i sobbed so loud

eek i never post but i saw great comet last night and they announced its closing RIGHT before the show started so it was a bit of a weird vibe beginning the show. i sat in the stage right banquettes & the entire show was incredible (no surprise) (also so much lucas eye contact so i melted) but at the end of great comet of 1812/beginning of bows lucas was sitting next to me on the stairs and he was crying which bRoke my heart bc this show was apart of his life for so long so i started sobbing & i guess i sniffled really loud & he turned to me and smiled a lil through the tears. and my heart broke. the majority of the cast was crying through bows but trying to keep a happy face & only a few ppl stage doored which makes sense bc of the emotional night. anyway i love great comet & im v sad now so yay


As long as you’re with me, there’s no Servant more powerful than I!

Mixed Emotions

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2394

Author’s Note: I thought of the idea of this when I started re-watching teen wolf season three. I fucking love to write angst and fluff so this is what it is! Thank you to my babes, @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me <3

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*CUE LOUD SOBBING* THE SONG IS SO PRETTY… i haven’t touched my water colors in a while so i decided today would be a good day to play around with the colors!

Daryl Dixon x Reader - Until death do us apart(Request)

anon: Could you write one we’re Reader saves Glenn in the line up but was dating Daryl…
and how she saves Glenn is by Negan making her one of his wives.
And Negan inviting the group to the wedding because he wants them to see you suffer but instead when the reader
is getting ready Darryl walks in with a ring and ask her to marry him before Negan does??? Hope that made sense.

Hope you like it ♥

WARNINGS: Little bit of angst but a lot of Daryl fluff.

P.s: The line-up is the same as the comic, so Negan choose only Glenn.



How the hell we got into this situation?

“Catch a tiger by the toe”

This morning everything was normal and now one of us will die.

“If he hollers, let him go”

One of us will die and he’s taking his decision with this stupid chilren counting rhyme.

“My mother said to take the best one”

My view is clouded by my tears.

I was crying…crying because I’m scared, I don’t want to die.

I feel someone taking my hand…it was Daryl.

Me and Daryl fought earlier because he wanted to find Dwight and get his revenge.

I was so angry, I said a lot of horrible things to him but I didn’t mean anything that came out from my mouth.

The first time I saw him again after our fight it was when Saviours took us.

He got shot and he was so pale.

I couldn’t help my loud sobs, I couldn’t lose him.

“And you are it”

With wide eyes I notice that Negan has Lucille pointed at Glenn.

Beside me, I can hear Maggie’s loud cries.

Glenn is gonna be a father….his son or daughter will grow up without a father…I can’t let Negan takes Glenn away from his baby.

“Maggie…I’ll find you” he mormured toward his wife.

He already accepted his fate.

Negan lift Lucille up in the air, a grin is plastered on his bearded face.

That’s enough.

“Stop, oh god pleae stop!” I cry out loud.

Negan stop right before Lucille could collide with Glenn’s skull.

I’m not looking at him, my stare is turned on the ground, my vision is clouded from my tears.

I can hear Negan walking towards me while Daryl get stiff.

Suddenly I feel Negan’s gloved hands grasping my arm and lifting me up.

“Look at this, an hot girl like you shouldn’t ruin her pretty face with some tears”.

He starts to wip away my tears from my cheeks, he’s so close to me I can feel his hot breath on my face.

“Don’t fucking touch her!” Daryl yelled but he’s quickly shutting up by a Saviour hitting him on his back with the back of the rifle.

“No! stop!”

I turn around ready to rush on Daryl’s side but a muscular arm pull me against an equally muscular chest.

“Oh that’s fuckin’ hilarious! A redneck with this hot piece of ass?”

“Don’t talk about her like that!”.

Seeing Daryl trying to fight back even thought his wound, makes more tears falling down my eyes.

“Please makes all of this stop”.

Negan forcefully spin me around so I can face him.

“Now now sweetheart, your group needs to learn a lesson here, and Lucille has already choose so…”

“Take me”.

The words leave my mouth without me thinking in what kind of situation I was getting myself into.

Negan bring his hand on his left ear, leaning down toward me:
“Sorry sweetheart, I didn’t fucking get it”.

“Take me! he…he’s going to be a father, his son and his wife need him…I offer myself as a replacement”.

“No! (Y/n) don’t do it!”.

I can tell by the sound of his  pleadings that Daryl is crying by now.

I notice Negan staring at me with a serious look on his face.

“You got some beach ball-size lady-nuts on you” he grinned at me.

He take a step back and start to walk back and fort:
“So you want to sacrifice yourself and save the asian guy huh? It’s just, I don’t fuckin’ like killing hot women like you….however…”

He get close to me and bring his right hand on my cheek:
“I’d like to have a new hot wife like you”.

I’m taken aback by his proposal.

“A wife?”

“Hell fuckin’ yeah! You’ll live in the luxury of my home, doing absolutely nothing but keep me some company” he winked at me.

I almost throw up at the thought.

“If I became your wife…you’ll let my family go, right?”
“Of fuckin’ course babydoll”.

I turn around looking at the group that has become my family.

Everybody was pleasing me to not accept.

The one who distraught me the most was Daryl.

Tears streamed down his face while he was shaking his head no.

He doesn’t want me to go but I can’t risk everybody’s lives.

I mouth an “I love you” to him before I turn again to Negan:
“You have a deal”.

“Hot diggity dog, I got myself a new smoking hot wife, you’re all fuckin’ welcome to come at our wedding”. Negan says, laughing.

He takes me by my arm and start to walk toward his van.

“(Y/n) no! Don’t go!”.

I turn my head a little, noticing Daryl trying to reach me, however, three Saviours were struggling to keep him in place.

“I’m sorry Daryl” I whisper to myself.

The journey toward the Sanctuary was pure hell, listening to Negan babbling about how lucky I am and things like that.

I couldn’t help but think about Daryl, he was the one I was supposed to marry and the fact that I couldn’t see him anymore just makes the situation worse.

The only thing that  helps me through this ordeal is the fact that Maggie and Glenn can grow their baby together.

Negan never stop talking until I finally reach my new room.

