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Mina’s Monday Recs

So this is what I hope is the first of many weekly fic recs! Just to reiterate that if you write Olicity, Thearoy, Nyssara, Merlance or Canarrow fic, and it’s canon (i.e. not AU), please tag me! Future fics, missing scenes, road trip fics, first times, smut - give it all to me :D (The canon thing is not because I think any less of AUs, but it’s just a matter of my personal taste, really - almost all of the fics I read are canon.) I will also occasionally throw in a fanvid or graphic or tag fic (especially if they include Sara or Laurel, because they are my babies), depending on my mood, so the same goes - tag me if it’s canon. :)

I should probably also preface this by saying that the majority of my recs will probably by Olicity, although again, depending on what I find, there will be other pairings too. We’ll see how things go :)

So Neighborly by quiveringbunny​ (Olicity) - such a cute and funny (not to mention sexy) rendition of domesticated!Olicity. I have been loving all the fics and edits about stay-at-home!Oliver and breadwinner!Felicity after SDCC 2015, and this story is the epitome of all the wonderful things I hope to see in season 4 with Olicity. And, I mean, it’s kind of hard not to love Oliver mowing the lawn while shirtless, lol.

Mutual Release (NSFW) (or you can read the entire series (NSFW) in one go at AO3) by dust2dust34​ (Olicity) - oh dear *fans self* This is like so many levels of hotness and angst and heart-melting beauty. Seriously, whoa. This is set during Arrow Season 2.5, and I can totally see every bit of this happening in canon, honestly. I love that this is so much more than just a naughty fic. Bre explores so much of Oliver and Felicity’s characters in this little series, and each chapter kind of pushes a new boundary of their relationship. So achingly beautiful. <3

When There’s Smoak by jedichick04​ (Olicity) - another one set during Arrow 2.5. Holy unresolved sexual tension, Batman! Duuuude. This is totally the definition of hotness. You can really feel Oliver’s frustration here, and I love how much this fic shows his reaction to his changing feelings towards Felicity. My favourite moment by far was when Felicity says, perfectly innocently, “You look hot”. :D

come let me show you where life begins by effie214​ (Olicity) - wow. Just wow. This is pure poetry, honestly. Another example of Oliver and Felicity’s wonderful domestic bliss, I think I died a little bit when I read it because of how beautiful the imagery was (I mean, the footprints in the sand and the tide alone… AND PANCAKES. GIVE ME ALL THE PANCAKES), and I just felt like there was something so floaty and gorgeous and ethereal about this fic. So. GOOD.

This is How it Begins (NSFW) by gnimaerd​ (Nyssara) - OH GOD I FELL IN LOVE WITH NYSSARA AFTER THIS FIC. I mean, I was already in love with the pairing, but it now rivals Olicity in how much I adore everything about it. I love the tentativeness of their first time, the way Nyssa is so unabashed in her feelings for Sara. AND THEN NYSSA WHISPERS IN ARABIC AND I BASICALLY LOST MY SHIT (actually, that was a lie - I lost it after she called her “poor little bird”). Basically, if you like Nyssara even a little bit, read this fic. And then come and cry with me.

Before We Depart (NSFW) by gnimaerd​ (Olicity) - hot damn, wow. The author has so beautifully captured the messiness and perfect imperfections of everything that is morning Olicity sex with Felicity on top and yet still managed to make it ridiculously hot. It’s set the morning after the whole “I wanna be with you” speech in 3x23, and it features some of my favourite Olicity things in smut - including Felicity swearing, and her wearing Oliver’s shirt, and Oliver making pancakes (sort of). 

And then there’s this tag fic by redpendreaming​ (Olicity) - OMG PARENTS!OLICITY IS THE BEST. I have such a weakness for anything involving Oliver and Felicity and babies, and I totally died at “Superdad”, especially that last line (”it’s his favourite identity of them all”). 

That’s it on the fic front. I also wanted to throw in this gorgeous Sara Lance graphic by cherrychapssstick, made for the Arrow Summer Rewatch - this is one of my favourite lines in the whole show, not just about Sara, and the dark colouring and images used and that particular shot of my baby’s beautiful face makes this graphic perfection. It also just made me sob because SARAAAAA <3 (Again, I hope it’s okay for me to post your graphic here! Tell me straightaway if you want it taken off and I will, Sarah :) )

Speaking of Sara, there’s also a wonderful Canarrow video by wondertwinc - I think I’m still crying, actually. I also ship Olicity and Nyssara so hard, but it’s difficult not to love Canarrow at the best of times. The vidder did such a fucking gorgeous job of picking all the best moments between Oliver and Sara, especially with the parallels (THE FOREHEAD KISSES AND THE BITS WHEN SARA HANDS OLIVER HIS BOW OMG) and also the opening dialogue where Oliver basically asks Sara to move in with him. Ughhhhh. So many feels, sinceriously. 

Lastly, this Olicity video by ipikaboo was just perfection. Like I am pretty sure it killed me in how good it was. I love the song, and I also loved how well the vidder was able to pick scenes and lines that fitted with the lyrics. And, of course, the way the parallels were used (FACE TOUCHING and all the hilarious innuendos - my favourite being when she says the word “platonic” and it goes to the scene where Felicity is on top of Oliver touching his chest… lolol) was just fantastic. I love how happy this video is and especially the opening shot of the comic where Oliver covers Felicity’s living room with flowers. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN CANON, GUYS. (I love my OTP SO MUCH.)

So, that concludes my first weekly rec! I hope you like what I’ve chosen to pimp this week. Most of it is recent stuff, but others were posted a little while ago and are just very memorable to me, hence why I’m reccing now. Please please please, if you can, take a moment to reblog/comment on anything up there you like. Or go to AO3/YouTube/whatever to comment there. There is nothing fanwork creators crave more than a proper response to their work, and I’m sure they would love to hear you squee. :) See you next week with more recs!