i sob in envy


George: (Sobbing.) I just want my brother to envy my money, but he’s got that hair Why can’t I have hair and money and him nothing?

Arrested Development, Season 3, episode “Family Ties”

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I hate everything about you.

Edward Elric/Envy

“I hate everything about you.”

This line couldn’t apply to the two more than ever. Edward Elric and Envy. The two were together, romantically, but they did still hated each other; nobody would ever know that though not with how the two acted. Even though Envy was the enemy, Ed still felt for the homunculi and same goes for Envy.

It all started when the two were in another one of their fights. Envy said something about Ed’s height, which set Edward off as usual. Envy always knew he was attracted to Edward, ever since he met him, and teasing him was Envy’s secret way of flirting a secret Envy thought would always be his own. One day, however, Envy’s little secret became known. Lust was very good at figuring people out, people like Envy, too. Though, Lust was not so good at keeping those secrets.

During a mission, the two ran into the Elric brothers, and Lust let it slip. The rest was history. After a few months Edward and Envy actually became ‘a thing’, so people would like to call it. Envy always thought humans were stupid for always having a word for everything, but he went along with it, under protest.

And now, here is where the story really starts.


Hate is a strong word, but it fit perfectly for the two lovers. The words hate and lovers contradict each other but it was their relationship. The lovers would always smile when with each other in public. Always seemed happy, and people were happy for them, even as weird as it was. When the two were alone was a different story.

Yes, the two were happy with each other, but they were also unhappy. They would fight, and not just little bickering fight. No, punches would be thrown, mean words would be said, meaner than usual, sometimes it would end with Envy leaving for a few days. Whenever he did come back (and he always did) they wouldn’t talk. No apologies were ever spoken, but they went on.

One morning ,however, was different. Edward, as per usual, cuddled up to a sleeping Envy but Edward laid there staring at Envy. Wearing his usual boxers and a black tank top, the blond sat up in bed. While he sat there staring at his lover, he crawled over on top of the other, his legs next to Envy’s sides. He brought up his hands and cupped the homunculi’s face. Leaning in, he kissed Envy very lightly, letting his hands travel down to Envy’s throat and wrapped his hands around it, not putting any pressure.

A tear ran down his face, landing on Envy’s face. Then a second one and at the third. Waking up, blinking his eyes at first, Envy brought his hands up to find Ed’s arms his hands traveled down to his hands.

“You can’t kill me like that, pipsqueak.” Envy looked into Ed’s tear filled eyes.

“I-I know.” Ed said through a sob, “I hate you, Envy. I hate everything about you. You’re a horrible person and I hate you.”

Envy just laid still not fazed by Ed’s words. Envy had already told Ed he hated him before in one of their not-so-little fights. Ed applied pressure to his grip around Envy’s neck. The raven did nothing to stop him; like he said Ed couldn’t actually kill him like that.

More tears fell from Ed’s eyes as he said his next words. “I hate everything about you, but I love you so much.” He applied even more pressure, causing Envy to choke. Still, the other made no move to stop him. Ed repeated the words and let go of Envy’s neck, sitting back as the tears continued to fall.

“I’m sorry, Ed.” The words shocked Ed, golden eyes snapping to Envy, who was able to move into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around his lover. “I love you too.”

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Fic based off of “I hate everything about you” by three days grace

'Your child is going to experiment': what teenagers really think

By Suzanne Moore and a load of kids

“Many people seem anxious that what is seen as adolescent behaviour kicks in long before the teen years, at about 10. By this I mean the stereotypical way that we define this phase: wanting stuff, being sarcastic, needing to be alone sometimes, caring too much about being included or excluded from particular groups, demanding the impossible, being oversensitive, easily hurt and inexplicably angry. All while doing daft things. None of these behaviours belongs to any one age group, but we tend to see teenagers’ emotional lives as somehow always excessive and exaggerated.

"The intensity of this time of life is something we seek to grow them out of, and secretly envy. Once, I found one of my daughters sobbing in her room. What was the matter? "Mum, I want to be the same as everyone else, but I want to stand out and be different from them, too” – a pretty good encapsulation of a feeling that never leaves us. And that is bigger than the rows about the messy bedroom, the house as hotel, the smoking, drinking, boyfriends. For the glorious technicolour of this time is hard to live with as a parent. Your demands are black and white. Clean up. Stop pushing at every boundary. Yes, school is bloody boring – just get through it. Their demands are vivid. I want to be a star. I want to change the world. I want unconditional love. I hate you. I want to take risks. I want to be safe. I want to be free.

“All I can say, having learned the hard way, is pick your battles. Just because everything can be an argument doesn’t mean it has to be….”