“Rest a little baby, tomorrow is our wedding day!” he grins at me while he lean down aiming at my lips.

I take a step back, staring at him with anger.

“Oh you’re a feisty one, I fuckin’ like it” he licks his lower lip before turning around and exit the room.

Finally alone, I let myself falling on the king-size bed.

Too tired to doing anything I fall asleep immediately.

The next morning I wake up to the sound of someone knocking at my door.

Wipping away the sleep from my eyes with the back of my hand, I get up and walk toward the door.

Opening my door I find myself in front of the man himself.

“Good morning babygirl, i brought you something”.

He enters the room and lay on the bed what will be my wedding dress.

Looking at it makes a knot forming into my stomach.

I’m suppose to marry my one and only love…funny I have to marry some brute to keep the love of my life safe.

“What the fuck sweetheart? You have the most sad expession I ever see! Fucking cheer up! You’re gonna live like a fuckin’ queen!”. Negan raised his voice enthusiastically.

I didn’t answer, I just take the dress and walk toward the bathroom door.

“Right, I let you gettin’ ready…wife”.

With that said he walk out of the room, leaving me alone once again.

After what seemed an eternity, I find myself in front a full-lenght mirror, admiring me.

My hair are up into a simple bun, and the only make-up I’m wearing is a red lipstick on my lips.

The dress was beautiful, with a wide skirt and strapless top, however, the more I look at it, more tears stream down my eyes.

I keep thinking about Daryl…I really need him.

A sob escape my lips and I collapse on the floor, crying loudly.

I don’t want all of this, I don’t want stay here, I wanna go home! I wanna see Daryl again!.

Suddenly the bedroom’s door slam open and immediately close again.


I lift my head toward that familiar voice.

I can’t believe at what I’m seeing.

I cover my mouth with my hands.

“Daryl?! Oh my God!” I quickly get up from the floor and run towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He didn’t waste time, once I’m finally into his arms he start to kiss me everywhere starting from my forehead, to my cheeks and finally my lips.

“I’m here sunshine” he murmured, keeping me against his body.

Finally we can share a sweet loving kiss that lasted for so long.

“I’m…sorry…I love…you” I try to say between the fast and sweet pecks Daryl was giving me.

When he stops he looks at me up and down:
“You’re so beautiful…you look like a princess”.

We stare at each other smiling before we finally realize where we are.

“Sunshine, I’d like to stay here and kissing you, but we have to go before they notice us, there’s a bike parked outside, we’ll escape with that”

Daryl turn around but I stop him, taking his hand gently.
“Daryl wait! If I escape, the deal between me and Negan…”
“Don’t worry about it, we talked about that, we’ll hide until we can fight him back”.

Nodding I walk toward the bed to retrive m clothes.
“There’s no time for that sunshine” Daryl stopped me and take his knife from his boots.

With a clear-cut, he open the skirt in a way that both my legs are exposed.

Noticing my laced garter he lets out a growl.

“I swear I’d fuck you right here right now If I could” he say.

Taking my hand into his we exit the room and start running, crossing the hallway and  toward the bike…our freedom ticket.

I don’t know what will happen.

I don’t know if we’ll win or lose, but staying this close to Daryl on this bike, makes me understand that fighting for our family, for our future and for our freedom is worth it.

And that’s what I’ll do, I’ll fight side by side with Daryl until death do us apart.










simon imagine - sad break ups and drunken make ups

REQUESTED:  “Hey, can write about Simon and his ex(y/n) break up (Simon never gave her time) and Simon really wants her back. A close friend of theirs is having a party and they both go with their friends, Simon sees her and tries to my eye contact then their fav song comes on and she goes to the toilet and starts crying and Simon follows her and Simon talks about how he wants her back”

“Y/n. Please tell me you are not applying your lipstick again.”

Cal turned around, shooting me a disapproving look from the passenger seat. I sat in the back of the car, mirror in my shaking hand, trying with all my will to be careful in the darkness. 

“Leave her alone Cal, she’s nervous.” Sarah muttered quietly. 

“Oh shit yeah, Simon.”

“Still here guys!” I reminded them, cringing at the mention of his name. It wasn’t as if I’d forgotten, for gods sake; I knew full well Simon would be there tonight. In fact, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had only been a month and a half since Simon and I had broken up. The night still haunted my dreams; screaming, throwing things, and then me walking out. Tonight would be the first night I would see him since. Hence, the pressure is on to look good.

“Y/n,” Sarah turned to face me. “Please don’t stress okay. You look beautiful, and he will be kicking himself in the dick regretting losing you. You have this okay.”

Again I cringe. It didn’t seem fair for Simon to regret anything when I walked out on him. It wasn’t as if he had cheated, or lied or hit me. It was just all too much. He never gave me time, always so demanding and intense and I couldn’t handle the pressure. I thought separating would be the best thing for us and yet I was at the unhappiest I had ever been.

“I hope so,” I mutter under my breath. The nerves twist at my stomach.

“I know so. Now come on. You ready?”

I nod reluctantly, opening the car door. The music could be heard from the parking space, shouting and laughing echoing throughout London’s dark winter streets. As we approached the door of the Sidemen house I smoothed out my skirt. The hairs on my arms stood tall and I felt instantly sick.

“Stop worrying Y/n,” Cal put an arm around me. “You have this in the bag!”

We were welcomed in by Tobi. He greeted us all with a hug before showing us over to the dance floor. Within seconds Cal and Sarah disappeared, Sarah to dance with Freya, and Cal to go and converse with Josh. I stood alone by the door. I couldn’t help but wonder what my place really was here: I was no longer a sidemen girlfriend. Was I even really a friend? The the thought made my chest ache.

I made my way to the drinks table at the back, instantly pouring myself a cocktail with a generous amount of alcohol. As the liquid fell into the cup somebody touched my arm.

“Y/n you’re here!”

JJ’s face seemed to light up as he engulfed me in a hug. 

“I am. Hi JJ.”

“How are you? How are things?”

