i sobbed all over sai

How would Monsta x react to their first win
  • Shownu: Probably doesn't know where he is, what happened, what to do. Clueless about what kind of speech he should say. Awkwardly handing the mic to others.
  • Wonho: Crying. Bawling. Sobbing. Snot and tears all over his face. Saying "I love you" to fans and his mother.
  • Minhyuk: Either being his hyper self, screaming, jumping on others, shock all over his face. Dolphin noises. Would give an awesome, heartfelt speech. Or crying discreetly behind a member.
  • Kihyun: Cocky and proud af. Grinning from ear to ear. Showing the trophy to everyone. Being proud of his fans. Playing it off as no big deal. Laughing at Wonho.
  • Hyungwon: Michevious grinning. Standing there awkwardly. Probably would make meme faces. Maybe mantis dance. Laughing at Wonho too. (Lowkey wanna see him crying)
  • Jooheon: Another crybaby. Would try to thank his fans, but his words would be incoherent. Dabbing through the tears. Would hug everyone near him.
  • I.M: Just as clueless as Shownu. If he's got say something he would spill out some weird shit. Maybe funny dance. Kissing the trophy. Wouldn't know what to do with the bouquet.

u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood

i just keep sobbing and saying “its all gone” to myself over and over and i cant breathe and i think i might be going insane i need encouragement any i just feel so hopeless right now


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❧ - neck , ❤ - lips or ∞ - the burn scars on the lower navel of your dear older brother's stomach ;3c

You made a bunch of requests, brother, but I believe this one is the one you truly desire.

Lucille X Negan X Reader

This is a random Negan imagine I wrote yesterday. I know I don’t do twd imagines but I just love Negan. @suckerforsmilex hope you like it hun

You took a deep breath in waiting for your que. After all the time you still got excited about the shit you were about to rain down on these people. You took the picture of your husband out your pocket when you heard “and let’s meet her!” you gave the picture a kiss “show time baby” You whispered to the photo and booted the RV door clean off. It landed on the floor with a loud bang.
“Evening ladies! I’m Lucille” you smiled and bowed at the group of women on their knees in beautiful line up. “You shitting yourselves yet? Cuz I fuckin would be.”


Negan and Dwight were heading back home after an unsuccessful short run out. Neither were talking and just wanted to head back. They took a shortcut through the woods when they saw a lot of lights up ahead.
“Shall we go round?” Dwight whispered.
Negan frowned “Hell no! What if it’s a group we own? Hilltop? Rick? We gota check this out.” He put his finger to his lips as he krept forward. They got to a tree where they had a clean view of the line up “What the fuck is going off?” he saw the woman kick the door of the RV off laughing “Oh shit!”
“Who is that?” Dwight asked.
Negan had a half worried half impresses expression look on his face “This is not good.”


