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Hercules Mulligan X Reader: Sick Days

Word Count: 780

Request: *anonymous* Can I request a Hercules x sick reader??? If so Thank you!!!

Pronouns: They/Them

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Waking up to the sunlight streaming in through the blinds on your window, you immediately groan and flip over to face the wall. Your splitting headache, worse than last night, made you wish you could shed your skull and go to sleep without your head. Sitting upright, you stumble out of your bed, but immediately rush to the bathroom as nausea overtakes you. Heaving and coughing in front of the toilet, you hear footsteps and then Hercules joins you, sweeping your dark hair back and out of your face.

As you finish heaving, your heart in your throat, you lean back into his shoulder and sigh. Hercules wraps his arms around you, cradling your head in his hands. You close your eyes, your headache still pounding and causing you discomfort. He presses a kiss to your temple.

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Hope you all have had an awesome holiday weekend with plenty of tasty food and presents ^^! Sorry for the inactivity on my part - I’ve still been recovering and the holidays have been hectic. ;_; I was hoping to do another holiday piece along with my feral piece…but all I could get out was the above sketch ^^;

I think I’m over the worst of it and am at 80-90% back to normal and should be more active now. Definitely am going to try my best to fix up my art and get some things rolling ^^.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent me kind messages and memes and photos to cheer me up while I was sick and for those who wished me happy holidays. I’m sorry I couldn’t do it sooner >_<;; You guys are really sweet and thoughtful T_T’’ just…wow.

Also, would love to extend my thanks to the friends I’ve made while I’ve been here on tumblr. I would list but I feel like there’s a number of you and I don’t want to leave anyone out @u@;;; but thanks so much for your support and kindness and for being great pals despite the distance. You guys are the greatest and I feel very lucky to know such funny, kind, intelligent, and talented people. <3

anonymous asked:

It's tequila anon from last night ohhhhhh myyy gooood i ended up taking a total of 13 shots and whooo boy. I never threw up thank goodness but I did pass out and hit my head on a coffee table on the way down. But my girlfriend was as lovely as ever and helped me to bed and made sure I had some water when I woke up. I've got some painkillers, jack-in-the-box, and a list of movies to watch on Netflix. I had a fun night tho hope your hangover isn't super bad. Love u 😘

Tequila anon u rock!! And ur gf is super chill!! I’m glad you were (mostly) okay ;w; my hangover wasn’t too bad but fml I wish I had water before I crashed, I was so dehydrated and grumpy;;;; love u too! Lets party again sometime XD

Listen Up Incoming Freshmen.

I hated freshmen year, but I made it out in the top ten percent and with a 5 on my AP exam. I learned a lot of school tips that I wished someone had told me, so I’m going to share them with you.

Use a planner.

Whether it’s a store bought one that actually says the date and tells you when it’s an obsure holiday, or it’s a blank journal that you write down to-do lists and important dates in, you’ll need it. As smart or as punk as you may be, don’t challenge yourself to remember every assignment, you’ll end up doing so many things last minute if you do. (Not so fun story, my AP Human Geo teacher would sometimes get the first period class to go around and tell everyone else that an assignment was due, when in reality we still had another day. You want to know if kids like that are joking, or if you really need to turn something in).

Get involved.

You’re sick of hearing this. I sympathize with all the introverts reading this, but when my mom encouraged me to hang out with friends after school or talk to the sophomore in my orchestra section until I actually did, I was so thankful. In high school, it’s super easy to feel alone, especially if you go to a large school. Maybe going out for sports isn’t you’re thing, but make friends with the people interested in the same activities as you. When you need someone to quiz you or sit with at lunch, you’ll be happy you know more than just your middle school best friends.

Hang out with yourself.

I spent my Friday nights reading a fourth of what reading was assigned for the weekend so I felt productive, but after that I put on my favorite pajamas and turned on The Office. Don’t treat yourself the Tuesday night before a test, but it’s okay to have a Friday night in.

Befriend your teachers.