This is a question I always struggle with when talking to anyone who shares some form of relationship with Simon, because I know they’re referencing the break up. When asking this question, nobody really means how are things. What they really mean is ‘how does it feel to be alone? do you cry yourself to sleep every night? are you over it yet?’ If I was truthful, I would probably burst into tears on JJ’s shoulder, telling him my life was ruined and I was sure I would never love again.

But I wasn’t. Instead I took a gulp of my drink, ignored his questioning eye and told him I was completely and utterly fine. He nodded, opening his mouth before closing it again. This repeated a couple of times before he took a deep breath.

“You know, it’s not too late to make things work again, Y/n.”

My heart sunk in my chest, warm, salty tears filling my tearducts. I blinked them away, not even forcing a smile as I looked at JJ.

“I think it is, Jide.”

“It’s not. He misses you.”

A sigh escaped my lips. Why was I talking about this when it was so fresh and painful? Where even was Simon, would he have even turned up? Perhaps he’s already taken someone up to his room. I shook off the thought. 

“I can’t talk about this, Jide, not now. I’m sorry.”

I walked past him and back to the drinks table, finishing the rest of my cup before refilling it again, this time without the cocktail - just with straight liqueur. I finished off this within seconds and poured myself a third. The third drink always made social interaction easier, i thought to myself as I head towards the dance floor.

Soon enough I found myself dancing with the Cals, Harry and Sarah. Alcohol ran through my veins, spreading warmth throughout my body in the form of liquid confidence. I engaged in several hugs, greetings, suffered several times through the dreaded ‘how are things?’ question until i wanted to scribble the words Fine, don’t even ask!’ across my forehead in black sharpie. Other than this, it had so far been a good night, and for the first time in a long time I was enjoying myself. 

All of a sudden the music came to a halt. All eyes in the room looked up at the DJ, who held a large black vinyl in his hand. I exchanged a puzzled look with Sarah who shrugged, clueless as I was. 

“Alright everyone,” the DJ’s voice sounded. “This next one is for the couples in the room!”

Fucking great, I thought to myself. Ignoring the looks of concern from the people around me I rolled my eyes and headed back towards the drinks table. Quickly I topped my drink up and then returned to join everyone. The speakers kick started and as the room dispersed into couples around me, the song started.

My heart sunk. Even in my drunken state, I knew this song. It was mine and Simon’s. I looked up at the DJ in disbelief, questioning why such a mellow song was placed into this playlist anyway; and then I saw him. 

At the other side of the room, standing alone amongst all the couples, was Simon. He looked taller, slightly more muscular than the last time I saw him. His hair was a deep, dark red. It suited him. As our eyes met my chest stood still. The cup fell from my hands, soaking the floor around me. He’s looking back at me. This is Simon, and I love him, and he’s looking back at me.

Instantly I turned on my heel and sprinted, out of the room, down the hall and towards the toilet. I slammed the door behind me and gripped the sink. A loud sob escaped the bottom of my throat as tears raced down my cheeks, landing in a splash of black mascara on the porcelain. The image of his ocean blue eyes staring back at me stayed imprinted in my head. Why was I so surprised to see him when this is his own house? Why did I even come tonight?

My sobs continued, loud enough that they just so happened to drown out the noise of the bathroom door being opened beside me. It was only when I glanced up at the mirror that I saw him there, standing in all his beauty, behind me.

“Y/n..I’m so sorry. For all of it.”

I gripped the sink tighter, the cold surface hurting my palms as I screwed my eyes shut. It’s all just a dream. It’s all just a very messy, drunken dream. 

“I mean it, y/n. I was a prick, I was way too intense and I fucked up. But losing you has been the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and it has made me realise, more than anything, how much I fucking love you, and how much I would do anything to keep you.”

I cried harder. I want him so much, but I don’t know what the right thing to do is anymore. And I sure as hell can’t decide now, in such a drunken state.

Then I inhale deeply, wiping my eyes with the back of my hand. As I stand there silently thinking it occurs to me that, although I don’t know what I want long term, I know what I want now. Taking a deep breath I turn around. His eyes flash as we make contact and I head towards him. He looks so pretty under the yellow toned light, and I know boys aren’t conventionally supposed to be pretty, but he’s beautiful.

Then I jump onto him, my legs around his waist, my lips on his. He stumbles back momentarily in surprise before wrapping his arms tight around my hips. I mirror the rhythm of his kiss. His lips are warm, and they taste like alcohol and mint and I love it. His hands roam over the silk of my dress and he pins me up against the bathroom door, moving them up my thighs.

“I love you, Y/n,” he groans against me. “I fucking love you.”

“I love you too Simon. So damn fucking much.”

