i sobbed


Read more about Chloe. She’s not just a paralyzed kitten.
Remembering Chloe’s first moments of mobility. She had a hard time at first, and @ triumphant_teagan had recommended letting her glide with her back legs in a box. I absolutely sobbed watching Chloe experience joy in this way. This was over 3 months ago now, and in that time I’ve watched her blossom into the most fearless, strong, hilarious, playful little cat. Now I don’t cry because I’m sad for her, I cry because I’m so deeply inspired by her happy spirit. No, she won’t walk again, but no, she isn’t broken. She is perfect and saving her has transformed me. I’ve learned that we must meet animals where they are, and that instead of asking them to conform to our expectations (“she needs to walk!”), we must conform to theirs (small lifestyle adjustments + brave, unconditional love.) Chloe is perfect. Chloe is love. She inspires me so much and I hope to share that love and inspiration as best as I can. - Hannah Shaw 13/8/2017 | Credit here




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