You swung the large metal axe around in a circle. “So you call yourself the goddesses? See I find that fuckin funny… cuz you know, I never thought goddesses killed people who hadn’t done anything to you. Well yeah I’m taking your shit but.. you killed my people. At first I was gona let you off but then you killed my toy boy and then I found my fuckin dog. Dead. That tipped me over the fuckin edge.” You took a deep breath in “and now, you beautiful little ladies get to meet my favourite person. This,” You held you axe up clearly for all to see “this is Negan. I named him after my dear husband. Both can give you a right head ache. If you get me.” You paced up and down seeing all the women shaking and crying “I know I know this is all a bit much for you but honestly it is all your fault.” You clapped you hands together “Now, Emily.” You spoke to your right hand man, well right hand girl “Who’s the leader? Like the main bitch?”
Emily walked behind a woman looking at the ground, she had long hair, flannel shirt and cammo bottoms on “this one luce” She pushed the barrel of her pistol into the back of her neck making her gasp “I think her names Megan. I dunno though.”
You crouched down infront of her lifting her head up with negans handle. “Hi Meg. I can call you Meg right?” not expecting answer. You could see the fear in her eyes which only made you smile more “I want you to know that all of this is your fault. No matter how fuckin angry you get with me this is all because of you. I really want you to blame yourself.” You got hold of a large chunk of her hair and dragged her forward then threw her on the ground. “Get on your knees! I want you to watch this. Rex!” you clicked your fingers at one of your men “Get your ass here point that gun at her head if she moves shoot her.” You turned back to the line up.
“P…p…please.. please don’t..” A younger lass in the middle sobbed “we… we understand.. we understand.”
You walked to her taking her chin in your hands and lifting her head to look at you “Damn sweetie. You get it, but your boss, she doesn’t. She will try and kill me after this. But she needs to understand I can’t be killed. I’m everywhere.” You kissed her on the forehead and stood back up. “Now this is my favourite bit, one of you gets to me Negan.” You jumped a little “I do love this bit. Survivors!” you shouted to your men “any one screams, moves and tries to pull any shit shoot them all! Then I’m going to go to your little town and shoot everyone there too. Till there is no one left everyone you love will die. So don’t fucking move. I guess you can cry, maybe throw up. This shit ain’t gona be nice.” You laughed at them again “we’re gona play a little game as I just can’t decide. It’s called duck duck goose. If you’re goose you’re fuckin dead.” You walked to the end of the line pointing Negan in each of their faces. “duck….. duck…… duck….. duck……. duck…… duck……. duck….. duck…… goose.” You got to the prettiest of them all “I guess you’re it.” You could hear them all sobbing saying no over and over again “nothing personal hun but you’re too pretty for my liking. Someone my husband would just really love.” You brought Negan above your head and in one clean drop you lodged him right into the top of her skull. Blood splattered everywhere, poured out her mouth and she collapsed on the floor. “haha daymn!” you pushed your short black hair back out of your face. “That is stuck right in there.” You wobbled the handle “I know, Meg crawl your ass here.”
She crawled over to you “Fuck you!” she leapt up punching you in the face. Luckily it didn’t hurt you at all. You heard a slight rustle coming from a tree near you. Probably a fucking squirrel or summet you thought. You sighed and grabbed a hold of her hair again pulling her head back “What did I say? What did I fuckin say? You silly cunt.” You pulled a knife from your pocket and dragged it lightly across her cheek. “Now Meg. I want you to chose two people to live.”
“No. No” She shook her head. “You can’t make me do this”
You squeezed her shoulders “Hun, you did this. I will fuck you up, slaughter everyone here, everyone in your home and keep you alive but only just. So pick two. I won’t kill everyone I just want to give you an option here. I’m trying to be nice.”
Her hands violently shook as she pointed to the young girl you had already spoke to and a woman similar to her. “perfect! Is that your girlfriend? Sister maybe? Never mind. Lady come here a sec.” You threw Meg back onto the ground. You stroked her face “and your name is?”
“Teresa” She trembled
“okay Teresa this will be over soon. Could you do me a favour and get Negan out your friends skull. It’s truly lodged in there.”
“Ermm OK.” She wobbled over to the dead girl and pulled Negan out her skull then turned and slowly passed it to you.
You smiled “Thank you hun. That’s all I wanted.” With one spin you swung Negan and took her head clean off. All the girls screamed mainly Megan. “I hope you’ve all learnt a valuable lesson today.” You pointed Negan in Megan’s face. “Don’t. Fuck. With. Me.” You wiped the blood off Negan onto Megan’s shirt. “Right I say we roll out! I’ll give you guys the RV. A treat from me and take the fuckin bodies with you.” They all stayed where they were “Now!” you yelled. They all started to scramble onto their feet sobbing their hearts out. They picked up the bodies and left pretty quickly. I guess they didn’t want to be around you much more.
Emily came up to you “Nice. We headin home then?”
You put an arm round her and smiled “That we are. I think I’m gona stay here, have a fag, enjoy a beer and catch you back home. I want to soak up the air a bit.”
“okay boss.” She climbed in her car and drove off with the rest.
You walked over to your truck lighting a fag on the way. You grabbed a bottle of beer off the passenger seat and walked to the bloody stains on the floor. You took a deep breath in, spun around real fast and threw your bottle against the tree behind you. “Okay dick head! Come out and I won’t kill you. I know you were watching me. Let’s see your face.”
Some ugly fucker walks from behind the tree. All the side of his face burnt up and his hands raised. “Pretty impre…”
You cute him off “Jesus man! You’re one ugly son of a bitch! Someone really fucked you up.” You swung Negan around in a circle again “You with anyone? Your wife? A mate? Come out love don’t be shy!” you called out to the tree. All of a sudden you hear a familiar laugh.
Then his voice “Oh that was quite a show!”
There he was, your husband. The man you lost when the apocalypse struck. You were away with work and you lost contact in all the mess. You really never thought you’d see him again.
Everything just fell out your hands you couldn’t speak. You walked towards him and slapped him clean across the face. Then he grabbed you by the waist pulling you into the most powerful kiss you’ve ever had. You pulled back breathing really heavily. “Fuck” You whispered. He kissed your again with pure hunger.
“ I fucking missed you doll.” He picked you up and turned to the burnt face guy. “I want you to head back, tell my wives to leave before I come home. Or there’ll be a fuckin shit storm heading their way.”
You pulled back “I’m sorry… your wives?”
“Well you couldn’t expect me to not fuck anyone. And didn’t I hear you mention they killed your toy boy.”
You shrugged “You got me there. Can I go and tell them to fuck off. I’d really enjoy that.”
“I don’t see why not. I love a good cat fight.” He smiled at you
“Trust me.. no bitch is gonna want to try and fight me.” You kissed him again “Also I’m gonna need you to like fuck my brains out!”
He grunted “that can be arranged. You giving us a lift then.”


  • Clarence Too Gross for Comfort: omG DID THEY JUST AHAHAHAHHAHA
  • Over the Garden Wall Ch. 7+8: n-no no nONONONONO WHY MUST THIS BE
  • Me: *Exits the cart in a mess of emotions* .... LET'S RIDE IT AGAIN.