You're Poor and He Doesn't Know

“Hey, Y/n, do you mind closing up for me?” Britney asked, hanging her apron on the rack.
“Guess not” I mumbled, collecting the money from the cash register with half opened eyes.
I’ve been working since 8 am, after dropping off my siblings to school. My breaks have only been consisting of taking care of my siblings; my sleeping schedual barely existant.
Ever since my dad had passed away and my mother leaving us, I’ve been working three full time jobs and taking the classes I’m able to afford.
On top of that, I have to pay for the babysitter. She’s like a second mother to them. She’s always there whenever I’m not, and although I’m working more than being home, my siblings know I’m helping them.
I’d never leave them alone.
I’m surprised I’ve been able to make a stable living. Although my house is small with only three bedrooms, I can’t complain. I have enough money to put food and water on our table, and give all three of them an effective education.
Sighing, I placed the money where my manager had directed me to. Rubbing the tired tears away from my eyes, I shifted my gaze to my watch.
10:30 pm. Maybe I’ll be able to get the first good nights sleep within the last week.
Placing my apron on the rack, I turned off all the lights before quickly exiting the diner.
As I was locking the door, my phone began to ring. Sighing, I slid my phone out of my pocket.
“Hello?” I answered, not having any intention on seeing who it was.
“Hello my love” I heard my boyfriend, Harry, say on the other side of the phone.
If one thing could really make me happy after a rough day, it was him.
“Hi Harry. Why you callin’?” I yawned, walking across the street.
“I miss you. Do you want to stay over tonight? We can watch American Horror Story. I found a website where they have season three!” He said enthusiastically.
I giggled, shaking my head at how adorable he is. He always gets excited over the tiny things in life. Phone calls like this make me miss him.
“I can’t, Harry.” I frowned, “I just got out of work. I’m walking home now. The babysitter can’t stay the night.”
“Oh.” Harry whispered.
Tears welled up in my eyes. I miss him so much. During times like these, all I want is for him to hold me and sing me to sleep.
“Maybe I can come ov—nevermind. Nevermind. I’m sorry I asked.”
“It’s okay.” I whispered.
“I just really miss you, that’s all.”
“I miss you so much.” I cried softly, a single tear falling from my eye, “so much.”
The line went quiet, his breathing the only evidence he was still there. I closed my eyes lightly, frowning at how distant this relationship was becoming.
I should tell him how bad it really was, being this poor. I never wanted him to pitty me, especially since he had a wealthy amount of money. I don’t want him to see me differently.
“I’ll come over tomorrow, yeah? Maybe around 12? I’ll ask for a longer break.”
“It’s okay, Y/n, if you can’t. But I’d love to.”
I smiled, walking up to my driveway while grabbing my house keys.
“I love you.” I said, shoving my keys into the key hole.
“Love you more.” He said, before ending the call.
Slipping my phone in my pocket, I pushed open my door, greeted by the babysitter reading an old book that once stood on my bookshelf.
“Thank you so much for watching them all day. It means everything.” I smiled, tearing her gaze away from the book.
Ashley smiled, placing her hand up as a signal for me to stop.
“You don’t have to thank me. If anything, I should thank you. You do so much for these kids, you know? At only eighteen you’re really doing everything you can. It’s inspiring, really. To see someone give up everything for their family. Makes me want to be like you when I’m a mother.”
Tears started to pile in my eyes. To know that all my hard work isn’t going unnoticed makes me feel so relieved. It reminds me why I do all of this in the first place. My family.
“That means so much to me.” I sobbed, quickly wipping away my stray tears.
I shook my head, smiling up at her while letting out a small giggle.
“I’m sorry. You can head home. Just—thank you so much.”
Leaning foward, Ashley gave me a tight hug, rubbing my back as soft as she could.
“You’re amazing. Stay that way, okay? Have a good night.”
“You too.” I smiled, giving my last wave before she walked out the door.
I sighed, heading into my room. I took off my work clothes, immediately replacing them with yoga pants and one of Harry’s t-shirts that I had stolen from him.
Making my way into the bathroom, I had noticed something was wrong. I heard gagging, loud choking sounds coming from the other side of the door.
With panic, I quickly swung open the door. Dylan, my youngest sibling, was hunged over the toilet. Vomit was erupting out of him, his loud sobs raking through his body he was near hysteria.
“Oh my poor Dylan.” I whispered.
Kneeling next to him, I started to slowly rub his sweat-covered back. He was shaking, his entire body pale as he went limb into my body.
“Oh my Dyl. My lovely Dyl.”
I swept his long hair off of his sweaty forehead, placing a small kiss right on his temple.
While rocking him back and forth, I had realized that I wouldn’t be getting my sleep tonight.
It was selfish of me, to think about myself in this situation. But this is what exhastian does to you. It makes you want rest, and anything that gets in the way makes you selfish.
“Dylan, are you able to sleep?” I asked, hoping, praying that he was able to.
“No. I don’t feel good.” He sobbed.
“Dylan, why don’t we go to my bedroom and get some sl—”
“No, sissy, no. I need to stay here. If I go over there I’ll throw up all over the floor. We have to stay here.”
My tears started to fall rapidly down my cheeks. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take care of him like this, so weak and tired. I wish I could take care of him all night, but I know I won’t be able to. Not when I’m like this.
“God. Oh God.” I whispered, reaching my hand up to my eyes.
I need help. I know I need help. There was no way I’m going to be able to do this alone.
Grabbing my phone from the floor, I was doing the one thing I should have done a long time ago.
Going through my contacts, I clicked Harry’s name. The more time passed, the more I got emotional. How have I done this to myself?
“Harry.” I sobbed, rubbing Dylan’s arm up and down in attempt to calm the both of us down.
“Y/n, Y/n, darling. What’s wrong?”
My cries were only getting louder. I’m so tired, so mentally and physically tired. I’m so scared, scared for my brother. I’m every emotion that was enough to kill a person, and I’m at my breaking point.
“I need your help. I really need your help.”
“Oh my God. Okay. Where are you?”
I heard his car keys jiggle on the other line, and I’m so thankful that he’s up at this time.
“I’m at my house, Harry. Please, I need you.”
“I’ll help you, you just have to tell me what your adress is, Y/n. This is the only way I can help you.”
“53 Livingston Street. I can’t answer th—the door so please just come in. Please.” I whispered.
“I’m leaving now. I’ll be right there. Do you hear me?”
I nodded.
“Good. You’re alright. Just breathe. You’re okay. Let me go so that I can drive, alright? I love you.”
“I love you too.”
Hanging up the phone, I pulled Dylan more against me, rocking the both of us back and forth. I tried to settle my crying down for him, so that he wouldn’t think I’m like this because of him. He had done nothing wrong. This was my fault.
When minutes started to feel like hours, Harry stormed into my house. He looked panicked. Eyes wide and body out of control. I think it made him oblivious to the way my house looks.
“Y/n?! Y/n?!” Harry screamed.
“Harry” I whimpered, reaching my arm toward him.
He turned around to my voice, his body relaxing, letting out a sigh of relief.
“My poor baby.” He frowned.
Once he reached me, he planted a light kiss on my lips. Nothing too hard, nothing too soft.
“What’s wrong, my angel?”
My bottim lip quivered, my eyes shutting tightly as a loud sob escaped my throat.
“I—I’m so tired. I’ve been working 14 to 20 hours everyday, I never get sleep, I have classes. I have to take care of my siblings. I’m just so tired, Harry. I just want sleep and you and to rest. For one day, I just want a break.”
“Oh darl—”
“And now Dylan is sick, and I don’t know what to do. I’m going to panic over the tiniest things. I’m going to have to help him but I’m just so tired.”
My head fell into his chest, my exhausted tears seeping through his shirt. He didn’t seem to mind, for he kept rubbing my back in circular motions.
I felt Dylan place his warm hand on my cheek, rubbing his palm upon my skin. Looking down at him, I saw him frowning at me. His puppy dog eyes filled with tears.
“I’m sorry, sissy. Don’t be mad at me.”
A small smile formed on my lips.
“I could never be mad at you, baby boy. You’re my life. I care for you more than for me, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.”
Staring down at him for too long, I felt my body begin to fall foward. My eyes were close to closing on me, my body becoming weaker by the second.
Harry’s hand stopped me before I fell on top of Dylan.
“Alright, that’s it. Let me take you to bed, I’ll take care of Dylan here and put him to bed, alright?” Harry asked, lifting me up onto him.
“No, Y/n. This is crossing the line. Dylan, do you think you can stay here while I put your sister to bed?”
He nodded, his pale body pushing off of mine.
Harry sighed, lifting me up bridal style. I cuddled into him, my cheek laying perfectly on his chest.
My body was placed onto my stiff matress, a blanket being wrapped around me like a cacoon. I hadn’t been this comfortable for as long as I could remember.
I heard Harry mumble something, but my body was crashing down. I was on the edge of passing out. My body feeling as if it wasn’t real.
Before I knew it, Harry had entered my room. I heard his shirt and pants hitting the floor before he made his way over to my bed.
His body cuddled into mine. His arms wrapped around me where his fingers hooked together at the end of my back. He sighed, kissing my forehead before tangling our legs together.
“You should have told me.” He whispered, “I would have helped.”
I shook my head, eyes still closed and I burried my face in his shoulder.
“I know” I mumbled, “‘m sorry.”
“It’s okay baby. It’s okay.”
His cold fingers lifted up my shirt, his freezing tips dancing along the dimples.
“Sleep, my darling. Tomorrow will be just you and me, okay? No work for you. You need to rest.”
“But I need the mone—”
“One day won’t hurt you. I promise, alright?”
His lips met with the skin behind my ear, his soft voice lulling me into a deep sleep.
“Hm?” He hummed.
A lazy smile formed on my lips, grazing them along his neck.
“I’m in love with you.” I mumbled, before I was off with my dreams.

