i sobbed while making this


tell me something, Jacob. why do I gotta be punished for your mistake? what made you think you could mess with my life? I was doing just fine until you dragged my ass to this rock.                                                                                  no you weren’t. none of you were.


i used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes. and what i choose is my choice, what’s a boy supposed to do? the killer in me is the killer in you, my love. i send a smile over to you, the killer in me is the killer in you, i send a smile over to you…

its weird how fanfic writers manage to take two heroic, noble, intriguing, GOOD characters and pair them together romantically, but still place them in all sorts of angsty situations in order to carry out successful, entertaining plots and headcanons…… but….. SG canon writers…. can’t relate…… 

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Happy belated birthday zeph!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for blessing us with your beautiful art! (especially the colours!! you’re a huge inspiration!?) THANK YOU!

awww, thank you so much ;v; !!!


winifred burkle + breaking your heart in a million tiny pieces

“ And I’ll be careful. I’ll even be dull, boring. Cross my heart.“

What’s going on?

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Can you write a tony stark daughter one? She’s in high school and is dating a guy that no one on the team trusts. Tony gets peter to spy on them at school and he finds out the guy is controlling and aggressive with her. She comes home from a particularly bad date with him in tears cause he got physical when he caught Peter spying.

“Sir, apparently your daughter is trying to make her way out of the tower. Should I keep closed the elevator?” I can’t believe F.R.I.D.A.Y as she tells me this. Why the fuck (Y/N) is trying to sneak off the tower at 1 a.m. 

“Yes. Don’t let that door open F.R.I.D.A.Y or I swear I will override your commands” Quickly I left the machines I was using in the table and run my way out of the lab and encounter my daughter tip toing her way to the elevator. She is using a skirt that is too short for my like. Oh my god I sound like a grandpa now but my little girl is looking like a girl I would use to bang in a party and I don’t want no one to think that way of my princess. “Hey,dude, what’s going on?” She flinches at my voice and slowly turns around looking at me now. 

“Oh dad I thought you were with Pepper now. Isn’t it date day?” Of course she is trying to distract me. After all she is a Stark.

“And I thought you were sleep in your room but look how things can change without realizing it. Now tell me what’s going on?” She evades my look and tries to pull her skirt down. 

“My friends wanted to go to a bar downtown and I really want to join them” Of course, their “friends” was her excuse. 

“Oh that’s weird considering you were with your underage friends doing homework a few hours ago, you know here at the main room my underage daughter was doing homework with their underage friends who can go to bars because they are underage and i don’t know maybe too nerds to go to a bar and break the rules” She hisses at me and I can see how she looks exactly like me.

“You are also a nerd and let me tell you that you go to a lot of bars Dad” I laugh at her statement.

“(Y/N) you are not going to go out like this, it’s not even the weekend for you to go out and I’m sure your friends are not going. You are trying to sneak off with a bar with that boyfriend of yours that I don’t like” She crosses her arms and makes her way to me.

“Okay yes, I’m going out with Mike but you don’t get to tell me what to do or who I can date” Okay now she’s angry but I need to make my point.

“Yes I can (Y/N), you are my 18 year old daughter who lives under my roof and follows my instruction. I can’t  tell you who you date but I can tell you when to go out with him and I’m sure you will not go out with him today. Now go to your room and you will not get out from it until tomorrow in order to go to school” She lets out a few curse words and walks furiously to her room slamming the door showing me how angry she is. But of course I know she will not stay there, she is a Stark for fuck’s sake and she will found her way out without me or F.R.I.D.A.Y realizing it. I take my phone away and quickly call Peter.

“Yes Mr Stark?” He answers me after the third tone with a sleepy voice.

“Hey kid. I need you to do something. (Y/N) is in danger and I need you to watch her” I know that by saying this he will instantly wake up. I have known for a while that Peter is head over heels for my daughter.

“(Y/N)? Is she okay? What can I do?” I laugh in my mind and I keep on talking.

“I need you to follow her. I’m sure she will leave the tower in like five minutes and she will encounter her awful and jerk boyfriend. She told me he was taking her to a bar downtown but I don’t know exactly where they will be. Just follow them from a distance and let them don’t see you. If she’s in danger take part in the scene. If not just take care of her and don’t let that jerk do anything to my baby girl. Can I trust you Parker?”

“Yes yes of course. I will follow them Mr. Stark. Do not worry about it” I hang up and as I go to my room for a good sleep I can hear F.R.I.D.A.Y telling me that (Y/N) override her commands and make her way out the tower. After all she is a Stark, what can I say?


“Sir. Mr. Parker is at (Y/N)’s room with her. I can sense a heart beat rhythm faster than the other” I quickly stand up from my bed and run to my daughter’s room and as I enter I encounter Peter holding (Y/N) in his arms and she is sobbing hard but hugging him.

“Hey,dude, what’s going on?” They quickly react to my voice and Peter let her run to my arms and I quickly surround her with my arms.

“Oh daddy please forgive me. You were right, the team was right. Mike is a jerk. Please forgive me for sneaking off” She is sobbing while she makes her confession and I watch Peter stand up from the bed, I put my hand in (Y/N)’s cheek but she quickly flinchs. I react with the same speed and I request F.R.I.D.A.Y to turn on the lights to watch the big bruise in my baby girl cheek.

“Don’t you worry. Mike saw me spying on them and he quickly hit (Y/N) but I react and I can assure he will never be near (Y/N) again in his life, if he can even remember her after the hit he took” I quickly thank him as (Y/N) speaks again.

“Daddy I’m alright I swear. I will never be with him again. But, can you leave me alone with Peter please? I just want to sleep and I’m sure Peter too. Do you mind if he can stay the night here with me?” 

“No of course no. I trust him” I smile at both of them as I leave I can see that Peter is hugging her and kissing her forehead. I hope that she takes the right decision now…


My heart breaks but I felt so strongly compelled to draw this ending…

(The ‘If you made Cullen take Lyrium’ Ending, quoted directly from the ending slides):

“Cullen seemed to tire of his duties after the Inquisition transitioned to a peacekeeping role. Within a few months, he announced his retirement. There was no sign of him until a year later, when Scout Harding heard rumors of a Fereldan man begging for lyrium in the streets of Val Chevin. According to Harding, the man she found was in the final stages of lyrium madness. He barely remembered himself, let alone her. It is unclear whether Harding gave the man a few coins, or a gentle knife to end his misery. What is clear is that Commander Cullen was gone.”

Excuse me while I go sob into a pillow because this makes my heart hurt.