!
i looked out into the salty salty salty ocean again. i wondered if that was me then why was i so detrimental to myself? my mother said she was the salt of the earth…. why did she birth a slug? i thought about why i was there, i knew it was because of no reason really… just some crazy shit randomly happened and there i was. i dont know why i thought about it…. i already knew the answer from the start…. im stupid! at that point i felt myself squirm toward the ocean. i wasnt in control of my body, but it was what i wanted to do. i was very confused. i started to walk out on the water… walking over wave after wave after wave until it was unerringly still. not a soul was around me. i could finally breathe again. my body was slowly soaking up salt and i was drying out… “its now or never” i thought and i fell through– where ive been lost ever since


i realized i never posted my plot idea and CanFran AU even i have my self more than 40 AUs not to mention dou idea omg just cant count

SO apparently America in sweetdevil AU is the king - fallen angel aka Lucifer also England is like a incubus? 

my plot or selfheadcanon

Matthew is Sathanus - Demon of Warth (not really Prince of Demon but Warth suit him so much omg like i mean his Angel ver is a very calm, and soft sweet angel the reverse of him ofc Anger, Matthew never seem to lost his temp right? but he is a aggressive person when it happen oh wow dont mistake him as a weak fighter haha) 

- he look p much angry all the time. He have 3 state (normal - mad - rage) and transform after it


- working on deed

- do not tell him what to do

- have a pet - Kuma w 2 heads and 4 arms

- hate Lucifer (he want to be the king too okay, they fight over the throne all the time jeez)

- “Asmodeus is a slut” <- this is tr u E

- Still love him afterwards =))))

- actual hot shit

Francis is Asmodeus - Demon of Lust (please dont deny he is a slut and everyone love it //especial Matthew cough cough//)

- annoying af

- always tease Sathanus till he fcking piss off bc Asmodeus is 6969696969% Masochist

- sleep w strangers dont care if its gender is OR EVEN A HUMAN OR NOT

- okay he can transform into anything that LIVE

- sex

- please tell is not (its)

- i dont think he often in his clothes

idk if i dont rmber anything more hhnn


sorry not sorry

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the signs according to my reactions during spn 11x02
  • aries: sam my sweet research baby
  • taurus: who sold their soul for all these canon confirmations of pansexual crowley
  • gemini: stop killing innocent female characters 2k15
  • leo: but we didn't see wings on the ground so...
  • virgo: lucifer. is. listening. to. sam's. prayer.
  • libra: needs more gabriel
  • scorpio: who do i have to kill to see the next episode now i can't wait a week
  • sagittarius: i fuckin told you the title card was a ring of holy fire
  • aquarius: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucifer making Destiel canon…
Oh my Chuck, you guys actually did it…
I can’t believe it…
I thought you guys were joking…
But you actually it did…
You sold your souls to the devil