One is a bird, two are the trees, three is the wind in the leaves…

Oh my god I finally got around to doing this, and it didn’t take all day or anything. Combined the three watercolour paintings before into one image. I’m happy with the result. The idea was to show their character and the way they regard/interact with each other. I love their dynamic so much. T.T

harry (wroetoshaw) imagine: it’s just too late.

Y/N pov:

I looked over the sleeping city that was London on this winter night. The leftover Christmas lights lit up certain areas, and the entire city seemed to be dancing along with everyone inside. The January air bit at my skin, causing goosebumps to stand along my arms, and my pink toned hands to shake. The music was loud enough to make the balcony shake and my cup seemed to tremble too; although whether this was due to the music or the natural nerves of my mind, we will never know. I took another sip as someone came to join me on the balcony.

“Y/n? Why aren’t you inside man you’re missing the fun!” 

“I’ll be in a minute,” I turned to smile at Tobi. “Just getting some air.”

He edged closer to me until we were standing side by side. 

“What’s up?”

“Nothing. What makes you think anything’s wrong?”

“Y/n.” He looked me in the eye. “You don’t fool me. You’re drinking to forget rather than to get lit, it’s obvious.”

I broke the eye contact, focusing once again on the view. 

“I’m fine, Tobi. I’m so so fine.”

I felt his eyes on me. 

“It’s Harry isn’t it?”

“What?” I asked, my heart instantly racing at the mention of his name. 

“It’s Harry! You love Harry!” 

“I do not,” I fought back. “I don’t love him. He’s just a friend. Nothing more.”

“Then why is it you’ve avoided him all night? Why is it that the one night he brings his girlfriend round, you refuse to be within twenty metres of him?”

“Look, Tobi,” I felt tears threaten to fill my eyes. “We can’t talk about this here.”

“But I’m right, aren’t I? You’re in love with Harry!”


I dropped my cup. 

“Oh shit..” Tobi muttered. “Gotta go guys.”

I turned as he entered the building again, as Harry stood still. The clear liquid on the floor travelled. 


“You love me?”

A tear escaped my eye, falling down my cheek. Harry’s face was pale, almost statue like. I couldn’t meet his eye.

“Well? Do you? Is it true?”

I simply nodded.

“Fuck.” He ran his hand through his hair. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Silence filled the atmosphere. More tears fell down my face, creating streaks in my make up. I had been keeping this a secret for four years. I didn’t ever intend to tell him, especially not like this. 

“How long for, Y/N? How long have you loved me?”

“Four years,” I sobbed, so quiet it was barely audible. He let out a loud, frustrated groan.

“Oh my God Y/n why didn’t you tell me? This could have changed everything, everything could have gone so differently.” 

I looked up at him. He looked past me, his eyes scanning over the city lights. I wanted to ask what this meant, what his reaction meant, but the words just wouldn’t come out. Nevertheless he continued.

“Four years. Four whole years. Fuck Y/n. You should have told me, man.”

He sounded angry, and broken, his voice shaking. The hairs on his arms stood to attention.

“Would it have changed anything?” I asked timidly. “Had I told you..would it have changed anything?”

“Of course it would Y/n, I dreamt of hearing you say those words for so long.”

My heart race sped up. The tears stopped for a second.

“But that’s different now.”

“Different?” I asked, feeling the alcohol rising up from my stomach.

“Different, Y/n. Two years ago I would’ve done anything to hear you say those words, man. I was so in love with you.”

The ‘was’ in the sentence felt as if a thousand bullets had been fired into my chest all at the same time. The blow was intense. It felt as if I had been struck back, like I had fallen over the edge and off of the balcony, and was now falling a thousand metres down to eventually be plummeted onto the pavement. That is the equivalent of the pain I was feeling.

“But I have Katie now,” he continued. “And I love her, and I couldn’t leave her. I couldn’t hurt her Y/N you know that.”