Easier said than done in some cases, but I learned this the easy and hard ways. When I had an 89.44% in my Geometry class, I really wished that my teacher had known me more. If your teacher knows you, your 69% could be moved up to a 70% if the teacher knows your work ethic and that you care. Also, recommendation letters for outside events, and eventually college, are important. Making peace with a teacher will have its rewards.

Study groups!

I’ve heard they work for some people. If you want to know if they’re for you, don’t form one the day before the test. My friends and I did that, and we listened to techno songs and took dumb photos. Be responsible with your time management.

Don’t suffer alone.

I made friends by talking to the girl next to me in Spanish. We had a few similar interests, but I could’ve cared less that she also liked Twenty One Pilots. She hated the class, and so did I. I never looked forward to that hour of the day, but I didn’t hate it because we could complain when the teacher was at her desk. Also, there can be an instant friendship when you’re cramming at lunch and some person has the same textbook out and is just as worried as you.

Do your assigned readings!!!

I cannot stress this enough! Bookmark the chapters in class, then go home and read them as soon as possible! They may or may not be boring, but reading check quizzes come faster than you’d think.


If you’re not religious, this may not be the tip for you, but speaking as a believer, I think this is important for everyone. In between your loads of math and history homework, you’re going to get stressed. Any sort of quick study break will help, but if you can, pull out your Bible, Torah, Qur’an, or other text of your religion. A short prayer and Holy words can really give you peace in a stressful time.

Stay healthy.

Carry a water bottle with you from class to class, but remember to stay healthy at home. That A on your biology quiz isn’t as important, nor lasting, as your mental health. If you need a break, take one until you feel well enough to study again.

Accept failure.

You’re not going to ace everything. This year will be harder and you will struggle at one point or another. If you need a tutor, don’t be ashamed, and get one that can help you. Once you fail that math test, look at your mistakes, and make a point to learn from them, so you can do better on the next test. This isn’t the most important year of your life, and everything is supposed to be a learning experience.

