i sobbed when i heard this song today

Seven years ago, 2ne1 received one of the biggest award for MAMA for their song ‘I Don’t Care’ as the Song of the Year. They also received two more wards; Best new Female Artist, and Best Music Video for Fire. Last time I’ve seen this video, I was smiling the whole time because man, i was sooooo proud. However, today, it is not the case anymore. I’m sobbing and can’t hold my sadness. When I heard the news about their disbandment, I wasn’t surprise tbh, but I never thought that i’d be in so much pain like this. They were the reason why I’m here. I stan other kpop groups - old and new- because of them. i’m still in disbelieve. I wish there were something i can do. :(


Okay tonight was the best night of my life. To my knowledge there wasn’t a Loft 89. Even if there was, I would still have the immense happiness that I feel right now. My heart is so full.

For once in my entire life after the past 9 years, I saw my best fiend live. For once my experience didn’t consist of YouTube clips or Instagram pictures of tour.

I was there. I experienced all of this. I am so so grateful that I get to go to another show. The 1989 tour is something so next-level that no one should be ready.

I can’t thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart to everyone who reblogged my posts, sent me comments, and sent me messages. It means so much to me. Some of you spent your entire days reblogging my posts and tagging me in things and it just meant so much to me and I saw every post. It just means so much.

I sobbed. I cried so hard. Seeing someone whom you look up to in person is the most mesmerizing experience. I was in the same room a couple hundred feet of her. And I heard songs from old albums that I loved so dearly and hold close to my heart.

Okay I’m crying again. I love you all so much. I will never forget this experience. It ended too soon. I know I will meet Taylor one day. I’m not sad about anything today. Just IMMENSE HAPPINESS! And when it finally does happen, it will be the most epic thing ever. She’s an angel, and she’s my best friend. I WILL SEE YOU AT GILLETTE ON 7/25.

All my love,
Ash ❤️