I watched as my tear drops hit the floor.

“So you don’t love me anymore..not even a little.”

“Of course I do Y/n, I always will. I just can’t be with you.”

“Maybe in a year, or in ten, maybe some other time. But right now, right here, you’re not mine and I’m not yours. I’m so so sorry Y/n.”

“Right..” I inhaled deeply. 

“Are you like..okay?” He asked, warily.

“I can’t do this.”

I edged past him, making my way back into the building and through all of the drunken, happy people. I took note to look at his girlfriend quickly. She was pretty, and thin, and kind looking. She had the kind of face it hurt to look at. I continued to walk on, Harry’s voice shouting my name audible as I opened the front door, tears streaming down my face. I edged towards the lift.

“Come on, I don’t have time-”

“Y/N wait!”

I felt someone grab my wrist - Harry. As I turned to look at him he looked hurt. His eyes were light, his grip hard. 

“Fuck it.”

He leaned in, pressing his lips to mine in a short, dangerous kiss. 

“I am so, so sorry Y/n.”

“It’s fine,” I forced a teary smile. As the lift door opened I looked back at him.

“Maybe in a year?”

A grin covered his face. “Maybe in a year, Y/n. ”

Let's Go

— Requested?: Yes

— Group: Wanna One

— Characters: Y/N + Park Jihoon

— Genre: Idk but it’s a zombie apocalypse AU, angst probably

— Message: This has some mild gore in it so if you don’t like that this probably isn’t for you


You woke up from the quick power nap that you had taken in a safe shelter about 5 minutes from the center of the now terrible city. The government had a quarantine set for a disease that popped up around the state, but somehow the disease was spread quickly throughout many people, starting a zombie apocalypse. You looked over to your longtime boyfriend, Park Jihoon, who was still fast asleep against the pillow he had packed in his worn-down and dirty travel bag. You contemplated whether or not to wake him up, knowing that it was time to leave the vicinity soon. You decided to give him a light shake to wake him up from his sleep.

“Hey, we have to get going soon.” You told Jihoon quietly. He stretched and got up before replying to you.

“Is there anything outside the little window in the corner?” He asked as he moved his eyes towards it. You checked the world outside for any creatures roaming around and laid your eyes on some infected human turned zombie that was at an intersection about 100 feet away from you and Jihoon.

“Pack your things now and let’s go south.” You rushed to put the supplies that were scattered on the ground back into your grey travel bag you had since you were about five years old.

“I-is there something out there?” Jihoon stuttered right before quickly packing his things.

“When you get your stuff all cleaned up look out the window if you want to see what’s going on, if it’s even still there.” Jihoon listened to your request and hastily swung his travel bag on his back before jogging towards the window to get a peek of what was outside.

“Oh my god… that’s too close.” Jihoon gasped as he grabbed your wrist pulling you in the opposite direction of where the mob of zombies were and opened the door. He handed you a machete to make sure that if something got in your way, you could take them out.

“Don’t start running now, if we run the whole time we’re not gonna have enough energy. Lets pace ourselves.” You explained to Jihoon while you two were hiding behind a large dumpster for a bit. He listened carefully to the advice you gave him.

“Let’s go.” You whispered.

“You sure, Y/N?” He asked, skeptically. You simply held his hand and started jogging side by side, keeping an eye out for any zombies, victims, or other strange things that could possible appear. God forbid one of you get infected with the unknown disease the zombies were carrying, as you would then turn into one yourself.

“Jihoon! To the right!” You exclaimed, pointing your hand to the area next to him. He looked over to the wide open area next to him to see a zombie approaching him. Before he knew it, the zombie switched routes and went for you instead. The zombie was able to grab one of your fingers with it’s grimy hand, making your heart drop. You screamed out for help, thinking that these were your last moments.

“Y/N!” Jihoon yelled as he fought for you.

Jihoon quickly grabbed a throwing knife that was in his bag and hit the zombie in the side of the head, taking it down quickly and leaving the body to decompose on the street. Jihoon immediately found a small underground room and took you there with him, closing the door behind him.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Jihoon was barely able to mumble out these words to you as he took you into what could possibly be considered be the largest embrace he ever gave you. He began to tear up a little, and nuzzled his head into your shoulder.

“It’s okay now Jihoon.” You muttered, wrapping your arms around him. Jihoon took his head off of your shoulder and looked down at the cemented ground.

“I will never be able to forgive myself for that, Y/N.” You wanted to stop him there, but you let him continue to speak.

“The fact that my world’s life was almost taken just a few minutes ago… it completely breaks me. I wish I would of helped you better so you wouldn’t of had to do deal with that. I’ll always try to protect you. I’m so sorry, from the bottom of my heart. You deserve someone better, really…” He trailed off before muttering nonsense you couldn’t comprehend.

“Don’t ever say that I deserve someone better than you. I’m happy with you, do you understand Park Jihoon?” You countered. “Just because that happened once doesn’t mean I hate you now. Hell, you saved my life so I love you more now.” You announced seriously, place the both of your hands on his shoulders looking him dead in the eyes.

“Thank you.” He simply answered.

You took a quick peek outside of the door to see what was going on. To your horror, you see a flock of zombies tearing up an elderly pedestrian’s organs out at a crosswalk and some buildings being lit on fire with arson by a few corrupted government officials. You immediately shut the door and lock it, giving a thorough explanation of what you had just seen went down to Jihoon.

“We have to stay here for the night.” Jihoon concluded.

“Yeah, start getting your stuff laid out so we can figure out what to do.” You requested of him. The two of you spread your materials on the ground while the A.M. radio played softly in the background with any news. Something that played on the radio made the both of you stop in your tracks.

‘Urgent announcement: Federal ships have been ordered to help citizens flee from the current state of the nation. 500 ships will start loading at dawn, 7 A.M. Approximately 100,000 citizens will be able to load citizens, and send them to a safe nation across the ocean. It is currently unknown if any more ships will be available after that day.’

You and Jihoon locked eyes after the announcement was over.

“We-” You were cut off.

“Have to.” Jihoon completed your sentence for you.