Why So Serious? - V (Smut) - Pt 1

You looked down at your phone, replying to a friends text message, your shopping trolley lazily trailing along with you. You had a party tonight so you had to do your usual food shopping a little earlier than you normally would. The shops where busy and it wasn’t really your place, so you kept your head down looking at your shopping list, quietly wishing you weren’t seen. You got to the fruit and veg isle when your bumped into someone, you jumped back in surprise as your face turned red “I-I’m so so sorry!!” You spoke feeling awful about what had just happened. You looked up to see a blonde haired boy, his jawline chiselled and his smirk in captivating, “Haha.. don’t worry about it! Why so serious?” He spoke as he chuckled slightly, you smiled at him still embarrassed as you grabbed a pack of oranges and made your exit, as you walked to the cashier.  You quickly payed for your groceries before packing your car boot and proceeded to go home. You rushed into the shower, washing your pale skinned body with fruity strawberry body wash before washing your hair. Stepping out of the shower, you blow dried your curly brown hair, before walking into your room and over to your dresser, to apply some light make up then proceeding to your closet where you pieced together a tight thigh high dress, with some black heels and a sparkling silver bag. You got in a near by taxi and made your way to the club, however when you got there and the door man asked for your I.D  which you then realised was laying on your sofa and not in your bag. “Shit” you whispered to yourself as you walked away, you forgot you had a bottle of raspberry vodka in your bag so you decided to walk down a near by ally way and attempt to call your group of friends. Reaching the ally you pulled your cellphone out from your bag, calling your three best friends Y/F/N, Y/F/N and Y/F/N. All of which, did not answer so you leaned yourself on the wall, cracking open the vodka bottle and downing a large mouth full of the acidic liquid. Around half an hour had passed and you where still alone in this ally way, just with a half a bottle less vodka than you had earlier. Drowning your sorrows in alcohol on a Saturday evening wasn’t your ideal life choice but you figured for one night you could feel sorry for yourself, have a cry about how sad your life felt at the moment whilst you downed some spirits in a darkened and most likely dangerous location. You fixed your dress, and sorted your hair, checking your reflection with a torch and a small mirror, getting ready to go in to public again after you had finished your bottle. That was when you felt a hand go round your waist and a hand close over your mouth as you screamed, terrified as to who was behind you. “Shhh, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m only going to please you.” The voice was both terrifying but so sensual you felt a tingle in your lower body, gulping you nodded not knowing what els to do. “I watched you the full time you where in here, I see your having a difficult time right now, If you let me I can make those hard times disappear for a while, then send you on your way” The deep sensual voice whispered in your ear, making your knees feel weak. You wanted to say no and leave but something in you made you want this man, even though you hadn’t yet seen his face. He spun you round, so you could finally see him, however his face was hidden under a mask, the joker the white paint grungy and red smile ever so slightly smudged however his eyes where as dark as the midnight sky and you almost realised the Devilish smirk the face held. His blonde hair was messy, and his grip on your waist was firm, you where almost excited as to what this man could do to you, everyones allowed to be a slut once in their life and now was your time. “Why did you pick me to do this to?” You asked, confused as to why such a man would waste his time on a ‘plain Jane’ like yourself. “Because I enjoy witnessing sorrow and hurt, and you where just drowning in those qualities tonight, sweetheart.” He spoke, you could picture this man in the back of your head, how did you know him? what was he? who was he? These questions continued to swoop through your head as you eyed up and down this man, he wore black Doc.Martens, tight black skinnies a tight white T-shirt and a grey hoodie, supporting some blood red stains, that looked questionable. “Come on baby, just turn around, perch your ass on me and let Daddy work his magic on my Harley-girl?” He whispered, weakening you completely, waring you down until you where nothing, like a puppet under his touch. You spun round, searching your butt on his hardening member, as your dress rode up slightly, he moved your hair to one side and began kissing your neck, you could feel the residue of his face paint wearing off on your neck as he left harsh purple and bruising kisses on your neck, nipping, tugging, sucking and biting on the flesh as you whimpered at the immense pleasure you where feeling. He wrapped his arms around your waist, however they where so low that while one hand perched on your hip, the other was resting gently on your women-hood. “Be a good girl for Daddy” he whispered, moving the hand on your waist round to your ass, squeezing it before moving it up to your boobs, sculpting them in his hands, over your bra. “You need to keep quiet now pumpkin pie, or someone will catch us, and no one is allowed to see me or we’re both in big trouble.” He said as he placed a hand over your mouth, silencing all sound coming from you. He moved his hand that perched on your heat to move your dress up, rubbing you through your soaked panties, he stopped teasing you, slowly moving the fabric aside and sliding a digit into your wet folds, you took a sharp breath in shocked at the forward motion of this captivating psychotic man. He began to pump his finger, curling it to reach your g-spot, before adding another finger and even another stretching you out even more, your moans and screams where muffled by his large palm over your mouth however still loud enough so he alone could hear how much you where enjoying the experience. Your legs became weak as he took his thumb to your clit, you found yourself physically falling into his crotch as his fingers became too much for you to handle. You felt a familiar feeling arise in your stomach, you where close, and your movements said enough to tell him that. He sped up, using more force on your clit, pinching it and sending you over the edge, releasing over his fingers. He attempted to catch all of your juices, taking what was captured on his fingers into his mouth. You stood there, shocked at what had just happened. Totally disgusted with yourself and what you had just done. “Thanks for the snack, lil monster” he spoke, smirking and winking as he walked away, into the darkness of the ally way. You stood alone and confused, there was nothing you could do but get sorted out and go home, to the dark loneliness of your home, so thats what you did. You arrived home at around 3am turning on the 24 hour news channel as you got changed from your dress and heels to cute grey striped booty shorts, a grey vest top and some fluffy socks, taking your make up off and tying your hair up. “The ‘serious serial killer’ strikes again today, killing Kim Kyung Jae, the respected and wealthy owner of Bunsan’s most popular casino. The killer is usually seen with the face of the Joker from 2005 movie ‘batman’ and is around 6ft tall, this man is very dangerous so any sign of him must be identified by the police straight away.” You thought about what the news said, and why it sounded familiar, the main reason being that was the man who’m used you tonight! You saw flashbacks of the now realised dangerous and mysterious, hot and sexy older man who’s kinky tastes some how filled your needs.