Jihoon checked the time on his industrial watch, which read 7:23 P.M.

“Let’s go to sleep now, set an alarm on your watch for 5:30 A.M. so we have enough time to get packed and head to the ships early.” You stated. Jihoon nodded his head and did as you said. The both of you then went under the sleeping bag Jihoon had brought with him, and he blew out the light coming from the gas powered lantern that you two were lucky to find in the underground room.

“What are we going to do when he get relocated?” Jihoon inquired softly, playing with your hair.

“It all depends where we’re going, darling. Hopefully the place isn’t too bad.” You sighed in response. He gave you a kiss on the lips before letting you drift off to sleep.


“Y/N!” Jihoon exclaimed, waking you up because the alarm couldn’t.

Your lips formed an O shape before you widened your eyes and looked up at him.

“Did I miss the alarm?” You queried, still half asleep.

“Yes, silly. Now go eat a quick snack before we head out.” Jihoon tossed you a plastic bag with some treats in it. You opened up a pack that contained a granola bar in it while Jihoon quickly packed the stuff back into you two’s bags.

“Ready?” He chirped, although you knew him too well to not sense any fear in his voice, which was a bit evident.

“How long is it from here?” You asked while placing your bag on your shoulders.

“Three minutes if we make a run for it, it’s 5:46 A.M. right now. I’ll lead the way, I don’t want to see you get hurt again.” Jihoon explained carefully.

“Let’s go.” You announced, cautiously opening the metal door to go outside.

“Is the coast clear?” Jihoon asked nervously. You simply gave him a thumbs up and motioned for him to come outside, which he did.

“Alright, we have to keep going west to the oceanside, run.” He informed.

“Now?” You asked.

“Now.” Jihoon replied.

The two of you started putting as much energy as you could to run to where the ships would be loading. You abruptly stop running, making Jihoon stop as well.

“What’s wrong?!” Jihoon exasperated.


“What?” He was confused.

“Go on the rooftop with me. Now.” You commanded.

“There’s not time for games now, Y/N!” Jihoon cursed.

“Look behind us…” You both turned your heads slowly to have eye contact with you would say 100 zombies coming directly towards you and your boyfriend. Jihoon widened his eyes and his you behind him as well started to bring you to a ladder which leads to a rooftop with him.

“Go first, Y/N.” Jihoon told you.


“Please.” He insisted. You do as he says and work your way up the rungs of the ladder. You finally reach the rooftop, and look down, almost vomiting at the sight.

“GO!” You screamed as the zombies were about ten feet away from your boyfriend. He placed his right foot on the first rung of the ladder. You looked down intensely at him, and saw that a zombie grabbed ahold of his travel bag. You started screaming and sobbing.

“I got this, Y/N.” He shouted loud enough so you could hear him. He slipped his travel bag off of him, letting the zombies get ahold of it. Jihoon climbed up the ladder quicker than you have seen anyone else do it, and you immediately hug him.

“Please don’t worry, it’s what I deserve.” Jihoon whispered. When you heard those words, you became furious at his words, but also extremely sad.

“Don’t ever say that.” You snapped. “Let’s just go.”

The both of you were able to successfully reach the loading area for the last before many people arrived. You remember that you had to have your ID for any sort of thing like this, heart dropping as you remembered Jihoon let the zombies get ahold of his travel bag.

“Jihoon?” You muttered. He looked at you.

“You didn’t have your ID in your bag, right?” You gave him an anxious smile. To your sudden relief, he pulled it out of his back pocket and showed it to you.

“Thank god.” You whispered to yourself.

The both of you headed to the employee that was in charge of issuing permits to be able to board the ships provided by the government. The line went by quickly, and the both of you went into the secure waiting room, laying down on the ground.

“Wow.” You say.

“I’m happy for the both of us.” He looked over at you with a smile. You and Jihoon rest on each other’s shoulders, waiting for ship 42 to be called up.

‘Ship 42, loading now. Ship 42, loading now.’ The words boomed through the intercoms placed around the waiting room. You and Jihoon hurried towards the ship, showing your permits to be allowed on. Jihoon and you find the nearest seat on the ship to rest on.

“I can’t believe that actually happened.” You exhaled, finally able to breathe right.

“Wherever we go, let’s be happy there too, okay?” Jihoon asked.

“Always.” You snuggle against his chest. Someone working on the ship gives you two a pamphlet of the destination.

“South Korea? I’ve been wanting to take you there so long!” Jihoon cheered. You looked over to the pamphlet in his hands, smiling.

“I’ll finally be able to meet your family, huh?” You chuckled.

“Oh, how this is going to be a wild story to tell.” Jihoon giggled.

something flickered in black’s shadowed eyes

i know what that something is

the realization of just what kind of friends harry’s got

and sirius black remembering he used to have friends like that once too

sirius being instantly more gentle to his godson’s best friend

let me just lie down for a while i’m fine

Anthony Trujillo - Scars

**A/N TRIGGER WARNING also this is a request from Wattpad

Things were going great for you for a long time.  You’d been feeling so much better.  It was great, until the day the Lagoon was refilled.  Tessa and Erika begged you to go swimming with them, but you told them you couldn’t.  You couldn’t find your bathing suit, and you always wore a certain kind to cover some scars on your leg.  They did not know that.

“Just wear one of mine,” Tessa said, encouraging you.

You knew you weren’t going to win the fight.  Maybe they wouldn’t notice, maybe you could avoid giving them a chance to see it.  “Fine.” you sighed.

She smiled and grabbed a bathing suit from her dresser for you, then you went to the bathroom to change.  “I’ll meet you outside,” you said before closing the door.

Once you were changed, you practically ran downstairs.  You were almost out the back door when you heard someone say, “hey, y/n!”

You stopped walking and inwardly sighed.  You held your towel down to cover your scars, and turned to face your boyfriend.  “Yeah?”

He walked over to you and hugged you lightly.  “Where are you going?  I thought maybe we could watch a movie or something?”

You chuckled.  “I wish I could, but Tessa and Erika are making me go swimming with them.”