kate-lionheart  asked:

Hello! I wanted to say that your writings are amazing, I wish I could write like you (˶◕‿◕˶✿) I wanted to ask you... Can you write Lafayette x Reader fanfiction with Waking Up in Vegas AU and #6“I wuv you so mu–” “Oh my god are you drunk?” and #8“I have a dumb idea!” “I love dumb ideas!” from dialogue prompt list? ╮(╯◡╰)╭

Thank you so much! That has made my day!!! This will be a fun one to write! I’ve always wanted to do a Waking Up in Vegas AU!!! We will hopefully get this out soon! Thanks for the request lovely! Have an amazing day! Love youuuuuu!!!

-Lil Laddie

jarebear20  on another note, bioware fucked up so bad not even…

are you going off of the guidebook or actual video? ‘cause there were people who datamined and jaal was apparently available to both. it’s not the first time a guidebook is wrong :c

i’m going off the guidebook. i hope there were plans of making him straight but then they changed their mind and made him bi and the guidebook is outdated. 

wish bioware would just release an official list of romances cuz this is one hell of a clown fiesta.

The Night Before Day One

Okay so I’ve made a whole list of things I need to accomplish in June, and that all officially starts in less than 30 minutes. Starting tomorrow I will be shedding my fat girl habbits and picking up some new healthier ones (hopefully). I’m sort of dreading this but I am also very excited. I feel a change coming on and I like it. To properly start off my self-made June challenge I also purchased a fitbit flex tonight. Wish me luck on my official attempt at changing my life. 

Okay, so I’ve just made some tallies.

Witchcraft & Paganism Reference Books - 105 books (including two of my own)

Personal Witchbooks & Grimoires - 6 (including the heirloom book yet to be filled)

Folklore & Mythology Books - 39 (not including multiple editions of the same book)

Ghosts & Paranormal Phenomena Books - 52 (including some folklore overlap)

Herbal Medicine Reference Books - 33 (including some gardening reference)

I’ve got nine new witchcraft books on the way, and I just counted up my witchy wish list…another 49 titles.

…I’m gonna need a bigger bookcase.

Adie’s birthday follow forever; Yup, May 7th is my 23rd birthday so if you ask me what I’m doing special, this is it and sleeping. This is my second follow forever  because I can’t do anything else. I’ve been planning this for a month because I want to make sure that everyone is included. I may have restarted the list once or twice because many people have changed their names on me that I can’t keep up so I might miss some people, and for that I’m sorry. Last year, I wished for the impossible but it’s likely, never going to happen or any time soon. (*insert sad smiley face emoji*)  This year, I didn’t wish for anything so I’m just thankful to have all of you as friends hence why I made another follow forever.  If i miss some of you, again, I am so sorry. It’s hard to remember who’s who. Even if we don’t talk much, your presence on my dashboard makes me happy and believe me, I have noticed. 

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I think things like Santa is what taught people HOW and WHY to reject God

Believing in an being that you never see… that one day he will reward you for your good deeds, that he knows what all the kids on earth are doing … That he can hear your dua .. Ehm wish list

Then we get told later it was made up by our parents

I know so many atheists and agnostics and every single one of them was a former Christian


an endless list of crushes: sharon rooney 

“i wish so much there had been a rae when i was growing up. it would have made my life so much easier to have had someone real on tv that i could have looked at and gone: ‘i kind of look like her. i don’t look perfect, but she’s got friends. people love her so maybe people will like me for being me. i don’t have to change. i can just be myself…’ how can kids and teenagers feel comfortable when they can’t see anyone who looks like them anywhere?”