“Pleeease stay inside with me?” he asked.  “You’re always with Tessa and Erika, I just want a couple hours.”

“I’m with you every night.”

“When we’re sleeping.”

You sighed.  “Let me talk to them about it.”

He shook his head and took your towel from you.  Your eyes widened when you realized he’d uncovered your scars.  “I’ll talk to them.”  He went to put the towel on the counter behind you, but paused when he looked down.  “What happened to your leg?” he asked.

You froze.  You’d never told anybody about your dark days, not even Anthony.  You were afraid of what their reactions would be.  “I-I-um-what scars?”

He bent down so he could look at the scars.  “They look pretty old.”

You were trying not to cry.  You knew it was stupid to hide it, you’d have to tell eventually, but you just weren’t ready yet.  “Um…”  You stood there for a moment, trying to think of something to say, before you just turned and bolted to the stairs.  You were upstairs before you knew it, and threw the door closed behind you.

You knew you were out of time.  You’d have to explain yourself.  If not in that moment, whenever you went downstairs.  You jumped when the door opened again, and Anthony came in, gently shutting the door behind himself.

“What’s going on?” he asked.  “What are you hiding from me?”

You had to tell him the truth.  You knew it was wrong to think up some lie, and if he found out it was a lie he’d never trust you again.  You sat down on the edge of your bed and looked up at him, with tears in your eyes.  “Anthony, I-I’ve faced some dark things in my life…”

He sat down beside you, and you both remained silent for a moment before he said, “You didn’t get scratched by something, did you?”

You slowly shook your head.  “My parents were breaking up, and my friends were fighting, and I had nobody I could turn to.  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I-I wanted it all over-”

He immediately wrapped his arms around you, and you lost the rest of your sentence in a fit of sobs.  “It’s okay,” he whispered in your ear as he held onto you tightly.  “It’s okay, y/n.”

You turned your head so you could speak without it being muffled by his shirt.  “I-I didn’t wanna tell you because I didn’t know if it would make you see me differently…”

He pulled out of the hug and placed his hand on your cheek, to make you look at him.  “The only thing it changed is how precious each moment with you is to me.  Of course, it was already the most important thing to me, but now…  Now that I know it almost couldn’t have happened…”  He hugged you again, tighter.

“I love you,” you cried into his shoulder.  You wrapped your arms around him and hugged him tightly, as you let out a loud sob.  “I love you so much.”

“Those bad days are behind you now,” he said quietly into your ear.  “I’ll make sure it’s all good days ahead for you.”

You lost yourself in sobs as you just hugged him even tighter.

like…listen…everything is messy as hell and Lukas is in a really bad place and it’s all stressful as anything but…that scene with Philip and Lukas and Anne…where Lukas admits out loud to someone other than Philip, that he likes Philip and it’s hard for him…and Anne reassured him it was ok and kissed his cheek…I’d like to thank each and every deity for that scene because it cleansed my skin and watered my crops and added years to my life

A wild piece of Life Chapter 1 (college!Negan x reader)

Summary: You are a rich girl who is grateful about life but something happens that twists it.  

Pairing: Tv!Negan x reader 

Warnings: None

Part of Embrace the Apocalypse 400 follower challenge.  

I wanna say congratulations on those 400 followers @embracetheapocalypsewithme and this is actually my FIRST challenge ever and I am super anxious and excited. Okay, here we go. 

A/N: At first I wasn’t going to sign up because i’m not good at writing but when i read “College” I knew the shit I was going into. 

Originally posted by anta-e

You’ve never complained about life. Never. You’ve seen the real world and you were grateful for what you have. Your parents, your friends however…complain. and a lot. It was annoying, irritating, Fuck, it drove you crazy. Which is why you rejected every invitation of “party” in the university you attended. You studied long and hard to get a sociology major. Not only that but you wanted to be a teacher, more specifically a kindergarten teacher. Teaching kids that money is never important. That money was just something to keep us distracted…that turns us into fools. You wanted to spread what was really important. 

You were in the library; books surrounding you in a semi circle with the expensive Mac-book, writing an essay for your Literature professor. You stared at the screen with an emotionless expression. You were so close to finishing it that out of nowhere you felt something that was unexplainable. A feeling that something bad is about to happen. You shook your head, ignoring the feeling because everything was going well. 

Everything IS going well, seriously, what can go wrong?

You took a breath as you sat up on the comfy chair and closed the laptop. “Everything is fine.” You whispered in reassurance as you placed the laptop in your bag and closed each book. 

 You unlocked the door to your room, careful with not waking your drunk roommate. 

Once you sat and stared at her for a few seconds, you sighed, thinking of how awful the money is like usual. That, is the only thing you complain about. Money. Your phone vibrated in your jacket and you when you pulled it out and check the number you realize it was your dad. You smiled and answered, “Hey dad.” you said softly, walking out to the hallway. “Hiya sweetie.” he said sadly.

 Oh no, was he drunk too? He always gets sad when drinking and pukes out his pathetic problems, but you let him puke. “What’s wrong Dad? One of your golf sports car got a scratch on it?” “No sweetheart, no. How are you feeling sweetie? Did you eat? Did you have a nice time studying? How’s your grades?” ‘Okay.’ you thought, ‘Dad only asks excessively when there’s a real problem.’ “Daddy, I’m fine. What’s wrong?” “Are you sitting right now?” he asked softly this time. 

Like he received devastating news. “No daddy-” 

 “Please sit.”

 It took a few seconds but down the hallway in the middle was a room for students who needs quiet. It was perfect if you really needed to study or even talk with some friends. You entered the room and sat on the couch that was against the wall. “Did you find it?” he asked, slowly and soft.

 “Yes. Now will you please tell me what’s wrong Daddy?” 

 “Sweetie-pie…What I am going to say is going to rip your heart apart…we can’t afford your school anymore. You have to transfer to a…cheap college.” He sobbed. I was quiet except for the heart thumping so loud. I wanted to feel the shock, to gasp; to no avail, all I heard was the heart thump and the sobbing of my dad. Was it too late to start complaining about life?

 P.s. I decided to make it a couple of chapters. The tension will build up. The second part is already making me cry.